23 Cutest baddie aesthetic rooms with LED lights

Living, studying, or working at home needs to be relaxing and exciting. However, this is nearly impossible if your room is not well-lit.

A room can be structurally cute, hygienically clean, and well-put in its décor, but if the lighting is really off, it can still look like a room in a haunted mansion. If you only depend on the overhead bulb to light up the entire room, I guarantee your room looks boring.


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However, it does not have to be like this. You can change the aesthetics of your room with just some affordable lights.

With just a few LED lights, your living room, home office, or bedroom will look phenomenal. Study carefully these 25 cutest baddie aesthetic rooms with LED lights and find the idea(s) that would work best for your room.

How Do You Make a Room Look Like a Baddie?

For any room to look fascinating like a baddie, you need to add elements that will make the look comfortable and exciting. Start by removing anything that does not need to be in the room. Then bring a couple of silky-covered pillows, mirrors, and wall art and place the bed or furniture on faux fur rugs.

If you’ve done all these and your room still looks lacking, it’s totally understandable. This is because you haven’t lit it up. Add candles, neon lamps, or accent lights, and finish up with LED lights on the edges of furniture and on the ceiling.

Cool Baddie aesthetic rooms with led lights

Here are the coolest and cutest baddie aesthetic rooms with LED lights to spark some inspiration in your mind.

1. Purple LED Lights for Baddie’s Bedroom

Purple Baddie's Room _one of the cutest  baddie aesthetic rooms with LED lights

Purple LED lights are one of the best colors for a room of a baddie. In case you didn’t know: purple lighting improves blood circulation, enhances healing, and reduces inflammation by reducing the amount of toxin in the blood.

It’s also a perfect choice for a home office for it helps you stay awake. Of course, this means it’s not great lighting for a good night’s sleep.

However, you can overcome the issue of turning different lighting bulbs when you want to do different tasks by purchasing multi-color remote-controlled lights. This means you’ll be switching from purple to red or amber lighting if you want to sleep.

2. String Lights for a Baddie Room

Strings of LED lights in the ceiling

The next cute baddie aesthetic room is the one with string lights. As the name suggests, these are lights that are arranged in a line.

The best part about the string lights is that you can use them indoors as well as in outdoor spaces. You can hang them along the porch ceiling, or along the edges of any patio structure.

And you can also use strings of lights to increase the aesthetic of a bedroom. However, instead of choosing the light strings with large bulbs, select the indoor light stings. They look like creeping plants with tiny flowers.

3. Enlighten TV and Computer wall with LED Lights

Behind computer led lighting

The behind-screen LED lights are another popular lighting option for a baddie aesthetic room. Unsurprisingly, there are tons of LED lights that can be used behind a home office desktop or TV.

You can use GHome Smart TV LED Backlights to change your living room for the better. These backlights are placed behind a TV screen and they only emit a sweet glow of LED light behind the screen.

Obviously, you can also use these backlights behind a home office computer. GHome Smart TV LED backlights come at a cost of around $11, but they’re phenomenal. They can be controlled remotely using a mobile phone app, remote control, and voice command.

4. Highlight Shelves with LED Lights

Led Lights behind a shelf

Another way to achieve baddie aesthetics in any interior room is by highlighting shelves with LED lights. This idea can be applied in the living room, bedroom as well as home office.

Do you have a bookshelf or a decorative shelf in your home office? Install Led strip lights under the shelves to beautify your room with the cute glow of LED lights.

You can do the same with the shelves in your cabinet or living room shelves. Of course, this is also extremely useful for a YouTube studio which can be your bedroom or a home office.

5. Experiment with Different Pendant Lights

pendant lights for a bedroom

Do you want to transform your dining room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room into a spectacular baddie room? You should try installing pendant LED fixtures and lights.

FYI: pendant lights are those that hang from the ceiling like chandeliers. However, you shouldn’t go for ordinary hanging bulbs. Instead, find LED pendant fixtures that will add an extra taste of elegance.

