15 Amazing Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions (How to Map & Install)

If you’re a fan of glamorous and dramatic eye makeup, then you’re probably no stranger to the cat eye eyelash extensions and their style.

Eyelash extensions are the easiest way to get long and cute eyelashes. And of all eyelash extension designs, the cat eye eyelash extensions are particularly fascinating because the cat’s eyes are probably the cutest eyes among animals.

In this post, we explore the 15 incredible cat eye eyelash extensions that you can copy and ask your stylist to install on you.

And if you’re a stylist, you’ll learn in easy and actionable steps how to map out an eye for cat eyelash installation and how to install different types of cat eye eyelash extensions. Before we jump in, let’s understand some concepts first.

What are cat eye eyelash extensions?

These are a popular type of artificial lashes that are installed from the longest to the shortest. Usually, the longest eyelash extensions are installed in the outer corner of an eye and they get shorter and towards the inside ending with the shortest in the inner corner of the eye.

Cat eyelash extensions create such an amazing feline-eye gesture and winged liner. And the best thing is that these eyelash extensions exist in different sizes and designs. Keep reading to find out more.

What is the difference between open-eye and cat eyelashes?

Open-eye eyelash extensions consist of artificial lashes that are shorter in the edges and longer in the middle while cat eyelash extensions consist of longer artificial lashes in the outer edges and shorter lashes in the inner edges of the eyes.

The other main difference between open-eye and cat-eye lashes is the style and level of drama they create. Open-eye lashes are more natural-looking and subtle, while cat-eye lashes are more dramatic and attention-grabbing.

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Best Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

Here are some of the best eye eyelash extensions that will get you addicted to fake eyelashes.

1. Wispy cat eye eyelash extensions

Wispy cat eye eyelash extensions
Source: pinterest

These are a special type of extension that consists of clear spikes after the final installation. Unlike the rest of the extensions, wispy cat eye eyelash extensions have a lusher look which may be what you’re going for.

They are a great option if you want a glamorous look without the need for heavy makeup. They can enhance the natural shape of the eyes and make them appear more lifted and youthful.

2. Hybrid Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions
Source: Pinterest.com

The other hilarious fake cat eyelashes are the hybrid cat eye eyelash extensions. If you want to achieve the classic spikes while enjoying the sleek volume lashes, go for hybrid cat eye eyelash extensions.

They offer a balance between natural and dramatic looks. And most importantly, you’re assured of two things; the natural shape of the eyes and the subtle cat eye effect which most girls want but can’t be found in every fake lash extension.

3. Classic Cat Eye

Classic Cat Eye

If you’re looking for cat eye extensions that have a subtle yet dramatic look, you need to tell your stylist to install the classic cat eye extensions. These usually involve adding a single extension to a single natural lash.

As a result, you get the most natural lashes that are a little bit elongated and styled up to curve upwards –as for the case of the upper lashes, or downwards for the down lashes.

4. Kitten Cat Eye

As the name suggests, these are “younger” versions of cat eye eyelash extensions. A kitten cat eye is created using shorter eyelashes which result in a more subtle appearance.

Unlike ordinary cat eye eyelash extensions, these are 9mm to 12mm in length which is shorter than average cat eye eyelash extensions.

5. Natural Cat Eye

Natural Cat Eye

Although most girls who go for cat eye fake lashes want a dramatic look, you may have a different motif. If you’re looking for lash extensions that look very close to natural extensions, you should opt for classic cat eye eyelash extensions.

Again, these are made by attaching one artificial lash to one natural eyelash. Unlike the volume, the end product of classic eyelash extensions is a more realistic and natural look.

And if you’ve ever heard someone mentioning natural cat eye extensions, they’re only referring to classic extensions or a specific type of classic extensions.  

6. Bold Cat Eye

You may know the bold cat eye makeup, but there are also bold cat eye eyelash extensions. These are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their lashes.

If that sounds like you, then go ahead and have them installed.

7. Double Cat Eye

Double Cat Eye

If you want a more dramatic look, a double cat eyelash extension is great for you. Again, you may be familiar with double cat eye makeup which involves creating a winged eyeliner look on both the upper and lower lash lines.

It’s not far off from that as double cat eye involves installing artificial lashes on both up and down eyelashes.

8. Bottom Cat Eye Extensions

If you want to add some extra drama to your lower lashes, then a bottom cat eyelash extension is perfect.                                  

Bottom cat eye extensions are a type of eyelash extension that is applied to the lower lash line to create a cat-eye effect. Like traditional eyelash extensions, individual lashes are applied to the natural lashes using a semi-permanent adhesive.

They can be a great way to enhance the shape and definition of the eyes, especially if you’re a girl with smaller or more rounded eyes. They can also be customized to suit your personal preferences, with different lengths, thicknesses, and curl types available to choose from.

9. Colored Cat Eye

Colored Cat Eye

You can add some fun to your look by getting colored cat eyelash extensions. I’m so sure you guessed, colored cat eye extensions are a type of eyelash extension that features lashes with a colored tip or base to create a dramatic and unique look.

This technique involves applying individual lashes in a traditional cat-eye style but using lashes with colored tips or bases.

The colors can range from subtle shades like brown and burgundy to bold colors like blue, deep pink, and purple.

10. Fluffy Cat Eye

Fluffy Cat Eye

Apart from volume cat eye, colored cat eye, wispy cat eye, and hybrid, fluffy cat eye extensions are another to achieve a voluminous and dramatic cat-eye look.

The application process for fluffy cat eye extensions involves using a technique called “Russian Volume,” where multiple extensions are applied to each natural lash to create a full and voluminous look.

