15 Baddie Cute Black Girl Outfits to Try This Weekend

High confidence, sleekness, and well-polished makeup, manicure, and outfits are the typical attributes of a real baddie. This attitude-driven trend is on the rise right now and it makes total sense that you’re searching for baddie cute black girl outfits.

Since this blog is dedicated to a modern fashionable girl, I’ve written a couple of articles related to baddie fashion. Whether you’re talking of baddie outfits with combat boots or baddie light-skinned girl hairstyles, you’ll find them on this blog with just a simple search.

However, a few areas related to this trendy fashion have been left untapped. I believe in getting into a trend before it fades out. This is why I’ve put together these 21 baddie cute black girl outfits.

Baddie Cute Black Girl Outfits

Here are the best baddie cute black girl outfits. If you wear these outfits, you’ll be cuter than an average baddie. So, read this post attentively to find various ways of styling chunky sneakers, boots, hoodies, sweaters, leggings, and jeans.

1. Match Sweater and Sneakers

baddie girl matching sneakers and sweater
Source: Stylevore.com

First up, try to match the sweater and sneakers. This is such a no-brainer outfit idea and you can style it up with what you have in your wardrobe.

Whether you want to wear white sneakers, burgundy sneakers, or black sneakers, find a matching sweater to wear with your sneakers. This sweater can be a hoodie or hoodless.

As for the pants, you can wear sweater pants or leggings. With fabulous lipstick, minimalistic earrings or necklace, and a baddie hairstyle, you should be able to rock it as a baddie black girl.

2. Leggings and denim top

Denim top, leggings and sneakers_one of the Baddie Cute Black Girl Outfits
Source: Stylevore.com

A black baddie girl’s next outfit is leggings and a denim top. denim tops are stylish outfits that can be used to style other outfits.

In this case, a denim top can be worn over a white t-shirt or a cropped tank. The denim top can be of the usual blue color or you can try some colors like black or white denim tops. And try your best to find a pair of black leggings and not those in other colors.

As for the shoots, go for white sneakers. If you can find white sneakers, black or burgundy or black and white are some of the choices you can give a try. Note:  if you can pair a pair of burgundy sneakers with a red strapless tank.

3. Ripped Jeans + Sweater

baddie wearing ripped jeans and sweater

Do you have a pair of ripped jeans in your wardrobe? Great, you can style it into a baddie outfit.

The thing is: most girls wear baddie outfits, but a few realize this. For example, styling a pair of ripped jeans with a sweater is not new yet it’s a typical baddie outfit.

You can wear ripped jeans with a fishnet inside as discussed. And you can pair it with either combat boots –especially if it’s skinny ripped jeans –or a pair of sneakers. The color of your sneakers should match at least the color of your sweater.

4. Cropped Sweater + leggings

baddie girl in cropped sweater, sneakers and leggings
Source: Stylevore.com

This is a badass outfit idea. You wear a cropped sweater with a pair of leggings or sweater pants.

You can go for a hoodie sweater or just a regular one. This will make sure you look warm while not being too covered.

Cropped sweaters can be worn with a pair of high-waisted pants or leggings. Either way, they’re great baddie outfits that will boost your confidence as you walk around.

5. Colorful Sweater + leggings and white sneakers

Cute black baddie in a colorful cropped sweater and white sneakers
Source: stylevore.com

Again, colorful outfits are part of baddie culture. You won’t go wrong if you wear a colorful sweater, leggings, and some cool flat sneakers.

Try wearing a bright hoodie like the ones in deep pink, red, or bright mixed colors as in the picture. You can opt for a cropped hoodie or a regular one.

With this idea, experiment black leggings or high-waisted pants with a pair of low sneakers. This outfit paired with some gold jewelry and the twin buns hairstyle as in the picture looks stunning.

6. All-Black Baddie Outfit

Baddie in all black
Source: stylevore.com

The next time you go out, wear a black sweater or t-shirt, black leather pants or leggings, and black sneakers. Although black is not as popping as the other colors, this combination is great for a black baddie.

