18 Incredible Tribal Braids with a Heart You Should Try

Tribal braids are a type of hairstyle that has enjoyed popularity for decades –especially among black girls. But since they have been around for a while, most of the tribal braids don’t really stand out except the tribal braids with a heart.

These braids represent a new and improved version of the Fulani braids. They consist of both cornrows and dangling single braids with a heart design on the scalp or cornrow braids with a heart as well.

This post presents you with 21 breathtaking tribal braids with a heart. Let’s dive in!

What are heart braids called?

Heart braids are a type of Fulani braids that consists of a heart shape made on the scalp. Some people call this hairstyle heart-shaped cornrows or designer braids.

How long do heart braids last?

The durability or fragility of any braids depends on a number of issues ranging from how they’re made to the size of the braids. Generally, heart braids will last up to four weeks.

However, if you’re going for the jumbo braids, they’ll last less than 4 weeks. On the contrary, tiny heart braids will take you as far as six to eight weeks.

Of course, when the braids last for so long, they loosen up and your hair starts to grow taking away any juvenile cuteness of the braids.

Best Tribal Braids with a Heart

Here are the best tribal braids with a heart that you should try out!

1. Lemonade braids with a heart

Lemonade braids with a heart

Made popular by Queen B, the lemonade braids are an excellent choice for a black baddie girl. FYI: lemonade braids are long tribal braids that usually fall on one side.

Formally, these braids were just known as cornrow braids or side braids. However, when Beyonce wore them in her iconic album song, Lemonade, everyone fell in love with them as lemonade braids.

Although Queen B didn’t wear lemonade braids with a heart, the ones with a heart shape design are a design that you can try. And unlike most of the tribal braids with a heart, the lemonade consists of a single heart on the side opposite to the cascade of hair.

2. Back cornrows with a heart shape

back cornrows with a heart shape

Cornrows are the traditional tribal braids that don’t seem to lose popularity despite being old. If you’re looking for a fresh take on the traditional cornrow braids, you should try back cornrows with a heart.

These are cornrows that are braided from front to back. And, of course, heart-shaped designs are created on each side of the head.

Back cornrows with a heart last really long while giving you a unique look in traditional tribal braids. It’s a steal!

3. Thigh-high Cornrows with a heart shape

long Cornrows with a heart shape

If you want a baddie girl look, you should wear thigh-high cornrows with a heart shape. I heart these cornrows because they’re unique, cute, and elegant.

Short braids are great, but they’re not as outstanding as long braids. To stand out even more, you can go for the thigh-high cornrows in popping colors like burgundy, blue, white, or pink.

Finish styling them up with some transparent beads at the end of the braids.

4. Queen of Heart braids

Queen of Heart braids

There is no way we can talk of tribal braids without mentioning the Queen of Heart braids. FYI: these are cornrows or box braids that consist of more than two heart-shaped designs in different parts of the head.

If you’re looking for braids that you can style in a couple of ways, you need to go for box braids with hearts or knotless queen of hearts. You can also wear pop smoke braids with a heart.

However, if braids that won’t bother you with styling or dangling are ideal for you, go for the cornrow queen of hearts. When they’re done by a professional, you’ll heart these braids to death.

5. Tribal braids with Rear Heart

Tribal braids with Rear Heart

If the tribal braids with multiple hearts or with a heart design on the side aren’t for you, try wearing these tribal braids with a rear heart. As the name suggests, this style consists of either cornrows or box braids with a heart design at the back of the head.

Of course, this is an attitude-driven style that is perfect for a baddie. If you want a braid that will catch the attention of several people, this is what you’re looking for.

6. Blonde tribal braids with a heart

Besides black, blonde is another color common among tribal braids fans. In addition, blonde tribal braids with a heart are an excellent choice if you want a change from the black traditional braids.

Of course, there are gals who wear nothing but blonde braids. Whether you’re a blonde girl or you’re just looking for a new look, these braids will work for you.

And most importantly, there are multiple styles to choose from. You can choose to wear stitch, knotless, box, or pop smoke braids with a heart. If you like curls, you can choose tribal braids with curly ends.

7. Blue Braids with a heart

Blue braids with a heart are the next ideal choice for those who like colorful hairstyles. And, of course, you can easily wear blue braids with a heart by tinting your hair or by using blue extensions.

You can wear any possible style with blue-tinted hair or blue extensions. However, the blue cornrows with a heart and blue box braids with a heart look really cute and badass.

8. Low Bun Braids with a heart

If you’re looking for classic and elegant heart braids for formal events or professional settings, the low bun braids with a heart are an excellent choice. FYI: the low bun is a type of hairstyle in which the hair is pulled back and secured at the nape of the neck, creating a rounded shape that sits low on the head.

You can create these braids using natural hair or hair extensions. And my favorite way of creating the low bun braids with a heart is using the back cornrows.

However, you can also use knotless braids, stitch braids, or box braids and tie the braids at the back.

9. Crisscross Fulani braids with a heart

If you find the straight-line tribal braids not ideal for you, you should try the crisscross Fulani braids. These will usually consist of some braids braided in straight-line while some lines crisscross each other.

Always keep in mind that “few is more” with this design: only some lines of braids should crisscross while the rest should be straight. It can be the middle lines crossing each other once and the heart designs on the two sides of the head or vice-versa.

