18 Incredible Electric Fireplace Ideas with above TV

Electric fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces as they are convenient, easy to install, and don’t require any maintenance. To help you find the perfect one for your home, I’ve compiled a list of 18 electric fireplace ideas with above TV.

With advancements in technology, electric fireplaces now come in various styles, sizes, and designs, making them an excellent addition to any home. That’s why it’s prudent to carry out thorough research before you start the installation.

Whether you’re looking to add some warmth to your living room or create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, these electric fireplace ideas will surely inspire you.

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Is It Safe To Have a TV above an Electric Fireplace?

Since most modern electric fireplaces don’t release heat directly above them, placing a TV above them is totally safe. In other words, the heat vents of the electric fireplaces aren’t located above them.

As such, you shouldn’t worry about your TV being blown up by an electric fireplace. However, if by chance you’ve got an electric fireplace with heat vents above it, then installing a TV above it won’t be safe anymore.

Can I put an electric fireplace inside a real fireplace?

It’s totally possible to fix a real fireplace and install an electric one. You just need to install electric cables and, probably, close the chimney channel of a traditional fireplace.

Electric Fireplace Ideas with the above TV

Here are the 18 electric fireplace ideas. Go through them to find the one that best suits your home.

1. Electric Fireplace with Shelves beside It

electric fireplace and TV wall with shelves_one of the Electric Fireplace Ideas with above TV

The first cozy idea is to go for an electric fireplace with built-in shelves. This gives a perfect view of the TV fireplace wall.

Besides, this idea serves both storage and decorative purposes. You can keep some items that would work as decorative items on the shelves.

Note: instead of cluttering your shelves with items, you must go for a minimalist design.

2. Electric Fireplace Under A TV Stand

2. Electric Fireplace Under A TV Stand

It’s not always that you’ll have a TV placed on the wall mount. Sometimes, placing the TV on a TV stand that stands over the fireplace is also an excellent idea.

With this idea, you purchase a TV stand with space under it reserved for an electric fireplace. When it’s fully installed, the stand carries a TV over it, and a fireplace under with some cabinets beside the fireplace.

3. Wooden Fireplace Wall TV

Wooden fireplace with an electric fireplace

Another great wall of installing an electric fireplace is to go for a wooden TV fireplace wall. This is as it sounds; a wall crafted from wood that holds both the TV and the electric fireplace.

Some paint this wall in a separate color like white while others go for a color that will blend well with the black TV screen. If painting the TV fireplace wall in a new color isn’t for you, continue with the room’s paint and patterns.

4. White Fireplace Wall

White wall for TV and Fireplace

A white fireplace wall is common in most modern living rooms. As discussed in the above point, it could be that you’re continuing with the white color of the room or you’re going for a separate color for the TV and fireplace wall.

The black TV screen and the black electric fireplace pop up which can be annoying to others. However, the black color can bring a cool contrast against the white background which most people love.

5. Fireplace And TV Wall With Led Lights

Fireplace And TV Wall With Led Lights

Led lights are very popular among baddies and gamers. However, Led lights are not for youngsters. Anyone can beautify a look with Led lights.

Some of the best places where Led lights look the best is behind a desk, shelves, TV, computer, or TV stand.

This is interesting as you can use a string of Led lights behind the TV, TV stand, and shelves and make your room look epic like crazy. They’ll work for a wall-mount TV just as they do for a TV on a TV stand.

6. Metal Mounted TV above a Fireplace

Metal Mounted TV above a Fireplace

The next idea is to mount a TV above an electric fireplace using a metal wall mount. This is ideal because it ensures better spacing between the fireplace and the TV.

At the same time, wall mounts are cheaper than a TV stand. So, you’re getting a steal using this idea.

7. TV Above Stone Fireplace

TV Above Stone Fireplace

A stone fireplace is one of the oldest fireplace designs that are still popular currently. It’s a cozy design for a modern living room and master bedroom.

People prefer constructing a protruding stone TV fireplace wall. This way, the rest of the room with have one design the wall will pop out creating a stunning focal point.

However, in this idea, only the fireplace mantle is made of rocks and stones.  

8. Black Shiplap TV Fireplace wall

Black Shiplap TV Fireplace wall

If you’re looking for an idea that will make sure the black off-TV screen blends well with the wall, then a black shiplap TV fireplace wall is an excellent option.

FYI: a shiplap wall is a type of interior or exterior wall where the boards are installed horizontally with a slight overlap between them, creating a distinctive pattern of gaps between the boards.

Although shiplap designs are mostly painted in white, painting a shiplap wall that holds the TV and electric fireplace in black will work wonders. When you switch off the TV, the black screen gets blended into the black color.

9. Long Electric Fireplace With TV Above

Long fireplace with a TV above

This design has to do with the electric fireplace. Instead of choosing a short electric fireplace, you go for a long narrow fireplace.

With a TV above such an electric fireplace, the wall looks well-designed and sleek. Unlike having a large TV and a small fireplace, this design ensures the right décor order; i.e., having large or long items down and narrow or small items up.

10. TV above Electric Fireplace Of The Same Length

If you don’t like the above idea, it’s okay. Try getting an electric fireplace of the same length as the Television screen.

