15 Awesome Baddie Wallpaper Ideas

Whether you want to hide the imperfections of your interior décor or you want to impress your buddies with cool iPhone wallpapers, these 15 awesome baddie wallpaper ideas are what you need.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, wallpapers exist in numerous designs and colors. The best part is that you can design them yourself in Canva or have someone design them for you at a cost next to nothing.

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Why Install Wallpapers?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing baddie wallpaper on your walls or your phone:

·        They can easily be personalized to reflect your ego, lol!

·        They hide the imperfections of the walls –in the case of interior wallpaper

·        They are very easy to install or take off

·        They’re the best temporary home décor option

Baddie Wallpaper for Bedroom

1. Hot Pink Baddie Wallpaper

Hot pink is a vibrant and intense shade of pink that is characterized by its bold and bright appearance. For a baddie, hot pink is a holy grail of color.

Its feminine energy and brightness create a magnificent ambiance in both the bedroom and living room. Of course, you don’t have to go for an all-pink baddie wallpaper.

Opt for baddie wallpapers with hot pink hearts or patterns. You can also go for wallpapers with hot pink abstract patterns and lines.

2. Love Wallpaper

heart baddie wallpaper ideas

Once you start talking of baddie wallpaper with hearts, you’re already in love. The hot pink wallpapers are one of numerous love wallpapers.

Whether you’re looking for bedroom wallpaper with large heart-shaped patterns or those with tiny hearts, they all look not only stunning but elegant. Admittedly, pink and a baddie are inseparable.

However, you can still experiment with some other popping colors like cute orange, boogie blue, or bright white.  

3. Baddie wallpaper illuminated by Neon lights

neon lights

As stated in one of my posts, a baddie room aesthetic room is courtesy of bright colors and neon lights. As such, you won’t go wrong if you add some neon symbols on top of your wallpaper.

This is one of the best ways of personalizing the bedroom. With hot pink and your favorite symbols or your name formed by the neon lights, your room will not only shine as baddie’s room is supposed to but it’ll also shimmer with your name.

If you don’t want to write your name with the neon lights, you can create a star or an abstract artistic feature. Bottom-line is that the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with the Neon lights.

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4. Fashion Wallpaper

4. Fashion Wallpaper

A room of an aspiring pop star will of her aspiration. So should that of an aspiring fashion star.

If you want to be the next Kendall, keep your dreams and aspirations alive by choosing wallpapers that speak of them. Go for wallpapers with your favorite fashion models on them.

On Etsy, you can find tons of baddie wallpaper designs. My favorite ones are those with hot pink backgrounds and various fashion models printed on them.

5. Baddie College Wallpaper on Etsy

5. Baddie College Wallpaper on Etsy

Talking of Etsy, it’s clouded with tons of wallpaper designs for phones or interior decor. This is great tidings to you.

You can wander around comparing various designs and colors until you find the one that suits you. If you’re a college student, you’ll choose the one that will be easy to install.

Obviously, you’ll choose the wallpaper that reflects your personality. If this is something you’ve never figured out yet, go for pink and neon lights as discussed above.

6. Bedroom wall mural

If you’re looking for wallpaper that will cover the entire wall, you need a wall mural and not a wallpaper. FYI: A wall mural is a large-scale artwork or image that is applied directly to a wall or ceiling.

It’s such a wonderful way to cover imperfections in both the living room and bedroom. As such, if you need to hide stained or unpainted walls, go for a baddie mural.

Just like wallpapers, you can find them in different colors. As a baddie, opt for bright pink, LV mural, or boogie blue.

Baddie Wallpaper for the Living Room

7. Beige Abstract Female Wallpaper

If you happen to have your own living room, you can also transform it into a baddie living room. Unlike your bedroom, a living room is a place where most of your guests will spend time.

As such, it’s prudent to refrain from going extreme with wall décor. A beige abstract female wallpaper is the best option because it’s not extremely bright nor too simple.

You can place the wallpaper on one wall of your living room or you can cover all four sides.

8. Colorful Organic Shapes Creative Art

If you’re sure that your place will only be frequented by females, go ahead and get wallpapers with colorful organic shapes.

The bright colors can include boogie blue, apple green, hot pink, red, yet or bright white. To look more professional and well-put together, go for wallpapers with a dominant popping color and some minimalistic creative shapes.

Or if you find wallpapers with tiny shapes in a particular pattern, go ahead and install them.

9. Boham Style Blue and Orange Wallpaper

The next baddie wallpaper idea for a living room that you need to consider is the Boham-style blue and orange wallpaper. This design does work for bedroom walls, but they look epic in a minimalist living room.

These designs are very common on Etsy. They consist of minimalistic background colors with some minimalist geometric shapes.

Some shapes include a figure of the upright and downward-facing test tube. Others have forms of triangles, circles, and rectangles.

Baddie Wallpaper for Phones

If you arrived at this page in search of baddie wallpaper ideas for phones, here are some of the ideas:

10. Heart iPhone wallpaper

Let’s start with the iPhone wallpaper that will portray your loving personality. The heart iPhone wallpaper comes in different designs.

