2 Beds in One Small Room Ideas (21 Unique Ideas)

If you’re searching for 2 beds in one small room, you’re probably in a situation where you’ve got a small bedroom and the option of sleeping on one bed is no longer viable. Let’s explore 21 viable ways to fit 2 beds in one room if this is the crisis you’re in.

To say the least, fitting more than one bed into a room is not simple. You may have the manpower to carry the furniture in. But you’ll still be stuck on how to align the beds correctly.

2 beds in one small room plus some working space
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This is as true with kids’ bedrooms as it is with a guest small guest bedroom. In either case, you’ll still need to make sure that the beds are well exposed to lighting –natural or artificial.

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This post eliminates the worries relating to this issue. However, before we proceed, here are some quick spoilers if you’re in harry.

However, if you can fit a double bed and leave extra space, go ahead and do so. A double bed is good if it doesn’t take up all your bedroom space and suffocates the room.

Are twin beds too small for adults?

A twin bed is ideal for an average adult. It’s not super small like a single bed and it’s not space-consuming like a double bed.

2 Beds in One Small Room Ideas

Here are the 21 ways to fit two beds in a small room.

1. Side by side

two beds with side by side

The first way to get around a small room is to set two beds side by side. This is one of the popular ways of fitting beds in a small room.

If you’ve got a small square bedroom that can accommodate two beds, the best way to handle this scenario is to place them facing the same direction. You can place them towards a shared window or across the shared window.

Placing the beds side by side helps to keep the room decluttered and spacious. To scale it up a little bit, you need to go for beds with built-in drawers.

2. L-shaped two beds

L-shaped Beds
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The L-shaped two-bed layout is another great way of fitting two beds into a small room. This can work for a rectangular or tiny square.

Instead of arranging the beds side by side, you place the foot of one bed across the head of another bed. This creates an L-shape.

This is used in a room where two beds can’t be put side by side. Of course, this help to create a square or rectangular space in the middle of the room unlike when the two beds are placed side by side.

3. Head to Head

If you’ve got a super narrow rectangular bedroom, you can place two beds head to head. This leaves out a narrow corridor for one to pass from one side to another.

There are certain scenarios that make the layout the best. For example, if the window is in the middle of the room of a long narrow bedroom, placing two beds heat-to-head at the window will be the best.

However, you can still go for this layout if the window of the bedroom is located on one side.

4. Foot to Foot

Placing the beds foot-to-foot is also an excellent way of fitting two beds into a tiny narrow bedroom. It’s not far different from the head-to-head layout.

However, unlike the head-to-head, this layout works really great for a long narrow room with two windows. This way, everyone will be able to have his or her own window.

5. One Up and One down

bunk bed in one small room
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Having a bunk bed is one of the z beds in one small room ideas you can implement. You might say; “That’s more appropriate for kids.”

Of course, this is ideal for a bedroom for your young ones. But it doesn’t mean it’s not applicable to adult rooms.

If you’ve got a super tiny bedroom for two adults to put up, the bunk bedroom is the best way of getting around this situation.

6. Middle Separating Shelf

Putting beds side by side in the kindergarten bedroom can lead to fights between your daughters or sons. This can be solved by separating the two beds with a shelf.

It can be a two-sided full shelf where each one of the occupants will have his or her racks to keep items.  Or it can be just a small bed-size shared shelf.

7. with a middle separating curtain

two beds in one bedroom separated by a curtain
Source: Wayfair.com

While still on the topic of separating side-by-side beds, you can also separate them using a beautiful curtain. You can put a foldable curtain in between the curtains.

This will provide enough privacy to the two people living in the room. Unlike a permanent wall, you can move the curtain when you want ultimate privacy or when you want to talk to your roommate.

Note: separating with a curtain or a large one is not ideal for a small room. As such, you should use it when privacy is the priority.

8. Detached L-shape

If you’ve got a rectangular bedroom and you don’t want to place the two beds heat-to-head or foot-to-foot, arranging the beds in a detached L-shape layout is an excellent idea.

Again, you place the tail of one bed across the head of the other. However, instead of attaching the tail and head close, you leave enough space to allow a person to pass.

The benefit of this idea is that it makes the room spacious. It creates enough space for movement as well as the center space.

9. Sharing One Window

two beds sharing one window
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The other simple idea to fit 2 beds in a tiny room is to make sure the two are sharing at least one window. You may say, “obviously two beds in one room will share a room”

However, some demarcation of the room may break the natural light from the sun.

If the window is in the middle of the room, you can set the two beds side-by-side or foot-by-foot meeting at the window.

10. All on One side

This is probably the least idea that you would expect to do. But yeah, you can place two beds on one side of your small bedroom.

This could be placing the beds in form of a bunk bed i.e. one bed on top and another below it. Or if you’ve got yourself into a scenario where your room is small long and narrow, place the beds head to head or foot to foot.

