15 Epic 90s oversized t shirt ideas (& How to Style them)

Oversized t-shirts were a big deal in the 1990s. They lost popularity in the early 2000s, but 90s oversized t shirt ideas are now back on trend thanks to the rise of baddie fashion.

The thing is: not all 80s and 90s vintage t-shirts would be fashionable today. Just like every trend, it has evolved in a new direction.

Currently, you’ll still find some outfits with all aspects of old t-shirt outfits. However, outfits with some aspects of 90s fashion are what’s more popular.

To some girls, wearing full 90s outfit ideas is so yesterday. They would rather find aspects of 90s fashion that can be incorporated into the current one. As result, fashion still makes a comeback.

In this post, I’ve focused on splendid 90s oversized t shirt ideas that are seen in modern baddie fashion. You’re about to discover popular oversized tees from the 90s and how to style various oversized vintage t-shirts.

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Otherwise, let’s get a few things out of the way!

In this case, the 90s oversized t-shirts are both retro and vintage. There are some which are new designs that only take after the 90s oversized t-shirts. However, you’ll find some which are made in the same design and are worn exactly as the 90s oversized tees.

The former is a vintage fashion and the latter is retro fashion.

Is a retro style similar to old school style?

britney spears

Yes, retro is used to mean old-school cool aesthetic. As such, retro outfit ideas are considered old-school fashion or old-school-inspired fashion.
In this post, I’ve focused on both of these ideas. This is because most modern baddie enthusiasts like oversized outfits which date back to the 90s.

Who Brought the Oversized T-shirt Trend?

Today, fashion trends are introduced or promoted by influencers on IG, TikTok, and other social media platforms. In the 90s, people used to emulate artists and TV influencers. As for the oversized tees, this trend was influenced by singers –especially hip-hop rappers as well as the hip-hop community.

What oversized t shirt was popular in the 90s?

Atlanta Braves 90s oversized t shirt

The graphic black oversized t-shirts; white oversized t-shirts with graphics in front; black tees with 90s celebrity graphics; vintage t-shirts with rappers on them and vintage tees with movies on them were so popular in the 90s.

Some of these have come back and they’re trending. This trend has come with the rise of baddie aesthetics and the love of vintage outfits.

13 Best 90s oversized t-shirts

Here are oversized t-shirt outfits inspired by 90s fashion. As you’re about to notice, some are completely 90s oversized t-shirts that are still worn today.

1. Britney Spears vintage

Britney Spears_90s oversized t shirt ideas

Britney Spears is a famous American singer that has sold over 100 million records. You may know Britney as a popular pop singer, but she was more than just popular in the 90s. She was known as “Prince of Pop” thanks to her reappearance in the late ’90s after a five-year break.

It makes total sense to have vintage outfits in honor of Spears. There are several vintage oversized t-shirts with Britney Spears printed on them.

One of my favorite Britney Spears vintage t-shirts consists of her face, faces, or full picture printed on a white t-shirt. However, you can also rock in a black Britney vintage tee.

2. Tupac Vintage

a girl wearing vintage 2 Pac T-shirt
Source: Asos.com

We can’ talk of the 90s without mentioning the legend, Tupac Shakur, who was the second-best-selling rapper in the 90s. Tupac (1971-1996) was an influential young rapper. Wait! He’s considered one of the most influential rappers of all time.

You can feed your nostalgia with a Tupac vintage t-shirt. If you’re a super fan of black, wear a black vintage tee with Tupac’s face printed on it.

However, if you’re into white tee like me, you should find a Tupac vintage tee. And other t-shirts can be paired with white sneakers or combat boots.

3. Aaliyah Vintage Tee

Aaliyah Vintage Tee popular in 90s

Aaliyah Dana Houghton (1979-2009) was another popular singer and actress. She was commonly referred to as the “Queen of urban pop” because of her beautiful voice.

People like her need to be remembered forever. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing their vintage tees.

You can wear a white t-shirt with her face and name on it. For those who are into black, you can find a black tee graphited in her name and face.

4. Pulp Fiction Vintage Tee

Girl wearing a Pulp Fiction Vintage Tee
Source: Pinterest.com
T-shirt on a Hang wire
Source: Pinterest.com

90s oversized t-shirts are not just about rappers and pop stars. You can also wear 90s famous movie vintage tees.

One such movie is the Pulp fiction movie that starred John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, and more. This popular movie was released right around the middle of the 90s, 1994, which makes people nostalgic about the 90s.

You can buy this vintage tee as a gift to someone who was maybe a teen or around the twenties in the 90s. Or you can wear it yourself with boots or sneakers.

Note:  a tee with one of the actors or actresses who starred in the movie makes the vintage more valuable than the one with just a post of the movie.

5. Nirvana T-Shirt

Nirvana vintage tee
Nirvana vintage t-shirt

If you’re of a new generation, you may not be aware of Nirvana. However, this was a popular rock band led by Kurt Cobain. And those who wear older enough through the 90s can remember the buzz caused by Nirvana.

Of course, there is still a chance that you know Nirvana because it’s still around and its vintage tees are popular. The t-shirts usually exist in the typical faint black vintage color with a graphic printed on its front.

If you don’t like vintage black, you can still find tees in bright black or white. You’ll also find some with a smiley emoji in front.

6. Mary J Blige Vintage Tee

Mary J Blige vintage t-shirt

Another famous singer and actress that has 90s oversized t-shirts are Mary J Blige. In fact, she is one of the stars that we’re lucky to be born and see alive: she is super talented and has a super-beautiful voice.

It’s no worry she is frequently referred to as the “Queen of Hip-Hop soul.” She is the artist that when you hear her songs –especially those from the 90s, you can sing line by line and enjoy every bit.

