17 Gorgeous Baddie Birthday Outfits to Style Up This Year

For girls, a birthday is one of those special events that we always look forward to. A new year means a new birthday and, of course, a new dress or outfit. These incredible baddie birthday outfits will help you get started.

To say the least, a girl’s birthday needs to be colorful in terms of the décor, the whole event, and the looks of the birthday girl. One of the best ways to look exceptionally gorgeous is to go for baddie fashionable outfits.

Of course, it’s the birthday girl who gets striven by headaches when it comes to birthday outfits. If your friend has a birthday, you’ll for sure start worrying about what you’ll wear to her birthday.

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You can also get yourself a pair of skinny jeans and a cropped hoodie. You can also wear a popping-colored hoodie, denim, sneakers, and a small cap as a baddie. That’s a typical baddie outfit.

Which type of dress is best for my birthday?

If you’re looking for a cute dress for a birthday, find a gown dress in white, pink, beige, or blue –with or without glitter. You can also get a black dress with some glitter.

How can I look beautiful on my birthday?

For a baddie to look the next level gorgeous at a birthday, there is a couple of elements involved. You need to look your best with baddie nails, baddie makeup, baddie hairstyle, and cool baddie outfits.

In other words, wear your best nails and makeup and put on your best baddie birthday outfit. With some accessories like a chic handbag, dazzling earrings, and a gold necklace, you’ll rock it on your birthday.

Baddie Birthday Outfits for Girls

Here is the list of the best baddie birthday outfits for girls.

1. White Glittering Mini Dress

white glittering dress

Are you planning to have your own birthday? Amaze yourself and your friends by wearing a glittering white mini-dress.

Again, this is perfect for a baddie birthday girl. And to look your best, choose a minimalist glittering sleeveless mini-dress.

In terms of accessories, you can get yourself a glittering choker and purse, and some minimalist diamonds. At the party, wear a glittering crown and you’ll have a queen’s birthday that you’ll never forget.

2. Blue Prom Dress

blue prom dress_ one of the baddie birthday outfits

The next jaw-dropping baddie birthday outfit is the blue high-low dress. The one that fascinates me the most is the long sleeveless V-neck high-low prom gown.

Features like a V-neck and high-low front make you hotter by exposing the legs and the area above the breasts. And the V-neck also creates enough real estate for some jewelry.

You can wear this dress with a pair of transparent heels, stylish pointed heels, or open heels. And as far as accessories go, you can wear gold earrings and a beautiful necklace.

3. Two-Piece baddie birthday outfits

two-piece baddie birthday outfit
Source: Stylevore

If you want to go for a fresh look at this year’s birthday party, you should wear a two-piece outfit. Select a thigh-high slit skirt and cropped tank two-piece outfit.

The cropped tank is so chic and when it’s combined with a slit-high skirt, you end up having such a fantastic outfit for a birthday.

You can wear this two-piece outfit with a pair of clear heels. With some minimalist jewelry, a stylish handbag or purse, and a furred coat, you’ll rock it on your birthday.

4. Long Sleeve Silky Pink Dress

long silky pink dress for baddie outfit
Source: stylevore

A chic long-sleeve oink silky dress is another great choice for a baddie birthday outfit. Pink and white are the common colors for a birthday outfit.

As such, you can hardly go wrong with a pink dress for a birthday. You can wear this dress as a baddie birthday girl. It can be worn to an actual party or a photo shoot.

You can pair the outfit with some colorless heels and a baddie hairstyle. Note: if you don’t have enough hair during your birthday, you look gorgeous in a gorgeous lace front human hair wig.

5. White Bodycon dress

a lady in long halter necked white baddie birthday dress

This dress can be worn by the birthday girl or anyone going to a birthday party. It’s a long sleeveless white dress with a halter neck.

With this bodycon dress, your contours and curves are well-highlighted making you look hotter than ever. This outfit seems extra gorgeous with long curly or straight hair, wig, or weave.

As for the shoes, heels are great with this long bodycon dress. You can wear clear heels or heels with small straps. Finish the outfit up with some cool accessories like earrings, a bracelet, and a Gucci or any stylish handbag.

