15 BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga is the easiest and funniest route for those who want to stay healthy and fit or lose a couple of pounds. As a beginner, you can feel intimidated and may lack the motivation to commit to it if you approach it singlehandedly. On the contrary, you’ll be more committed and find it funnier if you start with these 15 BFF 2-person yoga poses for beginners.

If you’re just getting started with yoga, you’ll need to start with some easy poses and stretches before moving on to intermediate and advanced poses and stretches. You’ll need to have fun with the step-by-step and level-by-level process just like a game.

As a beginner, you don’t have to be perfect on the first day. It may take a while for you to get the perfect poses with straight stretches and curves like a pro.

And one thing I can encourage you right off the bat is to stay consistent and keep growing with it. Let’s get a few things out of the way before diving in!

What Is BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses?

BFF, in this case, stands for Best Friend Forever. BFF 2-person yoga poses are steady and comfortable positions in yoga that involves two people that are usually friends. In some cases, the friends strike similar poses or different poses that involve contact with some of the body parts.

You can do this as a girlfriend and boyfriend, husband and wife, friend and friend, or individual and trainer. In either case, make the smaller partner A and the larger partner B.

What is the Difference between BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses and Couple Yoga Poses?

BFF 2-Person yoga poses involve two people working together to stretch and strike a pose together. This is similar to couple yoga poses, otherwise known as two-person yoga poses.

The two are the same. You need to understand that you work as a team. Whether one is more powerful or more flexible than the other, you need to let your minds and bodies work together. 

Best BFF 2-Person Yoga Poses for beginners

Here are some of the best BFF person yoga poses that you can do in pairs as best friends forever, a couple, or twins.

1. Back-to-Back Sukhasana yoga pose

Back-to-Back Sukhasana yoga pose_one of the BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses for Beginners

I wanted to start with the Sukhasana yoga pose, a.k.a. easy pose because it’s the most basic and, as the name suggests, the easiest to do. However, you may know the one-person Sukhasana pose where a person sits with crossed legs, places the hands on the knees, and straightens the back.

Some people just hold their knees and start meditating. However, most people like to do the Sukhasana mediation poses with the back of the hands placed on the knees while holding the thumb and index finger, and straightening the other fingers up.

In the back-to-back Sukhasana yoga pose, the partners face the opposite direction while striking a Sukhasana pose letting only their backs touch.

Benefits of Back-to-Back Sukhasana Yoga Pose

  • It helps to straighten your back thanks comfortable wall presented by your partner’s back
  • It’s the basic level that helps to break the ice before moving on to other intimate levels

2. Partner Seated Twist

Partner Seated Twist

Partner seated twist is the next easy BFF 2-person pose. It starts with the back-to-back Sukhasana yoga pose.

After you’ve sat back-to-back on the mat or carpet, you place your right hand on your left knee and the left on your partner’s left-right knee and your partner will do the same.

Together, you take deep breaths while maintaining contact at the back. You can change hands: take the left hand to your right knee and the right hand to your partner’s left knee.

Benefits of Partner Seated Twist

  • It helps to stretch your spine and get a long straight spine
  • Socially, it improves intimacy

3. Double Tree Yoga Pose

double tree yoga pose

The double tree yoga pose is one of the easiest standing poses. Instead of striking a tree pose as an individual, you join with your partner to make one pose called the double tree pose.

You stand up hip to hip with your partner leaving only about an inch of space. Stretch your inside arms to touch each other above. Bring your outside arms on the chest as if you’re about to enter into prayer mudra ending up holding each other.

The next is the legs. Let your inside legs support your tree. Bend the out legs and place them above the knee.

Alternatively, instead of holding your inside arms above, you can use them to hold each other along the waist.

Benefits of Double Tree Yoga Pose 

  •  It helps you to improve your balance
  • As partners, you improve trust and communication between the two of you when striking this pose.

4. 2-Person Backbend Yoga Pose

The next is the 2-person backbend yoga pose. It involves holding each other and bending back to strike this pose.

To achieve this pose, start by standing face-to-face with your partner. Hold each other at the waist, take deep breaths, and bend back.

