30 Cute Nails for Every Season and Event

Having cute nails in a girl’s fingers is –without a no doubt –one of the marks of beauty and elegant character. A girl who takes her time to select the best and cute nails that will go well with her outfit and occasion demonstrates that she’s more than ordinary.

It shows that she is more caring and organized. The logic is simple: if you can take care of yourself, you’ll easily care for those surrounding you too. 

However, nails that are considered cute in summer may not be cute in fall. Likewise, what you consider cute nails during Christmas may not be cute for Valentine’s Day.

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This is why I’ve put together over 25 cute nail ideas for different seasons, holidays, and special events.

Cute Nails By Season

Here are cute nails that you can wear in the different seasons of the year.

1.   Brown Fall Nails

Cute brown nails for fall
Source: amazon

Orange, red, yellow, and brown are some of the colors associated with this leaf-color-changing and leaf-falling season. Of these colors, brown is one of the most common ones for obvious reasons. The vegetation looks more brownish during fall.

What does that have to do with cute nails? You ask. Well, it’s got everything to do with it.

Brown nails, nails in brown shades, are considered very cute in fall. You can wear your nails in brown and never feel intimated or anxious that the color may be crushing with the vegetation.

2.   Blue Summer Nails

short cute nails
Source: amazon

What can be cuter in summer than nails in shades of pool water? Blue summer nails are one of the cute nails in this go-for-a-swim season.

If you don’t like the popping blue in your nails, you can choose the variants of blue color. Or you can go for nails that have blue stripes or marks complemented by other colors like pink and orange.

So, if you’re going for press-on nails, choose the ones under the blue color pallet for summer. Or you need to choose blue nail polish if you don’t want press-on nails.

Of course, the color of your nails will essentially depend on the outfit you plan to wear. As a general rule of thumb, your nails need to complement the color of your outfit.

3.   Winter Nails

winter nails
Source: amazon

Falling snow and freezing weather are winter memories in most countries. It’s not surprising that you can find nail designs and decorations depicting these aspects of winter.

If you’re looking for solid-colored winter nails, white nails will be great for you. However, if you’re okay with mixed nails in mixed colors, try white and silver nails. There are one of my favorites because of their classiness and elegance.

You can also select the ones with falling snow decorations on them. These nails look great especially if it’s a pale pink shade with white snow or black with white snow.

4.   Spring Nails

Spring Nails
Source: amazon

In the beauty world, spring is associated with trendy, bright, and DIY ideas. I’m not going to invent the wheel, but I’ll just echo behind it.

In spring, the multicolored nails tend to be cuter than the solid-colored ones. As such, I recommend decorating your nails with geo-prints, animal prints, metallic dots, pride stripes, or slanted French tips.

You can get press-on nails with these decorations and rock them. Or you can use nail art stickers on your natural nails or solid-color press-on nails. And you’ll still rock it. 

Common Cute Nail Designs

Again, cuteness is defined by the different features of different people. To some, nails must have a great shape to be counted as cute. For that reason, let’s see common types of nail designs that are considered cute.

5.   Coffin Nails

coffin nails
Source: amazon

A coffin design has flat tips and a narrow tip area. It resembles a coffin.

The coffin nails are cute if they’re at least an inch long. And the well-decorated coffin nails are even cuter than the ones with a solid color.

6.   Press-on Nails

cute press on nails

These are artificial nails that you can install on your fingers and ready to go. They’re a great option because they make it possible for anyone to have nails instantly.

To make matters even better, press-on nails do not damage natural nails. And you can polish or use decorative nail art stickers on them.

7.   Stiletto Nails

Stiletto cute nails
Source: amazon

This is another interesting nail design. These are long nails that have a pointed tip like a pencil.

As you can see, they look gorgeous especially when combined with some decorations. My favorite stiletto nail design is one in pink with some glitter on it.

8.   Lipstick Nails

The next cute design is the lipstick nail. They look like the tips of lipstick having one side of the tip higher than the other.

In fact, when you wear pink or red lipstick nails, your fingers look like the pink or red lipstick tip. There are great –especially if they’re long press-on nails.

9.   Squoval Nails

Squoval nails combine both the square and oval look together. They look like round nails except they are not completely round.

They are not only cute but they’re also very popular. You can style your natural nails in a squoval shape or you can buy the squoval-shaped press-on nails.

You’ll look particularly great if you style the short natural nails in this shape. And if you choose short press-on nails, they’ll look gorgeous on your fingers.

10. Oval nails

Instead of ending in a completely round shape, the oval nails have tips that end in an elongated semi-circle. This oval shape in their tips makes them one of the cutest nail designs.

Just like the squoval nail, the oval nails look beautiful when they’re short. Whether they are press-on or natural ones, oval nails need to be short.

11. Long tapered square nails

Square is a popular design for long press-on nails. However, square nails are slightly different from tapered square nails.

The nails that have flat tips and maintain the same width from finger to tip are called square nails. On the contrary, the tapered square nails are those with flat tips and are narrower at the tip than at the finger edge.

The long tapered square nails are the ones that I would consider cute. Of course, this depends on your test. The square ones also look good for some people.

Nails by Events or Occasion

Let’s look at nails that you can wear for different occasions and events.

12. Red and Green Christmas Nails

Red and green christmas
Source: amazon

When I hear Christmas, I can’t help but think of three colors; white, red, and green. You know red for Father Christmas, white for snow, and green for the Christmas tree.