Note: with cat eye eyelash extensions, you should consult a certified stylist. They’re different from those extensions which you can install yourself at home.

11. Spiky Cat Eye

If you’re going for a more edgy look, spiky cat eye eyelash extensions are the best choice for you. They’re regular cat eyelashes.

They mainly differ from the rest because they’ve got pointy lashes. This is where they got the name “Spiky.”

12. Voluminous Cat Eye

Voluminous Cat Eye

If you’re going for a full and fluffy look, volume or voluminous cat eye eyelash extensions are what you want. Unlike the classic or hybrid extensions, voluminous, a.k.a. volume extensions are applied in bulk.

They involve installing multiple lashes to a single natural lash. As such, they’re relatively larger than classic and hybrid eyelash extensions. And they’re only second to the mega-volume.

13. Dramatic Cat Eye

A dramatic cat eyelash extension is great if you want to make a statement with your lashes. Drama can be achieved in a number of ways.

You can add drama by getting volume or mega-volume cat eye extensions, going for colored cat eye eyelash extensions, or installing double cat eye extensions. With the dramatic cat eye extensions installed, onlookers won’t help but gaze at you.

14. D curl cat eye

D curl cat eye

The D curl is a strong curl that creates a more noticeable lift and curl than other types of curls which is ideal if you want a bold, dramatic look. The D curl cat eye eyelash extensions are perfect if you’re going for an open eye.

The main limitation of D curl lash extensions is that they’re more costly than traditional extensions. This is because they’re laborious to install –especially if they’re done by a professional stylist as recommended.

15. Mega-volume cat eye extensions

Mega Volume Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions.jpg

With mega-volume cat eye extensions, eyelash extensions where multiple ultra-fine lashes are attached to a single natural lash to create a dramatic “cat-eye” effect. These extensions are thicker, fluffier, and more dramatic than traditional eyelash extensions and are typically made from synthetic materials.

The main reason you would want these extensions is if you would like to achieve a more dramatic look beyond the hybrid or volume extensions.

However, you need to keep in mind that mega-volume lashes are not for everyone. Besides, if they’re not properly cared for, they may lead to breakage or cause serious damage to an eye.

How to Map Your Eye for Cat Eye Extensions?

Mapping your eye for cat eye extensions is an important step in achieving a flawless and symmetrical look. Here are seven steps to follow:

1. Start by examining your eye shape and determining the desired length and curve of the cat eye extensions.

2.  Hold down the lower eyelid using white masking tape. Start from the outer corner of the eye and use another piece of masking tape from the inner corner.  Or if you’ve got custom masking tape specifically made for this task (under eye patches), you should gently place it on the lower eyelid so that it’s prevented from moving.

3.  Use a black eyeliner pencil to mark the inner corner and the outer corner of the eye.

4.  Draw two more lines in the middle of the section to create four divisions.

5.  Measure the distance between the center of your lash line and the outer corner of your eye on both sides to ensure symmetry.

6.  Using a black eyeliner pencil, label the length and type of extensions that you’ll use on each section. Note: for a cat eye, you start with short extensions in the innermost division to the longest in the outer corner of the eye.

For example, in the innermost section, you can use 9mm lashes, followed by 11mm, 12mm, and 14mm in the outmost section.

How to Do Cat-Eye Eyelash Extensions

If you want to install cat eye eyelash extensions on your client’s eyelids, follow these simple steps:

1.  Begin by preparing the lashes. Cleanse the lashes and remove any makeup or debris.

2.  Choose the right lashes for the cat-eye look. Select longer and curlier lashes for the outer corners of your eyes.

3.  Apply an under-eye patch or masking tape as explained above to protect the lower lashes.

4.  Apply a primer to the lashes to help the adhesive stick better.

5.  Select an extension and dip the end into the adhesive.

6.  Apply the extension to the natural lash, using a pair of tweezers to place it in the correct position.

7.  Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have applied enough extensions to achieve the desired cat-eye effect.

8.  Once all the extensions are applied, use a spoolie brush to separate and fluff the lashes.

9.  Wait for the adhesive to dry before removing the under-eye patch or masking tape holding the lower eyelid.

With these steps, you can achieve a beautiful cat-eye look that will enhance your client’s eyes and give your client a stunning and glamorous appearance.

FAQs on Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

What is the difference between cat and doll eyelashes?

Cat eyelashes are longer and more dramatic towards the outer corners of the eyes which creates a winged effect that resembles a cat’s eyes. On the other hand, doll eyelashes are evenly distributed along the lash line and tend to be more uniform in length which gives a doll-like open-eye appearance.

What type of eyelash extensions looks natural?

If you’re in seek of eyelash extensions that are as realistic as possible, you should go for the classic cat eye eyelash extensions. However, you can try hybrid extensions if classic extensions are not ideal for you.

Do cat eye eyelashes make your eyes look bigger?

In short, “Yes,” cat eye eyelashes make your eyes look as if they’re bigger. This is obviously because of the fluffiness –especially in the outer corners of the eyes.

Final Thoughts on Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the best to get rid of short natural eyelash insecurities and achieve a gorgeous doll-like or model-like face. The cat eye eyelash extensions are particularly known for the dramatic and attention-grabbing looks they create on a face.

In this post, we’ve explored 15 types and variations of cat eye eyelash extensions, how to map the eye for an eyelash installation, and how to install the actual cat eye eyelash extensions.

Whether you’re an amateur stylist learning eyelash extension installation or you’re just a baddie about to get fake lashes installed, I hope you’ve found this post helpful.

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck,


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