15 Colorful Shower Curtains for an Epic Bathtub Experience

A bathroom is one of the places that require ultimate privacy. It’s also one of the most visited places in any home. As such, it requires a curtain that will decorate it and cover the shower or bathtub. You can do this with some of the following colorful shower curtains.

Colorful shower curtains are perfect for hiding what is behind them. This way your privacy will be guaranteed when you’re taking a shower or when you are in a bathtub.

Apart from offering privacy, a colorful curtain for your shower will transform it to the next level. Combined with some fine bathroom accessories, a colorful shower curtain can make a bathroom look elegant and expensive.

Before proceeding, let’s look at definitions and types of colorful shower curtains.

What are Shower Curtains?

These are special kinds of curtains that are typically used to provide privacy and prevent water from splashing outside the shower. They’re usually used with a rod so that it can be pulled along the shower liner.

5 Types of Shower Curtains

Here are five of the best types of shower curtains.

Decorative Shower Curtain

A decorative shower curtain is a peculiar curtain that is designed with intricate patterns and embellishments or printed in different designs and styles or painted in different colors to serve decorative purposes. They are used to both decorate and provide privacy.

This is ideal for a modern bathtub. You need to cover yourself with curtains when you’re bathing. In fact, this post is full of shower curtains like these.

Extra Long Shower Curtains

These curtains have to do with length. Instead of a curtain that will only hide the bathtub, an extra-long shower curtain is around 96 inches long. It stretches from some inches from the ceiling to close to the floor.

Heavy-Duty Shower Curtains

In terms of durability, I wanted to include heavy-duty shower curtains. These are thick and long-lasting curtains.

They’re not transparent and heavy making them perfect for a shower curtain. Of course, they’re more expensive than the usual ones.  

Microfiber Shower Curtains

Microfiber is a strong and tough material that is used for various items. It’s perfect for shower curtains because it drains water fast and dries up in a blink.

It is a great alternative to plastic shower curtains. Unlike plastic shower curtains, microfiber is environmentally friendly.

Silk Shower Curtains

Silk is a soft and fine fabric that is used to make pillowcases, nightgowns, and more. It’s also great for making shower curtains. This is because silk drains water and dries fast.

This type of fabric is also perfect for showers because of its ability to move smoothly on the curtain rod. This makes it easy to close and open the bathtub area.

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17 Colorful Shower Curtains

Now, let’s look at some of the colorful shower curtains in detail.

1. Boho Shower Curtain

boho colorful shower curtains
Source: amazon

Boho is a shortcut for bohemian. As hgtv.com notes boho style is commonly used to refer to design that consist of a mixture of different cultural and artistic expressions to produce an organic elastic style.

In terms of color, boho has a unique color palette. The bohemian colors include white, brown, yellow, green, blue, grey, and red.

You may easily conclude that, for a boho shower curtain, one should expect these colors. However, I discovered that white, brown, and a complex mixture of several colors are dominant in boho shower curtains.

Either way, bohemian curtains are great for showering or providing privacy to your bathtub. This is because they’re thick and stylish.

2. Funny Shower Curtain

get naked_colorful curtain
Image credit: amazon

A funny shower curtain has either a funny picture drawn on it or a funny quote written on it. For example, some shower curtains have the quote “Get Naked” which is funny and cool.

Some shower curtains have a funny drawing like that of a funny cat or dog. To some people this is more than cool, it’s funny.

As a rule of thumb, you need a curtain that is thick enough to provide some privacy. And you need a curtain that will not destroy the vibe and elegance of your bathroom.

3.  Halloween Shower Curtain

Halloween shower curtains
Image credit: amazon

Are you a huge fan of Halloween? Do you follow various Halloween décor ideas?

Good for you because you can take it to your bathroom. You can decorate your bathroom with a decorative Halloween shower curtain.

This is a curtain that has Halloween villains and Halloween décor ideas printed on it. You may have a plain silk white curtain with witches or pumpkins printed on it. This is just a minimalist Halloween curtain

Of course, some are filled with Halloween idols and Disney Halloween villains. Their background is usually dark which is perfect for a shower curtain.

4.  Mermaid Shower Curtain

mermaid shower curtain
Source: amazon

Shower curtains with a beautiful mermaid printed on it is another great option for a shower curtain. It’s aesthetically pleasing and funny.

These mermaid curtains for a bathroom are in different styles and colors. Some have a water background and a mermaid swimming in the water. These shower curtains reflect the environment of calm water where mermaids are believed to be found.

Other mermaid curtains consist of a plain color background and a mermaid with drops of water. Painting a picture of a mermaid who has been captured and still has some drops of water on it.

Either way, mermaid curtains for a bathroom bring a tranquil atmosphere to your bathroom. This will ensure you get enough in and after the bathtub.

5. Sunflower Shower curtain

The other beautiful shower curtains are sunflower shower curtains. If you know what a sunflower is, you can easily identify a sunflower shower curtain.

Some consist of large sunflower patches printed on a curtain with a plain background. Other shower curtains under this category have small sunflowers all over the curtain.

Whichever style may please you, go ahead and hang them and decorate your bathroom. They will brighten your bathroom and provide you with the needed privacy. Just make sure you choose a thick one and avoid the see-through ones.

6. Abstract Shower Curtains

Another great option when it comes to colorful shower curtains. They usually have a solid background color and an abstract picture is drawn on it.

Just like a piece of art, a curtain with an abstract picture can be mind-blowing. However, for a curtain, you need to pay attention to a few things.