Honestly, red and green nails are very popular during Christmas. You can wear them together or separately.  Either way, they look very cute. If Christmas is in winter where you’re, you can also wear white, or white and gold Christmas nails.

13. Red Valentine Nails

The heart is red. So, why do you get some cute red nails to express your love for the special one?

The valentine’s nails are cute for a romantic date, Valentine’s Day, and honeymoon. You can wear pure red nails or red nails with some glitter or stickers.

And to make matters better, you can find red valentine’s nails in any design. There are valentine’s nails in designs like coffin, square, oval, squoval, or round.

14. Black Halloween Nails

Black Halloween Nails
Source: amazon

Are you looking for nails to wear in October? Well, the black Halloween nails are the best.

If you don’t want the Halloween nails in black color, you can as some Halloween nail stickers like the Disney villain stickers. Or you can have nails in other colors and add the Halloween stickers.

Of course, the Halloween nails are not only meant for October –though they are popular in fall and October. The Halloween-inspired nails can be worn whenever you want as long as it’s occasion-appropriate.

15. Prom Nails

Prom Nail Ideas
Source: amazon

The question that I see a lot is “what nail color is perfect for prom?”

As a general rule of thumb, you need cream, nude, neutral, or white nails for prom. The neutral ones are the best for they crush most outfit colors.

If you want nails that are not neutral, you need to select colors that will complement the color of your outfit.  

16. Honeymoon nails

Similar to Valentine’s Day, the honeymoon is a special day that is full of love and needs love-rich colors. Red, pink, and white are the colors you should be thinking of when it comes to the selection of honeymoon nails.

You can also go for neutral-colored nails if you don’t want popping colors. And the best part is that you can experiment with a minimalist look instead of the longest nails.

17. Graduation nails

Graduation is another special day that will always be remembered. Therefore, it needs a manicure that will stand out without causing any drama with the colors of your outfit.

Since graduation gowns differ from one institution to another, you can follow the above and still rock it. Or you can opt for nails in neutral colors.

This does not mine you can’t use your creativity to get more customized nails. You can have white nails and use different stickers like the year and the class to achieve customized graduation nails.

Solid Color Nails

Again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Maybe to you, cute nails to you are the ones with solid colors. Here are a few solid color ideas.

18. Pink Nails

Pink is a romantic color. As such, the nails in the pink color palette are appropriate for romantic events.

Feel free to put on pink nails when going for a romantic dinner, Valentine’s Day party, wedding adversary, or honeymoon.

19. Red Nails

Similar to Pink, Red is also a love color. However, unlike pink, red is stronger.

As such, there are suitable for days that you’re planning to meet your handsome. Days like special romantic dinners –not just a mere party and honeymoon. They’re perfect for wearing red nails.

FYI: red nails are proper for Christmas. I won’t get into the details of its symbolism though.

20. White Nails

W for winter and white, lol. Seriously, white nails are perfect for winter and Christmas.

What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas? No matter how long your response may be, you’ll still mention “snow” if you’re in the northern hemisphere.

This is what makes the white nails proper for Christmas. Of course, you can add some decorative like embodiments or stickers to make them better than plain white.

21.  Yellow coffin nails

Is it fall already where you’re? If so, you can paint your nails yellow or get yellow nails for a cool fall manicure.

The falling of leaves, brown and yellow are common in fall. As such, yellow coffin nails and add stickers of leaves will be great and stylish in this season.

Of course, you need to pay attention to the outfits you wear with the yellow nails. Yellow easily starts a fight with other colors. The yellow match is what I would recommend.

22.  Turquoise nails

Turquoise nails with some sparkling glitters are another hell of cute nails. Nails in this color look really great –especially the long turquoise coffin nails.

Decorations for Nails

Finally, let’s discover various cute decorations for nails or cute decorated nail ideas. Instead of repetitively describing how each of the nails below can be decorated, I will insert some photos as the picture is worth a thousand words.

23. Pink And Purple Nails

Pink and purple nails
Source: amazon

24.  White Nails With Gold

white with gold cute nails
Source: Pinterest

25. Hot Pink Nails With Diamonds

Hot Pink with Diamond
Source: amazon

26.  Purple French Tip Nails

Purple French Tip Nails
Source: amazon

27. Acrylic Nails With White Tips

Acrylic Nails With White Tips
Source: amazon

28.  Acrylic Red Nails

Red Acrylic nails

29. Navy Blue Nails

navy blue manicure
Source: amazon

30.   Neon Yellow Nails

yellow manicure
Source: amazon

Final Thoughts on Cute Nails

Nails add beauty and character to any girl. However, when it comes to deciding on cute nails, it’s a bit challenging even for BGs out there.

I strongly believe that selecting press-on nails, nail shades, nail stickers or nail polishers that will look cute on you should never be challenging.

You only need to understand the occasion, your skin undertone, and the seasons. Again, what consider cute nails to a girl with a brown undertone may not be cute to another. Likewise, nails that are popular and cute in summer won’t be in winter or fall.

It’s for this reason that I keep on stressing the need of knowing your skin’s undertone, season, trends, and occasions.

And this is why I assembled 30 cute nail ideas categorized by season, occasion, and colors to help you find what’s considered cute in your eyes.

Nails will make you look beautiful and boost your confidence. However, if you don’t know to take care of yourself as a woman, you’ll still have low self-esteem. Discover 18 beauty tips every girl should know about.

As always, whether you were only researching or were actually looking for cute nails, I hope you’ve found what you were after.

All the best!


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