25 Baddie Women’s Feminine Spine Tattoos (With Meanings)

Apart from showing social identity, tattoos are a wonderful way of mirroring your inner personality and boosting your confidence. And since a baddie fashion statement is all about personality and attitude, these 25 baddie women’s feminine spine tattoos will help you achieve the really baddie aesthetic.

The spine is one of the popular places where people, especially women, opt to tattoo. This can be because of multiple reasons.

Some girls like to get these marks along the spine because it’s the line of symmetric that divides the body into two parts. At the same time, the spine is long and narrow providing enough surface area for the long and narrow emblems as well.

This post presents these narrow and long tattoos that can be tatted along the spine. But before we jump in, let’s understand the following concepts.

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What Do Spine Tattoos Symbolize?

A spine tattoo is not for everyone. It hurts like crazy and is done at the owner’s risk. This is why the spine tattoos have been understood as the tattoos that symbolize mighty and courage.
Despite all the pain and risk, people love the spine marks because of their aesthetic value. It’s a nice surprise that creates a focal point when one turns around.

What Do Lower Back Tattoos For Females Mean?

The lower back tattoos, a.k.a. the tramp stamps, have a negative stereotype in society. This can be because of the way they are portrayed in films. The lower back tatts are commonly interpreted as signs of promiscuity.

Note: this interpretation can be erroneous and it only applies to tatts printed at the lower back. In other words, this does not devalue all spine tattoos.

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Baddie Women’s Feminine Spine Tattoos

Here are some of the pretty baddie women’s feminine spine tattoos

1. Lotus Flower Spine Tattoo

Lotus Flower Spine Tattoo_one of Baddie Women's Feminine Spine Tattoos

The Lotus flower is a beautiful flower that consists of a long branch and a widespread petal. The flower is believed to be spiritual and has numerous meanings. It represents strength, purity, and rebirth.

The flower rises over mud and water shines its beauty. As such, a lotus flower can also be interpreted as being able to be beautiful despite the imperfections we all have.

Structurally, the flower is the best fit for a spine tattoo. The long branch would be tatted along the spine and the flower petal below your neck.

2. Dragon Spine Tattoo

Dragon feminine tattoo
Source:@schirin (Pinterest)

The next wonderful feminine spine tattoo is the dragon tattoo. A dragon, a mythical reptile-like winged monster that breathes fire, has binary meanings.

In Christian and other traditions, it’s believed to be a symbol of evil or a source of destruction. On the other hand, in Chinese culture, it’s believed to represent good luck, health, and strength.

As for the spine dragon tattoos, they can mean whatever you want. However, people will still interpret it in those two ways. Of course, it comes down to what you water it to represent or to keep the memory of water.

3. Butterfly Spine Tattoo

Butterfly feminine tattoo

The butterfly is another emblem that you can get along the spine. A butterfly is such a beautiful inset with bright large wings that love like a heart when opened 180 degrees.

Just like with anything, a butterfly has a couple of symbols. In some cultures, a butterfly symbolizes love and companionship and in some, it represents new beginnings and beauty.

I’m sure you would like to know what a spine butterfly tattoo means. It represents love, transformation, beauty, romance, and pride in being a female.

4. Scorpion Spine Tattoo

Scorpion spine tattoo for a woman
Source: @sarallamas7 (Pinterest)

A scorpion is a dangerous creature that excretes poison in its sting. But it can be a great body mark for some women.

As you might have guessed, the scorpion symbolically means evil, destruction, or death. It can also mean independence, protection, intelligence, and transformation.

Girls get a scorpion spine tattoo to mean some of the above interpretations. However, some get the scorpion mark as the Scorpio zodiac sign especially if they were born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November.

5. Snake Spine Tattoo

The next one is a tattoo that can easily fit along the spine a tattoo of a serpent. The long body of the creature can walk along your spine.

The question is: what does it symbolize? Honestly, it can represent whatever you want of the following two.

Positively, people use snake tatts to represent rebirth, transformation, or productivity.

There are several premises to this. Snakes take off their skin at times through sloughing representing rebirth, transformation, and immortality. At the same time, symbols represented fertility or creative life in history.

Negatively, serpents represent the devil or evil in Christianity and some religions. Just know when you get the tatts, there is a chance people can misinterpret your message.

6. Bird Spine Tattoo

woman with a bird spine tattoo

Another sleek baddie feminine spine tattoo is that of a little bird. Unlike other creatures, birds overcome gravity by flying above the ground.

