18 Cowgirl Outfit Ideas That Look Wow!

If you’re looking to add some Western charm to your wardrobe, cowgirl outfits are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Study the 18 cowgirl outfit ideas below, you’ll thank me later.

Cowgirl outfits are one of the most stylish and timeless clothes right now. And the best part is that they look exceptionally well for all age groups, from little kids, teenagers, and women in their twenties and thirties to those in their forties and older.

What is a Cowgirl Fashion Style?

This is a western-style fashion ensemble that typically includes a combination of denim, plaid, leather, and cowboy boots. Cowgirl outfits are inspired by the attire worn by cowgirls, the female equivalent of cowboys who worked on ranches in the American West.

Who is the Famous Cowgirl?

There have been many famous cowgirls throughout history, but one of the most well-known is likely Annie Oakley. Born in 1860, Annie Oakley was an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter and she was one of the characters who starred in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show in the late 1800s.

Despite being a strong advocate for women’s rights, Oakley was known for her expert marksmanship and became famous for her ability to shoot targets while performing various stunts, such as shooting while standing on horseback or while looking in a mirror.

What Should I Wear as a Cowgirl?

If you’re looking to dress up as a cowgirl, there are a few key items that you should consider including in your outfit –obviously that’s the purpose of this post. However, here are some items that should never be missing in the wardrobe of a cowgirl.

  • Denim jeans
  •  Hats
  • Cowgirl boots
  • · Cowgirl belts
  • Plaid shirts
  •  Jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings

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Cowgirl Outfit Ideas to Try This Weekend

Here are the best country cowgirl outfits combo you might want to try.

1. Denim Shorts, Plaid Shirt, Cowboy Boots + Cowboy Hat

Denim Shorts, Plaid Shirt, Cowboy Boots_one of cowgirl outfit ideas

This outfit is typical cowgirl style. If you’ve read my other post on Nashville Bachelorette outfits, you know that this combo is a bomb.

You can style the plaid or flannel shirt in a number of ways. You can wear it unbuttoned, you can wear it as a cropped shirt or you can tie it around your waist –especially when it’s scorching hot.

As for the boots, you can go with the ones with some fringe or the regular cowboy boots. These boots, when worn with a pair of denim shorts, will make you look more like a baddie cowgirl.

2. High-Waisted Jeans, Western-Style Blouse, Leather Boots + a Felt Hat

High-Waisted Jeans, Western-Style Blouse, Leather Boots + a Felt Hat

Another great cowgirl outfit idea is the high-waisted jeans worn with a Western blouse, leather boots, and a felt hat.  

Depending on your style, you can wear flare high-waisted jeans. However, cotton or denim non-flare jeans will work great, especially with the boots as you can tuck the trousers into the boots.

The combination of the leather boots and felt hat brings out the real classic cowgirl look. As if that’s not all, a Western style blouse completes this baddie outfit with a felt hat.

3. Fringe Suede Skirt, Graphic T-Shirt + Cowgirl Boots

Fringe Suede Skirt, Graphic T-Shirt + Cowgirl Boots

This is another awesome cowgirl country outfit. FYI: a fringe skirt consists of some hanging fabric along the helm or above the helm. The look that this skirt creates is typical of cowgirl style.

You can wear the skirt with a vintage graphic T-shirt or a regular one. If you go for a brown fringe skin, you’ll need to get a white graphic tee.

As for the boots and leather jackets, you can match the boots with a skirt. Or if you want to create a balance of colors, you can match boots with the fringe jacket and wear a skirt in a different color.

4. Denim Jacket, White Tank Top, Denim Shorts, + Straw Cowboy Hat

Country or not, I love the match of denim jeans and jackets. And I bet you’ll love this idea too.

Wearing a denim jacket and denim shorts with some knee-high cowboy boots is such an amazing combination. To create that baddie cowgirl look, wear the jean jacket unbuttoned to expose the white tank. And of course, you can try a cropped tank.

