17 Epic Country Concert Outfit Ideas

Are you planning to attend a music concert in the country? Study the 21 epic country concert outfit ideas below and wear the outfit combination that interests you the most.

The thing is, there are tons of country outfit ideas that will work for everyone. If you’re into shorts, denim, leather, dresses, or jackets, you’re about to discover banger styling that you’ll love.

What is a Country Music Concert?

A country music concert is a live musical performance featuring country music artists and their bands performing a variety of country music songs. If you’ve ever been to concerts for musicians like Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, or Maren Morris, you know a country music concert.

What is the largest country music festival?

There are and have been great country music festivals over the years. However, the CMA music festival is the largest music festival of all time. It takes place in the City of Country Music, Nashville, Tennessee.

Where is country music the biggest?

Home to several county music artists and the Center for Country Music Awards (CMA), Nashville is by far a city where country music is the biggest. It’s not for nothing that Nashville, Tennessee is considered the capital of country music. The city has a series of country concerts and tons of country music fans.

Country Concert Outfit Ideas

Here is the list of country concert outfit ideas that you should try out!

1. High-Waisted Denim Shorts, Cropped Tank Top + Cowboy Boots

High-Waisted Denim Shorts, A Cropped Tank Top, And Cowboy Boots_one of the country concert outfit ideas

The first outfit that I would recommend for a country concert outfit is the high-waisted denim shorts and a cropped top. Dressing down this way will ensure comfort when dancing and walking while still looking stylish and cozy.

Denim is one of the most comfortable and flexible materials that are used to make jeans. So, you won’t go wrong with the ripped high-waist denim paired with cool cropped tanks which will make you feel and look sexier.

To finish up this outfit, you can wear cowboy boots and Turquoise jewelry like the necklace. And to weatherproof yourself, you can carry something like a denim jacket or a leather jacket.

2. Flowy Maxi Dress With Cowboy Boots And Denim Jacket

Flowy Maxi Dress With Cowboy Boots And A Denim Jacket

If you’re into dresses, you’ll love this next country concert outfit idea. It consists of a floral dress worn with cowboy boots and a denim jacket.

Some girls become curious if they can wear a dress to a music concert. It’s totally fine to wear a dress like a maxi dress –especially to a country music concert.

And what can be a better way to finish it up than with a denim jacket above the dress? When you wear the outfit with some high cowboy ankle boots, you’ll have a typical cowgirl outfit.

3. Plaid Shirt Tied At The Waist, High-Waisted Jeans + Ankle Boots

Plaid Shirt Tied At The Waist, High-Waisted Jeans + Ankle Boots

Plaid or flannel shirts are typical country outfits. As such, you can dress them down for a country music concert.

You can wear the plaid with high-waisted denim jeans and a tank. This way, when it’ll get hot due to dancing or the blazing sun, you’ll just tie the plaid shirt at the waist to create a cool streetwear outfit.  

Wear this outfit with some regular ankle boots. If you want to make a statement with the boots, you can go for the combat boots or cowboy boots.

4. Fringed Suede Skirt, A Graphic Tee + Cowboy Boots

Fringed Suede Skirt, A Graphic Tee + Cowboy Boots

The other interesting idea is the fringed suede skirt worn with a graphic tee and a pair of cowboy boots. Again, the fringed suede skirt is a typical leather for a cowgirl.

As such, wearing the boots in combination with a graphic tee is ideal for a country music concert. Of course, you can style the tee in several ways. You can choose to wear it as a cropped tee or as a long tee tucked into the suede skirt.

In terms of footwear, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from as well. You can choose knee-high boots or high cowboy boots if the fringed suede skirt is short.

5. A White Eyelet Dress With Tan Ankle Boots + Straw Hat

A white eyelet dress paired with tan ankle boots and a straw hat is another stunning outfit that you can wear to a country concert outfit. The light and airy fabric of the dress will keep you cool and comfortable while the intricate eyelet design adds a touch of femininity.

The tan ankle boots provide a rustic and country vibe, while also being practical for walking on grassy terrain. Top off the outfit with a straw hat to protect your face from the sun while adding a touch of bohemian flair.

This outfit is perfect for a day spent dancing and singing along to your favorite country tunes and will have you looking stylish and feeling confident.

6.  Denim Skirt, A Tucked-In White Tee, And Cowboy Boots

Denim Skirt, A Tucked-In White Tee, And Cowboy Boots

The next fascinating outfit has also to do with denim. It consists of a denim skirt, white t-shirt, and cowboy boots.

The denim skirt adds a touch of Western style to the ensemble, while the white tee keeps it simple and classic. Tucking the tee into the dress creates a flattering silhouette and allows the cowboy boots to be the centerpiece of the outfit.

Cowboy boots are a staple in country fashion and provide both comfort and style. The combination of these pieces creates a timeless and effortless look that is perfect for a day spent listening to live country music and enjoying the outdoors.

7. Pair Of Overalls + Cropped Tank

Pair Of Overalls, A Cropped Tank Top

Overalls and the cropped tank is another chic combination that you can wear to a county music concert. Of course, you can wear it with cowboy boots and a cowgirl hat.

The overalls can be denim, khaki, or black cotton. Whichever color or material you can go for, overalls always provide a comfortable and stylish look that will make you stand out.

Of course, you need to wear some fringed or leather cowboy boots to finish up this outfit. Otherwise, you can also try wearing a bandana as a scarf, bracelet, or necktie with this outfit.

8. Floral Sundress With A Denim Jacket + Ankle Boots

Floral Sundress With A Denim Jacket + Ankle Boots

If you’re into dresses but you didn’t like the above suggestion, you need to try a floral sundress with a denim jacket and ankle boots. The floral print adds a touch of femininity and whimsy to the ensemble while the denim jacket provides a cool and casual vibe.