6. Black Strapless Dress

 black strapless Foldover Bardot dress
Source: Shein

Are you one of the girls who believe wearing a black outfit on your birthday brings bad luck? If so, you’re wrong. Black is one of the elegant colors for both women’s and men’s outfits.

Look peculiar today with a black strapless Foldover Bardot dress. And instead of selecting a regular one, go for a black Foldover Bardot dress with some glitter.

You can wear this jaw-dropping dress with a pair of heels like the crisscrossing heels, clear heels, or heels with minimalist straps. The off-shoulders don’t look great with a chunky necklace. Get a minimalist necklace and some dangling earrings.

7. White tee and denim

white  tee and denim jeans for baddie birthday outfit

If you’re going to attend your friend’s birthday, a white t-shirt and denim ripped jeans. This can be a uniform outfit for all the birthday party girls.

You can print your favorite quotes or graphics. The white t-shirt can have the old “Keep Calm! It’s My Best Friend’s Birthday” or “Happy Birthday to XYZ” printed graphics.

In terms of shoes and accessories, you can wear some gold earrings. And the denim jeans can go with a pair of transparent heels.

8. High-low Burgundy Dress

long burgundy prom dress

This is another jaw-dropping dress that you wear for a birthday girl. It consists of long rear and thigh-high front.

The dress has sleeveless arms and a V-neck neckline. This allows you to style up with accessories like a necklace or choker. Everything aside, the color itself is just a phenomenal.

As for the shoes, you need to pair this gorgeous dress with some open heels. You can carry a black purse or a black Chanel handbag.

9. Spaghetti Strip and Backless Dress

spaghetti strap backless dress
Source: Stylevore

The other incredible baddie birthday outfit is the spaghetti strap backless dress. If you ask me, this dress is just hilarious, hot, and super chic.

This silky dress is formfitting, backless, and has a V-neck neckline. These features combined with the great design of the dress make you look the best for your birthday party and photo shoot.

Of course, you shouldn’t ruin this chic dress with a pair of heels that look off. Instead of wearing chunky high heels, opt for a pair of transparent heels to complement your cute dress.

10. Cute Short White Strapless Dress

Cute Short White Strapless Dress for a baddie birthday outfit
@Zari (Pinterest)

A short white strapless dress is one of the best baddie birthday outfits for stylish girls. Look at the photo, the stylish off-shoulder and ruffles foldover neckline makes the dress chic and hot.

The most interesting part is that you can find this dress in most sizes. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the dress is not for everyone. For example, if you’ve got a visible tummy, a belted dress would be the best for you.

However, if you’re a curvy plus-size girl with a narrow waist and big booty, this will work like a charm. Just wear a pair of crisscrossing heels and carry a stylish handbag.

11. Jean jacket, white tank, and ripped black jeans –Urban Birthday Outfit

Girl in Jean jacket, white tank, and ripped black jeans –Urban Birthday Outfit

This next great baddie birthday outfit is perfect if you want to go to your friend’s party in a casual outfit. It consists of wearing black ripped jeans, a white cropped tank, and a jean jacket.

Picture yourself wearing the combination of this outfit. How would you look in these clothes? Of course, you can wear this outfit with heels, but lightweight sneakers like white sneakers look the best.

The cropped top and jean jacket make the outfit perfect for an urban birthday outfit. If you want to wear some accessories, you should go for minimalist jewelry like earrings.

12. Cocktail Dress for a Baddie Birthday Outfit

Cocktail Dress for a baddie birthday outfit

This cocktail dress is perfect for a baddie birthday outfit. It’s a long thigh-split V-neck gold dress with glitters.

The dress consists of great features that make you look sexier in it. The outfit looks great on anyone despite being slim or curvy.

You can pair the outfit with some accessories like earrings, a necklace, and a cute bracelet. In terms of the shoes, clear heels would be fine, but heels matching the outfit look stunning.

