23 Fascinating Box Braids with Curly Ends for Every Girl

Some hairstyles rise and fall in and out of trend over time. But box braids have stood the test of time with their origin dating back to 3000 BC. And of its numerous kinds, box braids with curly ends are the ones that really stand out.

The curls at the end of the box braids transform the braids from just ordinary to elegant hairstyles for a fashionable girl. If you’re planning to braid this weekend, try box braids with curly ends.

Read through this post and discover the curly-ends box braids that will suit your preference. Before you dive in deep, let’s get a few things out of the way.

What are Box Braids with Curly Ends Called?

Although there are numerous styles of box braids with curly ends, they’re generally called the Goddess braids. However, sometimes this generalization is erroneous.

Goddess braids should be a separate type of box braids with curly ends. This is because some are in form of cornrows and not box braids. Of course, people still use Goddess braids to mean box braids with curly ends.

Do Box Braids with Curls Destroy Hair?

This is a major objection for most girls when it comes to wearing box braids with curly ends. The truth is that just like any protective style, box braids with curls can damage hair if it’s either installed or removed wrongly.

As such, it’s imperative to invest in a professional stylist when installing and removing these braids. This braided style is so cute and it’s worth every penny.

17 Gorgeous Box Braids with Curly Ends

If you’re visiting a stylist this weekend, tell her to try the following gorgeous box braids with curls at the end of the braids.

1. Boho Box Braids

Boho box braids with curly ends
Source: Pinterest.com

Boho box braids, or Bohemian box braids, should be the first on this list. Once you mention Boho box braids, you don’t need to clarify to a hairstylist that they need to have curls.

Normally, Boho braids consist of loose curls. However, what you need to clarify is that you need the curls at the end of the braids.

In most cases, they use Kanekalon braiding hair to create them. They last four to six weeks and you can swim with them. Of course, just like any hair, you need to wash them soon after the swim.

2. Jumbo box braids with curly ends

red jumbo brqids

Jumbo box braids are macro –and not micro, braids in which hair is parted in large boxes which leads to fewer braids. Just so you know, the term “jumbo” means very big hence the macro size of the braids.

Since it’s a protective type of hair braid, Jumbo box braids with curly ends stimulate hair growth. But when wrongly removed or installed, it can cause hair loss.

And because of their macro shape, the braids are so easy to remove or repaired. In terms of durability, the braids can last between six weeks to eight weeks

3. Crochet Box braids

blonde crochet with curls

The next fascinating braids to try this week are the crochet box braids. You may say wait: are crochet braids box braids?

Well, not all of them are! But if you opt for crochet braids that consist of cornrows with braids with some boxed sections where the extensions will be attacked as in the picture, you’re choosing crochet box braids.

Depending on the size of the head and style you opt for, you may need only four packs of hair or over eight packs of hair to have beautiful crochet box braids. Don’t forget to tell your stylist to curl your braids at the end or you can get pre-curled end hair packs.

4. Short box braids with curls

curly blonde crochet

Short box braids are a great option if you don’t want heavy box braids. They consist of braids that don’t pass the shoulder and that have curls at the end.

As you might have guessed, they’re not extremely expensive. You can achieve this with six to eight packs of Kanakalon hair at a price range of $20 to $40 on Amazon or you can buy a short box braids lace front wig at $100 to $300 which is not a big deal for you can use it on multiple occasions.

The short box braids with curly ends can be in form of jumbo box braids or micro box braids. Of course, the jumbo short box braids look way better than short micro braids.

5. Knotless box braids with curly ends

long tiny with curly ends

Knotless box braids are three-strand box braids that don’t begin with a knot at the scalp when being braided. Those with curly ends are slightly different because of their loose curls towards the end.

Again, you can have a small or jumbo knotless box installed. Just bear in mind that the micro knotless box braids will cost a little more than the jumbo ones.

Both the jumbo and the micro knotless box braids look really great. However, for some, the small knotless box braids look exceptionally more gorgeous than the giant knotless ones.

6. Long Box braids with curls

long box braids with curls
Source: Pinterest.com

The other option is to go for the long box braids with curly ends. For this braided style, there is a couple of options to choose from.

You can go for long blonde box braids, long black box braids, long pink box braids, long knotless box braids, long jumbo box braids, and long micro box braids. Whichever color and style resonate with you, go for it.

If you’re like me, you should love long braids. They’re one of the great baddie hairstyles that will automatically transform you into an elegant expensive girl than wearing short braids.

7. Classic Box Braids with Curly Ends

long blonde

Another fascinating option is the classic box braids with curled ends. The question that is probably lingering in your mind is What Box Braids are considered Classic Box Braids?

You probably know classic box braids. This term encompasses all hairstyles that involve parting into square boxes and making single braids using three strands of hair.

Classic box braids include knotless boxes, macro or micro box braids, and any three-strand braids. Choose any of these styles and make sure you install curls at the end of each braid.