10. Heart-shaped Fulani stitch braids

Stitching is a popular way of braiding hair that involves cornrowing the natural hair and then using a crochet hook to pull the extensions through the cornrows, creating a braided look.

The stitch braids’ look is so out of this world. And most importantly, you can have them in any color.

If you’re a blonde girl, you can have your natural hair braided with blonde extensions. Similarly, girls who like pink or blue braids can wear them in pink or blue as well.

11. Front Heart Fulani Braids

front heart braids_one of the tribal braids with a heart

So far, you know the side heart tribal braids, the rear hear braids, the queen of hearts, and some colorful ones. However, you can also opt for a design with a heart above your forehead.

This is the front heart of Fulani braids. And being tribal braids, you know you can get the style using cornrows, crochet stitches, or box braids. Well, almost.

While it would be hard –though not impossible –to create a front heart shape using the box braids and knotless braids, it’s achievable by cornrowing or stitching.

12. Tribal braids with a heart and curls

Curls are a fire! And yeah, you can braid them together with Fulani braids.

You can go for the tribal braids with curly ends or Fulani curl braids. Those with curly ends have three sections; cornrows in front, single braids in the middle and at the back, and curls at the end of the single braids.

Of course, you can also try Bohemian braids that mix single braids and curly braids. And create the heart shape on the two sides of the head.

13. Cornrow braids with a heart and beads

If you like beads, you should get cornrow braids with beads and a heart shape. Though wearing beads together with cornrows has a long history, its chicness and popularity are still burning among black girls.

The beads are usually worn at the end of the braids or at the beginning of the cornrows. If you’re going for the Fulani with a middle cornrow, you can put beads and other pieces of jewelry on the middle cornrow.

If you like colorful braids, you can wear these cornrows in red, blue, or pink.

14. Small Hearts in Straight Back Feed-In Cornrows

Feed-in cornrows are by far my favorite tribal braids. Just so you know, these are braids created using fine hair extensions that are braided together with natural hair to create seamless cornrows.

Instead of the large hearts on the side, rear, or front, you start the feed-in cornrows with hearts. And the cornrows are braided straight from the front to the back of the head.

15. Long Blonde Fulani Braids with a heart

I’ve talked of the blonde braids and long tribal braids with a heart, but what I’ve not mentioned is that you can combine the two. You can wear long blonde tribal braids with at least a heart.

If you want numerous hearts, you can try long blonde queen of hearts or the feed-in cornrows with small hearts. All these look great when created with blonde extensions.

16. Mixed Tribal Braids with a heart

Mixed tribal braids are for those who want a fresh look or stand out. If you’re okay with a mixture of popping colors, try to mix at least two colors.

You should try burgundy and black, black and white, pink and white, or black and blue. As for the actual combination, you can braid the two colors at once or use them in different sections of the braids.

17.  Long Jumbo Braids with a heart

If you’ve read my other post on the Pop smoke braids, you now know that jumbo braids are affordable and stunning braids. With just four packs of extensions, you can braid super long Jumbo braids.

And if beads are your thing, you can wear them at the end of the braids. Just shy away from the popping colors; they look babyish.

Of course, if you’re going for the baddie aesthetics, the popping colors are typical.

18. Cornrow High Bun with a Heart

Apart from the low bun cornrows, you can also get high bun cornrows and two heart-shaped designs on the sides of the head. Although you can style up the box and knotless braids into a high bun, the cornrows, feed-ins, and stitches are the best way to get high bun braids and a heart shape design.

Go ahead and wear these braids with any of your favorite colors! However, if you’re going for an elegant look, stick with black or blonde.

FAQs on Tribal Braids with a Heart

In case you want something specific, refer to the FAQs below for more information.

Why tribal braids are called tribal braids?

Tribal braids, a.k.a. Fulani braids are originally from West Africa. These braids were used commonly among the Fulani ethnic group to the extent that they became a cultural identity for the Fulanis.

In other words, they’re called tribal braids because they’re hairstyles for the Fulani tribe and culture. And they’re called Fulani braids for they’re from the Fulani tribe.

What Heart braids last the longest?

If you’re looking for heart braids that will last the longest, you need to go for small cornrows and single braids. At the same time, if the braids last long, they’ll end up causing damage to your hair.

What makes braids last longer?

There are a couple of tips you can follow to make your braids last longer. First, you need to find a professional stylist to braid you. You should also tie your hair with a satin cloth or bandana when you’re going to bed or you’re about to do manual work.

How many packs of hair do you need for straight-back cornrows?

Depending on whether you want jumbo or tiny tribal braids, you’ll need hair extensions of different sizes. For the big braids, you’ll need 2 to 3 packs of hair depending on the size of your head. And you should get more than three packs if you want small braids.

Final Words on Tribal Braids with a Heart

Tribal braids offer a great chance to style up your hair. And of all the Fulani braids, the ones with a heart are the unique and fresh designs of the tribal braids.

Having a heart design on your head demonstrates how love-conscious you are. These tribal braids spread a message that you’re a loving badass girl.

I hope this post has oriented you to the various designs and styles of tribal braids with a heart. Here are some more posts you may like

Otherwise, continue being a big-heart person!

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