T-shirts with her face or album name on them are something that loyal fans love to have. And luckily, she sells them on her site. But you can also purchase them on eBay or Etsy.

7. Atlanta Braves Vintage Tee

Atlanta Braves  vintaget tee

If you’re from Atlanta, you definitely know the Braves. For those of us not from Atlanta, the Braves, a.k.a. Atlanta Braves, is a professional based ball team based in the metropolitan area of Atlanta.

This team was also popular in the 90s and it’s the main reason that you’ll find the Atlanta Braves vintage t-shirts popular now.

You can find Atlanta Brave vintage 90s graphic tees with players who were popular in the 90s. If you’re into the Brave, find vintage tees with players like Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz on them.

How to Wear 90s oversized t-shirt & Any Oversized T-shirt

Knowing the various 90s oversized t-shirts is great. However, if you don’t how to style them, it’s still worthless. This is why I’ve included some ideas on the 90s oversized shirt style.

8. Knotted 90s Oversize tee

You can start by creating a knot on or above the belly button. This will transform the tee into either a cropped t-shirt or just a medium t-shirt.

This outfit can be paired with a short skirt. If you’re a super fan of skirts, you can wear them with denim shorts, ripped jeans, or leggings.

As far as shoes go, you can wear this outfit with ankle boots or combat boots. You experiment with wearing a pair of ripped shorts with fishnets as well.

9.  Wear an Oversized tee with boots

Rihana in Vintage tee and boots

This style is the typical baddie. You wear a large t-shirt with short leggings. Of course, for this idea, the leggings need not be visible or they can be visible.

For example, Rihanna wore this idea and the short leggings were visible. It really depends on you.

You can wear this outfit to a party, around the house, or when running errands. With your oversized tee put on, grab your ankle or combat boots, Chanel handbag, and sunglasses and step out.

Note: Knee-high boots, high-heel boots, and cowgirl boots also go well with a large t-shirt.

10. Oversized 90s tee with sneakers

Rihanna in 90s oversized t-shirt and sneakers
Source: Pinterest.com

vintage 90s t-shirts can also be worn with some sneakers. Whether you just don’t want boots or you’re trying to go for maximum comfort, you should try to pair your XXL tee with sneakers.

Obviously, there are tons of sneakers you can experiment with. However, white sneakers are ones that I love to pair with a black or even a white tee. You can also try a pair of burgundy sneakers.

If you’re going out, you can wear sunglasses and a cap.  Don’t forget your handbag with nice corners.

11. Wear it Over a sweater

Yes, you can wear a large t-shirt over a cool minimalist sweater. Hear me: I don’t mean wearing your tee over a hoodie or plus-size sweater –though it may work.

You can wear it with a tight sweater. This can be worn as just a style or to combine style and necessity. For example, in winter, you may wear it to increase body heat.

However, this is a no-goal in summer. Or maybe, you would wear it to protect your skin from direct sunlight.

12. Wear a 90s Oversized t-shirt with jeans

Cute girl in the vintage

The 90 oversized tees can also be worn with a pair of denim jeans. If you’re trying to go for a baddie aesthetic, you can wear it with ripped jeans.

You can try to make a knot above the belly button. If this looks good on you, go ahead to wear it that way.

Or you can experiment with a pair of fishnets and ripped jeans. And although in the 90s, flare jeans were popular, I would recommend sticking to skinny jeans and sneakers or boots.

13. 90s tee with shorts

girl in vintage tee, shorts and sneakers

You can also wear a tee with a pair of shorts. The shorts can be in form of ripped denim, regular shorts, or short leggings as discussed below.

I also mentioned above that you can wear ripped shorts over fishnet stockings. Wear a pair of white fishnets with an XXL t-shirt and black fishnets with black large t-shirts.

Try also to wear a large t-shirt over a shorts-and-tank two-piece outfit. In either case, you can choose to show the shorts or wear small shorts to hide them.

14. 90s tee with leggings

Girl in oversized t-shirt and leggings

Last but not least, wear a vintage t-shirt with leggings. You can wear black leggings and a black vintage t-shirt or a white t-shirt and white leggings.

And since leggings are a no-brainer outfit that goes well with boots or sneakers. You can wear them with ankle boots or sneakers.

To spice it up, you can wear a cap and carry your favorite handbag. If you’re going to the party, walk boldly because you’re looking great. You can also wear a blazer or long coat over it if it’s a little cold.

15. Oversized t-shirt with Heels

a baddie in oversized t shirt and heels
Source: Stylevore.com

Finally, try to wear a vintage oversized t-shirt with heels. You can wear them with jeans and heels or with short leggings and knee-high boots.

If you’re going for a country look, you can also wear it with a pair of cowgirl boots. And as for the hat, you can wear one with fringe to give a full country vibe. Also read Nashville Bachelorette outfit ideas.

You can wear knee-high heel boots if you’re trying to go for a city girl look. Rock it up like Rihanna with black boots and a white vintage tee.

Final Thoughts on 90s oversized t-shirt ideas

The old-school or vintage outfits are the ones that keep the memories of our favorite stars, albums, eras, teams, and events. Unlike a retro t-shirt, vintage is more powerful because it maintains the design and look of the actual outfit just the way it used to look 20 or so years ago.

This post has provided you with a list of various t-shirts that were popular in the 1990s as well as how to style them up. I hope this post will help you get over your nostalgia.

Of course, I wrote this post under the assumption –it could be the wrong one–that you already know where to look for and buy vintage tees. If you’re not sure, I would recommend eBay, Etsy, or individual sellers on IG.

On Instagram, just search for the vintage tee you want and go through the accounts that are ranking for the word. To avoid being scammed on IG, only allow paying via business Paypal and not as Family and friends.

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See ya!

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