8. Chunky Box Braids

chunky box braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Chunky Box braids are those that consist of large braids of hair or braiding hair. They’re similar to Jumbo box braids.

Again, you can choose to wear short jumbo braids or long ones. Generally, the longer box braids with curls turn out to look better than the short ones with curly ends.

You can use your braids to create a high ponytail or just a high bun. The long ones give your more creative freedom while the short ones are really limiting.

9. Red Box Braids with curls

Red box braids
Source: Pinterest.com

If you’re into colorful braids, you should try red box braids with curls. This is a personality box braid.

You can achieve this style by dying the braiding hair or synthetic hair. And as Byrdie observes, the red box braids are among the red highlights that are trending.

10. Boho Bob Box Braids with Curly Ends

Short Black  Box Braids
Source: Pinterest.com

In case you don’t what Boho bob braids are, these are braids that consist of short to medium braids just like the bob hairstyle.  Usually, the braids don’t extend past the shoulders.

Of course, you can also wear it with curly ends. If you’re like me, short braids like the Boho bob are not elegant enough. But they look great on some people.

These can be achieved through a wig or using braiding hair. On Amazon, the Bob braided wigs are relatively cheaper for a wig is a recycled piece of hair.

11.  Poetic Justice box braids with curly ends

If this is your first time hearing this term, you find it ridiculous. Poetic Justice box braids are vintage large and long braids.

Thanks to their size, they’re easy to manage and even remove. As such, the poetic justice braids lead to minimal hair loss than the micro box braids.

Of course, in this case, you’ll go for those that are braided at the beginning and curled close to the end.

12. Twin Ponytails Box with Curls

This is more of styling the pre-existing single-box braids. You can do this style with almost any box braided style.

However, the long micro knotless braids with being the best for this style. This is for the mere reason that, with the micro box braids, there are a lot of braids that can be easily manipulated especially if they’re long.

13. Mixed Box Braids with Curled Ends

As the name suggests, with the mixed box braids with curly ends, you wear more than one braided style at once. This could simply be shorts and a curly bob or it could be a mixture of colors.

Of these mixed-colored box braids, the blonde-and-white box braids are the most popular. They can be long micro-mixed braids or jumbo or chunky mixed box braids.

14. Beaded Box Braids with Curls

Mixed Beaded Box Breads
Source: Pinterest.com
Beaded Box Braids
Source: Pinterest.com

The other fascinating box braids are those that are decorated with some beads. Curls and beads don’t normally get along well except for this one braided style.

As you can see in the picture above, it’s a mixture style involving the cornrow and some side box braids. In this style, the beads are placed along the braid and not at the end of the braid as it’s the case with some single-braided styles.

15. Shoulder Length Box Braids

Shoulder-length box braids are the next great braids you should know about. This is all about the length of your braids.

If you’re someone who looks really great in short braided styles, go the next step and wear shoulder-length box braids and you’ll love them. Shoulder-length box braids are also a great option if you don’t like super-long braids.

16. Black Box Braids

Talking of color, nothing beats black box braids. Really! Whether you’re white, Asian, Brazilian, light-skin black, or chocolate brown, black box braids are super great.

The black box braids contrast clearly with the color of your scalp. The result of this contrast is a phenomenon.

You can wear box braids in so many styles. However, the knotless black box, jumbo box braids, micro box braids, and long box braids look proper for a girl. They become wow with the curly ends additions.

17.  Micro Box Braids with curly ends

Micro knotless braids

This braided style includes all the styles that are not heavy, chunky, or jumbo, but rather the braids are tiny and in large numbers.

The micro box braids don’t really work when they’re short. On the other hand, the long ones are really fashionable so you can style them in whatever way you like.

You can use the long micro box braids to create twin ponytails or just a high ponytail. This is something not possible for the short ones.

More FAQs about Box Braids with Curly Ends

In case I didn’t respond to some of the questions you might have, here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding box braids with curls at the end.

How Long Do Box Braids Last?

In short and general, box braids’ lifespan ranges from just under six to over eight weeks. This is dependent on multiple reasons including the style, braiding hair quality, and the skill of the hairstylist.

Keeping your hair longer than three months can lead to hair loss due to entanglement.

What hair to use for curly box braids?

Generally, there are three ways of getting curly braids. You can order crochet braids with curls on Amazon for around $25. Buying a lace front wig with curly ends is the next solution. If you’re looking for braiding hair, you should go for Kanekalon braiding hair.

Final Thoughts on Box Braids with Curly Ends

Box braids are a great braided style. However, this style has been overworn to the extent that you may not stand out anymore. This is when the box braids with curly ends come into play.

Next time, you go to a hairstylist, tell her to style you in box braids with curls. But instead of wearing short ones, go for the long knotless box braids.

If you want a braided style that is more baddie, read the following post

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Otherwise, improve yourself with these hairstyles and I wish you the best of luck!


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