20 Amazing Nashville Bachelorette Outfits

Nashville, a.k.a. Nashvegas, is not only the Music City, but it’s also the capital of the Bachelorette party. If you want to have fun with girlfriends before you or one of your friends becomes a Mrs, this south capital should be the first destination.

The presence of cool pubs, hotels, bars, frequent music festivals, water, and many recreation centers makes Nashville the best city to throw a bachelorette party in. However, most people only talk of things to do in this Vegas-like city.

I believe it’s equally important to look at various outfit ideas to wear in Nashville for the bachelorette party. This is why I have put together these 13 Amazing Nashville Bachelorette Outfits so that you can find some inspiration.

Different categories of girls would benefit from this post as well. Bridesmaids, brides, and anyone going on a Nashville Bachelorette trip all want to know the best outfits for a Nashville bachelorette party. This post presents outfit ideas that you can wear uniformly with your girlfriends as well as those you can wear as an individual.

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What is Bachelorette Party?

This is a party that is thrown by or for a girl who is about to get married. Just like any other party, people travel to various places to do a bachelorette party. Of the various cities and destinations, Nashville is one of the popular places where people go to do a bachelorette.

Why is Nashville so popular for bachelorette parties?

Nashville city

Again, Nashville has great places, funny activities, and entertaining music which give hilarious experiences to most visitors. This, combined with its great reputation and history of being a great entertainment and bachelorette city, attracts processions of girls who go there to do bachelorette party and explore it.

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Best Nashville Bachelorette Outfits

Here are some of the best Nashville Bachelorette Outfits that you and your girlfriends can wear to have a wonderful experience in this southern city.

1.Let’s Go girls Tee

lets go girls

The first outfits that you and your girlfriends should have before going for a Nashville bachelorette party are the “Let’s go Girls” T-shirts. These are cool tees that you can wear when having fun exploring Nashville city.

You can wear these tees with ripped jean shorts. And when you’re going to the airport, the pub, or the girls’ hangout around the city, you can still keep them on.

The best place to find these t-shirts is Etsy. There are several designs and listings specifically for a bachelorette party or even specific to a Nashville bachelorette party.

2. Jean tops, Black Leggings & Boots

Black leggings and jean tops

This outfit idea is also perfect for a Nashville bachelorette bride party. If you’re the bride, tell your girls to find jean tops, black leggings, and cowgirl boots.

Though jean tops are cool baddie outfits on their own, they look cool when worn as a group. And when combined with country cowboy boots and leggings, you’ll look chic for the party.

Bonus: if you can find a jean top with fringes, go ahead and grab them for they are cool country outfits. With cowgirl hats on your head, you’ll look stylish the Nashville way.

3. Denim Jeans, tees & boots

girls wearing denim and boots_one of the amazing Nashville Bachelorette outfits

Denim jeans are also one of the amazing Nashville bachelorette outfits. You can go for ripped jeans that fit in the ankle as opposed to one that flares out.

You should pair the denim jeans with country cowgirl boots and white t-shirts written in your motto. It’s okay if you go for the tees printed in “The Best Weekend ever” or “Let’s Go Girls” or anything that appeals more to you and your bridesmaids.

Since this Nashville, you won’t go wrong if you put on some cool country cowgirl hats. The outfit combo brings out the real country vibe which is a great feeling for city girls.

4. Denim overall

Overall for Nashville party

Still, on the topic of denim, you can also wear denim overall as an individual or as a team of bridesmaids. There is denim in various colors, but the common ones are blue denim or black denim.

As for the shoes, you can wear white sneakers and boots like combat boots or country cowboy boots. Whichever choice you go for, you should own it and walk boldly in it.

If you feel a little cold –maybe it’s late evening, you can layer a jean top, fringed jacket, or a bomber. However, if you went for a bib overall, you should wear a white tee under it.

5. Cowboy Hat and Shorts

In this Tennessee capital, there is no specific dress code. However, country wear is popular for a bachelorette party.

As such, you can’t go wrong by wearing a cowboy hat and shorts to your or your friend’s party. If you’re about to depart for this music city, choose a well-fringed hat and a pair of ripped jeans and throw them into your luggage.

6. Burgundy Vest And Shorts

burgundy vest and jean shorts

Tell your girls to wear burgundy vests and shorts if you’re already in Nashville. You can choose the burgundy vests with your phrase printed on them.

Just so you know, burgundy is a reddish color that resembles red wine. If you want to learn more, read my other post about burgundy sneakers. Anyway, the point is: red is a color for roses which is perfect for this occasion.

You can take it further by wearing burgundy vests, burgundy sneakers, and red bandannas on your head or around your neck. If this will make you happy, go ahead and enjoy this combo.

7. Boots and Tutus

tutu and boots

This outfit combination is also ideal for Nashville bachelorette bridesmaids. If you’re organizing the bachelorette party, tell the girls to wear tutu skirts and cowgirl boots.

FYI: tutu is a short dress worn by girls performing a ballet dance. It is usually made of very thin layers of lace-like materials.

Wearing this skirt with a pair of brown cowgirl boots looks cool and perfect for Nashville. And instead of wearing covering outfits in the upper body, you should go for sleeveless outfits like a vest or a sleeveless cropped tank.

8. Large Graphic Tee and Boots

large graphic t-shirt and boots

Just like any developed city, Nashville is very complex. This means you’ll get along wearing some of the trendy outfits.

You can wear a baddie fashion. Put on a large graphic tee and country cowboy boots, and you’ll still rock it in this music city.

Boot it up with a Chanel handbag or any well-edge handbag. And you can wear a hat or cap, it’s totally fine. Of course, the hat is more appropriate, but the baddie girls don’t care what’s appropriate. Rather, an outfit that makes you happy and confident is what matters.

