17 Spooky Disney Halloween Décor Ideas for This Fall

Disney Halloween decorations are some of the most creative and cool around, especially when you compare them to traditional scary decorations you can buy at any store. 

These are pieces of art that your kids will never forget, and they’ll be able to tell their friends about them as they grow up. 

Here are 7 incredible Disney Halloween decorations that you have to try this fall if you’re looking for something awesome and fresh in your home this year.

Before we start, let’s get a few things out of the way.

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a 30th October holiday celebrated in many countries in the world. It is believed to be the day when spirits/ souls of the dead come back to the human realm.

What’s the origin of the Halloween Holiday?

The Halloween holiday is over 2,000 years old as it dates back to the ancient Celtic era. It’s got its roots in the pagan festival called Samhain (pronounced /sah-win/). During this festival, the Celtic people would celebrate their new harvest and the beginning of a New Year at the end of summer.

What are the best Disney Halloween Décor Ideas?

1. Light up Jack Skellington Pumpkins

stellington pumpkin halloween
Source: Athome.com

If you’re looking for a fun new way to spook up your home this season, try using some of the Disney Halloween decorations. Jack Skellington is one of the most famous Disney villains and he’s also one of the most popular characters among children. 

These light-up Jack Skellington pumpkins are just adorable and they will make your house feel like it’s straight out of a Disney movie. They’re so easy to install too! 

Or you can just cut off the top of an orange pumpkin, clean out all of the pumpkin guts, place your LED in there, screw on your battery pack on the backside, plug in your lights into an outlet, and voila! 

You have yourself a Jack Skellington pumpkin. The best part about these pumpkin lights? There’s no need to worry about turning them off when you want because they’re solar-powered!

2. Haunted Mansion Lanterns

halloween decor

Haunted Mansion Lanterns are the other Disney decor idea you can try as well. They are relatively easy to make, and you may already have everything in your house that you need! 

You can make the Lanterns yourself or you can hire some unique designs online. The Haunted Mansion-Inspired Lanterns are a great addition to your Halloween décor.

There are also tons of them on Amazon.

3. Inflatable Oogie Boogie

disney halloween inflatables 225894 64 1000

Oogie Boogie Halloween costumes and décor ideas are inspired by a villainous character in the Kingdom Hearts series. However, the character who is in form of a bag of bugs first appeared in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I find an inflatable Oogie Boogie décor amazing for Halloween. Oogie Boogies inflatable is great for those who want to create a spooky atmosphere at their party, but don’t want the hassle of setting up complicated decorations. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some spookiness, this is perfect for you. Have the Oogie Boogie installed near the entrance of your yard or house?

4. Inflatable Ghosts with Pumpkin

There is something special about pumpkins during Halloween. You can’t decorate your house for Halloween without Pumpkins. You need them to scare away Stingy Jack’s wandering soul.

Having an inflatable Ghost with a Pumpkin is not only symbolic but it’s a great Halloween décor idea. These décor ideas are great because they can be used all year round and not just during Halloween. 

They can be a fun addition to your indoor or outdoor décor for a different holiday, or simply just as décor. If you have a big front porch, it’s an easy way to spook people who come up to your door.

It’s also simple enough that kids can help decorate their homes with these on the windowsills or in the trees.

5. Airblown Mickey in Vampire Costume Disney

mickey mouse in vampire costume

Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic characters in all of Disney. With a new spin on an old favorite, Mickey Mouse is now a vampire and he’s ready to drink your blood! 

The Gemmy 3.5 ft. Airblown Mickey in Vampire Costume can be placed anywhere in your yard or on your porch and will make any house look like it came straight out of Disneyland.

This oversized inflatable is perfect for those who love both Mickey Mouse and vampires. Instead of only being scared by the movie in the theater, you’ll install Mickey Mouse wearing a vampire costume to entertain your family. 

Another great option is the Hot Topic Exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Ornament Set. Not only are these ornaments adorable but they also light up beautifully when you plug them in!

6. Lighted and Animated Ghost Bride

Instead of just wearing the ghost bride costume, you can have a lighted and animated ghost bride inflatable installed during Halloween.

Having a lighted and animated Ghost Bride blowing around your home is one of the best ways to spook your guests. If you place her in a dark area, she’ll glow from the inside out. 

The best part about this decoration is that it can be placed on any surface and is motion activated so when someone walks by, she will automatically ‘follow’ them. It’s such a clever idea for Halloween!

Note: We’ve also included links to other amazing Disney décor ideas you should try this fall.

7. The Vampire Cat

For cat lovers, an Inflatable Pounce Vampire Cat can be a perfect decoration. It comes with a string to attach it up in the air or on a wall. 

Once inflated, it is almost as tall as the average human being! If you are looking for something quick and easy to set up this Halloween season then this inflatable toy might be just the thing.

The Vampire cat first appeared as the antagonist of the Frankenweenie. 

8. Animated Talking Hanging Ghost

Imagine having an Animated Talking Hanging Ghost beside your entrance. The eyes will light up as it talks and moves its mouth, making you feel like you are in a haunted house.

The Animated Talking Hanging Ghost is just one of many things that you can buy at Disneyland’s Christmas Emporium.  I love the Haunted Mansion, so I’m looking forward to seeing this ghost this year. 

For now, though, I’ll have to take pictures from my phone’s camera because the ghosts don’t appear in real life…yet!

9. Disney Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Head

Since its first appearance in a 1928 film called “Steamboat Willie,” Mickey Mouse has grown into one of the most famous characters in Disney.