Of course, you can wear this when going to the gym. Instead of a regular sweater, you go for a turtleneck sweater.

7. Black Leather Pants + White Sneakers

Leather is an elegant material. Outfits made from it are not only durable, but they’re badass as well.

If you’ve got sweater pants in your wardrobe, flash them out and put them on. It’ll give you warmth in cold evenings and style throughout your day.

You can wear leather pants with a white t-shirt or cropped tank and white sneakers. If you feel cold, wear a leather jacket, bomber, hoodie, or oversized blazer.

8. Ripped Jeans & Fishnets

light skinned girl in ripped jeans and fishnets
Source: stylevore.com

Fishnets are back. Read this post if you think I’m kidding.

As I mentioned above, you can wear ripped jeans with fishnets. This will make the ripped parts more interesting to look at and will style the entire jeans up.

In the upper body, you can wear a cropped tank or hoodie. Wear jewelry sparingly and use lace front human hair wigs if you’ve got short hair and you’ll rock it like a real baddie.

9. Short Leggings + Sweater

Short leggings and large sweater

Short leggings? Is that even a thing? Yes, short leggings combined with a sweater equals a badass outfit that can experiment.

If you feel intimidated to walk out –which is doubtful if you’re a baddie, you can wear it and take a couple of snaps for IG.  Otherwise, you can go out in your white sneakers.

This is the kind of outfit that you wear with a waist bag. Optionally, you can also wear it with some sunglasses and carry a Channel bag.

10. Black Hoodie + white sneakers

This is pretty similar to what has been discussed above. However, with this idea, you’re going for a kind of college type of baddie.

You wear a black hoodie with white sneakers and skinny jeans. This is something that you can wear to a lecture as well as to a party with friends.

11. Plus size T-shirt and sneakers

Rihanna in t-shirt and sneakers
Source: Pinterest.com

Large-sized blazers, hoodies, and t-shirts are part of baddie out. With the comeback of the 90s oversized t-shirts, plus-size t-shirts, and sneakers are more popular than ever.

You can wear a t-shirt dress or just a large t-shirt and pair it with white or burgundy sneakers. Of course, it’s excellent to wear it with a pair of ankle boots or cowboy boots.

To spice it up a little bit, you can wear a cap. It’s still a nice baddie outfit idea.

12. Combat boots + Large T-shirt

Large white t-shirt and combat boots
Source: Pinterest.com

While still on the subject of large-sized tees, you wear a large t-shirt with combat boots. It’s pretty similar to the outfit in the above point.

Depending on the color of your t-shirt, you can wear black boots or white combat boots. You can also experiment with other colors like pink, burgundy, and any other color you love.

13. Two-piece cute black girl Outfit

Two-piece outfit ideas
Source: Stylevore.com

Sometimes, you can’t find an outfit combination that fits the way you want as a baddie. Or at times, you may just want a new style.

If it’s either of the two situations, try some of these cool two-piece cute black girl outfits. Start by experimenting with a cropped t-shirt and sweater shorts two-piece. If you opt for black, you’ll have problems styling up.

However, since there is a thin line between bright colors and baddie fashion. You can also try bright pink or apple green two-piece outfits.

14. Overall + White Sneakers

Next up, pull out the overall from your wardrobe and wear it with sneakers. I touched on this idea when I was exploring the cool baddie outfits.

However, instead of going for any other type of overall outfit, you should select a bib black or denim overall. And you should try wearing it with some white canvas sneakers or boots.

To style it up, you should wear a round baddie hat, and carry a handbag with well-formed edges. If you’re not a hat baddie, try to wear the outfit with a cap.

15.  Oversized T-shirt + Leggings + Sneakers

t-shirt, sweater and burgundy sneakers
Source: Stylevore.com

This is a kind of college baddie outfit idea. It consists of an oversized t-shirt, leggings, and some cool sneakers.

