17 Baddie Concert Outfits for a Superb Girl-Out

If you’re like me, you love going to a concert to enjoy the performance of your music stars. However, choosing some cute baddie concert outfits can always cause headaches.

The reasons for this pre-concert nervousness can be numerous. Whether you don’t want to err in fashion or you want to just impress your crush, you can still be nervous to come out, get into a car, and leave for a concert.

Girls at a baddie concert
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Of course, what we wear to a country club concert cannot be worn to a rap concert. At the same time, you can’t put on similar baddie concert outfits to a concert you’re going with your girlfriends and a serious boyfriend.

I put up this post to assist you in selecting the best outfit for different concerts and occasions. But before we start exploring, let’s get these few ideas out of the way.

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What Should You Never Wear to a Concert?

vintage tee and sneakers_one of the baddie concert outfits

Before you start going to any concert, you need to be acquainted with what not to wear to a concert. The best rule of thumb is to avoid wearing any outfit that brings discomfort like the following.

  •  Never wear excessive jewelry
  • Never put on several layers of outfits
  • Avoid wearing heels that will bring any discomfort –even if it’s remotely uncomfortable
  • Wearing super formal outfits is weird as well

Baddie Concert Outfits Every Girl Needs

That being said, here are various cute baddie concert outfits that every girl needs.

1. Oversized Vintage Tee + Knee Boots

Vintage Tee for baddie concert outfits
Source: Asos.com

Let’s start with the vintage outfit because they’re popular at rap concerts. You can wear an oversized vintage tee with some boots.

Vintage clothing is made with the highest quality material so that it can last for some decades. At the same time, oversized tees are very comfortable as you won’t have to worry about discomfort or any bother.

Wear this combination with some knee-high boots, you’ll rock it. The outfit is it’s really typical for baddies. Of course, you can take it to the moon with some sunglasses and a Chanel handbag.

2. Sneakers + Cropped Tank + Checkers Shirt

Sneakers + Cropped Tank + Checkers

Next up, you should try to wear a cropped tank, shorts, cropped tank, and a shirt with checkered marks. This streetwear is super comfortable and typical baddie fashion.

Sneakers are the most comfortable footwear there is. When you wear them, you don’t have to worry about discomfort or any bother inside the shoes.

Similarly, a copped tank is comfortable and stylish. When it’s worn with a pair of ripped shorts or jeans, it looks really wonderful and fashionable. You can try checkered shirts unbuttoned or you can tie the shirt around your waist.

3. Dirty Jeans + Cropped tee + sneakers

A baddie girl in ripped jeans and sneakers
Source: Pinterest.com

The next outfit combination that you can wear to a city concert consists of dirty jeans, cropped t-shirt, and some sneakers. This outfit ensures ultimate comfort when walking, dancing, or sitting around a table with your fellow baddies.

The ripped jeans with a cropped t-shirt constitute such a stylish and baddie outfit.  When some white or burgundy sneakers are added, the outfit becomes discomfort-proof.

Before you set out, you can get a stylish coat to protect yourself from cold in the evening or dawn. You can also carry a waist bag or a cute handbag with some well-formed edges.

4. Shorts and Boots

The other cute baddie concert outfit consists of shorts and boots. Wearing a pair of shorts and boots is one of the cute baddie outfits with combat boots.

It’s perfect for a city concert outfit. And the best part is that the outfit goes well with a lot of upper-body outfits.

You can wear it with a tee, tank, or cropped sweater. If you go for a tank or tee with shorts and boots, you can also add a layer of stylish coat on top. As for the boots, you choose between knee-high boots, ankle boots, or combat boots.

5. Ripped Jeans + Jean top

ripped Jeans + Jean top
Source:@Guita Moda (Pinterest)

Ripped jeans and a jean top is another cute baddie outfit perfect for both an urban or country concert. A jean top goes well when it’s paired with a pair of ripped jeans of the same color.

My all-time favorite is the denim ripped jeans that go along with a denim jean top. If you’re going to a country concert, select some cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat and wear them with ripped jeans and a jean top.

However, if you’re going to a city concert, you can select a cute cap, and sneakers, carry a handbag and wear some cool sunglasses. And walk chest out and keep rocking it throughout the night.

