Basket planter: 19 Best Planters in Basket Form for Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Since time immemorial, plants have been and are still the top decorative items for outdoor space. Of late, there has been a trend in using plants in the interior décor. Either way, a plant needs a beautiful container like a basket planter to support it.

The basket planters are one of the best containers for anchoring indoor and outdoor plants. The shape makes it aesthetically pleasing and airspaces –in some basket planters –make them great for drainage and aeration.

If you like decorating with plants in the living room, backyard, or on the porch, you should definitely read through this post to find the best basket planter for your indoor or outdoor space.

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Let’s dive in.

What is the Best Basket Plant for Indoor Plants?

Here are the best planters in the form of a basket that you can use in your living room, dining room, kitchen, office, or bedroom.

1.     Wicker Basket Planter

wicker basket_basket planter
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The first on the list is the wicker basket planter. It is the style of weave that consists of small pliable twigs that are woven into any form –in this case into a basket.

You can find them in different shapes and sizes. There are some that are small and can be used as hanging planters.

Some are fairly large and can be put on the floor of your living room or any interior room. These basket planters are particularly great if you want a very upright indoor plant.

Other basket planters have handles that will help you carry it from one place to another place. This is particularly great if you want to install it on the floor. You will easily move it aside and clear the place.

2.     Rattan Basket Planter

Rattan basket plant

Similar to a wicker basket planter, the rattan basket planter is another great planter for both outdoor and indoor planters. Again, wicker is a style whereas the latter is the material.

Rattan is one of the strongest materials used in weaving. It consists of small and thin stems of a palm.

The baskets made from this material are called rattan baskets. There are also rattan basket planters that are strong and long-lasting.

You can also find them in different sizes, shapes, and colors (some paint them to look the way they want).

3.     Bamboo Basket Planter

bamboo basket planter
Source: Amazon

The other common material used in weaving basket planters is bamboo. The baskets made from bamboo are tough and strong making them long-lasting.

Bamboo is a tropical woody grass that consists of a hollow jointed stem and can be used to make furniture and implements.  Its stem is very hard and stiff which makes it the best material for creating baskets.

The bamboo basket planters are usually in brown color. However, you can tint it with varnish and oil tint, or you can paint it in one of the color palettes you’ve chosen for décor.

4.     Wall Basket Planter

wall hanging basket planter
Source: Amazon

The other great type of basket planter is the wall basket planter. These are basket planters that can be hung on the wall of the interior space.

The indoor wall basket planters are relatively smaller in size than the floor basket planters. They also have handles that will enable you to hang them against the wall.

You’ll find some that are customized for walls. Some have a flat background and a basket in the front to support the plant.

They can be made of rattan, wire, sea glass, bamboo, plastic, or reeds. You can choose a planter made of materials that will complement your color palette.

5. Seagrass

seagrass basket plante

The other beautiful basket planter is the sea glass basket planter. They don’t look like a usual basket, but they’re can be molded into the form of a regular basket.

Seagrass is a flowering marine plant. It grows on the ocean floor hence the name “seagrass.”

It’s used to make baskets and other items. The basket planters made from the plant are strong and long-lasting.

6. Macramé Wall Basket

macrame plante
source: Amazon

The next basket planter idea is the macramé wall hanging basket planter. It’s one of the most popular macramé wall hanging ideas.

They exist in different styles and forms. Some consist of a rattan, wicker, or concrete basket plant put inside a macramé bag. The bag consists of a well-knitted hanger and a flexible bag.

Some wall-hanging basket planters contain a wall-hanging macramé décor and a small area that supports a basket planter.

Others consist of a willow-shaped back and a front knitted with wool threads that create enough space to put a plant. With this shape, your interior room will look inviting and modern.

7. Wire planter basket

The wire planter basket is a planter that is made of aluminum wire or small steel. It has the shape of a wide-mouth basket.

Although there are some with very tiny air spaces that can support a plant directly, most of the wire planter baskets are used to anchor the basket planter.

It’s one of the most strong and most lasting materials. This means you won’t have to worry about changing the anchor so often.

8.     Basket planter with stand

The other indoor basket planters are those with stands. They consist of supports that allow them to stand on their own.

These kinds of basket planters are of different materials and styles. There are wicker basket planters with stands, wire basket planters with baskets, plastic basket planters with stands, and rattan basket planters.

You can still choose any style that will make your interior room look cozy and epic. If you want the traditional basket color, you can paint or tint it in varnish, oil tint, or paint of your choice.  

9.     3 Tier Rope Basket Planter

A three-tier rope basket planter is an indoor planter that consists of three baskets arranged vertically and supported by ropes. These baskets are arranged to start with the biggest to the smallest.

The arrangement creates a very beautiful look that transforms any living room. The plants are then grown inside the baskets creating three levels of greenery.

Although the three-tier basket planter is particularly for the living room décor, there is another three-tier basket planter that is suitable for outdoor space.

These planters consist of the usual three layers. But instead of being supported by ropes, they’re supported by either some steel or wood. They also have some stands.

Basket Planters for Outdoor Plants

Here are the basket planters that you can use to anchor flowers and plants in the garden, on the porch, on the steps, or in the backyard.

