17 Best Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas to Turn Ugly Walls Elegant

A dining room is one of the most important rooms in a modern home. It’s a place where family and friends do more than just a place to eat and drink. Dining rooms help to facilitate a strong bond among family members.

Think about it. A dining room is a place where children, teenagers, and young adults sit together with their parents and have a chat. It’s the only room that calls all family members together.

As such, a dining groom needs to receive a special kind of attention. One part you can touch and change the look and feel of your dining room is its walls.

Here are some wall decor ideas you can do to the walls of your dining room. Some of these are DIY home décor ideas at home. Create a great dining room today by using some of the following dining room wall décor ideas.

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What are the Best Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas?

1. Mirror

cute large mirror

A mirror is a great way of decorating a small room. The mirror in a small room makes the room appear large.

You can add a mirror in a small dining room. It must be installed with a frame and at the height at which you mount the TV. The recommended one is at a height of 5ft.

This does not mean that you’ll place your mirror from 5ft –no. The 5ft needs to be the middle part of your mirror. Depending on the size of your mirror, you’ll mount it starting at about 3ft from the floor.  

2. Piece of Art/ Pieces of Art

large piece of art

Art is the traditional piece of home décor and interior design. It’s been used for centuries to decorate various rooms –walls in particular. You can put art in the living room, bedroom, dining room, and in hallway.

To turn the boring plain walls of your living room, you need to add a large piece of art. This is a minimalist wall décor idea. The presence of just one large piece of art in a room elevates the value of the room.

And the single piece of art creates a focal point. The good news is that you can paint this art yourself or buy it from a print-on-demand service. Paint or get a unique large piece of art and place it in your dining room.

3. Family Photo Art Gallery

Do you have several albums of photos lying around? That’s brilliant. It means you’re good at keeping wonderful old memories of your family.

You can use these family photos to decorate the boring walls of your dining room. Photos of you and your family members celebrating special days or enjoying a vacation can be a great addition to your dining room.

I don’t mean adding a small photo on your wall. Rather I mean adding your photos in various sizes of frames and arranged in a grid.

The frames should not introduce strange colors in your dining room. If you’re not good at picking color pallets, you need to stick to neutral colors.  

4. Macramé Wall Hanging

macrame hanging on the wall

Are you a huge fan of macramé DIY? You can also transform your dining room walls from boring to inviting.

Macramé has withstood the test of time. The idea of macramé décor has been around since time immemorial but they were common in the 1970s, and it’s still the best idea for decorating the walls of your dining room.

There are a lot of hanging macramé ideas you can choose to install in your dining room. The most popular ones are macramé hanging diamond, Jersey macramé, macramé feather, mini macramé wall hanging and ochre macramé. 

5. Pressed Leaf Art

Another elegant DIY wall décor for the dining room is the pressed leaf art. It looks like a piece of art of a green leaf painted on white paper.

You can easily make a pressed leaf frame at home using simple tools like iron, books, a pair of scissors, transparent glass, and a frame. Here are a few steps.

·        Get beautiful leaves/ leaf

·        Wrap/ sandwich the flat leaves in tissue paper

·        Put the leaves in a big book making sure the leaves are flat

·        Add some weight on top of the book

Note: you can skip the above two steps by pressing the leaves with an iron.

·        After 48 hours, remove the leaves and add them to the frame. Make sure the background is white.

For a palm leaf, you can just attach the tips of the leaf to the background with transparent seal tape to keep it flat. Then put it straight in a frame with white background.

You can add these pressed leaf art to the wall of your dining room and it’ll make your visitors impressed with your creativity.

6. Boho Wall Art

Do you love board colors –pink, gold, yellow, and orange? You can decorate the boring blank dining room walls with a piece of Boho wall art.

Mostly Bohemian style puts the various bright colors, wonderful patterns, and textures in one piece of art. You can install Bohemian macramé or Boho wool artwork.

I particularly like Boho wall artwork. Until you get closer, Boho wall art in subtle colors looks like painted artwork.

And the best part is that you can do it yourself at home and take it to the wall of your dining room.

7. Large Calendar

Gosh! I love this wall décor idea. And it’s perfect for a dining room.

If you have blank walls in your dining room, grab a large calendar and install it on the wall of your dining room. You can get a large calendar online or at the supermarket.

Take it to the next level by putting the calendar inside a picture frame. The calendar will look like a unique artwork. And every time you take breakfast, you’ll look at the amazing calendar and check the date.

8. Accent Wall

Imagine dining with the shadow color of your living room and kitchen. Yes, that’s another way of making your dining room look unique.

You can add contrasting colors, textures, or molds to create uniqueness in your dining room. This can be a great idea if you know how to paint and you can do it yourself.

However, you need to understand that painting alone does not make the walls elegant. Your walls need to be dressed.

