17 Cool Baddie Outfits with Combat Boots

Social media has taken a lot of outfits out of fashion trend. However, social media is not just a villain to fashion outfits. Through it, lots of fashion outfits have made their way into the fashion trend as well. The trend of Baddie outfits with combat boots is the best example of outfits that have become trendy thanks to social media.

Baddie fashion or baddie outfits have first been popular thanks to Instagram (and just recently Tiktok). Lots of girls are posting on IG and Tiktok wearing these cool outfits and feeling more confident like crazy.

Before I go on and on, let’s clarify a few things first.

What is a baddie outfit?

A baddie outfit is a fashion style for ladies that was introduced to the world through social media specifically Instagram. It involves wearing pastel shades, elegant streetwear, and chunky sneakers or boots.

Of course, the phrase “baddie outfit” has evolved to become a close synonym for “elegant casualwear”. On YouTube, you’ll hear lots of girls talking of a “baddie” to refer to a “modern chic girl”

How to Style Up Baddie Outfits with Combat Boots

Originally, you would not talk of baddie outfits without mentioning chunky sneakers. It’s now that baddies are pairing their outfits with combat boots.

To wear combat boots together with baddie outfits, you need to select the streetwear outfits like ripped jeans, tracksuits, hoodies, sweater pants ripped jean shorts, and jean tops and wear them with your combat boots.

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Best Baddie Outfits with Combat Boots

Here are the best and coolest baddie outfits with combat boots. Read them attentively to be a badass baddie.

1. Plus Size Turtleneck Sweater, black boots, and jeans

plus-sized turtleneck sweater and boots_one of the Baddie Outfits with Combat Boots
Source: Pinterest.com

Plus-size outfits are part of the baddie tradition. If you’ve got a plus-size turtleneck sweater in your wardrobe, grab it and wear it with a pair of black boots and jeans.

Find a plus-size gray turtleneck sweater if you don’t have any in your closet. Wear it with a pair of jeans and combat boots. However, instead of choosing jeans that flare out from the knees to ankles, go for a pair of fitting jeans so that you can tuck the trousers into your boots.

To polish up this baddie outfit, carry a Chanel handbag or any well-edged handbag and if it’s daytime, put on a pair of black sunglasses. For sure, you’ll walk tall and board in the street, and you’ll feel the positive vibe of being a baddie.

2. Jeans Top, Combat Boots, and Dirty Short Jeans

ankle boots and jean top and jeanshorts
Source: Pinterest.com

Although baddies are into pastel shades, you can never go wrong with black. Jump up, put on that ripped jean shorts, layer a black denim jean top on top of a black tee and step into a pair of black combat boots.

If you can find a plus-size jean top rather than a fitting one, go ahead and wear it. It looks more baddie-like if it’s large and folded a little bit in the arms.

However, you should not carry a handbag without form like the one in the picture above. Get a handbag with a clear rectangular form like the Gucci or Chanel handbag and put it over your shoulder.   

3. Oversized t-shirt and combat boots

oversized t-shirt and combat boots
Source: Pinterest.com@ buttons

A combo of an oversized t-shirt and combat boots is another coolest baddie outfit. Again, every baddie is into oversized or plus-size outfits.

If you’re going to a quick photoshoot or a hangout with friends, take your plus-sized t-shirt and put it on, and pair it with black combat boots. Alternatively, you can wear a t-shirt dress, and boots and you’ll feel the same vibe.

You can also layer a jean top or a check-printed shirt around your waist. Otherwise, you are ready to go. Grab your handbag and put on your sunglasses, and face your world with confidence.

4. Crop Top and combat boots

cropped tank and combat boots
Source: Pinterest.com

The next cool baddie outfit is a crop top and combat boots. This baddie is one of my favorites!

With this outfit, you wear a strapless cropped tank or a cropped tank with straps and combat boots. As discussed in the post about sexy outfit ideas, cropped outfits are sexy because they expose your belly button and an area below it.

You can pair it with trousers and a belt. And above the cropped tank, you can layer a leather jacket or jean top. Put on your favorite lipstick, grab a rectangular handbag, and walk taller in the streets for you’re a baddie.

5. Shirt Dress and Combat Boots

white shirt dress and combat boots
Source: Pinterest.com

Similar to a plus-sized t-shirt or t-shirt dress, you can wear a shirt dress with a pair of combat boots. And it’s a typical baddie outfit.

You can style this outfit with an oversized shirt or a shirtdress of any color. A white oversized shirt with combat boots baddie outfit is one of my favorite outfits.

Do you want to polish it up a little bit? Wear gold earrings, a bracelet, and a handbag with sleek corners, you’ll rock it like a real baddie.

6.  Plus size hoodie, Leggings + Combat Boots

plus size hoodie and combat boots
Source: Pinterest.com

The next cool baddie outfit involves wearing a plus-size hoodie, leggings, and combat boots. Again, you can never make a deadly error with black outfits. So, if you’re not yet a badass baddie, wear it in all black.

An oversized hoodie looks baddie-like with leggings. If you have it in your closet, you can wear it with a pair of leather leggings. Otherwise, it still looks nice with ordinary black leggings.

In winter or cold evenings and mornings, you can layer a long coat on top of the hoodie to make you warm and stylish. Spice it up with gold earrings and a necklace, and you’ll step out full of confidence.

7. Skinny Jeans + leather and Combat Boots

skinny jeans and combat boots
Source: Pinterest.com

If you’re a slim beauty, you can try wearing skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and a pair of combat boots. This is one of the coolest baddie outfits with combat boots.

Although this outfit is not as large as an ordinary baddie outfit, it’s super elegant and casual qualifying it for a baddie. A pair of skinny jeans work perfectly with combat boots for it already fits at the ankles.