No matter how old you are, the Mickey Mouse Pumpkinhead is a classic Halloween decoration. The pumpkin head features signature black & white ears and an iconic Mickey Mouse face, making it a must-have for any Disney fan’s fall decorations. 

Add some lights inside the pumpkin to make it stand out even more! It’s sure to be a hit with your family and friends.  There’s no doubt about it; this Mickey pumpkin head is absolutely perfect for adding that touch of magic to your home this season.

10. Prelit Halloween Witch Gnome Wreath Décor

A battery-operated decorative witch wreath can be hung on the door or behind the door. The wreath is well decorated with four roses, orange lights, glitter pumpkins, berry terms, and a small witch gnome.

The witch wreath gives out true Halloween vibes. The pumpkins on it try to scare away the evil spirit while remembering the lost souls again.

The gnome with a pointy hat gives out the imagination of the witch roaming around as it is believed during the Halloween period. 

You can find these Prelit Halloween Witch Gnome Wreaths almost anywhere online during fall. You can find them on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other online shops.

11. Halloween Willow Vine Twig Décor

The next awesome Halloween décor idea is the willow vine twig inspired by the Haunted Mansion. These battery-operated willow vine twigs consist of orange plastic pumpkin LED lights and supporting plastic stems.

You can use these décor ideas above the fireplace, window sill, on the dining table, in the kitchen, and in the living room walls. These are such great wall décor ideas for Halloween.

Try adding this décor this fall and bring a fresh look to your home. Your friends will feel your uniqueness and get impressed by your creativity and resourcefulness. One can find great pieces on Amazon and Walmart.

12. Black Bat on Tombstone Inflatable

Bats are some of the animals associated with Halloween. Whether it’s because of their mysterious behavior or because they are common during the fall season, nobody knows for sure. One thing I’m certain of is that they are a great Halloween décor idea.

This is one of the best décor ideas for the outdoors. A 5-foot Tall Halloween Inflatable Black bat on Tombstone has LED lights that create a glowing nighttime display.

It’s a great décor idea for the party, outdoor, indoor, and stage prop. Get one from amazon right now, but there are a lot of similar inflatable Halloween décor ideas on target.

13. Mickey Mouse and Friends “Happy Halloween Wreath”

The next amazing Disney Halloween décor idea is a “Happy Halloween” Wreath. But instead of having a simple banner saying “Happy Halloween,” you need something more creative.

Get the amazing wreath with Mickey Mouse and friends hanging around him. The friends that are printed on this wreath together with Mickey include Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy.

And the wreath takes the shape of Mickey’s head with ears. There is a clear printed phrase “Happy Halloween.” This is perfect creativity and special for Halloween and fun.

You can put it at the door or outside the fence close to the road to wish people a happy Halloween.

14. Ghost Halloween Candle

By now you should know that candles are home décor items. But the question is what candles can I light up during this Halloween season?

Well, say hello to “Ghost Halloween Candles.” These ceramic candles consist of a ghost wearing a Mickey Mouse ear hat. They hold form as they melt up.

Light up the evenings of this fall season with ghost Halloween candles while enjoying the holiday with your favorite Disney character on your candles. 

15. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar

Imagine having Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse counting down the days for you until Halloween! This is an amazing home décor piece with great functionalities.

The sculpture is crafted in a form of a Haunted Castle with Mickey and Minnie on the front sides. There are also ghosts at the top giving the true illusion of the Haunted Castle.

The timer on the calendar keeps on counting down until the Halloween holiday. But you can arrange the numbered blocks to count down the Halloween season which makes it a great Halloween centerpiece.

16. Grogu Halloween Door Hanger

Grogu halloween wall decor

This Disney Halloween décor is perfect for hanging –especially door hanging. It’s a Grogu Halloween door hanger.

For your information, Grogu is a force-sensitive 50-year-old baby and is the deuteragonist Disney+ Star wars series, The Mandalorian. [Disney.fandom]. It’s usually sought after by the Imperial remnant through the Bounty Hunters.

And the good news is that you can use Mr. Grogu for your Halloween décor. This door hanger consists of Grogu wearing a sheet ghost costume and carrying a pumpkin candy bucket.

It gives the imagery of the Grogu welcoming people to your house while offering them some candies and wishing them “Happy Halloween.”

17. Grogu Halloween Candy Bowl

Still talking about the Disney Star Wars-inspired decors –Grogu in particular, decorate your dining or living room table with a Grogu Halloween Candy Bowl.

The candy bowl looks terrific. It looks like a homemade Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin lantern with the head and ears of Grogu popping out. The kids are so fond of this bowl because of its interesting look and candies.

This ceramic Jack-o-Lantern bowl is one a wonderful look for the interior during the Halloween season. Go ahead and grab the Grogu Halloween Candy Bowl and put it in your living room or on the shelf.

FAQs about Disney Halloween Décor Ideas

Here are the most asked questions pertaining to the Halloween season

What is the Most Popular Halloween Decoration?

The popularity of Halloween decor depends on the country. In the USA, the most popular decoration for Halloween is the skeletons and pumpkins. However, you’ll still see most houses decorated with hanging ghosts, spiders, and bats.

When Should You Decorate the House for Halloween?

You can start putting up Halloween inflatables and wall hanging decor as early as the final week of September. However, most people start decorating in the second week of October.

What Are Halloween Colors?

There are four colors commonly used in the Halloween decor. These are black, orange, purple and green.

Black and Orange are the predominantly used for decor and purple and green as accents.

Can You Mix Halloween and Fall?

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