15 Comfortable Hanging Pod Chairs for Outdoor & Indoor Space

Sometimes we all need a chair that offers more comfort and relaxation than the living room or dining room chairs. A hanging pod chair can be a great option to achieve something beyond ordinary comfort.

Hanging pod chairs can be placed inside the house or out in the backyard. The ability to swing at particular angles brings relaxed mood everyone needs after a long day or a heavy meal.

These hanging pod chairs come in different designs and are made of different materials. You’ll find some made of wood, cotton, steel, plastic, weaved with sticks, or made of leather hanging pod chairs.

In short, these 21 comfortable hanging pod chairs are grouped depending on the following features:







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What is the Best Hanging Pod Chair for Outdoor and Indoor spaces?

Here is the list of 21 best hanging pod chairs made of different materials and of different sizes to help you decide what’s best for you.

1. Leather hanging pod chair

leather hanging chair
Source: veranda.com

I wanted to start with a hanging egg made of leather. Having soft leather in both the cushions and the whole chair, this one-person hanging pod chair is one of the most comfortable designs on the list.

The leather-hanging pod chair with only one string or chain hanging from the ceiling is one of my favorite egg chairs. It allows one to rotate 360 degrees which is perfect for relaxation.

Since the leather hanging pod chair does not have airspaces, it’s cannot be suitable for outdoor space. It’s a perfect fit for indoor spaces and the winter season or in cold regions like Canada.

You can find these leather hanging pod chairs in different sizes. The size ranges from extra-extra small to extra-extra-large. This means you’ll still find the best leather egg chair for body weight.

2. Hanging Rattan Chair

rattan hanging chair

The second best hanging pod chair is the hanging rattan chair. It’s a chair made from the thin jointed stems of a palm plant used to weave some baskets and make furniture.

These chairs have airspaces that allow fresh air to pass through. This makes the hanging rattan chairs suitable for outdoor space.

Since rattan hanging chairs are made of sticks, they can be hard to sit on. This is why these hanging chairs come with very comfortable cushions.

3. Hanging Pod Chair with Stand

hanging chair with stand

Wait, what? A hanging pod chair with a stand? Will that still be hanging pod chair? The answer is a big YES!

The hanging pod chair with a stand is a special chair that can be put almost anywhere thanks to the special stands. Instead of hanging the chair from the ceiling, you will carry the chair and put it anywhere you want.

The stand is made of steel and has supporting steel that extends high up. It is this steel that will hold a hanging string or chain tied to it and the pod chair. And you’ll still be able to rotate 360 degrees.

You can put it in your bedroom, in the backyard or beside the swimming pool. As such, you don’t have to find separate hanging chairs for different places.

4. Hanging Pod Chair without Stand

hanging chair tied to the ceiling

The other amazing hanging chair you can give a try is the one without a stand. This is an ideal hanging pod chair with great resemblance to the traditional hanging chair.

It consists of a round, oval, or bean-shaped chair and a rope or string. All you have to do is tie one end of the rope to the chair and hang the other end to the tree branch in your backyard or tie it to the ceiling.

This is one of the best patio hanging chairs. You can hang it on the porch ceiling or a big tree in the garden.

5. Hammock Swing

A hammock is a simple and comfortable chair that you can create yourself using some strings, strong cotton cloth, and optionally some wood. It’s such a simple yet remarkable DIY project idea.

You can also find a hammock hanging chair on Amazon and other online stores. It’s one of the cheapest hanging chairs.

A hammock swing is best for outdoor space. You can tie it to two poles on the backyard verandah, to trees in the garden, or to the roof poles on the porch.

6. 2-Person Wicker Swing Chair with Stand

hanging chair with stand

The next comfortable hanging chair is also the product of the palm plant. And it can accommodate two grownups or you can sleep on it if you’re alone.

The airspaces in the chair allow fresh air to circulate. This offers you enough relaxation.

In terms of comfort, the wicker swing chair comes with a very comfortable mattress and cushions. You’ll sit on the soft and tender cushions and mattress which will ensure enough rest.

The chair also comes with a stand that you can use to mount anywhere you want as long as it’s flat enough. You can place it in your bedroom, on the porch, or even in the garden.

7. Steel Outdoor Patio Swing Chair

This hanging chair idea is unique, and cannot necessarily be categorized as a “pod” chair. It’s a steel outdoor patio swing chair.

With his swing chair, you can swing at approximately 180 degrees backward and forward combined. This way, you’ll be able to relax or work on it.

From the title, you can figure out that the chair is made of steel which means it is long-lasting and it’s made for outdoor space. It’s strong and can handle up to 200kg of weight.

The chair also comes with an adjustable canopy which can provide you with cover from the sun. And it also protects the cushions from the sun ensuring that they last for a long time.

8. Wicker Hanging Chair

wicker hanging chair on the verandah

Similar to the rattan hanging chair, a wicker hanging chair is made from willow, rattan, reed, bamboo, vines, grasses, or other flexible plants. It’s a woven hanging chair that has comfortable cushions. It can have a stand or ropes to tie to a tree or poles of the ceiling.

Wicker furniture making is a very old concept and it’s in use currently. And you can either do the wicker hanging chair yourself as a DIY project or you can find various designs of wicker hanging chairs in most online shops like Amazon.

9. Contemporary Hanging Egg Chair

contemporary hanging chair

A contemporary egg chair is a new design that takes the model of a traditional wicker hanging chair. It’s got the shape of an egg and has open space inside with cushions around it.

Of course, there is some contemporary egg chair that does not hang from a ceiling. They have a stand the around someone to spin 360 degrees. That’s another thing.

