18 Bad Bunny Concert Outfit Ideas for Chic Baddie Girls

Are you planning to go to a Bad Bunny concert this weekend? These 18 gorgeous bad bunny concert outfit ideas will help you wear outfits that are unique and true to yourself.

These outfit ideas will work extremely well for any urban concert. Of course, I’ve already covered urban concert outfit ideas on this blog.

Before we dive in deep, let’s get a few things out of the way.

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Who is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican famous music artist. He was born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio and chose Bad Bunny as a stage name. Although he incorporates various music genres, Bunny is common for Latin trap and reggaeton music styles.

Why does Bad Bunny call himself Bad Bunny?

The stage name Bad Bunny came when the artist was told to wear a bunny costume in one of the public ceremonies. He was irritated and crossed and he decided to call himself a bad bunny.

Coolest bad bunny concert outfit ideas

Let’s now explore these ideas in fine detail.

1. Overall + Sneakers

overall + sneakers_one of bad bunny concert outfit ideas

The first type of outfit that you can wear to a Bunny’s concert is an overall outfit. It provides easy mobility and comfort. This will allow you to walk and dance with ease.

You can select some unique overalls that will add style and personality. Choose a unique ripped overall, overall shorts, or a leather overall if you want something uncommon.

As for the shoes, you need to go for sneakers. Depending on the overall, burgundy sneakers are great, but white sneakers work perfectly for a variety of overall outfits.

2. T-shirt dress with sneakers

T-shirt dress with sneakers_another bad bunny concert outfit idea
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A t-shirt dress is one of the popular outfits at a Bad Bunny concert. It’s super easy to put together and so hard to get it wrong.

Find an oversized tee and wear it with it sneakers, and you’ll be good to go. However, instead of wearing just any regular oversized t-shirt, select a vintage t-shirt dress and you’ll rock it like crazy.

Just like any other outfit, you can break or make a t-shirt dress outfit with accessories. For a t-shirt dress, you need to wear some minimalist earrings and don’t forget to carry a stylish handbag.

3. Ripped Denim and T-shirt

Ripped jeans and sneakers

Wearing a pair of ripped denim pants and a tee is also a great Bad Bunny concert outfit idea. One of my favorite styles in this outfit is wearing a pair of ripped denim jeans and a vintage t-shirt.

The t-shirt can be white with some graphics or just a black hip-hop vintage tee. As for the denim pants, you can wear weather a pair of black ripped denim jeans or blue ripped jeans. If the jeans are over-ripped, you can wear them with a pair of fishnets.

As far as footwear is concerned, you can wear the outfit with boots or sneakers. The boots can be heeled, combat, or knee-high, and the sneakers can be Canvas or any low-heel.

4. Sweater + Short Leggings + Hat/Cap

Sweater + Short Leggings + Cap
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The next great outfit combination for a Bad Bunny concert consists of a sweater, bike shorts, and a hat. It’s such an amazing baddie outfit and perfect for a concert.

You can choose an ordinary sweater or you might want to go for a really stylish sweaters. Cropped sweaters, cropped hoodies, or vintage sweaters are perfect if you want more stylish sweaters.

However, instead of super covering yourself up, wear a pair of biking shorts, a.k.a. short leggings. And these can be complemented well by a small round hat. With all pieces put tighter, this outfit is such a super cool baddie outfit.

5. Cropped Top + High-Waisted Pants

a woman wearing high-waisted paints
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Shorts and a small round hat are not the only outfits that you can wear with a stylish cropped top. You can also style it with a pair of high-waisted pants.

The pants can be a pair of dirty denim jeans or a pair of ordinary trousers. You can tie the pants up with a leather belt or any stylish belt.

The next worry would be what shoes should I wear with this outfit. Well, you can wear the cropped top and high-waisted pants to a Bunny’s concert with sneakers or combat boots.

6. Leather Pants + Jean Top

a girl in Leather Pants + Jean Top
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As discussed in the previous post, leather pants are elegant and luxurious outfits because of the durability and quality of the fabric. Unsurprisingly, they’re one of the popular Bad Bunny concert outfits.