Find a smart LED pendant fixture that has an interesting shape and hang it in the living room, dining room, or wherever you want. Note: this idea is ideal for a room with very a high ceiling for most of these pendant Led fixtures have long hanging supports.

6. Decorate with LED Candles

led candles in bedroom

Another cute baddie aesthetic room idea is to use LED candles. These are electronic versions of candle lights that consist of candle-like shapes and glow.

LED candles can be placed in a bedroom to create a positive feeling and bring positive energy to the room. You can also use them to create romantic scenery in the bedroom.

Of course LED candles, just like the normal ones, can be placed in the dining room, bathroom, or home office like a Youtube studio.

7. Add Cool Studying Lamp

led table lamp in a baddie room

Whether you’re a student or a young millennial, reading is something that you can never live without. So it only makes sense that you include a cool studying lamp over the table.

Since some LED lights are not suitable for lights, choose Led lights or lamps that will be able to produce cool white or amber light. If you can’t find it, go for a sleek table o wall lamp that can produce the amber lighter.

These two lights are ideal because they don’t disrupt our hormonal system. In other words, you’ll be able to concentrate when studying.

8. Use cool LED Chandeliers

Led chandeliers in bedroom

Gosh! These are amazing. They come in different elegant shapes and designs. Unlike ordinary chandeliers, LED chandeliers have lighting that can be controlled through a smart mobile app.

Similar to pendant lights, these LED chandeliers are ideal for a dining and living room. However, you can still hang them in other rooms like a bedroom or bathroom.

Again, before you even make a purchase of these LED chandeliers, you need to be double-sure that your room has a high ceiling. A low ceiling is a no-go for these LED chandeliers.

9. Add Identify with Marquee Lights

Marquee lights in a bedroom

The next great idea to achieve a baddie room aesthetic is to use marquee lights. FYI: marquee lights are bulbs that are used to create a night sign-post in form of a name or just a sign.

You can use marquee lights to create wall art or you can use lettered marquee lights to add identity to a particular room. Or you can use it to add personality to your room.

Your favorite quote that lights up your room will add your personality to the room. Of course, this coaxes you into falling in love with your room.

10. Highlight Wall Arts with LED lights

Led Lights for wall art

Using LED lights to highlight wall art is another great way of achieving a cool baddie room aesthetic. The idea is as simple as it sounds: you highlight the family pictures, wall murals, mirrors, framed photos, or sculptures using wall lamps and strings of lights.

You can use LED light strings that go around the frame of wall art. This is amazing because you can change the color of the lights.

Using wall art lamps and lighting fixtures is also another way. However, these usually produce only one light and are not popular among the baddies. Occasionally, you can dim or increase the light intensity on the bulbs.

11. Add Magic with some Fairy Lights

Fairy lights

You might know fairy lights as lights for Christmas and other festivals. However, you can still use fairy lights to decorate your interior as well as exterior rooms.

They can be installed along the edge of the exterior or patio structures like a porch ceiling, outdoor kitchen, or backyard.

However, my all-time favorite aesthetic is when the fairy lights are used to light up a bedroom. You can install them along the corners or on the edges of a wall structure.

12. Beautify Your Mirror with LED Lights

Led lights around a mirror

By now, you should know that mirrors are decorative items. They make a small room look bigger.

As a baddie, you can install some cool LED lights around a mirror to add an extra touch of coziness and beauty. This will work in either a bathroom or a bedroom.

13. Use LED Lanterns for Cozy Aesthetic

Just like pendant lights, LED lanterns hanging from the ceiling in a room are a nice way to add a baddie aesthetic. You can use them to add extra decorative lights apart from the boob lights.

If you don’t want hanging lanterns, you can find some in form of a camping lamp or touch.

14. LED Stickers Lights

As the name suggests, these are LED lights that can be stuck on any surface. And the best part is that you can use a remote control or a mobile app to control and change the lighting in your room.

And if you choose more sophisticated Led sticker lights like RGB Led lights, you’ll have a variety of light colors to choose from.