I’m talking about an egg chair that has a string that you can tie from the ceiling. It’s suitable for indoor space, but you can still install it on the porch of your backyard.

10. Bedroom hanging pod chair

Almost all hanging chairs can be used in the bedroom. But some designs of the hanging pod chairs suit outdoors more than indoors.

For example, the wicker egg chairs with lots of airspaces are best for outdoor space. But you can use them indoors if you tally them with the colors of other interior materials.

The leather hanging chair and contemporary hanging chair are the best bedroom hanging pod chairs because they provide warmth and elegance like indoor furniture.

11. Teardrop Hanging Pod Chair

teardrop hanging chair

The other insane design of the hanging chairs is the teardrop. It looks like a drop of water (tears) coming from the ceiling or a tree branch.

I like this design because of its aesthetic appeal and shows creativity. And I like it for the fact that you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

The teardrop hanging chairs are of different materials. You’ll find rattan teardrop hanging chairs, teardrop leather hanging chairs, teardrop-with-stand chairs and teardrop peacock hanging chairs, and more.

12. Peacock Hanging Chair

Hanging chair with peacock design back
Source: pinterest.com

A peacock hanging char is also one of the best hanging pod chairs. The backside takes the shape of the beautiful train of a peacock.

It’s the work of creation. In terms of comfortability, this depends on the material and the cushions available. The peacock hanging chairs that are made of rattan, bamboo, steel, or plastic need large soft cushions to bring relaxing comfort.

The hanging chair design can fit both indoor and outdoor spaces. So, go ahead and grab one from Amazon and hang it on the porch facing the garden, in the garden, or your bedroom.

13. Bird’s Nest Basket Swing

Bird Nest Hanging chair
Source: Aliexpress

Imagine having a large beautiful nest in your backyard! Can it be funny for you and the kids? Can it be best for your meditation and relaxation?

The bird’s nest swing is a wonderful hanging chair design. It consists of a nest-like chair made of bamboo, reeds, rattan, or some grass plants and a hanging string with some hooks.

Some of the nest swings are very big that they can accommodate a couple of kids or up to four adults. You can install it in the backyard for the kids or for yourself to relax.

If you purchase it from Alibaba, it comes with a large round mattress and some through pillows. And it’s got stands below the nest if you don’t want them hanged. You can install it upright and without necessarily hanging it.

14. Macramé Hanging Pod Chair

Macrame hanging chair

The next wonderful hanging chair is something you can make at home. It’s the macramé netted hanging chair that supports up to 265-pound capacity.

The chair consists of a round ring, a netted macramé linen that covers the circle, and four strings or ropes that support the chair (or some hang). Its materials weigh around 8 pounds which makes it very portable and easy to hang.

It is the best for both kids and adults. As such, it can be a great addition to your indoor or outdoor space. You can hang it on the terrace, balcony, patio, deck, garden, and even bedroom.

This macramé hanging chair will offer you wonderful relaxation and comfort in your outdoor space. With the net spaces, you’re assured of getting relaxing fresh air.

15. Garden Egg Hanging Chair

A garden egg chair is one that takes the same shape as an egg and can be used in your garden. There are hanging egg chairs and “non-hanging garden egg chairs.”

For the sake of this post, I will stick to the hanging garden egg chair. These are chairs that either have stands and a chair hanging from the steel connected to the stand or have stings and chairs that you can use to hang to the tree in your garden.

Don’t get fooled by the word “garden”! The garden egg-hanging chair can be used both outdoors and indoors.

You can hang it on the ceiling on the porch, on the tree in the garden, or the ceiling of the kids’ bedroom. With the netted style, you and your kids will be assured of getting the best fresh air especially if installed in the garden or on the porch facing the garden.

16. Bean Swing Chair

Weaved bean hanging chair
Source: modern-interiors.net

A bean-hanging pod chair is one with an inside-curving front part and an out-curving back. It takes the shape of a leguminous bean.

Some bean swing chairs are more like egg swing chairs having the door almost closed. Then there is the lucky bean-hanging chair that has a wide open entrance that looks like a crescent moon.

It’s a perfect idea for an outdoor person. It provides enough comfort thanks to its cushions and enough fresh air courtesy of the spacious nets.

You can find wicker bean swings, plastic bean hanging chairs, steel bean swings, and even contemporary bean hanging chairs.

FAQs about Hanging Pod Chairs?

Here are the frequently asked questions about hanging pod chairs:

Why are Egg Chairs so Relaxing?

Egg Chairs provide wonderful relaxation because of the cushions that are put in them and most importantly you can sit in any pose you want and can put them whosesoever you want.

This is perfect since people like to sit in different ways to relax. And the swinging of the chairs also brings a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Can You Hang an Egg Chair from the Ceiling?

To hang an egg chair from the ceiling, you need to find strong support above the ceiling. Or you can find it under the ceiling if you have visible ceiling support. You need support that will support the suggested weight.

Then you need to tie or fix the chain or rope to the support beam and the chair. Test the string by sitting on the chair.

Caution: Don’t allow kids to start playing on the hanging chair without a proper check by an adult or a professional.

Can Hanging Chairs Damage Ceiling?

If you don’t choose a strong support beam, you’ll end up destroying your ceiling. Instead of just attaching the chair to the ceiling, you need to identify a strong anchor failing which you’ll fall and destroy both the ceiling and the chair, or even get injured.

Final Words on the Best Hanging Pod Chairs

A hanging chair is a wonderful addition to your interior and outdoor space. It can bring the relaxation that you often lack.

If you were looking for the best hanging chair, this post has presented you with 16 of them for you to choose from.

All the best!

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