This is why the spine bird tattoo is used to represent freedom, independence, and control. And since most cheeping of birds indicates peace and happiness, the bird tatts are also interpreted in the same lines.

7. Sunshine Spine Tattoo

sunshine spine tattoo

The sunshine tatted on your spine is another cute baddie woman tattoo. The direct unbroken sun is a symbol of so many things.

Having the sun shining on earth means plants will manufacture food and animals will get vitamin D and solar energy. This is why the sunshine spine tattoo represents energy, positivity, confidence, and life.

Just so you know, it can also represent the god of the sun.  

8. Moon Spine Tattoo

Moon Spine Tattoo for a girl
Source:@Madie Heline (Pinterest)

The cute full moon(s), or half-moon is another baddie feminine tattoo. The moon brings seasons and signifies the passing of time. On the other hand, the half-moon represents purity and feminine divinity.

As such, you may get a moon spine tattoo to indicate the changes that happen in life, the forces of this world, or feminine divinity and purity.

You can get the moon right below your neck or at the center of your spine. Others like to tattoo a couple of moons along the spine.

10. Tree Spine Tattoo

Tree Spine Tattoo for a girl

A tree with a long truck and a few branches and leaves are so ideal for a spine tattoo. It fits perfectly around the spine with the branches and leaves right below the next and the stem extending down the spine.

We all know that trees are living things, and some are aesthetically pleasing. This is why the spine tree tattoo represents beauty, life, productivity, and rejuvenation.

Some girls like to get a floral tree, and others prefer a tree with a few branches. If you want to take it next level, you can get a spine tree mark that has some branches and roots.

11. Chinese Characters

Chinese Characters
Source:@freyaferguson123 (Pinterest)

This is so popular and cute for a baddie girl. Chinese characters are artistically beautiful and spine tattoos in Chinese characters bring a pretty surprise when your turn around exposing your back.

These characters can be written along the spine and not across. You can choose to fill the entire spine space. But the minimalistic approach looks much sleeker.

With characters, you’ve got the liberty to mean whatever you want to present. You can print your mandarin name using the characters or a popular saying.

13. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom spine tattoo

The cherry blossom is a beautiful flowering plant that has an oxymoronic interpretation. It represents beauty and violence, or birth and death. Of course, a cheery tattoo can also mean a new beginning.

Being a tree, a cherry blossom emblem fits like a glove along the spine. The pinkish flowers look incredible along or on the banks of the spine.

Again, instead of filling the end spine row with tattoos, you must get the minimalist spine tattoo. They’re more feminine and beautiful.

14. Bible Verse

Feminine spine Bible Verse tattoo
Source:@ZGEM (Pinterest)

This is a very controversial one. Some claim that tattoos are forbidden in Christianity citing Leviticus 19:28.

On the other hand, some girls take a liberal approach. They get spine tatts of their favorite or inspiring verse.

Instead of just writing in a regular font family, the spine ink looks great in a fancy font. Blush Script Standard, Edwardian Script, and Harlow Solid Italic are some of the fancy fonts that may work with spine bible verse tattoos.

15. Fire Flames

The next one is the fire frame spine tattoo. Just like the fire emoji, the spine fire tattoo can be interpreted as hot (sexy), full vibe, or just cool.

At the same time, the spine fire flames tattoos may represent the circle of life. On the contrary, in Christianity, the flames of fire may represent the tongues or hell.

Mostly, the flames of fire tatts are inked in other parts of the back. But you can still get a minimalist tattoo on the spine or along the spine.

16. Micro Flower

Micro Flower pine Tattoo
Source:@stayglam (Pinterest)

Flowers are symbols of beauty and feminine energy. As such, if you’re into the minimalist micro flower along the spine.

This looks super cute and ideal for a spine area. The actual flower will be just below the neck and the branch will extend down the lower spine area.

17. Sunflower

Sunflower tattoo

Sunflower is another one that is so cute and popular among baddie women’s feminine spine tattoos. The reason behind this popularity can be linked to the stunning beauty of the plant.

In terms of meaning, sunflowers symbolize unconditional love and beauty. However, since a flower is a source of fruits and at the same time does not last forever, a sunflower spine tattoo may be interpreted as a productivity mark or may indicate the impermanence of life.

Structurally, the petal and the stem of a sunflower fit well along the spine. It creates such great feminine beauty.

18. Red Spine Tattoo

This has to do with the design of the tattoo. You can choose to go for a red emblem along the spine.

