7 Incredible Things About Betha Guide (My Story)

Betha Guide is a home and lifestyle blog. It seeks to provide unique, reliable, and educative guides, tips, hacks, and experiences regarding home accessories, home decor, gardening, outfits, hair care, skincare, and some personal finance ideas.

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This blog was started in 2022 by B. Betha and is currently run by B. Betha (Blessings Betha). It values the privacy and integrity of its users. You can read the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Who is Blessings Betha?

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Blessings Betha
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Blessings Betha on College Graduation Day

Blessings Betha, commonly referred to as B. Betha, is a young passionate lifestyle blogger who writes about affordable home accessories, home decor, gardening, outfit ideas, beauty, and personal finance. B. Betha started as a freelance writer in the niche and now has about five years of writing experience in the home and lifestyle niche.

The Story that Led to Betha Guide

Here is how I ended up in the blogging business -in the home and lifestyle niche to be exact.

Why Do I Write in a Home & Lifestyle Niche at Betha Guide?

Since I was young, I had always been fascinated by elegant lifestyles. Even though I could not afford some of the cool outfits, I used to pay close attention to how my room, the backyard at home, and my outfits looked.

When I was around 12, my mom and sister used to come into my room to ask for my opinion on outfits they wanted to wear on a particular occasion. To my surprise, they would wear most of the outfits I used to recommend.

My mom and sister continued this routine until I went to college. Little did I know I was being trained subconsciously. Unfortunately, I moved across the country to access college.

The college was miles away from home. The distance plus teenage life distanced me from my family -my mom and sister in particular.

While in college, I was still obsessed with the elegant home, outfit and patio designs, and elegant lifestyles of some American families. I could only admire them from afar since I had no money to live that lifestyle.

When I started my first online business and fail, and when I started this blog in the wrong niche, I remembered I have passionate about an elegant lifestyle. I pivoted to the Home & Lifestyle niche when the posts I was writing on personal finance were not gaining traction.

Currently, I only write and publish articles in the home and lifestyle niche. I particularly like to write long-list posts. Since I’m so passionate about this niche, I will continue running till profitability without burning out.

My First Online Business

Since I was just a kid passionate about the lifestyle that I couldn’t afford. I decided to become a Lawyer. I worked hard and I got a 3.55 GPA which meant I was eligible to apply.

I applied and I was selected to go and sit for the Law School entrance examinations. But I didn’t go.

I thought I would find green pasture by pursuing my course. After enough digging into the lives of people who graduated from my course, I was frustrated. Most of them were not living the life I wanted.

It got me thinking, “Damn, this course ain’t gonna take me anywhere!”

The days that followed were not so memorable. I was just attending lectures for the sake of doing it.

One boring evening I was in the library watching some YouTube videos. I came across the story of a teenager, Benjamin Kapelushnik, who was making millions a year from re-selling rare sneakers. I was inspired.

I remember thinking, “This is better than Law School.” I decided to make money and live the lifestyle I wanted. It was at that time that I started teaching myself programming languages like Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Mysqli.

I wanted to build an online business using these programming languages. By my third year of college, I was able to code a Web-based system from scratch.

And in 2019, I launched my first online business.

The Great Idea, But Failed

The idea was simple. I built a website where artists, authors, and creators of digital products would upload and sell their products directly on the site.

I was to earn a small percentage of every sale made. It was a great idea and it made most people proud of me, but it failed.

Why My First Business Failed

You may be dying to know why I failed.

I was very good at web development, but I knew nothing about digital marketing.

“Today, I always recommend anyone who wants to get started with an online business to use existing systems like WordPress.org, Shopify and more. And to focus on building digital marketing skillset”

B. Betha

My confidence was in my ability to create awesome Web-based systems. I thought once I create a beautiful and highly functional website, people would like it and start sharing the word of mouth.

Yes, I did a few marketing. I remember going to the community radio, the college radio, and the newspaper agency to advertise my site.

However, my effort was not showing any results except for people telling me they were proud of me.

After three months, I pulled the site from the servers and I was down.

I was kicked in the face, and I threw a towel

I Got Back on My Feet and Started Betha Guide

It was in 2020 when I stumbled upon the story of Michelle of Making Sense of Cents that I realized the potential of the blogging business. When I saw her income reports (she was making over 100k/month), I could not believe them.

I started researching about blogging: blog traffic, blogging niches, make-money blogging, and blogging tips. That’s when I got to know Sophia of By Sophia Lee, Laura, and Alex of (Avocadu) and Create and Go.

In 2021, I got an internship and I started writing some posts about personal finance. I was planning of launching a blog that year. Unfortunately, I didn’t launch and I didn’t even start.

I was paranoid. What if I fail again? What if I lose my money, again? These questions and numerous others kept on recurring in my head.

Finally, in August 2022 I started this blog. I only had posts on personal finance and they were not gaining traction. I didn’t wanna quit and won’t.

I remember I had a passion for an elegant lifestyle. This is when I pivoted to the Home and Lifestyle niche.

Final Words

Blogging is one of the most profitable business ideas currently. However, it needs time and commitment. If you want to start a blog of your own, you can read my guide.

On my part, I know I have a long way to go. But I will do whatever is ethical and humanly possible to get it to profitability. I believe I’m on the right track and I’m hoping for the best in 2023 for me and Betha Guide.