15. Neon Lights for Unique Letters

Apart from marquee lights, you can also use neon lights to create a unique name or quote on the wall. You can add neon lights to add your favorite words of wisdom in your bedroom or add branding in your YouTube studios.

16.  Butterfly LED Lights

Butterfly Led lights in a baddie room

Butterflies are one of the prettiest creatures in the world. If you’ve read this post, you should know that a butterfly symbolizes beauty and femininity.

You can bring the beauty of a butterfly into your room by installing butterfly Led lights. It can be a simple big butterfly on the wall or multiple tiny butterflies on strings of lights.

17. LED Lights for Corners of a Baddie Room

This idea includes all the Led lights that you install, stick, or place in the corners of a room. These can be strings of Led lights, Led sticker lights, or Led stick lights.

They’re an excellent choice –especially if you go for the RGB Led lights. This means you’ll be changing the lights at the press of a button.

18. Light Up the Edges of A Bed with LED Lights

Led Lights Hightlighting the edges of a bed
Source: Pinterest

This is another common way of upgrading the aesthetic of any room. It involves placing Led string lights or stick lights on the edges of a bed so that the bed is highlighted.

You can do this with almost any feature. It can be used to highlight the bookshelf, the cabinet, or the mirror.

19. Create a Focal Point with Impressive LED Lights

Another interesting idea is to use Led lights to create a focal point. This can be on the ceiling or on one of the walls.

You can use Led chandeliers to create the focal point. Similarly, you can highlight a particular feature like a mirror, a piece of art, or a TV screen to create a focal point on the wall.

20. Create wall art with Lights

Led light wall art

By now you know that you can highlight a piece of art, mirror, or screen using Led lights. In addition to all these, you can also use Led lights to create actual wall art.

21. Use a Simple LED Lamp or Sunset Lamp

If you don’t want super crazy lighting, a simple Led lamp is perfect for you. You can find a simple table lamp or home office lamp for studying or highlighting a particular feature.

22. Wow your Friends with Impressive Bee Comb Lights

Led lights in form of a bee comb are really crazy dope to impress your friends and make your room homey. Of course, there are some that look like actual honey combs.

However, the ones I love are the remote-controlled hexagonal lights. They can be installed on the wall and create a “wow” room aesthetic.

23. Light Up the Greenery

Led light for plants

Lastly, we can’t end a discussion on baddie aesthetic rooms without a mention of indoor plants. They’re part of decorative items that are used to create a dope interior.

However, there is no point in having greenery if it’s invisible. This is when the Led lights for highlighting plants become handy. You can use Led wall art lights to expose the plants in the room.

FAQs on baddie aesthetic rooms with led lights

In case you want to have a deeper understanding of the baddie room aesthetics, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do you make a cool aesthetic room?

An aesthetic room trend, just like the baddie trend, was and is being popularized by social media like TikTok and Instagram. If you’re into this trend, it’s so easy to achieve than it sounds. You need to add some Led lights, cute greenery, a cool wallpaper, and a fur rug under it.

If it sounds overwhelming, you need to start with one thing at a time. You can start with some cool Led lights discussed in this post.

What are some aesthetic room themes?

There are a lot of themes you can go for if you want a more aesthetic room. Declutter your room and bring in room aesthetic pieces sparingly if you want a minimalist theme. Or you can try Bohemian, grunge, baddie, or rustic themes.

What will make my room aesthetic?

The thing is, a baddie aesthetic room is not a product of one thing. Several pieces like rugs, wall décor, paintings, wall art, beddings, and, of course, Led lighting work in unison to create a stunning badass room aesthetic.

Final Take on baddie aesthetic rooms with led lights

If you think your room needs some touch, you’re probably right. There is no one who can know your room best than yourself.

And a baddie room needs to be cute, inviting, and homey. One of the best ways to achieve the cutest room aesthetic is to use some of the Led lighting ideas discussed in this post.

Find one or two ideas that you like and are feasible and implement them in your room. If you still want to learn more, here are some of the posts related to the baddie trend and room aesthetics.

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Otherwise, I wish you all the best!

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