You can complement this outfit with a cool cowboy hat and some Turquoise jewelry. If you don’t want to wear jewelry, you can just wear the bandana around your neck.

5. Flared Jeans, White Blouse, Suede Vest + Cowboy Boots

If you’re an urban girl and you’re new to country outfits, you may be saying, “Flare, hell nah!” However, flare jeans are kind of a big deal among cowgirls.

You can try this idea out with a white blouse, suede vest, and some cowboy boots. FYI: A suede vest is a sleeveless garment made from suede leather. It can be worn as a fashion accessory or as a functional piece of clothing for outdoor activities such as hiking or horseback riding.

And what can be a better pair of shoes to complete a cowgirl outfit than cowboy boots? You can tuck the flare in or leave it flare around.

6. Lace Dress, Denim Jacket, Ankle Boots + Wide-Brimmed Hat

Because of how cowgirl style is portrayed in the Media, you may be left under the impression that dresses are not part of this style.

The truth is that there is a couple of dresses that you can wear as a cowgirl. A lace dress is just one of them that looks really fascinating especially when you pair it with a denim jacket and ankle boots.

If you go for a V-neck lace dress, you’ll be able to wear some jewelry like a Turquoise necklace and earrings.

7. High-Waisted Leather Pants, a Cowboy-Style Shirt + Knee-High Boots

Again, trousers and shorts are popular among modern cowgirls because of how the style is portrayed in the media. At the same time, they’re comfortable to wear when doing work at the ranch or riding horses.

And of course, by now you know I’m a diehard of leather outfits. Leather is such a luxurious material. With this idea, you need to wear high-waisted leather pants with a cowboy t-shirt and knee-high boots.

If you’ve never tried this idea before, you should try it this weekend. You’ll impress onlookers as well as your crushes.

8. Plaid Skirt, White T-Shirt, Denim Jacket + Cowboy Boots

Plaid skirts or flannel skirts are another popular choices among cowgirls. This idea involves wearing a short plaid skirt, a white t-shirt, and cowboy boots.

The plaid skirt can be in any color, but the brown plaid skirt would match better with brown boots. However, black and white or red plaid skirts still look good –especially with a white T-shirt.

To complete this outfit, put on a cool denim jacket over the white tee. Whenever it’s hot, you’ll just tie the jacket around your waist and continue enjoying your life while looking gorgeous.

9. Leather Skirt, White Blouse, Cowboy Boots + A Cowboy Hat

Leather outfits –especially brown ones, are common in the country because they resemble animal hides. And brown goes really well with white.

As such, you should try to wear a brown leather skirt and a white blouse. The skirt can have some fringes and the blouse can be of any design.

And yeah, to finish up this cute outfit, you should put on a cowboy hat. It can be the one with a wide brim or a regular cowboy hat.

10.  Denim Overalls + Ankle Boots

This is another cute cowgirl outfit idea. It involves wearing ankle-high boots and some denim overalls.

Of course, you can wear a white T-shirt under the overalls or a white sweater. Apart from the boots, you can also wear a bandana as a scarf and a cowboy hat to complete the outfit.

11. Floral Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket +  Cowboy Boots

If you’re more of a floral girl, you should get a midi floral dress. It’s so typical of the country outfit style.

You can wear the dress with some knee-high boots or ankle boots. The jean top over a cute floral and some country earrings or necklace will be perfect for a cowgirl.

12. High-Waisted Shorts, White Blouse, Leather Boots + A Wide-Brimmed Hat

Again, shorts are such a go-to outfit for baddie country girls because they feel comfortable walking, working, and horse-riding in them. And the combination of leather boots and high-waisted shorts is what you really want if you want to stand out from the multitude.

13. Skinny Jeans, Plaid Shirt, Cowboy Boots + A Felt Hat

Skinny jeans are ideal for a cowgirl as the trousers can be tucked into the boots. Besides, they are also comfortable –especially if you found denim or cotton jeans.

And yes, you can wear the skinnies with a plaid or flannel shirt and tuck in as well. You can wear it unbuttoned over a tee or buttoned, tucked in, and tied with a leather cowboy belt.