The leather jacket layered over a white t-shirt or cropped tank adds extra spice to this outfit. Finish it up with a pair of black sunglasses and a stylish handbag.

8. Ripped Jeans + Crop top

cropped t shirt and ripped jeans
Photo credit: ROMA / MEGA TheMegaAgency.com

While still on the topic of jeans, a pair of ripped jeans and a cropped t-shirt combination is another baddie outfit that goes well with combat boots. It’s so typical among the baddie girls.

Look sexy with a white cropped t-shirt, and when it’s cold, you can layer a black bomber, jean top, or leather jacket over it. Rock it by tucking the ripped jeans into the combat heel boots.

You can take it to the moon by wearing a pair of black sunglasses and a cap. If you’ve got a well-edged handbag, take it with you and rock it as a badass baddie.

9. Bodycon Short Dress + Combat Boots

A girl in bodycon dress and boots
Source: Pinterest.com

By now, you’re asking yourself: is there a cool dress that can be worn baddie outfit? Yes, you can wear a bodycon short dress with boots and a cardigan.

A bodycon short dress goes well with boots. And this will work regardless of whether you’re a slim beauty or a fat beauty. On top of this outfit, you need to layer a waterfall cardigan or a long coat.

Carry a well-angled handbag, and wear your subtle lipstick and black sunglasses, and your friends will be impressed with your model-like baddie style. If you’re looking for room for improvement, you can go for a V-neck bodycon dress and get a gold necklace.

10. Tracksuit and combat boots

The next is a tracksuit and combat boots. This outfit is very common among baddie fashion enthusiasts.

A tracksuit with tucked-in trousers is one of the coolest baddie look. You can wear it over a turtleneck sweater especially if you don’t want to wear any jewelry.

Just like any outfit, this outfit can be polished up by carrying a stylish handbag, wearing black sunglasses, and putting on some gold earrings.

11. Short Leggings, leather jacket, and boots

A girl in a short leggings and combat boots

You would not expect this to be in style if you were born two decades ago. Imagine wearing short leggings! Yes, short leggings worn with a pair of boots and a leather jack make up the coolest baddie outfit.

Get a leather jacket and wear it over a white t-shirt or cropped t-shirt. And you can wear this combo with a cool cap. The cap works great with long hair. If you don’t have much, you can just put on a lace front human hair wig.

Join your friends at the party or hang out without forgetting the handbag and some sunglasses.

12.  Bib Overall + combat boots

a baddie in a bib overall and combat boots

A bib overall with combat boots is one of the best outfits for baddies. There are bib overall outfits made of jeans, leather or synthetic, and cotton.

All these overall look great for a baddie outfit. You can the overall over a sweater, t-shirt, or strapless tank.

Tuck your hands into the side pockets and walk tall while wearing cool lipstick, and sunglasses and carrying a well-shaped handbag. You’ll impress your girlfriends and crush.

13.  Pink Outfit + Combat Boots

An all-pink outfit is another coolest baddie outfit that you can dress up with combat boots. And the boots don’t have to be pink too, but if you can find pink ones, go ahead and pair them up.

If you’re going out into the cold evening, you can put on a long pink coat over a white cropped t-shirt and a bodycon skirt. If you just want to run some errands or party with friends, you can wear pink wear and a skirt with combat boots.

However, instead of carrying a shapeless handbag as in the picture, you need a shaped handbag to add extra style to your baddie outfit. And change the sunglasses to some cool black sunglasses.

14. Popping Accessories

Another distinctive feature of a baddie outfit is the one that consists of various colorful accessories.  If you’ve seen girls popping small hats, colorful waist bags, handbags, and sunglasses, they’re probably wearing baddie fashion outfits.

You can wear it with a colorful long overcoat. If you dress up in oversized green or deep pink coat, you will be considered to have worn a baddie outfit. Even wearing a colorful plus-sized sweater is typical baddie fashion.

15. Combat boots + Fishnets

Can you wear combat boots with fishnets?   The answer is affirmative. You can wear it with ripped jeans shorts, jeans, a short dress, or a mini skirt.

If you want to wear it in a short dress, you should go for a V-neck sleeveless dress. This will give you enough room to wear jewelry like a minimalist gold necklace.

You can also wear white fishnets with a t-shirt or a cropped t-shirt. And above it, you can wear an oversized sweater, a long coat, or just a simple black bomber.

16. Colorful Combat boots

Baddie fashion enthusiasts are fond of bright colors. This is why a pair of colorful combat boots is a typical baddie outfit.

If you find combat boots in bright colors like white, pink, yellow, or burgundy, you’ve just stumbled upon an outfit that you can style up with other outfits as a baddie outfit. And of these colors, combat boots in white or pink are relatively easy to find.

You can wear these boots with pink sweater pants and a pink hoodie. If you have a Gucci handbag, carry it on your shoulder to style this outfit.

 17.  Sweater Vest, Shirt Dress, and combat boots

Let’s finish with a baddie outfit that involves wearing combat boots and layering a sweater vest over a shirt dress. This is one of the best outfits for a baddie.

As discussed in this POST, sweater vests have made a comeback. As such, wearing it on top of a shirt dress will make your outfit more fashionable.

Polish it up by carrying a Chanel, Gucci, or any handbag with sleek edges. And you can also wear a cap and some sunglasses to look even more extraordinary.

Final Words about Baddie Outfits with Combat Boots

As a modern girl, i.e. a girl of this computer age, you need to be well informed of the current trends and ideas. If you don’t educate yourself, you’ll soon be doomed to outdated.

This is true with any part of your life, fashion inclusive. One of the outfits that are on trend is the baddie outfit. This post has introduced you and presented various outfit ideas that are proper and cool for a baddie.

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I hope you’ve found this post useful and informative.

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