20 Best Black Blazer Outfits for Women who want to look elegant

A blazer is a simple yet chic piece of cloth that you can wear as a work outfit and as a casual outfit. And it exists in different amazing styles and textures.

In terms of colors, you can also find them in any color you like. However, there are some colors that will work best with almost anyone. One such color is black color.

Black is a neutral color. This means that you can wear outfits in this color without making serious fashion mistakes.

It’s for this reason that I’ve compiled 21 best black blazer outfits for ladies who want to take themselves from just-so-so to chic and elegant ladies. But before we dive in, let’s level up the ground for everybody.

What is a Blazer?

According to Joseph Tuner, a blazer is in short a type of jacket that does form part of a suit. It’s a jacket that can be worn with other panties like jeans, shorts, leggings, and skirts.

What’s the difference between a blazer and a normal jacket?

A blazer has unstructured shoulders and is considered less formal. On the contrary, a normal jacket has rounded and well-structured shoulders and is considered a formal outfit.

Are Blazers Still in Fashion?

Big YES! Blazers are still in fashion currently and will continue to be in fashion for years to come. They are all-season pieces of clothes. You can wear it this fall, in winter, spring, and evenings and mornings of summer.

As such, blazers are must-haves in your word robe. One color that’s really elegant and chic is black.

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What are the Best Black Blazer Outfits for Women?

Here are my top blazer outfit ideas in the black color you never want to miss.

1.      Fitted Black blazer

fitted blazer

First up, you want to find a blazer that has the same size and shape as your body. This is called a fitted blazer. You can find a fit in most stores –amazon inclusive.

However, if you can find the one that fits your size and shape, you can have it custom designed by a professional designer and you’ll still look polished and elegant.

You can also get a perfect fitted blazer when you know your measurements. Do you know you’re the current length of your bust, waist, high hip, hip, and arm length? If Yes, then go ahead and get a customized fitted black blazer.

Of all the colors, the black fitted blazer looks elegant and timeless for ladies. You can wear it to work, to conferences, and to presentations as a student or a businesswoman.

2.      Black Leather Blazer

woman in black leather blazer

Who doesn’t love leather? I know I get crazy when I see a leather outfit –especially a black leather outfit.

If you’re like me, then you’ll love a black leather blazer. No matter what you can wear it with, leather still looks elegant, chic, and well-put together.

The smell and smooth feel transform you to the next level. It empowers you into a beautiful lady who knows how to pick pieces of wardrobe. This is because black cloth symbolizes power and elegance.

Plus, leather is a tough material. This means you’ll be protected in winter as well as cold mornings and evenings of fall and spring.

3.      Over-sized Black Blazer

woman in oversized blazer

Over-sized outfit ideas are currently trending. But this oversized black blazer is not just for those who follow fashion trends. It’s for every lady who wants to look elegant and feel warm.

Completely opposite to a fitted blazer, an oversized blazer is a loose and long piece of outfit that stretches passing the booty. It’s such an amazing cloth that you can wear when hanging out with friends and to work.

To wear a black blazer the best, you need a white t-shirt inside with a form pair of jeans or joggers. You need to tuck the t-shirt and tighten it up with a belt to create a focal point.

4.      One Button Black blazer

one button blazer in black color

The next type of black blazer fit for both work and play is the one-button black blazer. I like a one-button blazer or jacket. It’s easy to relax oneself and has a better streamlined than a two-button or three-button blazer.

You can wear a black one-button blazer with a black pair of jeans or trousers and a white t-shirt. And you wear all black with a black pointed pair of shoes.

5.      Waterfall Black Blazer

waterfall black blazer

Imagine wearing a blazer with lapels that drape and overlap which brings the imagery of a wave. This is called a waterfall blazer.

It’s such a stylish piece of outfit that you can wear for the weekend, and it can also be worn as a sophisticated work outfit.

Some waterfall blazers hoots and belts of the same color right around the waist. This creates the focal point for the outfit making it the best for work and casual.

Black waterfall blazers can be worn with a white t-shirt, white pair of jeans or trousers, and white sneakers, burgundy sneakers, or a pair of black high heel shoes. You can also try wearing all black during cold winter days.

6.      Three-Button Blazer

A three-button blazer in black color is classic and typically European. It can be worn as a casual outfit, especially in American fashion.

However, you can still wear a three-button blazer as an office outfit because it’s respectful and classic. Put it on to a business meeting and kill it.

Like a three-button jacket, you need to observe three rules: never button up the lowest button, never button the above button leave the middle one and if you want to button up only one, button up the middle one.

7.      Black Cape Blazer

woman wearing a cape blazer

If you want to try something extraordinary, get yourself a black cape blazer. It’s a cute and stylish outfit that can be worn for work or a casual weekend outing.

What does a black cape blazer look like? Well, it’s a black fitted vest with capes instead of sleeves. Cape blazers are unique in that they bring the imagery of a blazer worn above the shoulders.

To wear a black blazer for work, you need to put on a white shirt, a pair of black trousers and a pair of black decent shoes. You can wear it with boyfriend jeans for a casual weekend.

8.      Printed Black Blazer

The other chic black blazer outfit for ladies is a printed black blazer. It’s such an eye-catching outfit that has both class and elegance in it.

In case you don’t know, a piece of printed fabric is a textile cloth that has been decorated by the application of dyes, pigments, and other coloring materials for distinctive patterns.

In short, a printed black blazer has black as its original color, but it goes along with some color patterns.

You can find printed black blazers or have them designed in any style you want. It can be one-button, asymmetric, double-breasted, or waterfall black printed blazer.

9.      Asymmetrical Black Blazer

The other stylish black blazer you should try is an asymmetrical black blazer. It looks chic and well-put together for a modern lady.