10.  Laundry basket Planter

laundry basket planter

First on the list of outdoor planters is the laundry basket planter. It’s made from the usual basket that you use to carry a cloth to the laundry.

You fill the laundry basket with moist compost. The flowers or plants are planted inside the basket.

The spaces will allow aeration and drainage ensuring healthy growth of the plant. You can grow flowers or fruits like strawberries inside the planter.

This is so handy for you don’t need to purchase an expensive planter. If you’ve got old laundry baskets lying around, turn them into planters and decorate your outdoors with fruits and flowers.

11. Window Basket Planter

Growing flowers or plants right at the window will enable you to get fresh oxygen inside the house. Once you open the windows, you’ll get fresh air coming from the windows thanks to the window-level greenery.

You may be familiar with window boxes for planting flowers. The new idea may be the window basket planter.

The idea is very similar to that of a window box. But instead of having a window box, you install a basket or baskets that are used as anchors.

There are some window basket planters that resemble the actual window box. They’ve got a flat back and a front in a basket form.

12. Concrete Basket Planter

The other lasting basket planter is the concrete one. It takes the form of a normal basket only that they are made of cement, small ropes, and sand.

The concrete basket planter has the shape of a woven basket. There are some that, at first glance, you may think they’re rattan, reed, or bamboo baskets that have been painted in white.

These basket planters are very common in the outdoor space like in the garden, on the porch, by the pool, or on the steps of the verandah. However, there are some modern concrete basket planters that are also used for indoor space.

13.  Basket Terracotta Planter

Basket Terracotta Planter

Terracotta is a brownish-red fired clay that is used for ornamental building materials and modeling. A basket terracotta planter is a basket made of unglazed or glazed pottery and it’s used for growing plants or flowers.

Just like the concrete basket planter, the terracotta planter has the shape of a woven basket. Some even have handles that allow one to carry them from one place to another.

However, the terracotta basket planters do not need to be carried so often. You need to install it in one place and let the plants grow in it for good.

As you might have guessed, the main downside of a terracotta basket planter is that it can be broken easily.

14. Jute planter basket

Jute is a long soft fiber that is extracted from a Jute plant (Corchorus capsularis) and it’s used to make ropes and baskets. The Jute planter baskets are very strong and long-lasting courtesy of the strong fiber.

You’ll find these planters in different sizes and shapes. In terms of color, they’re natural brown.

However, there are some that are woven in style. They mix the layers of brown materials with layers of tinted Jute. As such, they appear brown with either black or white lines in the middle or close to the brim.

You can also choose to tint or paint the basket in whatever paint or tint you like.

15.  Mailbox planter basket

A mailbox is one of the most exposed parts of some homes. It’s not only seen by a mailman but most people take gaze at it especially if it’s neglected or it’s well-decorated.

You can uplift the value of your home with simple touches. Paint it and add some hanging basket planters on the sides of the mailbox or at least one basket at the back of the mailbox.

There are also some mailbox basket planters that are not hanging. You’ll just attach them to the mailbox.

This will impress both passers-by and the mailman next time he visits your home to deliver mail.

16. Wrought Iron Planter Basket

Wrought iron is a strong malleable kind of iron that people forge and roll to produce various shapes. It can also be rolled into a basket planter.

These basket planters are usually suitable for outdoor spaces. They’re used either to anchor another less porous basket plant or support the plant directly.

However, of the two methods, the most suitable way is to use it as an anchor of another basket. This is because they’re prone to rust. As such, excessive contact with water will make the steel weak.

17. Basket Decorative Tricycle Flower planter

Tricycle with basket planter

Imagine a bicycle with a basket of roses on its carrier at your front door! What would you think of it?

Perhaps, you would think a new neighbor wants to share roses with you. Or maybe your romantic spouse has brought you lots of roses.

You can have the same illusion with a decorative bicycle with a basket plant. This is iron, clay, or wooden planter with a rattan, wicker, or wrought iron basket on its carrier.

This is such an ingenious exterior décor idea. If you’re someone who is into DIY kinds of stuff, you can install this magnificent décor in your backyard.  

18.  Footed metal basket planter with coco liner

This is a basket planter that consists of two baskets; a steel porous basket and a coco liner basket. The steel or wrought iron metal supports the coco liner basket.

Coco liner basket planter is one that is made from processed coconut fiber. It looks like the usual basket because it’s brown in color.

The footed metal basket planter has a metal stand that allows it to stand on its own without relying on another object. This makes this design suitable for the porch area, pool area, or on the edges of the doorsteps. 

19. Cone hanging basket planter

cone hanging basket planter

The final basket planter idea is the cone hanging basket planter. It takes the shape of an ice cream cup.

It also consists of ropes or wires that allow them to be hung to the edges of beams. You can hang them on the verandah or in the backyard.

Although cone-hanging basket planters are commonly used in outdoor areas, you can still find some that are used in the living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen.

Final words on the Best Basket Planter for Indoor and Outdoor space

As human beings, we’ve got different tastes and flavors. As such, it’s impossible to generalize the best basket planter for everyone.

This is one I assemble 20 basket planter ideas for you to select one that fits your interests and desire.

Otherwise, whether you’re just researching or you’re looking for a planter to use in your home, I wish you the best of luck.


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