13. Cute Short Skirt, shirt, and cowgirl boots

white shirt, and beige cowgirl boots
Source: Pinterest

If you’re going to a country birthday party or a Nashville birthday party, wear a short khaki skirt, a white shirt, and beige cowgirl boots. This fresh baddie birthday outfit is great that you wear it even to a modern urban party.

You can pair this outfit with a handbag, dazzling earrings, and a minimalist necklace. Obviously, the skirt and shirt combo looks great when you tuck the white shirt in.

However, if the combination feels too formal, you can wear it with a white birthday t-shirt.

14. Romper Suit

Romper Suit for a baddie birthday outfit
Source: Stylevore

The other fascinating baddie birthday outfit is the glittering romper. Honestly, a romper with some glitters is one of the fashionable outfits that no one is talking about.

If you choose a fashionable romper, you’ll have the best experience with it. For example, instead of choosing a long sleeve romper, you go for some short sleeve V-neck romper.

You can find turn this outfit with some cool accessories and shoes. Or you can ruin its cuteness with a poor selection of outfits. If you want to look your best, select a pair of dazzling earrings and gold or transparent stiletto heels.

15. Sparkling Black Three-Piece baddie Birthday outfits

Sparkling Three-Piece Baddie Birthday Outfits

A short black skirt, bra, and jacket constitute one of the chic birthday outfits for the baddie. You can wear this as a baddie birthday girl or as just an attendee of a birthday.

With a super-short mini-skirt and unbuttoned jacket, this 3-piece will help you achieve one of the best looks for the party and photo shoot.

In terms of shoes, closed shoes are almost a no-go. Instead, break into crisscross heels or stiletto with small straps.

16. Sleeveless V-neck floor-length ruffles sequins dress

Sleeveless V-neck floor-length ruffles sequins dress

If I were to order these outfits from the best to the worse, this dress would be in the top 5 of the best baddie birthday outfits. It’s one of the dresses that when you see them, you go, “Wow!”

With two thigh-splits, floor-length ruffles, and a V-neck neckline, this dress is such a great and hot outfit. It’s perfect for both a birthday photo shoot and a party outfit.

In terms of shoes, you can wear transparent heels and rock them like crazy. You can finish it up with some pieces of jewelry like a minimalistic necklace or cute choker and some earrings.

17. Baddie Birthday Outfits For School

Baddie Birthday Outfits For School
Source: Stylevore

Finally, get some inspiration from this baddie birthday outfit for school. It consists of camouflage pants worn over a pair of fishnets, cropped tee, and canvas sneakers.

As you might have guessed, this baddie outfit idea is perfect for a birthday photoshoot outfit. Go ahead and wear it to the studio to keep special memories of this year’s birthday.

FAQs on Baddie Birthday Outfits

If you’ve got something unanswered, let’s explore the following commonly asked questions and their responses.

What should I Wear as a birthday girl wear on my birthday?

If you’re going to your birthday as a baddie girl, select a long thigh-high split gown dress. The dress can be in white, pink, red or blue color. And it can have glitters or fringes.

How do you dress like a baddie in the summer?

For a baddie, summer doesn’t have to be complicated in terms of outfits. Depending o where you’re and what you want to do. If you’re going to a birthday party, wear a two-piece outfit, denim and a t-shirt, a cute thigh-high split dress, a short skirt, and a t-shirt.

However, if you just want to run errands in summer, you can wear leggings and a t-shirt, skinny jeans and cropped tee, cropped tank, or cropped hoodie.

Final Words on Baddie Birthday Outfits

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or yours, you still need to select the best outfit for the party. Every year, you’re required to shop for at least one dress or a pair of trousers to wear at your birthday and your friends’ best birthdays.

This year impress your friends with a baddie birthday outfit. Whether you want a baddie dress, plus size outfit

, a two-piece baddie outfit, or a baddie birthday outfit with trousers, this post has provided you with what you need.

These baddie outfits will only get you far. But outfits alone don’t make you look the best baddie. You need to be well-polished and put together. The following posts will help you finish up.

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Otherwise, I wish you the happiest birthday!


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