Placing the two beds on one side creates extra space especially if you go for the bunk. On the other hand, you create wonderful passing space if you go from head to head or foot to foot.

11. Sharing Table

The other best way to handle two beds for a small room is to separate them with a table. You can do this in multiple ways.

First, you can place the table side by side and put a table in between them. The best way is to place the shared table close to the headboard. And if there is enough space in between, you can place two chairs on the two sides of the table.

You can also place the table on the other side of the foot-to-foot bed. In other words, you’ll form an L-shape with the bed and the table.

12. Up and Down but Separated rooms

Zigzag beds in one small room
Source: @Bored Panda (Pinterest)

If you’re prioritizing privacy for individuals to occupy your small bedroom, you need to try this idea. It involves placing one bed on top of another bed but in separate rooms.

In other words, to create a bed space, the two rooms protrude into each other with one bed in a zigzag matter. This way, each of the occupants will sleep in a separate room and will mind his/her own business.

This is obviously advantageous in a couple of ways. It creates privacy and enough individual space. However, this will only make a small room two super smaller rooms.

13. Use some different features

If you’re dealing with a smaller twin’s bedroom, you can place some distinctive features for identity or fun.

This doesn’t have to be super complicated. You can place something simple like the names of the occupant on the wall of each bed.

Or you can place two different artworks or quotes above each bed. Note: However, you don’t need to place a lot of different items for twins. Keep the different features minimal.

15. Place Large Mirrors

mirror in a bedroom
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Having a small bedroom is really annoying. It’s even worse if you’re trying to fit two beds into one room.

This is when the idea of placing large mirrors above each wall of the bedroom comes into play. The two mirrors can be placed above the bed or on one of the bedroom walls.

In case you didn’t know, having mirrors in a room makes the room appear spacious and large.

16. Use a Big rug in the Middle

Another great idea for a small bedroom is to have a large center rug. This idea will not make your room appear large but it will definitely make your room cozy and desirable to live in.

And the idea can’t work for every two-bed layout. This is ideal if you’ve arranged the two beds in an L-shape.

As I already stated, the L-shaped layout creates enough space. It’s in this space that you lay your large rug.

17. Go for a Bed with Storage

two beds with storage
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If you’ve got a small bedroom cluttering it with various items, the room will be so suffocating. Instead, if you fit your small bedroom with small elegant items and put away every unnecessary item, you’ll have a sleek small bedroom.

One of the best ways to declutter a bedroom is to go for beds with built-in storage. These could bed with built-in drawers or beds with storage ottomans.

This way you can put away items that you don’t frequently use to have a well-decluttered bedroom.

18. Go for Beds with Multi-purpose

The next way to make the best out of a small bedroom with two beds is to use a multi-purpose. In this scenario, placing at least one bed that can be folded as a sofa is an excellent idea.

During the day, you can simply fold your bed into a chair and at least keep the out one. And since the chair takes up less space, you’ll be able to have extra room to breathe.

19. Use two similar wall art

Two beds with similar wall art
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This is more of décor than making the room spacious. If your small bedroom is for twins, you can keep everything in a duo.

In other words, you can have two similar duvets, beds, décor items, and wall art. When it comes to home décor, keeping things in the duo is not a big thing as it’s recommended to follow the rule of odd numbers.

However, keeping things in a duo creates amazing symmetry. This can be interpreted as the even love you show each one of your twins.

20. Go for Minimalistic Décor

Similar to the above point, this one is also more of home décor. The best way to enjoy a small room is to declutter it by using decorative items sparingly.

As stated above, you can use beds with storage to keep out all unused items in the room. Or you can just move them somewhere like to the garage or something.

21. Add Modifications when possible

The other great idea of 2 beds in one small room is to add some modifications. If you can enlarge the room, go ahead and make the necessary modifications.

However, if you can’t enlarge it, try to get large windows. It’s so easy for a small room to get heated up. Having large windows will ensure access to quality free air.

FAQs concerning 2 Beds in One Small Room Ideas

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding 2 beds in one small room ideas. Explore to find some specific information that you missed in the main content.

How do you arrange 2 beds in a small room?

You can place the two beds side-by-side if you’ve got a wide room. If you’ve got a long narrow room for a bedroom, you can place the two beds head-to-head or foot-to-foot. But if you think that side-by-side will make the room cluttered, it’s best to place them in an L-shape.

Where should a twin bed be placed in a small room?

Generally, you need to place any bed at the center of the room. As such, it’s imperative to put your twins’ bed at the center of your bedroom. This gives the room a great symmetric and luxurious shape.

Final Thought on 2 Beds in One Small Room Ideas

Whether adults or young ones, sleeping in one bed is no longer an option. Everyone is entitled to some cool sleep and this can’t be done by sleeping in one bed with someone.

This is when you decide to buy an extra bed and run into the trouble of fitting two beds into a small room. I hope this post, through the 21 unique ideas, has helped you surmount this issue.

Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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