9. Greenery

Greenery in the dining room

Just like a living room, your dining room needs to contain a green living plant. This transforms your look into an elegant and inviting space.

You can add wall-hanging plants. Some wonderful greeneries strive and grow with only artificial lights.

Knit and knot some macramé plant hangers and hang your greeneries in them. Or you can get some amazing planters on Amazon.

You’ll find amazing ones online. I like the planters that look like wall art when installed with plants in them. So go ahead and grab one in your dining room.

10. Shelves

shelves_one of the best dining room decor ideas

The next decorative idea you can add to the plain walls of your dining room is the shelves. Yes, shelves are a great way of decorating your home.

They can be fixed, adjustable, or movable. For the fixed ones, you attach them to the walls using nails. With the adjustable ones, you only attach the supporting hooks or bars to the wall and you just attach to the bars or hooks.

Other shelves never get attached to the wall. These are called movable shelves. They’re rental-friendly as you can install them without drilling the wall which will keep you on good terms with landlords or landladies.

There are so many things you can put in your dining room. You can put some books (it can be a complete bookshelf), some green indoor plants, vases, baskets, picture frames, candles, and so forth.

11. Add Some Lighting to the Walls

Do your dining room only have one bulb hanging from the ceiling? Well, that’s why your dining room looks regular and old.

You need to add some lighting to your dining room walls. They can serve as a piece of décor on their own or they can be used to illuminate a particular piece of artwork.

There are so many wall lamps and wall sconces you can install on your walls. Some of the beautiful wall sconces are the Flush mount sconce, half-moon sconce, spotlight sconce, and recessed light sconces.

My favorite wall lamps for illuminating artwork are ceiling-mounted accent lights, track lights, wall washers, and picture lights. You try them yourself I guarantee you’ll love them.

12. Murphy Bar Cabinet

wall mounted bar cabinet

The ingenious DIY wall décor idea for your dining room is the Murphy bar cabinet. This is ideal for a dining room since it’s related to food and drinks.

Again, if you know a thing or two about carpentry, you can make this cabinet yourself. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that will help you from scratch.

If you’re not good at carpentry, you can order a Murphy cabinet from Amazon. All you’ll do is mount it onto your dining room. Next time you want wine or champagne, you’ll just open the Murphy bar cabinet and get some.

13. Rug

The next simple idea for decorating the walls of your dining room is to mount a decorative rug. This is similar to Boho wall décor.

Instead of having a rug only under the dining chairs, you’ll mount another one on the walls of the wall. Don’t diminish the look of your room with a tiny rug on the wall.

If you want to go this route, make sure you mount a large piece of large on the wall. You can put the rug in a large frame with subtle color. This way, it will look just like a piece of art provided that it’s got nice color or pictures on it.

14. Mount a Plasma in Frame

Sony Plasma

I’ve just learned this idea recently. You can mount a TV with a subtle frame and make it look like a piece of art.

I’m still fascinated with this décor idea. I mean it’s pretty much unheard of to have a TV in the dining room.

However, you let the plasma serve as an artwork. You mount the plasma with a frame that hides its edge. And you also hide the codes by running them behind the walls.

With a picture of nature or abstract ideas auto-displayed on the plasma, it will look exactly like painted art.

15. Add a Mural

If you want to achieve a unique look in your dining room, you need to mount a mural or have it painted on the walls of your dining room. This wall décor idea is particularly great if the dining room is for little toddlers.

To have a mural on your dining room walls, you have a couple of options. The two commons are to have it painted by a local artist or buy a photography mural.

The painted murals are relatively more expensive than photography ones. But the painted ones look more original than the latter.

The main drawback of installing a mural is that it can’t work with dining walls filled with other decors like shelves and macramé rugs.

16. Molded Walls

This wall décor idea is another one of my favorites. I like molding because it decorates the walls but it also strengthens them.

In fact, molding is more functional than you may realize. On top of being aesthetically pleasing, skirting molds create a break between the floor and the walls. On the other hand, crown molding supports and protects the ceiling.

Molding is a great way of modernizing any room. If your dining room walls contain pasta and some white paint, try adding some molds. The room will look expensive and elegant.

17. Wall Clock

Do you know that wall clocks can be used as decorative pieces of items? A large wall clock with subtle colors will transform your dining room to the next level.

The idea of using the clock is not quite new. It’s been around for a long time but it was common around 2000. And it has not lost all its glory.

A large round clock can still be a great addition to your dining room. You can add the clock to the northern, western, or eastern wall of your dining room. According to Indian TV News, the three directions will bring positive energy to your dining room.

Final Words on the Bes Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

Most people emphasize decorating other rooms like the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. However, some people don’t put much attention to the dining room décor.

You can flip this narrative by introducing wonderful décor in your dining room. Choose some of these wall décor discussed in this post and implement them.


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