18 Amazing Baddie Club Outfits You Must Copy!

Going out with friends to a nightclub is one of the best entertainment among baddies. Dancing, chilling and drinking as a group are what most people long for a weekend on a workday like Wednesday morning.

And when it’s Friday or Saturday evening, we can’t wait to sit along the bar cabinet and chill with friends. However, the idea of clubbing comes with some levels of anxiety.

What should I wear this weekend? Is this outfit appropriate for a baddie going to a club?

These questions and several others linger in our minds. This is why I’ve put together this post to guide you on appropriate outfits for a baddie going to a nightclub.

How to dress like a baddie at the club?

Generally, baddies are fond of the latest fashion, effortless outfits, and streetwear fashion. For a baddie heading to a nightclub, there is not much difference. You can wear a bodycon mini-dress, cropped hoodie, jean top, thigh-high boots, mini-skirt and tank, t-shirt dress and boots, and so forth.

What to never wear to a club?

The list of outfits that you can wear to a club is endless. This is when knowing what to never wear to club becomes imperative as well.

Here are some of the outfits to avoid wearing to a club with possible exceptions.

  •  Flip-flops or sandals
  • Yoga pants
  •  Dirty and wrinkled clothes
  • Shorts
  • Gown dresses

What shoes can you wear to clubs?

As far as shoes are concerned, shoes like combat boots, knee-high boots, thigh-high boots, and ankle boots are the common type of footwear for clubs. Sneakers are not common but are acceptable in a regular club.

Baddie Club Outfits Every Girl Must Copy

Let’s look at these 18 baddie club outfits that every girl should copy. Read attentively so that you can understand the kinds of clothes that go with what shoes or vice-versa.

1. Off-shoulder, jeans, and block heels

a baddie girl in off-shoulder and jeans_ one of the baddie club outfits
Source: @Wheretoget

The first baddie club outfit is the off-shoulder and jeans. The off-shoulder blouse is so fashionable and makes you look hot thanks to the exposure of the soldiers.

A pair of jeans will ensure that you get the best nightclub experience when dancing and walking. And the block heels help to maintain balance in case you get drunk.

To spice this outfit up, you can carry a handbag. The rule of thumb for a handbag is that it must have well-formed edges. You can buy it for cheap, but as long as it does have straight edges you’re good to go.

2. Match Thigh-High boots and Upper Body outfit

girl in beige boots and cropped sweater
Source:@shoelandstyle (Pinterest)

This is one of the most popular outfit ideas for a nightclub. It involves matching the footwear and upper body outfit.

For example, you can match the colors of boots and bomber, heels and a cropped top, or boots and cropped sweater as in the photo above. The baddie club outfit idea above is so chic and perfect for a club.

The beige cropped sweater matches perfectly with the boots. And all these are complimented by the mini-skirt.

3. Sleeveless V-neck Black Mini Dress

3. Sleeveless V-neck Black Mini Dress

A black mini dress is another great baddie outfit that you can wear to a nightclub. To look the best in a black mini dress, choose a bodycon sleeveless V-neck dress as opposed to an all-covering black mini dress.

The V-neck collar allows you to wear some minimalist jewelry or choker. At the same time, a formfitting dress highlights your contours making you look hotter.

A black mini dress goes with a pair of clear block heels. The transparent strips of the clear heels prevent you from introducing another color. As a result, the outfit looks chic and polished.

4. Plus size Club Dress

plus size outfit for club

If you’re a curvy baddie girl, you need to select a plus-size club dress. My favorite plus-size club dress is a plus-size ruched drawstring mini club dress.

It’s formfitting and has a wide neckline, spaghetti straps, and drawstring which make the dress very chic. The outfit is perfect for a nightclub outfit because it’s not super covering.

As for shoes to go with the outfit, a pair of transparent block heels works perfectly. You can also wear it with a pair of block heels with minimalist black straps.

5. Fishnets + Heels

fishnets and miniskirt

Wearing fishnets is now back and it’s on the rise. And, unsurprisingly, fishnets are great outfits to wear to a nightclub.