Red spine tattoos work great with elements like flowers or dragons. You can have the rose petal inked in red and the rest in normal black. Or you can have an entire dragon drawn in red.

19. Chakra Spine Tattoo

Chakra Spine Tattoos

Another popular baddie women tattoo is the chakra spine tattoo. Just so you know, chakra means a disc, wheel, or cycle. In Hinduism or Buddhism, the chakra is one of the wheels situated along the spine.

The chakras are believed to be the centers of energy. It makes total sense to highlight these chakras along the spine with some emblems.

You can have these chakras printed from the top spine to the bottom.

20. Elegant Spine Tattoos

This one is also related to the design of the inks. And of course, it’s so subjective.

To some girls, what is considered elegant are the large spine tattoos. However, to most women, minimalist tiny spine tattoos are considered elegant and cute.

21. Cute Spine Tattoo

cute spine tattoo for a girl

What is considered cute spine tattoos is also a matter of personal preference. However, some are objectively cute.

If you want a cute spine tattoo, get the minimalistic rose, cherry blossom, bird, Chinese character, or music symbol spine tattoo.

22. Spine Tattoo with Personal Name

Similar to the Mandarin character and bible verse tattoos, you can get a spine tattoo with the name of someone or your own.

Using some fancy colors, you can get your name, the name of your bf, or the name of your pet on along the spine. However, as I said in the intro paragraphs, you need to make sure it’s worth it.

Of course, you can tattoo the name in any language you like. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, and Hindi have some amazing characters too.

23. Rose Spine Tattoo

floral spine tattoo for a baddie

By this far, we’ve already seen sunflower spine tattoos, cherry blossoms, and micro flower spine tattoos. Why not talk of the rose spine tattoo?

As you already know, the rose is such a beautiful flower but does have some sharp thrones as well. Positively, a rose spine tattoo may represent romance, love, courage, and beauty.

You can interpret it as a sacrifice especially the single rose and love hurt in the case of a thorny rose. Otherwise, it’s a great and beautiful tattoo in general.

24. Music Symbols

If you love playing a particular musical instrument or singing, you can get a note spine tattoo. It can be a tiny note or some notes aligned along the spine.

Some girls who love playing a particular instrument get a tattoo or that particular instrument. This allows them to express their inner self through the artwork.

25. Symbol

symbolic spine tattoo for a baddie girl

Apart from the music symbols, symbols of dragons, birds, butterflies, or some creatures mentioned on this list, some baddie girls prefer to have some abstract symbols printed along the spine.

This can be a universally accepted symbol like numerals and letters. Or it could be a symbol that only themselves and significant others understand.

FAQs about Baddie Women’s Feminine Spine Tattoos

Here are the answers to some of the questions related to baddie women’s feminine spine tattoos.

Is It Painful to Get a Spine Tattoo?

If you have never gotten a tattoo before, you need to understand that the closer the spot is to the born, the more pain you’ll experience. In other words, spine tattoos are very painful than a tattoo on a soft spot like your bat or bicep.

Where Should I Get My First Tattoo as a Girl?

Honestly, you can get a tattoo at any spot. But I would say you need to start with a spot with some flesh like your bat, thigh, or above the breast. If you choose to start with a spine one, go to a professional and get a minimalist spine uncomplicated tattoo.

Can I Sleep On My Spine Tattoo?

Tattoos are painful when getting them and a week to two weeks after you get your tattoos. As such, it’s prudent of you not to sleep on your tattoo for about two weeks after getting it. And honestly, it’s intuitive not to sleep in a painful spot.

Where is the Most Popular Spot to Get a Tattoo for a Girl?

Although you may find at least a woman with a tattoo in some unusual, there are a few common spots where most girls have tattoos tatted on. These include your bat, thigh, on the thigh, along the spine, behind the ear, on your finger, and on the shoulder.

What is the Most Popular Feminine Tattoo?

If you’re looking for the most popular feminine tattoos, you should get started with floral tattoos like sunflower tattoos, rose spine tattoos, tiny flower tattoos, and cherry blossom tattoos. You can also see the go for the character tattoos like the Chinese character, tattoos of names, or numerals.

Final Words on Baddie Women’s Feminine Spine Tattoos

Tattoos are not for everyone, but if you’re a baddie woman, these feminine tattoos will get you started. At the same, you don’t have to destroy your natural beauty by covering yourself with nasty tattoos like those of rappers.

When I’m talking about this topic, I always emphasize weighing the pros and cons. If  you think the pros outweigh the cons, go ahead and get a minimalist tattoo.

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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