You need to select wonderful material and texture. Instead of choosing a curtain made of cheap cotton that easily gets stained, you can choose one made from high-quality cotton, microfiber, or silk.

7. Cat Shower Curtains

If you’re a huge fan of cats, you may want to get a cat shower curtain. Yes, a curtain with a picture of a lovely cat on it is not only funny but also tells that your caring personality.

Since you know you’re a cat person, you need to put this curtain in your bathroom. You don’t scare or bore guests who are not fond of cats by hanging the curtain in a guest bathroom.

If you prefer a bathtub to a shower, you can include also include a bathroom rug. This way you get privacy from a cat shower curtain and stand on a cat rug when drying yourself.

So cool, huh?

8. Sage Green Shower Curtain

sage green shower curtain
Source: amazon

The next colorful curtain for a bathroom is the sage green shower curtain. It’s not a super solid green color. It’s like pale apple green.

Sage green shower curtains will, without a doubt, make your room look incredibly elegant and stunning. This is because green shades have been trending recently.

You can choose a curtain in solid sage green or you can opt for a shower curtain with strides, drawings, or checks of sage green color. I believe you’ll have the best experience with curtains in this as long as you choose the ones made of strong and lasting materials.

9.  Silver curtains

This is an elegant and luxurious shower curtain. The silver curtains can mean the curtain in silver color, it’s got silver glitters or sparkles like silver. Tell me if that is ordinary.

As already alluded to, some silver curtains have a plain white background and silver glitters covered on. One such example is the luxurious silver sequin shower curtains.

Others have a plain grey or white background with sparkles of silver attached to them. These luxurious shower curtains shine when exposed to light. A great example of this design is the Cynlon sparkle silver bling and crumpled found at Walmart.

The silver curtains for the shower are ideal for the bathroom because they’re not transparent. And they also move to one side smoothly making it easy for you to get into a bathtub and close the curtain.

10. Star Wars shower curtains

Star Wars shower curtains consist of a character or a few characters in the Start Wars printed on them. Usually, they have a plain background with just a single picture or infographic printed on them.

This is ideal for Star Wars fans. If you’re one of them, you can choose from numerous colors and designs and pick one for your shower.

As I was typing this, I did an image search for Star Wars shower curtains. It was very beautiful curtains for the shower.

11. Disney Shower curtains

The next colorful curtains for a shower room are those with printed Disney characters on them. It’s such an interesting idea for a shower curtain.

Imagine having Mike Mouse on your curtain! Or owning a shower curtain with queen Elsa printed on it! It’s really cool especially if you’re a fan of Disney World.

If you like scary movies, you can choose shower curtains with scary Disney characters printed on them. But if you’re like me, you can just be with those with a funny personality.

This way you’ll also feel delighted when taking a shower or a bath.

12. Fish Shower Curtain

A curtain with a printed fish on it? Or a curtain that looks like a piece of fish art? How sweet!

Yes, people are getting creative every day. There is a shower curtain called a fish shower curtain.

Some of these designs have a water-blue background and some pictures of fish printed on it. They look really cool.

Others consist of one large fish covering the entire curtain. You’ll find some that look like someone was painting the fish on the curtain. And others look printed as they’re.

13. Navy Shower curtain

The navy shower curtain is another colorful shower curtain you need to give a try. It’s one of the most ideal curtains for a shower or a bathtub.

Navy shower curtains exist in different tastes and styles. Some are in navy blue and have some white marks and stripes. 

Others consist of a plain silky navy blue color. All these shower curtains are great for a shower curtain. They’re thick enough to provide you with privacy and smooth to move easily to the sides, especially for a silky navy shower curtain.

14. Black and Gold Shower Curtains

black and gold shower curtain

Black and gold colors fit each other perfectly to produce an elegant design. Likewise, shower curtains in black and gold are next-level luxurious designs for your bathroom.

Mostly they consist of black color and gold patches, or a quote or a logo printed on it. Some consist of three colors; black, gold and white. These colors are mingled creatively to produce a fancy look.

However, my favorite is the plain black with a print of a queen’s crown and the words QUEEN written under it. It empowers any woman and makes her feel like a queen. This is an amazing feeling.

15. Turquoise Shower Curtain

Turquoise shower curtains
Source: amazon

“The turquoise” is slang for the water of the Caribbean. In fact, the turquoise color looks like ocean water.

A turquoise curtain is perfect for a bathroom not only because of the water blue color but because it’s a calming, friendly, tranquil, and soothing color. This means with a Turquoise color shower curtain providing you privacy, you’ll feel calm and relaxed in your bathtub.

Plus, the color combined with some materials like microfiber or silk produces a perfect curtain for a bathroom. A curtain that is not transparent nor very thin.

The turquoise color on the shower curtain brings the image of a large amount of water. This is perfect a bathtub curtain. It’ll trigger peaceful bathtub memories and get you to take a bath.

Final Words on the Colorful Shower Curtains

Curtains in the shower are more functional than you may think. Apart from providing privacy to the user, they prevent slashes from spilling outside. And most importantly, they are decorative items.

It’s for this reason that you need to consider having a colorful shower curtain rather than something generic. Make your bathroom or bathtub area by selecting one of the above 21 unique shower curtains.

Whatever curtain idea you choose, make sure you hang it at a considerable height below the ceiling. As a general rule, you need it to be close to the ceiling and close to the flow.

Whether you landed on this page for mere informational research or you’re actually looking for a shower curtain, I wish you all the best!


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