You can take it further by holding each other’s hands and bending further down. If you’re just starting, you’ll hear your bones cracking.

Benefits of 2-Person Backbend Yoga Pose

  •  It helps to open up your heart region
  • It strengthens the spine

5.  Twisted Triangle

A twisted triangle is a little easy-to-intermediate-level yoga pose. It requires flexibility of the back and shoulder area.

You start by standing at the back of your partner facing the same direction. Let your partner bend forward and go ahead to touch his or her left foot with your left hand. With your right hand, you’ll hold your partner’s right hand above. Your partner will touch his or her right foot with his or her left hand while touching your right hand with the other.

Benefits of Twisted Triangle

  • It helps in boosting body confidence, courage, and pose
  • It reliefs stress, lower back pain, and sluggish digestion
  • It improves balance and stability

6.  Chair and Mountain Yoga Pose

This is a pose that consists of one partner (A) standing on the thigh of the other partner (A). The P2 stands as if she or he is sitting on a chair.

To achieve this pose, partner B must let partner A place one foot on her thigh by making a chair pose. Partner B must lean back as partner A places another foot on the other thigh.

While holding each other’s hands, partner B will continue to lean back until partner A has successfully stood up.

Benefits of Chair and Mountain Yoga Pose

  •  It strengthens thighs and calves
  •  It helps to strengthen the arms

7. Dancing BFF Yoga Pose

Dancing Partners_one of BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses for Beginners
Source: Pinterest.com

Dancing BFF Yoga pose, a.k.a. dancing partner pose, is when the partners strike a pose that looks like they are dancing. They usually rely on each other for support.

Since there are a lot of dancing partner poses, let’s focus on how to achieve the one in the photo above. First, let your partner stand at your back facing the same direction.

Both of you bend sideways in the opposite direction. Stretch one leg at 90 degrees and use one hand to hold your partner’s leg and another one to touch your partner’s hand above.

Benefits of Dancing Partner Pose

  • It helps to improve posture and focus
  • It improves body awareness and confidence to do more flexible poses

8.  Couple Boat Pose

Double bout yoga pose

The next is a pose that combines two boat poses into one pose. It’s a sitting yoga pose that consists of the partners lifting and connecting using the feet above and hands in below the feet.

To do this pose, you need to sit down with your knees bent on the yoga mat facing your partner. Hold hands and slowly start leaning backward without releasing the hands. Together, lift your right-hand legs with only the soles of your feet touching until they form a 90 degrees angle. Repeat the above step with a left leg.

You need to lean forward together a little bit while engaging your belly button.

Benefits of Couple Boat Yoga Pose

  • It helps to improve the balance
  • It enhances arm string stretch
  • It helps in taking away the stress

9. Single-Legged Partner Boat Pose

Similar to the couple yoga pose, the single-legged partner boat yoga pose starts with the partners sitting on the mat facing each other. However, unlike the couple boat pose, with this pose, each one of the partners lifts one foot and touches each using the sole.

Each of the remaining legs is folded and the partners form a partner boat pose using each of the lifted legs.

Benefits of Single-legged Partner Boat Pose

  • It helps in relieving stress
  • It improves digestion
  • It helps in strengthening abdominal muscles
  • It leads to strong hip and spine

10. Back-to-Back Chair Yoga Pose

Are you looking for BFF 2-person yoga poses that engage your quadriceps and glutes?  Well, the back-to-back chair pose chair is what you’re looking for.

For this yoga pose, you’ll start by standing back-to-back with your partner. With your backs attached, you’ll start to lower down by moving your legs slowly. Continue to move until your legs are forming 90 degrees angles at the knees.

You can place the hands on your thigh or you can stretch them straight intertwining each other from the back of the palm.

Benefits of Single-legged Partner Boat Pose

  • It strengthens the quadriceps and glutes
  • It helps in stress relief
  •  It leads to better flexibility

11. Coupe Square Yoga Pose

A couple of square pose is an intermediate to advanced yoga poses. It consists of two partners: A sits down with legs stretched forward and partner B strikes an inversion pose facing A, t holding her/his legs and stretching her/his legs to partner A.

