15 Stunning Black Patio Chairs for Porch, Backyard & Garden

A living room is a great place for people who like to spend time watching TV. However, just staying in the living room can be tiresome and unhealthy. You may want a naturally quiet place like the garden porch. This is when the black patio chairs may become handy.

And of all the colors, black color is perfect for outdoor space because you won’t have to worry about the chairs getting stained, or rusting. You can put it on the porch, by the swimming pool, in the front yard area, or in the garden.

In this post, I’ve assembled a list of patio chairs based on various criteria. You’ll find black patio chairs based on the materials they’re made from, designs, common sets, and locations where they’re commonly used.

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Black Patio Chairs by Material

Let’s start categorizing black patio chairs depending on the material.

1. Rattan/ Wicker Patio Chair

Black wicker patio chairs
Source: amazon

This is a woven type of patio chair. One of the common types of materials used in weaving is rattan. It is used to weave baskets and chairs. And the common type of style of weaving is the wicker.

Just so you, rattan is a name commonly used to refer to a species of climbing palm in the subfamily of Calamoideae. On the contrary, wicker is a specific style of weaving using rattan, bamboo, reed, and other plants. You can read more in this post.

This stunning style of weave is not only pleasing to the eye but it’s also very ideal for patio spaces. The airspaces in the chair allow one to enjoy the breeze. And instead of having it in its natural brown color, you can paint the chairs in black or choose the ones painted in black.

2. Black Mesh Chairs

folding mesh chairs_one of black patio chairs
Image credit: amazon

The next set of chairs you can choose for your outdoor space is the black mesh chairs. These are chairs that consist of steel legs and handles, and a strong mesh of cotton for the slings.

The black mesh outdoor chairs can be placed by the pool, on the porch, and under the huge tree in your garden. This is perfect if you opt for a swing chair.

Whenever you’re tired you’ll just sit on this chair and start swinging forward and backward. This will help you get relaxed. And because of the reduced temperature in these places, you’ll get a very peaceful sleep.

3. Black Plastic Patio Chairs

black plastic chairs
Image credit: amazon

Plastic patio chairs are the next popular chairs you can choose for your outdoor space. They come in different sizes and designs.

There are plastic chairs for kids which are very small. And for the normal plastic chairs, some have arms and others don’t. Of the two, the armed plastic chairs are more relaxing.

On Amazon, you’ll find some that look like wooden-armed chairs. But they are made of very strong plastic material. They’re beautiful and long-lasting.

Plastic is one greatest materials for outdoor space. You can leave plastic chairs in the rain and not worry about them getting wet.

4.  Wooden Patio Chairs

black backyard chairs
source: amazon

Wood is the most used material in making furniture. It’s commonly used for making indoor furniture.

However, this does not mean there are no wooden patio chairs. You can find wooden chairs for the outdoors in different designs and sizes.

There are wooden swing chairs, wooden armed chairs, and wooden dining chairs for places like beside the swimming pool, for the garden, and for the porch. The only downside with the wooden chairs used outdoors is that you often need to move them when the rains are coming or there is heavy sunlight.

5.    Black Metal Chairs

Black metal chairs are a great choice because you have to move them so often. The black paint protects them from rusting and the iron prevents them from expanding with water.

You can choose a metal chair of any kind and design. There are steel or metal chairs of almost any design you may want. Pod hanging chairs with a stand can be great for outdoor spaces.

6.   Concrete Patio Chairs

The other lasting and reliable chairs for outdoor space are the concrete patio chairs. They can be an amazing choice as you don’t have to move them in case of rain and hot weather.

There are concrete patio chairs that are movable and there are some that are permanently fixed in one place. The movable ones are great because they can be carried easily when you switch into a new house.

Of course, you might have guessed this already, the major setback of concrete patio chairs is that the black color may not be pleasing. And they absorb too much heat that can make them inhabitable in hot weather –especially if they’re exposed to too much sun.

Black Patio Chairs by Design

The other criterion in selecting patio chairs is by looking at their designs. Here is the list of black chairs that can be used outside classified by design.

7.   Black Hammock

A hammock is a chair in the form of a piece of cloth tied to two poles of trees. You sit or sleep on it while it’s swinging. This will help you get maximum relaxation and optimal sleep.

Having a hammock in the black color is such a great idea. You won’t worry about getting stains as it’s the case with a white hammock.

This type of chair can be placed between two trees in your garden, or on the porch.

8. Black Egg Chair

teardrop egg chair
source: amazon

The next is the black egg chair. This design exists in different sizes and types.

There are hanging egg chairs, egg chairs with stands, and egg chairs for indoor and outdoor spaces. In terms of materials, you’ll find some made of leather, plastic, and steel.

They come with cushions that offer relaxation and comfort. Egg chairs are suitable for most outdoor spaces. You put it on the porch, in the garden, or by the swimming pool.

If you choose to hang it from the ceiling, make sure that the ceiling is made of materials and beams. You can read a full post on porch ceiling ideas.

9.   Stackable Patio Chairs

black stackable chairs
Source: amazon

The other fabulous patio chairs are those that can be stacked together. Stackable chairs are very portable and transported because more than one chair can be put together.

Most of the stackable patio chairs are plastic. As I mentioned above, plastic chairs are a perfect fit for outdoor spaces. This is because they don’t rust like steel chairs, they don’t absorb water like wooden chairs and they don’t absorb too much heat like concrete ones.  

