12 Lace Front Wigs for Black Women (Longest to Shortest)

Having long, silky, bouncy, and shiny hair is a wish for every fashionable girl. However, growing your hair to over 30 inches is not only hard but also takes a long time. And the problem is even worse for a black woman. This is where the lace front wigs for black women come in.

Wigs are a huge lifesaver for most girls. The fact that they can be worn on top of natural hair without destroying it and that you can take it off whenever you want is a game changer.

Wigs also help to cover heavily damaged hair, cover some fine wrinkles for older women, and –of course –get the longest hair you ever want.

And of all the wigs, the lace front wigs are a boom! They consist of transparent lace that blends with any skin. And some of them are glueless. You can take them off whenever you want without a toil.

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What Are Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs consist of sheer lace to which human hair or synthetic is hand-tied. Lace mesh without hair that extends past the hairline to above the forehead. The lace is normally transparent to ensure easy blending with any skin tone.

Long Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

Here is a list of wigs that has a lace front. Again, this list consists of wonderful wigs between 42 inches to 20 inches.

1.  MYDIVA Lace Front Human Hair Wig_42 Inch

Woman wearing one of the lace front wigs for black women
Source: amazon.com

I wanted to start with MYDIVA because it’s one of the brands that specialize in high-quality hair products. Plus, you can find them on Amazon.

The MYDIVA lace front human hair wig is made of silky soft haircut from young Brazilian donors. It has very minimal to no shedding and tangling. It’s pre-plucked, so easy to bleach, and blends easily with black and brown skin tones.

Of course, the one in the picture is 42 inches long, but MYDIVA stocks lace front wigs from 16 inches to 42 inches. This means you can find your preferred size. And the price decreases with the decrease in length.

What others are Saying about MYDIVA Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Positive Experience

“This hair is lovely, I’ve reapplied 2+ times and it holds up very well. It arrived fast with no smells, no shedding, and was already pre-plucked”

Monifah, Amazon review

Negative Experience

“The hair is pretty soft. Minor tangling. If you have sensitive skin I do not recommend it. My ears and neck have been very itchy since installing.”

-Kelsey Chardé, Amazon review

2. HC 13×6 Straight Lace Front Wig 40 Inch

HC 40 Inch
Source: amazon.com

The next best lace front wig for black ladies is the HC 13×6 Straight Wig. It’s pre-plucked and chemical-free. It’s a 10A grade 100% unprocessed virgin human hair wig with a lace front that is 13 inches wide and 6 inches long.

The brand recommends itself. Just so you know, HC stands for Hair Club. This is an American hair brand that specializes in hair growth, hair replacement, and hair restoration.

With HC glueless wigs, you can do whatever you want with your hair just like natural hair. You can bleach, dye, perm, or curl HC wigs to give you the look you and vibe you love.

Positive Experience

“Now, I’m not a real big fan of wigs, but when I tell you this wig was worth every penny and exceeded my expectations! It’s so soft and feels so light on my head”

-Tae Dotson, Amazon review

Negative Experience

“It came a bit thin. I added the hair I had laying around, washed & highlighted it. Tint spray for the lace! I’m happy”

Jasmine, Amazon review

3. FABEAUTY HD Lace Front Wigs_38 Inch

fabeauty lace front wig
Source: amazon.com

I don’t know whether I should start with the brand or the quality of the product. Trust me; they’re all fabulous indeed!

The Fabeauty lace front 38-inch wig consists of silky soft and bouncy human hair, HD transparent lace cap that easily blends with any skin tone, and a natural hairline with pre-plucked hair round.

The brand, Fabeauty, is known for distributing high-quality and long-lasting wigs. With Fabeauty, you get non-delicate wigs that can be bleached, restyled, or dyed.

Positive Experience

“This wig is incredible. I seriously needed a wig for thanksgiving (I like to get stuff early lol) and this seller DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Amazing quality, soft to the Gods. I can’t wait to me transform in this hair. I will be definitely buying more soon.”

-Antoine Bowleg, Amazon Review

Minor Negative Experience

“Good hair but not true to density, thin”

-Tarnisha Walker, Amazon review

4. 36-Inch Free-Part Synthetic Black Wig

lace front wigs for black women
Source: amazon.com

The next lace front wig is from Style Icon, one of the prestigious hair brands. This wig is made from retardant synthetic tissue fibers and high-quality Swiss lace.