14. Suede Skirt, Off-The-Shoulder Blouse + Ankle Boots

Suede is a luxurious leather material that is used to create cowgirl skirts, belts, and jackets. With this idea, you go for a Suede skirt –preferably brown, an off-shoulder blouse, and some ankle boots.

This outfit can be worn for a farm picnic, a dinner at the farm or other farm off-ground events. Otherwise, it’s not ideal for horse-riding or manual work.

15. Fringe Jacket, Graphic T-Shirt, High- Waisted Jeans, and Cowgirl Boots

This is self-explanatory. You wear a typical country jacket with some fringe over a t-shirt and high-waisted jeans paired with cowgirl boots.

The jeans can be made of cotton or denim. Otherwise, stay away from the hard jeans. They’re uncomfortable as hell.

16.  Disco cowgirl outfit ideas

If you’re going to a country disco or any disco but you’re going for the cowgirl style, you should wear a shiny metallic fringe jacket, a sparkly sequined cowgirl hat, high-waisted flared pants with a sequin belt, and silver or gold cowboy boots.

And of course, you can add some accessories. Accessorize with big hoop earrings, a glittery clutch purse, and a scarf tied around the neck. Add some retro-inspired makeup with bold lips and winged eyeliner to complete the look.

17.  Plus size cowgirl outfit ideas

Cowgirl outfits are for everyone regardless of whether you wear extra small or extra large. For a plus-size cowgirl outfit, start with a comfortable pair of high-waisted bootcut jeans and a fitted plaid shirt.

Add a suede or leather vest for warmth and style, and top it off with a wide-brimmed felt hat. For footwear, choose a pair of sturdy and comfortable boots with low heels, such as riding boots or ankle boots.

18.  Black cowgirl outfit ideas

Usually, the cowgirl outfit ideas discussed in this post will work for every girl regardless of whether you’re a black cowgirl, a blonde cowgirl, or a white cowgirl. However, if you want something specific to black cowgirls, you can try the following ideas.

Wear a black leather skirt and boots, a white t-shirt, and a fringe jacket over the tee if you’re a light-skinned baddie black girl.

If this is not ideal for you, you can go for a match of denim shorts or a short skirt and denim jacket. You can then wear the outfit with some combat boots and a felt hat. Otherwise, most of the above ideas should work like a charm.

FAQs on cowgirl outfit ideas

Do Cowgirls Wear Jeans?

Yes, cowgirls are so much into jeans. The denim jeans and cotton jeans are perfect for these country girls as they don’t cause discomfort when walking or riding a horse.

What Accessories Do Cowgirls Have?

As mentioned in the intro questions, cowgirls are really into jewelry. The most common types of jewelry accessories are necklaces, bracelets, and earrings most made from Turquoise.

FYI: Turquoise is a blue-green mineral that has been used in jewelry and decorative items for thousands of years. In Western culture, turquoise has long been associated with the American Southwest and is often used in Native American jewelry.

What to Wear to a Hoedown Party?

This party started around the 1800s in America when the farmers would take a pause from farm work and go to a party. In terms of how to work this community music and dance, you need to get a pair of comfortable denim jeans, a cowgirl jacket with some cool fringe, and boots with some fringe as well. Don’t forget to complete the outfit with a cowboy hat and some turquoise jewelry.

How Does a Cowgirl Wear a Bandana?

You may use bandanas as only headbands, but cowgirls put them to multiple uses. Apart from using them as headbands, the bandanas are also used as neckties, scarves, bracelets, and pony folders.

Final Words on cowgirl outfit ideas

If you’ve never tried cowgirl aesthetics, you should go ahead and try one of the above ideas that you like the most. You can wear them to a country concert or to a ranch for horse riding, a picnic, or an on-farm dinner.

Additionally, you can still wear cowgirl outfits even if you’re not going to a farm. People wear it to Nashville Bachelorette parties or to a club.

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck,


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