This is better than having a large screen and a tiny fireplace. Having a TV of the exact length of the electric fireplace makes it look elegant and expensive.

Since the view is so pleasing to the eyes, you can paint the TV fireplace wall of this design in a white or grey color.

11. Recessed And Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

A recessed and wall-mounted electric fireplace is another excellent choice if you want to place a TV screen above an electric fireplace. FYI: this electric fireplace is installed into a wall cavity, creating a streamlined and modern appearance.

This type of fireplace is insane. It doesn’t consume much electricity and never requires a chimney. And of course, you get the actual fireplace view and warmth in your room.

With a recessed wall-mounted electric fireplace, you don’t have to worry about your TV heating up or blowing up. It works just perfectly with a TV screen above it.

12. Floor-To-Ceiling Gray Wall TV And Fireplace Wall

Floor-To-Ceiling Gray Wall TV And Fireplace Wall

This is one of the most common electric fireplace ideas with the TV above. It has a different design and pattern for the TV and electric fireplace wall.

By painting this wall in gray from floor to ceiling, you make the wall to be a focal point. And, of course, you’re making the TV screen and the recessed fireplace to pop.

The wall can be made of shiplap, bricks, boards and battens, rocks, or vinyl panels. On top of the design, you paint in gray.

13. White And Gray Fireplace wall

A white and gray fireplace wall is another wonderful wall idea for an electric fireplace with a TV above it. It uses a combination of three colors; the black color of the TV screen, gray and white.

You can paint the fireplace mantle white and the rest of the fireplace and TV wall gray. Or if you’re going for an electric wall with shelves, you can paint the shelves white and the rest of the wall gray.

14. Floor-To-Ceiling Stone Wall

Floor-To-Ceiling Stone Wall

As discussed above, a stone or rock fireplace wall is not a new thing. In fact, most of the ancient fireplaces were made of rocks.

The main evolution that has happened here is the electric fireplace and of course. And nowadays people are using rocks and stones to build rustic designs and not out of necessity.

Unlike the above stone idea, a floor-to-ceiling stone wall anchors both the screen and the electric TV. Of course, since this wall has different textures and patterns, it attracts the eyes making it a good focal point.

15. Corner Fireplace With Above TV

Corner Fireplace With Above TV

Another unique idea is to have a corner fireplace with a TV above it. This can be designed in any of the ideas discussed above.

You can create a corner fireplace using stones, boards and battens, shiplap, and bricks. And it’s ideal for an L-shape layout of a living room.

Of course, this is one of the cool awkward living room layouts. Note: it’s also possible to install a corner fireplace with the above TV in a bedroom.

16. Electric Fireplace under a fireplace Mantel

Most modern living consists of a TV and fireplace wall that is flat. However, this idea consists of an electric fireplace under a fireplace mantel.

This usually consists of two colors. You may try the gray and white color combination.

A fireplace mantel needs to be high enough from the floor. Roughly, you need to make sure that the fireplace mantel is at least 4.5 inches above the floor.

17. Electric Fireplace With Hidden TV

Electric Fireplace With Hidden TV

Nothing is more boring than having a black screen in the living room. Although you can paint the background wall black, it’s not as effective as not seeing it completely.

You can achieve this using an electric fireplace with a hidden TV screen. FYI: this is a type of electric fireplace that allows a flat TV screen to slide in and out of it.

I love this idea so much as it eliminates the black screen whenever you’re not using the TV. Similarly, if you want to start watching TV, you’ll just press a button and the TV screen will be revealed.

18.  Brick Electric Fireplace and TV wall

brick TV and Fireplace wall
Source: Pinterest

The other interesting idea is to have a fireplace and TV wall made of bricks. You can have the rest of the living in a different pattern like vinyl, boards and battens or shiplap and make a separate protruding wall made of bricks.

And of course, the brick wall can be painted in white or black color. The white paint will allow the TV to pop out while the black color will allow the TV screen to blend in successfully.

FAQs on Electric Fireplace Ideas with the above TV

In case you still have questions, read through the following responses to some commonly asked questions regarding electric fireplace ideas with the above TV, or ask in the comment section of this post.

How High Should An Electric Fireplace Be Above a TV?

To hang an electric fireplace above a TV, you need a room with a high ceiling. This is so because the TV needs to be at least 8 inches higher than the electric fireplace. At the same time, the electric fireplace needs to be at least 6 inches above the floor.

What to Put On a Fireplace with a TV above It?

The flat surface above the fireplace offers a great decorative platform. To make the most out of this space, add some lighter decorative items like vases, plants, key holders, candles, and more.

Also read: TV stand décor ideas.

Where Should I Put My TV Over My Electric Fireplace?

If you want to put a TV above an electric fireplace, there are two options. You can install it using a wall mount to place it directly above the fireplace. Or if it’s necessary, you can use a TV stand to hold the TV.

Final Words on Electric Fireplace Ideas with the above TV

It’s not only possible but it’s cozy and stunning to have a TV and an electric fireplace installed on one wall. By installing your TV above a fireplace, you’re assured of warmth and an elegant view in your room.

I hope the electric fireplace ideas with the TV stand discussed above have inspired you to try it yourself.

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Otherwise, I wish you all the best!


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