With the highly elastic inner net, this 1B 36-inch free-part wig is big-head friendly and breathable. It is very soft like real hair and light in weight.

Positive Experience

“I’m not sure how long it’ll last but it looks better than some of the human hair wigs I’ve purchased. The parting space is everything. It has a shine but doesn’t give off synthetic. I’m going to come back and do an update.”

-Seba, Amazon review

5. 34-Inch Margarety Pre-plucked Wigs

Margarety lace front wig
Source: amazon.com

Margarety Lace Front wig is another beautiful wig with 100% unprocessed Brazilian virgin human hair. It consists of an HD lace front that blends well with the color of your skin.

This 150-density body wave wig has no annoying smell. Of course, they may smell some local shampoo. However, they disappear with a few washing.

Feel free to do any part, restyle or dye if you want to. You shouldn’t have any problem with it because it’s not synthetic.

Positive Experience

“This hair is so beautiful and true to length, I have had it installed for a month, washed it, and had it re-installed and it is just like new! Will definitely be ordering again, it is a great deal.”

–Carmen Jones, amazon review

 Negative Experience

“I love this unit, it is soft, long, and simply beautiful! It just sheds too much. ”

–Onyxx Apro Monopoly, amazon review

6.  Aaliweya Ombre HD Lace Front Wigs 32 Inch

Aaliweya lace front wigs
Source: amazon.com

With more than 20 years of experience in the 100% human hair factory industry, Aaliweya is one of the hair brands that stock very quality and sustainable wigs. I particularly like the 32-inch one because it’s long and affordable.

The Aaliweya Ombre is not only sexy and warm but it’s so neutral that makes it an easy fit for every girl. Since this wig consists of 100% human hair, you can dye, bleach, and restyle it in any way you want.

Positive Experience

“I bought this wig back in September for my birthday and I fell in love! I’m reusing it again for another event and it’s still just as soft. It has slight shedding, but nothing too crazy, and the lace melts so well. I got so many compliments on it so definitely would recommend it!”

–Destinee, Amazon review

Minor Negative Experience

“NGL when I first received this wig I was very skeptical… I thought it wasn’t true to length but after washing and styling, it very much is!! It also takes color very well which was surprising for the price. Although it’s not HD lace, the lace is still good and meltable. I actually very much enjoy this wig y’all gotta get it”

–Indya M, amazon

7.  Joedir Lace Front Wig_30 Inch

Joedir lace front wig
Source: amazon

A Joedir lace front wig consists of a scalp that blends so well with any skin. Although it’s not made from human hair, you can distinguish it from real hair thanks to its high-quality heat-resistant synthetic fiber.

After receiving the package, you need to shake your wig back and forth. This way, the wig will become fluffy and it’ll look just like the one in the photo.

Positive Experience

“This unit is just phenomenal! Lace was very easy to cut and blends wonderfully without glue. She’s tangle free right out of the box and the fit is very nice and snug, so I know it’s not going anywhere! These curls are gorgeous and not too full, so I don’t look like Hagrid! Absolutely will be my go-to unit!”

–Clarissa D, Amazon review

Negative Experience

The only downfall is that it’s not human hair… But baby I put a little of Lotta body on it, and I was good to go. There was a mix-up earlier, and I was sent a skirt first, but Amazon jumped in and got the right product to me in time. Thank y’all for that BDay READY!”

–Valencia, Amazon review

8. 28 Inch Water Wave Lace Front Human Hair Wig

Water wave lace front
Source: amazon.com

This curled lace front wig is made by Leoslum. As the title suggests, it consists of 100% natural unprocessed virgin human hair, and water wave curls and it’s tangle-free, bouncy, and silky soft.

Some people complain of itching with some wigs. However, this type of wig is comfortable with any skin –hypersensitive skin inclusive.

Positive Experience

“I LOVE this wig! Omg, for the price you cannot beat it. It’s soft, it gives the best curls when wet. Lace is beautiful, definitely worth buying”

–Meisha Gordon, Amazon review

Negative Experience

“I mean it’s good. I’ma wig person I can tell you personally lace bleach fast so that’s a plus hair gets dry curl pattern is not cute

–Reupelee, amazon review

9. Ten Chopsticks 1B/30 Ombre Color Kinky Straight Human Hair Wigs_26 Inch

Ten Chopsticks 1B/30 Ombre
Source: amazon.com

The next lace front wig comes from the Ten Chopstick brand. It’s a 26-inch ombre kinky straight human hair wig.