6. Blue Ripped jeans and sneakers

blue Ripped jeans and sneakers
Source: @N20 (Pinterest)

A pair of blue ripped jeans and some sneakers make up one of the cutest baddie concert outfits. It’s not only a stylish casual outfit but it’s a comfortable outfit combination.

Besides being comfy, the outfit can be worn with various outfits. For example, you can wear it with a turtleneck sweater, cropped sweater, jean top, a long coat, or cropped hoodie.

As for the sneakers, you can wear them in various types and kinds. You can wear it with some white sneakers, burgundy sneakers, or some neutral or in sleek mixed colors.

7. Vintage + shorts + Fishnets

fishnets, ripped shorts and boots

Fishnets are outfits that have made a becoming. And styling up in the outfits with vintage t-shirts and shorts wouldn’t make you err in fashion.

Next time you want to go to a hip-hop concert, try to wear a vintage t-shirt, some ripped shorts, and fishnets. I guarantee, your friends will be impressed.

The best part is that fishnets go along with a couple of footwear. You can wear them with ankle boots, combat boots, and some sneakers. Note: Much as you can wear fishnets with open heels, you shouldn’t wear them to a concert because they’re too formal.  

8. Two-piece of Shorts and cropped t-shirt

A girl in Two-piece of Shorts and cropped t-shirt
Source:@Service (Pinterest)

The other best option for a baddie concert outfit. A two-piece outfit consisting of a pair of shorts and a t-shirt is ideal for a baddie girl.

If you wear a plus-size outfit, you can also wear plus size two-piece outfit. Likewise, you can find the best size for you. And the best part about this outfit is that you still look great in whatever size you choose to go with.

As far as footwear is concerned, you can wear thigh-high or knee-high boots to pair them with the two-piece outfit. You can also wear it with some combat boots and knee-high boots.

9. Tee + Ripped Jeans + Sneakers

If you want something that will feel comfortable and relaxed, you need to put on a t-shirt, ripped jeans, and some sneakers. The t-shirt can be a vintage t-shirt or a regular black or white t-shirt with some graphics.

Similarly, you can opt for black, blue, denim, or white ripped jeans. Of course, you can also go for loose ripped jeans, but I prefer some skinny ripped jeans.

In terms of sneakers, you can go for some white low sneakers or burgundy sneakers. As for me, the Canvas sneakers are always my favorite.

10. Short skirt + Hat + Knee High Boots

short skirt, boots and jean top

This outfit is not for every concert. If you’re sure that you won’t be standing for so long or you won’t take too long at the concert, you can go ahead and wear knee high heel boots with a short skirt.

The thing is: at a concert, you will spend a considerable amount of time standing rather than sitting. This is why you should consider not wearing a pair of heels.

Boots like ankle boots, combat boots, or knee-high block boots are perfect because they won’t require much balancing. On the contrary, if you wear heels, you’ll get tired standing on your heels.

Of course, you’ll put on a cowgirl hat on your head if you’re going to a country concert.

11. Cropped Tee and tracksuit trousers

Cropped Tee and tracksuit trousers
Source: @wheretoget (pinterest)

Cropped t-shirts and truck suit trousers or joggers are other great outfit for a baddie to wear to a concert. As a baddie girl, you already know that cropped outfits are so typical baddie aesthetic.

Usually, the outfit was supposed to go with a cropped hoodie, but in this idea, you wear tracksuit trousers with a cropped t-shirt. You can go for tracksuit trousers of popping colors like apple green, deep pink, or orange, or you can go for neutral colors such as black or white.

And as far as shoes go, you’ve got a couple of options. You can pair the outfit with some cool sneakers or with ankle boots.

12. Vintage + Jeans

I mentioned vintage in passing, but it’s also a great outfit for concerts. Vintage clothing is favored by various rappers like Snoop Dogg, and Travis Scott and pop stars like Rihanna.

And most importantly, you can wear it to a pop concert or a rapped concert. You can wear a vintage t-shirt dress with some sneakers or boots, or you can put on a vintage t-shirt dress with some sneakers.

Apart from vintage t-shirt dresses, wearing a vintage tee with some ripped jeans is also a popular outfit idea.