You can wear the fishnets with a pair of heels. They can be covered heels or transparent strapped heels.

As for what to wear over the fishnets and in the upper body, you can wear a short skirt above the fishnets. And go for a long sleeve or a tank in the upper body.

6. Lace Tank and Mini-skirt –Hot clubbing outfits

Hot clubbing outfits
Source: Pinterest.com

If you’re just looking for a general idea like hot clubbing outfits, a V-neck see-through tank, and miniskirt combination is one such idea. This outfit is super hot thanks to the transparent tank and the exposure by the miniskirt.

You can wear it with fishnets and block heels or just some transparent block heels. Besides, you can’t go wrong by wearing the outfit with some knee-high or thigh-high boots.

Of course, a baddie girl can’t go out without a handbag. And with this sleeveless tank, you’ll be safe carrying a stylish long coat.

7. White dress and jean top

white dress and jean top

A white dress with a jean top is another great option for a baddie club outfit. Go for a bodycon sleeveless dress if you want to rock it in this outfit.

You can wear it without the jean top when you feel a little hot. And when you feel a little cold, you’ll just add the jean top on top of the sleeveless white dress.

As for the shoes, you can go for a pair of heeled boots as in the photo. Otherwise, if that’s not for you, a pair of clear block heels will be fine.

8. Clubbing Outfits For Thick Curvy Girls

Clubbing Outfits For Thick Curvy Girls

It may give you a headache to choose an appropriate outfit if you’re a curvy beauty. It’s even worse if you’re a thick curvy girl.

This is why I’ve included outfits that will be appropriate for a baddie girl who wears extra plus-size outfits. A floral dress or an asymmetrical high-low dress as in the photo can be a great option.

Two-piece outfits, denim dresses, and denim jeans also look really great for thick curvy girls. You can read a full post on plus-size outfit ideas to learn more.

9. Skinny jeans + Cardigan

Skinny jeans + Cardigan

The next great clubbing outfit consists of skinny ripped jeans and a cardigan. You can wear it with a white tank if you choose to go for a black cardigan and a pair of black jeans.

Note: this outfit is very dependent on the type of club. To some luxurious clubs, this may be considered super-casual for clubbing.

Otherwise, if you’re just going to a regular club, this casual clubbing outfit is totally acceptable. Just break into a pair of heeled boots, and you’ll rock it at the club.

10. Vintage T-shirt and Open Heels

vintage t-shirt and open heels

Vintage t-shirts are luxurious outfits. I mention that they can be worn to a concert in a ‘baddie concert outfits’ post.

Unsurprisingly, vintage t-shirts can also be worn to a club.  You can wear it as a t-shirt dress with some open heels.

In terms of the shoes, you can wear them with some thigh-high boots. And you can also wear it with some fishnets and open heels.

11. Crisscrossing Pants and off-shoulder long sleeve Crop top

An off-shoulder long-sleeve Crop top worn with some crisscrossing strap pants is another great baddie club outfit. It’s cute, chic, and unique.

The long sleeve, wide neckline, and cropped features create such a distinct outfit. This is one of the outfits that keep your girlfriends’ mouths agape.

You can wear this “OMG” baddie clubbing outfit with a pair of open heels or some heeled boots. With a stylish handbag, you’ll look gorgeous in this outfit.

12. Orange Long sleeve crop top and orange crisscross heels

Orange Long sleeve crop top and orange crisscross heels
source:@Keiosha Holt (Pinterest)

Popping colors is part of the baddie culture. As such, you can’t go wrong wear an orange long-sleeve crop top and orange crisscross heels.

Again, matching footwear and upper body outfit is also very common among the baddies. For this outfit, you match the crop top and the heels. When combined with a small mini-skirt, this combination is a bomb.

The heels with small straps that crisscross are so fashionable and chic. This, plus the crop top, empowers your body by letting people see the hottest part of your body like the belly button and thighs.

13. Camouflage pants and sneakers

a girl in camouflage outfit
Source: Pinterest.com

By now I haven’t talked about sneakers and you be wondering, “Are sneakers not appropriate at a nightclub?” The general answer is NO. But in some luxurious clubs, it is considered too casual outfit.