This pose involves a little detailed procedure. First, partner A sits down with her legs extended on the mat. Partner B facing the same direction as A stands outside A’s knees. B proceeds to hold the ankles of A.

Partner A lifts one leg of partner B to the shoulder. Partner A repeats the process with the remaining leg of partner B. In unison, all stretch their hands holding each other’s ankles and forming a square in the process.

Benefits of Couple Square Yoga Pose

  •  It helps in the flow of blood
  • It strengthens the biceps, triceps, core, hamstring, and shoulder muscles.

12.  2-Person Hand to Big Toe

Hand to Big toe is one of the simple BFF 2-person yoga poses. It involves holding your partner’s waist and stretching your hand to touch your big toe.

Again, this is so easy to achieve. Start by standing side-to-side with your partner. Together, raise outside legs to form a tree pose. Finish by holding each other around the waist.

Benefits of 2-Person Hand to Big Toe

  • It improves balancing and stability
  • It strengthens the ligaments and tendons of the feet

13.  2-Person Shoulder Stand Yoga pose

This is another great BFF 2-person yoga pose is the 2-person shoulder stand. It involves two partners supporting each other using their shoulders.

You start lying down as if you want to do a bridge pose. In unison with your partner, you lift your legs high while holding hands and squeezing close to each other.

Keep moving close until your backs are in full contact. You can stretch all the legs straight up, or you can stretch your left legs straight and bend the right to form a C pose.

Benefits of 2-Person shoulder stand Yoga Pose

  •  It helps to stretch your neck and shoulder
  • It helps to achieve a straight spine
  • It improves digestion and sleep

14.  2-Person Plank Pose

The 2-person plank yoga pose involves two plank poses combined, otherwise known as the double plank pose. This is one of the intermediate levels of yoga.

Partner A forms a plank pose. To do plank prose, you start by sitting on the yoga mat using your knees and hands like a dog. Then, you stretch your legs as if you’re about to do pushups. Partner B joins partner A to form a plank pose on top of partner A, but facing in the opposite direction.

If you’ve got enough strength, you can go ahead and do a couple of pushups.

Benefits of 2-Person Plank Pose

  • It strengthens the forearm, wrist, and biceps
  • It improves abdominal strengths thanks to standing on your arms

15. Double Downward Facing Dog Pose

Double Downward Facing Dog Pose

Let’s finish with the downward-facing dog pose for two. As the name suggests, each partner does a downward facing pose –except the other partner places the feet on the other partner’s lower back.

To do this pose, one partner (A) will start by making a downward-facing dog pose. The other partner (B) will stand in front of partner A. Partner B proceeds to place the palm on the ground and slowly lift the legs to the lower back of partner A.

Benefits of Double-Facing Dog Pose

  • It strengthens the biceps and triceps
  • It helps to strengthen the abdominal and hamstring muscles

FAQs about BFF 2-Person Yoga Poses

Here are some of the burning questions when comes to BFF 2-person yoga poses.

What are the benefits of BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses?

Doing yoga with your close or intimate friend has so many benefits physically, mentally, and socially.

  • Physically, it helps to get committed to yoga hence achieving your goals like losing weight, staying in shape, or maintaining a healthy body. It improves flexibility, strengthens various body muscles, and improves blood flow and oxygen circulation.
  • Mentally, it leads to a clear and calm mental state
  •  Socially, if you’re doing intimate friends, it increases your level of intimacy. For any friends, it increases trust, closeness, and ability to communicate.

What are the Easiest BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses?

As a beginner, if you start with advanced-level yoga poses, you’ll think yoga is hard. You need to start with BFF 2-person yoga poses like Easy pose for 2, partner seated twist, 2-person tree pose, and more explained in this post

Final Thoughts about BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses

Yoga is one of the fitness exercises that benefits you in most aspects of your life. And unlike running a marathon, almost everyone can do this type of exercise.

If you’re still young, there is yoga for kids. There is yoga for elderly people if you’re sixty and above. So, it’s such an inclusive exercise.

Again, most people like to give yoga a try but they can’t commit to it because they’re trying it alone. This is why I’ve assembled these 15 couple yoga poses for beginners so that you should be able to do them with your best friend or significant other.

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I wish you the best of luck!


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