On the other hand, ankle boots not only complement the dress but also add a bit of practicality when walking on uneven terrain.

In other words, you look stunning in this outfit as a country cowgirl. And at the same time, you’ll still feel secure in the boots and denim jacket.

9. Leather Skirt, A Black Tank Top, And Ankle Boots

Leather Skirt, A Black Tank Top, And Ankle Boots

Who doesn’t like leather? This is a premium material and even if it can be faux leather, it still looks so fascinating.

For a country concert outfit, you need to find leather, black or brown. Of course, brown leather is so common in the country. And the skirt can have some fringe to look more country.

A tank is perfect for hot days. If you’re going for black, you can match a black leather skirt and a black tank top. Otherwise, you can also try matching brown.

10. Band Tee, Distressed Denim Shorts, And Cowboy Boots

If it’s in summer and you’re going to a concert, you should wear distressed denim shorts with a band tee. And when this outfit is combined with a pair of country cowboy boots, you create such an amazing combo perfect for a cowgirl.

Of course, you’ve got a variety of choices with each one of these outfits. You can wear a white band tee, a pair of distressed denim shorts in black or blue, and brown or black cowboy boots.

11. Denim Vest, White Tank Top, And High-Waisted Shorts With Cowboy Boots

This one is also perfect for a country concert taking place in the summer. The combination of denim vests, white tank tops, and high-waisted shorts is such a bomb.

The white tanks can be cropped tops or normal tank tops. Otherwise, you can finish up this outfit with some cowboy boots and a cowgirl hat. Alternatively, you can also wear a baseball cap.

12. White Lace Top, High-Waisted Jeans, And Ankle Boots

The next of the prettiest country concert outfit ideas is the combo of a white lace top and high-waisted jeans. Just like suede skirts, denim and brown leather, outfits made of white lace are typical of country outfits.

And you can’t go wrong if you combine the outfit with some cool cowgirl or cowboy boots. With the high-waisted jeans, you’re assured of comfort and flexibility at the country concert.

13. Plaid Shirt, Cutoff Denim Shorts, And Cowboy Boots

Again, flannel shirts and plaid shirts are so typical of the country style. As such, the ensemble of the plaid skirt and cutoff denim shorts is ideal for a country concert outfit.

The plaid shirt adds a touch of rustic charm, while the cutoff shorts keep things cool and casual. Cowboy boots are a staple in country fashion and provide both comfort and style. This outfit is perfect for a hot summer day spent dancing and singing along to your favorite country tunes.

It’s a versatile look that can be dressed up with accessories like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings or kept simple for a more laid-back vibe.

14. Black Romper, A Denim Jacket, And Ankle Boots

If you can wear overalls to a country music concert, you can surely also wear a romper. This is the other interesting outfit idea that you can try in the next country music concert.

Instead of wearing the romper alone which will be kind of lucking, you should wear it with a denim jacket and ankle boots.

15. Midi-Length Floral Dress With Cowboy Boots + Straw Hat

If you’re one of those baddie girls who are huge fans of dresses, you can wear a midi-length floral dress with a pair of cowboy boots and a straw hat.

The cowboy boots and straw hat provide a fascinating rustic look that complements the floral dress better. You can also add a denim jacket over the dress.

16. Denim Jacket, White Tank Top, + Flowy Skirt With Ankle Boots

A denim jacket, a white tank top, and a flowy skirt with ankle boots are stylish and comfortable country concert outfits. The denim jacket is a great source of cool and casual vibes, while the white tank top keeps things simple and classic.

The flowy skirt provides a feminine touch and allows for easy movement when dancing along to your favorite country tunes. Ankle boots complement the outfit and add a bit of practicality when walking on grassy terrain.

This ensemble strikes the perfect balance of being both comfortable and chic and can be dressed up or down with accessories.

17. Chambray Shirt, Black Leggings + Ankle Boots

The burning question would be, can you wear a pair of leggings to a country concert? And the answer is Yes. You can wear a pair of black leggings with a Chambray shirt and ankle boots.

You can wear it with cowgirl ankle boots with some fringes. This outfit when combined with a chambray shirt, you’ll get a stylish and comfy outfit for the country concert.

FAQS on Country Concert Outfit Ideas

What Clothes to Wear to an Outdoor Concert?

For the best music concert experience, you have to put on comfortable outfits. Some of the clothes you can wear to an outdoor music concert are cropped tanks, sweaters, short jeans, leggings, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, t-shirts, and bodycon dresses.

If you’re looking for something warm, you can wear a sweater, turtleneck, coat, and combat boots.

Can I Wear a Dress to a Concert?

The answer is Yes. You can wear a dress to a concert as long as it’s comfortable for you. You can put on a floral dress with a denim jacket over it or a bodycon dress with some sneakers.

How to Dress Country as a Girl?

As discussed in the post about cowgirl outfit ideas, there are tons of ways in which you can dress country as a girl. You can wear a jacket over a T-shirt, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and denim shorts or jeans.

Should I Wear Shoes to a Concert?

Of course, you can wear sneakers, ankle boots, or cowboy boots to a music concert. If you want to look more baddie, you can wear a vintage tee with some knee-high boots.

However, if you think you won’t feel comfortable in shoes, you can wear some sandals. I think shoes are better for a concert.

Final Thoughts on Country Concert Outfit Ideas

We go to music concerts to relax and have fun. As such, dressing down in casual clothes that are comfortable and grant freedom of movement couldn’t be more helpful.

In this post, I’ve provided 17 best country concert outfit ideas that you can try. Pick the outfits that fit your needs and style before you step out to go and have fun at the concert.

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Otherwise, have the funniest country concert!


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