It consists of a medium brown transparent lace that blends incredibly well with a black woman’s cap skin. In terms of the actual hair, it consists of high-quality unprocessed Brazilian virgin human hair.

Just as with any human hair wig, you can restyle, perm, bleach, or dye this wig. The front cap is large enough to give you more styling options.

10.  24-Inch Nadula Italian Yaki Lace front wig

Nadula Italian Yaki Front Lace
Source: amazon

The Nasula lace front wig has strands that are cute and easy to style or restyle, and HD transparent lace that blends with any skin tone. With the 24-inch one, you get the tangle-free, healthy and comfortable wig that you wear to a party, work, a romantic date, the red carpet, and pretty much anywhere.

Positive Experience

“I bought the Kinky straight u part wig in June of 2021. It still looks good, though it does get dry. I just condition it with silicone mix maybe once every 2 weeks (depending on how much u wear it). The silicone mix brings it back to life!”

–Shade, amazon review

Negative Experience

“This wig is ok it’s soft and very thick and also straightens well but as other reviews stated the ends are thin and must be cut and there are a lot of them. Red and gold strands, an indication of synthetic

–Sadee, amazon review

11.  Annelbel Glueless Brazilian wig_22 Inch

Annelbel lace front wigs
Source: amazon.com

Annelbel Brazilian virgin human hair wig is one of the best lace front wigs for black women. This body wave is not only full and natural but consists of 13×4 HD transparent lace that takes the color of any skin tone.

It’s also got adjustable straps that make it easy for many people to fit in. The average cap size is a medium 22. This wig is durable, comfortable, and soft like silk.

Positive experience

“I ordered this wig for my bday and it did not disappoint”

–Leean Peacock

Negative Experience

“I loveee the lace, but the hair could barely hold curls and got frizzy a lot but overall 7/10”

 –Saryah, amazon review

12.  20-inch Nadula Silky Brazilian Lace Frontal Virgin Human Hair Wig

Nadula Silky Brazilian Lace front
Source: amazon

Let’s finish with Nadula’s 21-inch lace frontal virgin human hair wig. From the title, you can get pretty much everything you need to know about this wig.

It’s made from 100% virgin Brazilian human hair, it is super soft, bouncy, straight, and shiny. You can restyle, dye or bleach without a problem.

Positive Experience

“Very easy to install. This hair is beautiful in length accurate and color also.”


Negative Experience

“ Hair does not stay strong for long it is a very thick wig that was also way too big for my head I give it a 3/5 only cause I feel the wig could have been way better quality for the high price”

–Lauryn Greene

FAQs about Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions when it comes to lace front wigs for black women.

What Are The Best Wig Brands For African Americans?

In this post, I’ve discussed 11 hair brands that are all amazing. However, Nadula Hair, Joedir hair, HC hair, MYDIVA, and FABEUATY are the best brands on this list. They stock the most HD lace and virgin human hair.

What is the Most Realistic Lace Front Wig?

If you want realistic lace front wigs, you need to know what to look for in a wig. You need to check that the wig has the following features: virgin human hair, wide lace front, and HD lace.

All these are absolutely important in making your wig look like real natural hair. First, you can’t expect a real look yet you’re going for synthetic material. You need 100% virgin human hair. Next, you need HD lace because it’s almost invisible making it easy-blend with any skin. And the wide lace front will give you enough space to style up.

What is The Best Lace Wig for Beginners?

As a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend very complicated glue wigs. Find a high-quality glueless lace front wig. And instead of getting fancy with dye and bleach, find wigs that are already in the color or style you want.

Luck for you: the lace front wigs discussed in this post are not too involving and there are some which are already curled or straightened.

Final Thoughts

Wigs are a must-have beauty item for every modern woman. They serve you time and money you would have spent traveling to a hairstylist and paying for the service.

However, with some wigs, you spend as much money as getting the service from a hairstylist. This is why I was so excited to introduce you to the best lace front wigs. They’re easy to install and reusable.

Next time, you might want to try hair extensions. If you’re new to them, here is a post to help you: 21 Questions about Bead Extensions

Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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