Instead of going for a super-large graphic t-shirt, you opt for a medium to large-sized outfit and pair it with some leggings and sneakers. As for the sneakers, you select whatever chunky sneakers you’ll feel confident in.

If you’re going for a lecture, you can carry a small stylish backpack. On the other hand, you can wear sunglasses and a baddie hat or cap if you’re just going out with friends.

16.  Skinny Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers

baddie in skinny jeans and white t-shirt

Are you a huge fan of skinny jeans? You can flash out your inner baddie aesthetic with a pair of relaxed denim jeans, a t-shirt, and white sneakers.

Denim is an elegant yet durable material for both jeans and tops. In this case, wearing skinny jeans and sneakers is not so uncommon. However, some baddies turn to overlook it because of its simplicity.

Little do they know that it’s an excellent baddie outfit when it’s paired with a sleek tee and great hairstyles or a cap. You may say I don’t have enough hair for styling, you can wear a lace front wig and rock it like crazy.

17.  Silk Dress or Two-piece for a baddie’s birthday

Are you planning of throwing a party? Or one of your baddie friends is having a party?

You can wear a silk dress with sneakers. This is typical for a sneaker ball party but you can still wear it to your friend’s birthday party.

Alternatively, you can wear a two-piece outfit with some sneakers. You can opt for a short skirt and strapless tank two-piece outfit or a shorts and tank two-piece outfit. All these will be epic for the party.

Note: if you’re planning to hold a bachelorette party, you can get inspiration from the20 Amazing Nashville Bachelorette Outfits.

18. Blazer and Sneakers

You can also rock in a sneaker ball outfit. Yes, you can wear a blazer and sneakers which is typical for a sneaker ball party.

Whether you choose to go for a black, pink, purple, or red blazer suit, you’ll rock it as a badass. If you want to try a blazer suit, you need to choose one with a Capri pair of trousers or you can have it tailored into a Capri pair of pants.

Wear a pair of shorts, jean shorts, or short leggings if you’re not into blazer suits. You can wear it with a white t-shirt and a blazer over it. Apart from the sneakers, you can wear a cap, and sunglasses and carry a well-shaped handbag.

19. All Pink Outfit

baddie girl in all pink outfit
Source: stylevore.com

Every girl will claim to be into pink. However, baddies don’t just love pink, they breathe bright pink and other bright colors like apple green.

As such, you can never err wearing all pink. You can wear a pink blazer suit and pink sneakers. Or you can wear a pink sweater and pair it with pink sweater pants and sneakers.

You can even take it to the moon by wearing it with a pink coat in winter or pink sunglasses and a Channel bag in summer.

20. Baddie Outfit with a cap

baddie in black outfits and a cap
Source: Pinterest.com

Next, try to wear a baddie outfit with a cap. There are lots of outfits that will go with a cap.

You can wear an oversized t-shirt with heels and a cap. As discussed above and in a baddie outfit with boots, an oversized t-shirt is part of baddie fashion.

Or you can try wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts. You can also wear shorts with a cropped t-shirt. Adding a cap and some black sunglasses with completely transform you and the outfit into a real baddie fashion.

21. Jeans and denim top

I can’t believe I’ve put on a denim top and jeans at the very end. Of course, this only shows that no outfit is considered more baddie-like to all girls. It’s all a matter of preferences.

That being said, a denim top and jeans are a nice combination that, with a great baddie hairstyle and sneakers or boots, you can wear to rock it throughout the day. You can also wear it with sunglasses and a cap on hot days.

Final Words on Baddie Cute Black Girl Outfits

As a modern girl, you need to be familiar with various fashion trends and ideas. And of all the recent trends, the baddie fashion is the one that interests me the most.

Baddie fashion empowers a girl to be confident, take good care of herself, and dress her best. Of course, the trend is not so limiting: you need to wear an outfit that is comfortable for you and that will give you the ultimate confidence in yourself.

Whether you stumbled on this post in your quest for baddie outfits to wear this weekend or you’re just doing academic research, I hope this post has provided you with enough information about outfits for baddies .

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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