At the same time, for me, clubbing outfits don’t have to be super formal. This is why I think sneaker ball outfits would work.

Wearing camouflage pants, sneakers, and a white tank is not bad for a baddie club outfit. I love its originality and uniqueness.

14. Vintage t-shirt dress and crisscross heels

The other baddie club outfit that you should wear to a club this weekend is the vintage t-shirt dress with crisscross heels. A vintage t-shirt dress doesn’t only go well with boots.

It looks incredibly chic when it’s worn with heels. You can wear Aaliya vintage t-shirt dress or any other vintage dress you like.

And when you’re heading out, carry a fashionable handbag and wear sunglasses and a cap.

15.  Blazer and fishnets

a lady in blazer, fishnets and heels
Source:@Mia (Pinterest.com)

Blazer is a popular outfit that can be styled in multiple ways. It can be worn as a cute baddie club outfit.

Wearing fishnets, a blazer, and fishnets are so stylish and ideal for a baddie girl. Wear it with denim jeans, just over the fishnets, or regular shorts.

The blazer and fishnet outfit can be worn with heels. These heels can be transparent heels, crisscross heels, or heeled boots.

16. Black Backless mini-dress and black boots

I’ve talked about a mini-dress in the above posts. For this idea, you match a black mini-dress with knee-high boots.

Again, instead of going for selecting the one with long sleeves and turtle neck, go for a sleeveless backless back dress. And if you can find a strapless black mini-dress you’ll still rock using this idea.

As for the boots, you can choose heeled boots or knee-high boots. Just avoid the high-high boots for they’ll be too close to the dress and won’t look any good.

17. Popping Spaghetti strap Dress and heels

Popping Spaghetti strap Dress and heels
Source: Pinterest.com

Last but least, you can wear a popping spaghetti-strap dress and heels. For example, you can go for a short spaghetti strap dress in apple green or deep pink color.

There is no way you can go wrong with these two popping colors as a baddie. A dress in these colors will go well with transparent or minimalist strapped heels.

In terms of accessories, you can wear an apple watch on your wrist, or carry a Chanel handbag or sunglasses.

18. Long sleeve V-neck sweater and leather mini-skirt

Long sleeve V-neck sweater and leather mini-skirt
Source:@Wattpad (Pinterest)

If none of the above outfits don’t interest you, I bet you’ll fall in love with this clubbing outfit. It’s a long sleeve V-neck sweater worn with a leather mini-skirt.

This outfit goes with open broke heels or crisscross broke heels. You can finish it up with some accessories like a handbag, sunglasses, dazzling earrings, and a minimalist necklace.

FAQs on Baddie Club Outfits

If you still have some unanswered queries, go through these frequently asked questions and their respective answers to find some of what you’re looking for.

What can girls wear to clubs?

Unlike baddie concert outfits, baddie clubbing outfits are close to, but not completely, formal outfits. As such, skinny jeans and heels or boots, bodycon dresses with heels or boots, trousers with heels or boots, crop tops with trousers or leather mini-skirt, and boots or heels are some of the great baddie club outfits.

How do you dress nicely for a nightclub?

To look your best at a club, wear a bodycon V-neck mini-dress that fits your body shape or get a leather short mini-skirt and wear it with a V-neck or sweetheart neck sweater or blouse and some boots or heels.

How Can I Stay Cool in a Night Club?

Your outfit is one of the best ways to look cool at a nightclub. To stay cool, you need to avoid overeating beforehand and overdrinking. At the same time, drink enough water and know your limit.

Final Words on Cute Baddie Club Outfits

Going to a nightclub does not have to have to be stressful. The weekend provides relief to those who work 9-5 jobs which should not ruin by the headache of choosing a baddie club outfit.

I hope this post has provided you with enough information on how to dress up when going to a club as a baddie. If you’re into baddie fashion, I bet you’ll love the following related posts.

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Otherwise, I wish you the best weekend!


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