10. Armed Chairs

Armed chairs are those that have a place to put your hands. In fact, the most relaxing chairs are armed chairs.

They help you open your underarms and allow fresh air to flow in them. This will reduce your body temperature and make your body irresistible to sleep.

The armed chairs are of different materials. The most common ones are plastic-armed chairs, wooden-armed chairs, and wicker armchairs.

11. Shaking Chairs

shaking chair for backyard
Source: amazon

The other wonderful and relaxing chairs are the shaking chairs. These are patio armchairs with legs that allow one to move the chair forward and backward.

The shaking chairs are usually made of wood. But you can still find some of these shaking chairs that are made of steel.

Either way, they’re a perfect design for patio chairs. They can be placed on the verandah, porch, beside the swimming pool, or under a tree. Shaking back and forth will get you a fast sleep.

12. Lounge Chairs

This next design is very suitable for swimming pools. And they’re found in different materials.

The most common ones are seagrass lounge chairs, wicker lounge chairs, plastic lounge chairs, and steel lounge chairs. They’re perfect and are very comfortable thanks to the cozy cushions and pillows.

There are some lounge chairs that do have wheels that make them move easily. You can find seagrass lounge chairs with wheels and steel chairs with wheels.

Black Patio Chairs in Sets

Here are sets of outdoor chairs in black color. Find one that best fits your interest and place.

13. Set of 2

A set of 2 is one of the best patio chairs. This set comes with a table and two chairs.

It’s a nice set for the porch or garden. You place them there and invite your friend over for a chat and drink.

This will make your weekends memorable for you’ll enjoy a free breeze and chill. And you will strengthen your relationship with your friends.

14. Set of 4 for outdoor

set of 4 black patio chairs
source: amazon

Similar to the set of 2, a set of 4 is another great option for outdoor space. Consisting of a dining table and four chairs.

This is perfect for a small family. You can take your meals in the garden or on the porch while enjoying the fresh air.

The chair can be made of wood, steel, plastic, or rattan chairs. Of these materials, the plastic ones are best because of their waterproof properties.

On the other hand, rattan is best because they have air spaces that allow air to pass through. This way you’ll enjoy the wonderful fresh air and get a relaxed mind.

15. Set of 6

The next patio set of black patio chairs is a set of six. If you’re a family of 4, 5, or 6, a set of patio chairs for six is perfect for you.

With six chairs and a table to place a drink, you will enjoy a wonderful time with your family members. You’ll find a set of six chairs in different designs and types. There are wicker chairs, a wooden set of six, a set of steel, and more.

I prefer wicker chairs for outdoor spaces to other designs because they’re more natural. But other ones still look great for an outdoor space if they’re painted in black.

The idea is that a piece of patio furniture does not have to have the same color and design as indoor furniture.

Black Patio Chairs by Location

The patio chairs can also be classified depending on where they’re commonly found, or where they fit well. Discover various furniture designs and sizes that fit the best for the porch, the swimming pool pavement, and the backyard garden.

16.  Chair for Porch

A porch can be one of the great places to relax while enjoying a fresh breeze. In fact, it is very pleasing when you have comfortable chairs.

Chairs that will let you swing or back and forth are best for relaxation and comfort. The movement will aid you to relax and get some sleep.

Of course, this does not mean you can have some porch chairs for other functions. You can have a dining set for the porch that will allow you to have special family meals.

The other design that you can place on the porch is a set of wicker chairs. The black wicker chairs with some cushions and a table. You can sit on these chairs with some family members and enjoy the weekend together.

17.  Chairs for the Swimming pool

black pool chairs
Source: amazon

The swimming pool is a special place, especially in summer. And being a special place, it requires unique designs of chairs.

Of course, the common swimming pool chairs are lounge chairs. As discussed above, they come in different materials –of which seagrass, rattan, and steel folding lounges are my favorites.

You can also choose some black patio chairs that will allow you to have a chair with a friend by the pool. For this one, you can use a dining set of chairs.

If you’re a single person living in a house with a swimming pool, you can get a set of two chairs. And you can also get yourself a set of 6 if you’re a small family.

18.  Chairs for Backyard Garden

backyard garden chairs
source: amazon

What chairs fit well in a backyard garden? Which set of chairs are specifically great for a backyard garden?

These questions may keep lingering in your mind as I’m winding up this post. In fact, it can be a shame to wind up without answering these questions.

A backyard garden may require different chairs depending on what you want to do in the garden. If you want to casually sit and relax in your garden, you can get yourself a hammock, an egg chair, or a swing chair.

If you’re planning to have a family lunch or dinner in the garden, you need to get a set of dining chairs. And you can get a set of plastic chairs if you’re planning of holding a particular event there.

Final words on Black Patio Chairs

An outdoor space is one of the most pleasing and inviting places at home. When summer approaches, the memories of better times spent on the porch, by the pool, or in the garden start to wander in most people’s minds.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for summer to have a good time. You can get some comfortable chairs like hammocks, swing chairs, or dining chairs and place them on your covered porch.

This way you still be able to gather with your family, have a meal together or sit there alone with a drink by your side. It will be a great time even if it’s not in summer.

If you stumbled upon this blog in your quest for information, I hope you’ve found this post helpful to you.

And if you’re actually looking for a set of patio chairs, I hope you have found what you wanted. Either way, I wish you the best of luck.


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