How Does an Asymmetrical Blazer Look Like?

An asymmetrical blazer is a type of unstructured shoulder jacket that has a longer one-side front than the other. In most cases, the asymmetrical blazer is double-breasted and the short.

It takes the name asymmetrical because the size and length of one side are different from the other.

You can wear a black asymmetrical blazer with a pair of decent trousers for a work outfit. It can also be worn with a pair of jeans or joggers for a casual weekend.             

10.  One-Shoulder Black Blazer

one shoulder blazer

One-shoulder outfits are chic and stylish for ladies. It amazingly exposes one shoulder. This can be even better if the blazer is black in color giving contrast with your brown or white skin.

You can find one-shoulder blazers –or one-sleeve blazers as they are also called –in different designs. There are one-shoulder blazer dresses, one-shoulder blazers and one-sleeve blazer tops, and one-shoulder blazer rompers.

Whatever one-sleeve blazer you choose, you’ll look beyond ordinary. If you prefer to put on a black one-sleeve blazer, you can wear it with a pair of jeans for a casual outfit. Just avoid wearing blazers with dirty jeans.

You can also tighten up a one-sleeve black blazer with a black pair of trousers for work. With some black points, you’ll look chic at the next business meeting.

11.  Cropped Black Blazer

This next black blazer outfit idea is the best for young ladies. Tighten up this weekend by putting on a black cropped blazer.

A cropped blazer is a great addition to your wardrobe as a girl. It goes along very well with other outfits. But I particularly like a cropped black blazer with a black miniskirt or shorts.

You can also wear a black cropped blazer with a high-waisted pair of trousers. Whichever style you choose, a well-selected black cropped blazer will not bring shame to you.  

12.  Black Military Blazer

A black military-inspired blazer has a peaked lapel and at least four buttons. It’s a classic design that transforms you into a polished woman. Black military blazers usually are double-breasted and consist of golden buttons.

The military-inspired blazers come in different materials and colors. In terms of material, you’ll find some in leather and others in cotton and silk.

As for the color, you can find a military blazer in the color of your preference. I particularly like black and you can wear it with black panties. You’ll look like you’ve worn a polished military black suit.

13.  Black Denim Blazer

Denim materials are well-known materials that are made of a warp and a weft yarn woven together. Most of the denim materials are dyed with indigo. But that does not mean you can find black denim blazers.

A black denim blazer is not only durable but it’s also stylish and chic. There are denim one-sleeve blazers, denim fitted blazers, denim double-breasted blazers, and more.

With the jeans-like materials, you can wear them with black jeans or joggers. And you can wear this outfit for work and casual outings.

14. Black Lace Blazer

Are you fond of lace? I am not talking about lace underwear. You can find a black lace blazer.

Just so you know, lace is a delicate web-like fabric material that consists of designs and patterns. A black lace blazer is made of black background and the black lace fabric producing in any design. You can find fitted lace blazers, oversized blazers, and one-shoulder blazers.

Choosing panties that will go along with a black lace blazer should be a no-brainer. As a general rule, you need to pair it with matching or complementary colors. Some of the complementary colors to black are white, purple, gray, rust, or mustard yellow.

15.  Deep Lapel Black Blazer

The next best black blazer outfit for ladies is a black deep lapel blazer. It’s a modern outfit design that has lapels that goes down to right above the belly button. It’s also known as the deep V-neck.

With a deep-label blazer, you can wear it alone without a t-shirt if you want to expose your adorable chest area. However, if you don’t want to expose too much flesh, you can add a round-neck or a V-neck t-shirt before wearing your black deep lapel blazer.

16. Black Peplum Blazer

The other best black blazer outfit is a peplum blazer. It’s one of the designs that make you assured of chicness and elegance.

What is the peplum blazer?

This is a kind of unstructured-shoulders jacket that has a short overskirt called peplum attached. In some blazers, the backside of the overskirt is longer than the front part.

A black peplum blazer is the best work outfit which you can pair with a pair of trousers in black or in one of the colors that complements black. It also works the best with a tight skirt.

17.  Double Breasted

double breasted black blazer

A double-breasted blazer is one of the best work outfit ideas. It’s a kind of blazer outfit that has two columns of parallel buttons on the overlapping front flaps.

A black double-breasted blazer is usually a more formal outfit idea than a double-breasted blazer. You can wear it for in the office, to a movie night or to a wedding.

18. Single Breasted

Utterly opposite to double-breasted, the next black blazer outfit best for ladies who want to look elegant is a single-breasted one. It’s got only one narrow row of buttons.

The black single-breasted blazers are not as formal as the double-breasted. However, they can be worn for both casual and work occasions.

These blazer outfits exist in different styles. There are one-button blazers, two-button button blazer outfits, and three-button blazers.

19.  Draped Blazer

A draped blazer is a type of outfit that has the form of an unstructured jacket that has the garment from the shoulders and the waistline. It has a very uncommon fashionable structure and it’s mostly worn in both formal and casual outfits.

You can find a black-draped blazer in different styles and designs. There are lace-draped blazers, denim drape blazers, and more.

20. Blazer Dress

woman in black blazer dress

The other timeless blazer type you should know is a black blazer dress. This is also known as a Tuxedo dress.

In short, a blazer is a blazer that is pretty long that it can be worn on its own without panties. You can wear it in form of a dress.

Some blazer dresses that are designed so that they can be worn are as dresses and not as an outfit.

Final Words on the Best Black Blazer Outfit Ideas for Ladies

Black is a neutral color that represents elegance and formality. Blazers in black color, however, can be worn for both casual and work outfits.

This post is a list of all the best black blazer outfit ideas for ladies. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just researching I wish you the best of luck.


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