Some consist of small hot pink hearts on a white background. In some patterns, the small hearts are faded while in some they are super bright.

You can also go for baddie wallpaper with just one heart if you’re not a huge fan of tiny hearts for wallpaper. Just like the other wallpapers, the huge heart in the middle can be faded or bright.

11. Pretty floral wallpaper iPhone

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What is considered pretty by an ordinary girl can’t be cute to a baddie.

Even among the baddies, one may consider a wallpaper with purple flowers to be pretty yet another baddie may be into deep pink flowers. Or maybe for you, it’s the rose flower wallpaper that turns you on!

Whatever the case, you need to find the baddie wallpaper that will make you feel good. After all, baddie aesthetic is all about how you feel and not how others look at you!

12. iPhone wallpaper pattern

If you’re looking for a unique wallpaper that will leave your friends puzzled, go for iPhone wallpaper patterns. These are unique patterns that will beautify your mobile handset.

You can choose the one with geometrical figures if you’re mathematics-inclined. As a baddie, you need to choose patterns made from bright colors like hot pink, pale green, or orange.

Depending on the time of the year, you can choose patterns that match the season or celebration. For example, you can go for baddie Christmas wallpapers in December, Halloween wallpaper in October, and Valentine-patterned in February.

13.   Hippie wallpaper ideas

Hippie fashion is synonymous with baddie aesthetics. They all involve high self-esteem and are considered unconventional. If this is what you consider yourself to be, you can let be reflected on the walls of your room or the wallpaper of your phone.

You can choose wallpapers that consist of various symbols and colors. If you don’t like clouded hippie wallpaper ideas, you can choose to go for some floral-pattern hippie wallpaper.

When you search for hippie wallpapers you’ll realize that some are pretty similar to those for Halloween. So, if you’re a Goth girl, hippie wallpapers will be very appealing.

14.   Retro Baddie Wallpaper ideas

If you want to feed your nostalgia, you can go for retro baddie wallpaper ideas. You can start with vintage pictures or art of old artists like 2pac or Aaliyah –especially if you’re looking for phone wallpapers.

Similarly, if you’re in search of wall décor wallpapers, you can choose those that were popular in the ‘90s. These may include murals in patterns made from yellow, white, and brown colors.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with pictures of vintage rappers and rock stars if you’re into music. You can also take it further and wear some vintage tees.

15.   Louis Vuitton wallpapers

Who doesn’t love luxury? For a baddie, it’s what she always dreams of.

Whether you want to do it because of visualization/ law of attraction exercise or because of your passion for designer clothes, LV wallpapers are such great wall art or phone wallpaper.

You can choose a black background mural with LV patterns or you can go for white background wallpaper with some LV patterns.

16.  Wallpaper for Black Girls

16.  Wallpaper for Black Girls

Much as baddie wallpapers are commonly associated with girls, you may want wallpapers that appeal to black girls in particular. The truth is, that black girls may have likes that are completely different from others.

For a phone wallpaper, you can go for an animated character made from your photo. You can also go for vintage black stars wallpapers.

Find some deep pink wallpapers and install them on your bedroom’s wall. You should then illuminate the room with some personalized neon lights.

FAQs for Baddie Wallpaper Ideas

Here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding baddie wallpaper ideas or baddie fashion at large:

How to look like a baddie?

Being a baddie is not a product of one thing, it’s everything you do from your bedroom your body care, and your attitude to your wallpapers. If you want to look like a baddie, start embracing a positive attitude and confidence.

Correction: stop trying to look like a baddie, but become a baddie. In terms of décor and outfits, start going for bright-colored pieces. Colors like pink or deep pink shades are perfect for bedroom décor while popping colors like boogie blue, red, deep pink, yellow, or pale green are great for outfits.

How to find aesthetic wallpapers?

Whether you’re looking for iPhone wallpapers or wallpapers for wall décor, the internet has tons of them. Etsy has a combination of both the baddie printable wallpapers for phones and wallpapers for wall décor.

If you don’t like the wall murals on Etsy, search on Amazon or eBay. You can also use Print-On-Demand services like Printify or Printiful to create your on wall murals.

How to be a baddie?

Here is a brief checklist of things you need to get in order if you really want to be a baddie:

·        Is your room on point?

·        Is your hair done?

·        Are the nails done?

·        Do you have high heels or cool sneakers?

·        Do you have some crop tops, denim jeans, denim jackets or hoodies?

·        Is a well-edged handbag available?

·        Is your makeup kit right for you?

If you ticked some and omitted some, get what you are missing. Most importantly, walk tall and bold when you step out.

How to create aesthetic wallpaper?

Those who are DIY enthusiasts can create their phone wallpapers or wall murals with online software like Canva. Again, if you want the mural to be delivered to your doorsteps, you can use Print-On-Demand sites like Printify.

Conclusion on Baddie Wallpaper Ideas

This article is long enough to cater for the various needs of people who searching for baddie wallpapers. I hope you’ve got what you were looking for.

Here are some posts related to baddie aesthetics and fashion. I am sure you’ll find them helpful:

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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