You can wear leather pants and a jean top to the Puerto Rican rapper concert. You can choose brown, red or black leather pants. But the black leather leggings are a fascinating choice.

As for the jean top, a well-fitted jean top with a white t-shirt or cropped tank looks cute. You can finish up with a pair of boots or sneakers.

7. Cargo Pants + Boots

Cargo pants are another excellent choice for a Bad Bunny concert outfit. They allow easy mobility while still being stylish.

In the upper body, you can wear these pants with a cropped tank, a cropped hoodie, or just a bra. Of course, you can add a comfy long coat if you feel cold.

As for the shoes, boots are a great option. I particularly love pairing combat boots with cargo pants.

8. Short Skirt + Knee-High Boots

short skirt and knee-boots

You may be thinking: can one wear a skirt to a bad bunny concert? The answer is a big YES. Lots of girls wear miniskirts to this concert.

Of course, no girl wants to look like “Lots of girls.” You need to stand outfit. While most girls wear short skirts with heels, wear miniskirts with knee-high boots to stand out.

You can wear this outfit with a cardigan on top. Or you can spice things up a little with a leather jacket and a cropped tank.

9.  Cropped Strapless Tank + Shorts

cropped stapless tank and boots

A concert is a place to have fun and relax. One way you can do that is by wearing a cropped strapless tank and a pair of shorts.

Shorts allow you to walk, run, and dance which is ideal for a concert. You can wear some regular shorts, shorts with a belt, or animal print shorts, but a pair of ripped denim shorts will be perfect for a bad bunny concert outfit.

In terms of the tank, you can go for a white sleeveless cropped tank, a white strapless copped tank, or a black copped tank. Whichever tank you choose will work well with knee-high boots, combat boots, or sneakers.

10. Plus Size Dress + Cardigan

Plus size dress and a cardigan
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The next bad bunny concert outfit idea is for those who wear plus-size outfits. It consists of a plus size dress and a cardigan in plus size, of course.

For the plus size dress, you need a formfitting short dress. You can select a bodycon dress in color if you don’t like black. However, if you’re Okay with a black bodycon dress, you should select a short black bodycon dress for a bad bunny concert outfit.

Wear the black dress with a gray or beige cardigan. A short dress with a cardigan that extends to the same length as the short dress looks really cute.

11. Bra and Skirt Two Piece

If you’re looking for a two-piece bad bunny concert outfit, a bra, and mini-skirt constitute such an epic two-piece outfit. And most importantly, you can style the outfit in so many ways.

You can wear it with a blazer above the bra. And when it is combined with a pair of boots or some cool sneakers, it’s an outfit perfect for a VIP stand at a concert.

As for colors and accessories, you can wear the two-piece outfit in pink color or any other cool color. If you’re going to be at a VIP stand, you can wear jewelry like a necklace and earrings. Otherwise, in the cheap stand, jewelry can easily get lost or stolen.

12. Vintage T-shirt + Boots

boots, fishnets and t-shirt

The other cool concert outfit is a vintage t-shirt and boots. You can go for the popular 90s vintage t-shirts like Aaliya vintage tee or Tupac vintage Tee.

If you’ve got a chance to choose between black or white t-shirts, you should go for a black vintage. Of course, concert outfits are all about you, and if you and a white vintage tee are a thing, don’t hesitate. Grab a vintage white t-shirt and rock in it.

You can wear a vintage t-shirt and some boots. As for the boots, knee-high or combat boots will go well with the t-shirt outfit.

13. Ripped Jeans + Fishnets + Heels

Ripped jeans, fishnets and boots
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Fishnets are still a thing in modern fashion. And you can wear them under a pair of ripped jeans.

This outfit idea ensures that you’re comfortable walking and dancing at the concert. You can wear white fishnets with blue or white denim, but black fishnets are the most popular. They can be worn under black, white, blue, or cowboy jeans.