9. Flare Jeans

flare jeans for nashville bachelorette party

Though I’m not a huge fan, you can wear flare jeans to the bachelorette party. However, this is more of a personal outfit. I don’t think it’s an outfit that you can wear as a group with your bridesmaid.

10. Short Floral Dress

Are you a huge fan of dress for casual? Anyway, aren’t we all fans?

Of course, some girls just can’t stand wearing a casual dresses. Instead, they prefer to go for a pair of jeans, leggings, shorts, or sweater pants. And it’s O.K. as well.

However, for this outfit, I’m referring to those who don’t mind wearing a short dress. At the Nashville party, you can wear a floral dress with a pair of cowgirl boots. Feel free to put on a cowboy hat as well.

11. White Sneakers

By now you’re probably wondering: is Nashville only into country cowboy boots? The answer is No. Only that the boots are such common outfits for the bachelorette party.

You can still wear your favorite white sneakers and still rock them. Since Nashville has several concerts per year, you can wear sneaker ball outfits.

Wear the sneakers with a pair of denim jeans or jean shorts and a graphic t-shirt. You can also try wearing semiformal outfits like in a sneaker ball. For example, you can wear a dress and white sneakers. 

12. Ripped shorts and Combat Boots

Shorts are a recurring term when talking about parties –especially Nashville bachelorette parties. You can wear a pair of ripped shorts and combat boots.

Combat boots are fashionable footwear and are a great option if you want to take a break from cowgirl boots. To ensure easy mobility, the shorts are a great choice to go with combat boots.

In the upper part of the body, you can wear a vest or graphic t-shirt. These are perfect for providing free air to your armpits.

13. Two Piece + Blazer

A sleeveless or strapless tank and a skirt constitute a two-piece that you can wear to a Nashville bachelorette party. You can wear them separately as a short skirt and a cropped tee or strapless tank.

This outfit is so cool because it can be styled in many ways. You can wear a black blazer over it and look chic. Or you can wear a jean top or black leather jacket over it and still pour it together.

In terms of shoes, you can wear the two-piece with cowgirl boots, ankle boots, or white sneakers.

14. Strapped Tank, Short Skirt and Block Heels

Can you wear black heels to a Nashville bachelorette party? The answer is YES!

You can wear a strapped tank or a vest, a short skirt, and a pair of block heels. The strapped tank is ideal for summer Nashville. It ensures the circulation of air thanks to the absence of sleeves.

Over the strapped tank, you can add a long coat, a blazer, or a leather jacket. This way you’ll rock it throughout your day.

15. Let’s Go Girls Sweater

You’ve already seen that you can wear a graphic t-shirt. It’s almost the same concept as a sweater.

Tell your girlfriends to get sweaters with the words “Let’s Go Girls” in front or at the back. You should wear these sweaters with ripped denim jeans and boots.

Alternatively, you can also wear it with leggings. And instead of boots, you can also wear white sneakers.

16. Nash Bash Sweater

Nashville bachelorette? Too long to pronounce, huh? Well, how about “Nash Bash”?

As bridesmaids –and bride-to-be, you can wear a sweater written “Nash Bash” to shine to your fans and friends on social media.

I know if I saw my friends in these “Nash Bash” outfits, I would die of FOMO. So, why don’t you impress your friends with the Nash Bash sweaters? You can get these sweaters from Etsy or Amazon.

Amazing Nashville Bachelorette Outfits for Brides

Here are some of the outfits that your bride-to-be can wear for the bachelorette party in Nashville.

17.  Country Cowgirl Hat with a Veil

In Nashville, it’s common to find girls wearing cowgirl hats with a veil around them. If you’re the bride-to-be throwing a party in Nashville, select a beautiful cowgirl hat for yourself and wear it to the party.

You can choose a hat in country colors like brown. However, white or beige cowgirl hats with white veils are common for a bachelorette party thrown in Nashville. If you opt for the white one, you can wear it with minimalist jewelry like earrings and necklaces.

18. Fringed and Sparking Gown

Wearing a gown that has some fringed and sparkling is another great outfit for a bride-to-be to wear to a Nash Bas party. Just so you know, a fringed gown consists of hanging threads that are left loose to create an aesthetic edge.

These kinds of outfits are so common in the country. You can choose to wear it with some fringed cowgirl boots.

19. White Country Jean Top & White Boots

In most parts of the world, it’s not strange for a bride to wear white clothes. Likewise in Nash Bash, you can also wear white country jeans and white boots.

A country jean top is usually known for the fringe in the arms and at the back. This pairs well with some white country boots. The boots can also have some fringe around the ankle.

20.  Two-Piece Sequin/ Sequin Dress

Finally, a bride-to-be can also wear a skirt and bra two-piece sequin outfit. If you’ve not comfortable with a two-piece outfit, feel free to wear a sequin dress to your Nash Bash.

You can wear a jean top or jack on top of the sequin and wear a pair of cowgirl boots. And you can also mix it with a country cowgirl hat.

Final Thoughts on Nashville Bachelorette Outfits

Nashville is one of the greatest places to hold a bachelorette party. It’s a magical entertainment city –kinda Las Vegas –thanks to the presence of great recording studios, great music festivals as well as beautiful places and tourist centers.

It’s not accidental that it’s called Nashvegas. This is because it provides fun and entertainment like Las Vegas.

Again, while everyone is talking about things to do and not do in Nashville, I decided to write about various outfit ideas for the Nashville bachelorette party. These ideas will help you get ready so fast for the Nash Basb.

Whether you landed here accidentally or you can here looking for various Nashville bachelorette outfits, I hope you’ve found this post helpful.

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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