13. Cap + crop top + Trousers

If you’re going to a concert this weekend, wear a crop top or cropped hoodie and a pair of trousers. This outfit when it’s won with a cap, it’s fascinating and jaw-dropping.

The crop top can be a cropped tank, a cropped tee, or a cropped hoodie. As for the trousers, you can put on a pair of joggers, jeans or Capri suit trousers.

In terms of shoes, you can wear boots or some sneakers. Choose boots like ankle boots or combat boots, or sneakers like Canvas or slip-one of your choice and you’ll rock it.

14. Cropped Tee with Camouflage pants

A girl in cropped Tee with Camouflage pants

Camouflage pants are fashionable and jaw-dropping outfits that you cannot only wear to a photo shoot but they’re also worn to music concerts. And of the several camouflage pants, the dark green pants are more stylish.

You can wear a cropped t-shirt in white color. Much as camouflage pants work with other colors, white is the color that works the best with a pair of camouflage pants.

As for the shoes, you can wear white sneakers or combat boots. The white sneakers work well if you’re wearing a white cropped t-shirt. On the other hand, a pair of combat boots will work either way.

15. Cropped sweater + Shorts + Sneakers

A girl in Cropped sweater + Shorts + Sneakers
Source:@Hapa Time (Pinterest)

While still on the topic of cropped fashion, you can also rock it in a cropped sweater with shorts and sneakers. This is also so typical baddie fashion.

You can select a simple cropped sweater or a cropped hoodie. Of course, I like the cropped hoodie more. It goes well with ripped jeans shorts or short leggings.

White, black, or burgundy sneakers will work perfectly with this outfit. As a baddie, you can also go for a pair of sneakers with more popping colors. Finish this outfit up with some sunglasses and a baseball cap.

16. Popping Cropped Hoodie + Sweater pants

Popping Cropped Hoodie + Sweater pants
Source:@Aliexpress (Pinterest)

Talking of popping colors which are one of the characteristics of a baddie fashion, wear a popping cropped hoodie with sweater pants. This outfit, girl, is a bomb –especially when it’s worn with long hair or a lace front human hair wig.

In what color should my baddie hoodie be? You ask. I say you get an apple green, blue, burgundy, yellow or deep pink cropped hoodie if you want to go for the popping color.

As for the sweater pants and shoes, you wear tracksuit pants and sneakers or boots. As for the boots, stay away from the heel boots for they’re not ideal for a concert outfit.

17. Cropped zip-through tracksuit

Cropped zip-through tracksuit

The other great option for a concert outfit is a cropped zip-through tracksuit. This consists of cropped zip-through tracksuit and a pair of sweater pants.

It’s one of those outfits that when you put them on in full your friends go, “Oh My!” The outfit combination is very perfect for a baddie to wear to a concert.

You can wear the sweater with a cropped tank in white color and some white sneakers. This combination will provide you with comfort in a long-stand concert show.

FAQs on baddie concert outfits

In case you’ve got some questions unanswered, let’s look at some of the commonly asked questions related to baddie concert outfits.

What should a girl wear to a concert?

In general, as a baddie girl, choose outfits that will not bother you in any way. You can wear vintage tees with some sneakers, cropped tanks, tees, or hoodies with some sneakers, denim pants, jeans, jeans shorts, tracksuits, and more effortless stylish outfits like sweater pants.

What do you wear to a hot concert?

For an outdoor concert, you need light fashionable outfits. It’s better to wear leggings, short leggings, cropped tanks, mini-skirts, ripped shorts, tees, and button-down outfits.

What does BTS wear to the concerts?

If you’re heading to a BTS concert, get yourself non-complicated outfits like sweater pants, cropped outfits, sports bras, shorts, tracksuits, and leggings outfits. These effortless outfits will save you from all kinds of discomfort and distractions from fun.

Final Words on 20 baddie concert outfits

Whether you’re going to a rap concert, BTS concert, or outdoor hot concert, this post has provided you with wonderful baddie outfits you can wear.

Going to a concert has to be fun. You don’t have to go through bad experiences to learn to put on appropriate outfits for the concert. These baddie concert outfits are comfortable and chic which is perfect for a modern urban concert.

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Otherwise, thanks for stopping by and I wish you the funniest concert.


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