Heels are not shoes to be worn to a concert because they can offer some levels of discomfort. However, if you feel you’ll be fine in heels like many other girls, you can wear open-block heels or heeled boots.

14. Short Bodycon dress and heels

The other great outfit for a Bad Bunny concert is a short bodycon dress. The dress highlights your feminine superpowers like your booty, breast, and waist.

This short dress will allow you to walk, run and dance freely. In other words, this dress allows you to look dope without compromising your comfort.

You can wear this formfitting dress with a pair of heels. Of course, the key here is comfort. If you feel you won’t be comfortable in heels, go for boots or sneakers. 

15. Cowgirl Outfits for Bad Bunny Concert

If you’re a country girl or you like to change your style a bit, you can go for a cowgirl outfit. Though country outfits are not as complicated and sophisticated as urban ones, you’ll still look dope in them.

For example, you can wear a pair of cowgirl boots, a fringed leather jacket, and a cowgirl hat. If you’ve read my post on Nashville Bachelorette outfits, you know that girls in these outfits look epic.

16. Leather Jacket + Jeans

Leather Jacket and Jeans

Gosh! I love and rave about leather. It’s a premium fabric that makes you look expensive.

Luckily, you can wear a leather jacket and a pair of jeans to a Bunny’s concert. Jeans are comfortable and leather is luxurious and together they make an incredibly chic concert outfit.

As for the shoes, you can choose between boots and sneakers. If you’re putting on black leather and denim jeans, you can wear white or Canvas sneakers. Or you can wear combat boots.

17. Black Leggings + Cropped Top

cropped hoodie , leggings and sneakers

Talking of comfort and style, a combination of leggings and a cropped top seems to have it all. Leggings are comfortable for you can stretch, run or dance while wearing them.

On the other hand, cropped tops are stylish in the way they expose your belly button. And when you choose the one with a hoodie, you’ll be able to cover your head and feel warm.

You can wear this outfit with boots and sneakers. Whatever you choose between the two, you’ll look amazing.

18. Camouflage Pants + Bra

camouflage pants and sneakers

Similar to cargo pants, you can wear camouflage pants with a bra. This outfit should’ve been in the top five for it is cozy and stylish.

Camouflage and cargo outfits are so trendy in 2023. As such, you’ll never go wrong wearing these pants.

As you may’ve guessed, these pants look great when worn with combat boots. Of course, you can also wear them with some cool sneakers

FAQs about Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas

If you want to fully understand bad bunny concert outfit ideas, read through the following questions and answers related to bad bunny concert outfits.

What should I wear to the Bad Bunny concert?

Just like any other concert, you’ll need to dress casually for a Bad Bunny concert. The following outfit combination will be perfect:
Overall with Sneakers
T-shirt dress with sneakers
Ripped Denim and Vintage Tee
Sweater + Shot Legging + Hat
Cropped Top + High-Waisted Pants
Leather Pants + a Jean Top

How should I dress for a musical concert?

As a general rule of thumb, you need a comfortable outfit for a musical concert. The ripped jeans + crop tops, t-shirt dress + boots, leggings + cropped hoodies or overalls are perfect for a musical concert.

Should I wear shorts or jeans to a concert?

In summer, you can wear jeans if you’re a jeans person, or if you like shorts, you can wear shorts. Else if you’re into jeans and shorts, you can wear shorts jeans.

What type of style is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny, a.k.a. Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is a popular rapper and music artist from Puerto Rico. He is known for his impressive Latin rap and reggaeton styles.

Final Thoughts on Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas

Bad Bunny is a famous rapper and singer whose concerts attract thousands of loyal fans. His Latin rap reggaeton rhythms turn the audience wild.

It’s one of the concerts that you can’t dare to miss. However, any great concert can be a nightmare if you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit.

This is why it’s so imperative to dress appropriately and comfortably for the concert. This post has provided you with the appropriate and comfy outfit ideas for a Bunny’s concert.

In case you want to have a deep understanding, here is another post on concert outfits.

Otherwise, I wish you the funniest and wildest concert!

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