21 Leather Pants Outfit Ideas for Chic Styling

Do you have a few leather outfits in your wardrobe? And you’re looking for new ideas on how to style them up? These 21 leather pants outfit ideas will help you get started.

Leather is by far the most luxurious fabric. Don’t take my word for it: look at the interior of Teslas and private jets. There are all made of high-quality leather fabric.

Most importantly, leather pants can be styled in multiple ways. You can leather pants for a formal outfit as well as a casual outfit.

You can wear them to a dance as a baddie concert outfit or to a birthday as a baddie birthday outfit. It can also be worn as a brunch outfit.

Are leather pants in style in 2023?

Leather pants have enjoyed popularity for several decades. In fact, they’re still popular and elegant outfits in 2023. As such, it makes total sense to invest a little time in learning how to style leather pants.

What tops can be paired with leather pants?

The beauty of leather pants is that they go well with lots of upper-body outfits. You can wear leather pants with jean tops, leather jackets, cropped hoodies, cropped tanks, mere crop tops, sweaters, bombers, cardigans, and blazers.

Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

Let’s now explore various ways of styling leather pants. Here is a list of my favorite leather pants outfit ideas.

1. Leather Pants and Blazer

Leather Pants and Blazer_ one of Leather Pants Outfit Ideas
Source:@Woman Fashion Trend (Pinterest)

I wanted to start with my all-time favorite which is wearing leather pants and a blazer. If you didn’t know, a blazer is a type of jacket that is mostly worn as a casual outfit.

You can black leather pants with a blazer. The pants can be flare leather pants, leather leggings, or faux leather pants. As for the blazer, you need to select a khaki, beige, or pink blazer.

To finish this outfit idea up, you can wear a pair of heels. This is perfect for a formal outfit. So feel free to wear the outfit to work or any rendezvous. You can also wear it casually with a pair of sneakers.

2. Wear with Turtleneck Sweater

A girl in leather pants with Turtleneck Sweater
Source:@ARSO (Pinterest)

A turtle neck sweater whose neckline extends up and covers the neck. It’s perfect for winter and cold countries and states like some parts of Canada and Alaska.

You can wear the sweater pants with a turtle neck sweater to feel warm and look stylish. White, beige, khaki, or black turtle neck sweaters go really well with black sweater pants.

What’s even more enjoyable is that you can wear the sweater inside a blazer. It’s another excellent idea that adds warmth and elegance at the same time.

3. Wear with a Tank

a girl in white tank and sneakers with leather pants
Source:@Imaan sait (Pinterest)

This idea is so ideal for warm countries, states, or seasons. In summer, you should wear sweater pants with a tank.

In case you’re an amateur, a tank in fashion is a synonym for a vest. Not necessarily sweater vests, but thin vests that you can wear inside another outfit are what’s considered a tank.

You can wear legging leather pants or flare leather pants with a white tank. This is perfect for shopping or running other errands.

4. Faux Leather Leggings + Crop top

a girl in plus size leather pants, knee-high boots and cropped top
@Shop Priceless (Pinterest)

The word faux is from French to mean false or fake. Similarly, faux leather is artificially made from synthetic. It’s now the most commonly used material for making clothes and other kinds of stuff.

The other great leather pants outfit idea is to wear faux leather leggings with a cropped top. These leggings will go well with a white cropped top or cropped t-shirt. And they don’t look bad when you wear them with a cropped leather outfit.

In terms of shoes, you can wear them with white sneakers, combat boots, or heels. Carry a stylish handbag and you’ll be good to go to a party or a brunch.

5. Leather Pants + Cropped Hoodie

a woman in cropped sweater and leather pants
@Andrea Li Designs (Pinterest)

While still on the topic of cropped outfits, the other excellent idea is to wear a cropped hoodie with leather pants. This idea works with leather leggings or flare leather pants.

If you want to try this idea with a pair of flare leather pants, make sure you go for high-waisted leather pants. As for the leather leggings, the middle-waisted pants will be great.

As for the hoodie, I like a white cropped hoodie more. You can wear it with a pair of black leather pants or brown leather pants.

6. Leather Leggings + Long Sweater

woman in Leather Leggings + Long Sweater
@Weheartit (Pinterest)

If you’ve got some leggings in your wardrobe, you should know how leggings and sweaters are a thing. The long sweater is particularly awesome as you can sit on the couch and cover your feet with it.

You can wear leather pants and a turtleneck sweater in winter or cold evenings to run a short errand or wear around the house. Since leather is not very porous and sweaters are generally warm, you’ll enjoy warmth in this outfit.

To enhance warmth and style up, you’ll need to wear knee-high boots or ankle boots –especially if you’re going out. You can also add a blazer over the sweater.

7. Leather Leggings + sweater+ Long Coat

a girl in long coat over the sweater
@Fashion Activation (Pinterest)

Wearing leather leggings, a sweater and a long coat over the sweater is another popular leather pants outfit. As you might have guessed, this is perfect for winter, cold states, countries, or days.

You can wear a white sweater or hoodie and a brown, beige, pink, black, or khaki long coat over it. Of course, this idea works well with a pair of black leather pants, but it can still work with leather pants in other colors.

As for the shoes, wear a pair of knee boots or ankle boots. However, you can still wear this outfit with white or black and white sneakers.

8. Black Leather Pants + White Sneakers

white sneakers and leather leggings
@Daniela Bernaddi (Pinterest)

I’ve been talking about wearing leather pants with sneakers in the above ideas. To emphasize, it’s totally acceptable and perfect to wear sneakers with leather pants.

Depending on the color of your leather pants, you can choose a contrasting color or the same color if you want to wear a match. For example, you can wear black and white, or just white sneakers if you’re wearing black leather pants.

Similarly, if you’re wearing red leather pants, you can wear white, white, and red or just burgundy sneakers.

9. Wear with Combat Boots

leather pants with combat boots

Wearing leather pants with combat boots is one of the popular baddie trends. And, of course, nobody can blame the idea for rising in trend. It’s super chic and elegant.

And there are so many ways you can style up with this idea. You can wear leather leggings and tuck them inside the combat boots. This one is more popular.

In the upper body, you can wear a white tee. Whether you’re wearing brown, red or black leather leggings, it’ll work. Of course, you add a bomber or long coat over the white t-shirt if it’s a cold day.

10. Wear with Heels

leather pants Worn with Heels
@Fashion Hub

This is great for a work outfit. Next time, you don’t want to wear a super formal outfit to work, you should wear leather pants and heels.

You should wear pants with open heels or transparent heels. As for the upper outfit, you should wear a blazer over a tank or a long coat over a turtleneck sweater –especially in cold weather.

If you want to wear heels and leather pants as a casual outfit, you can put them on with a cropped tank or a cropped sweater. You can wear this way to the club as a baddie club outfit.

11. Leather Pants + Jean Jacket

A jean top or jean jacket is another elegant outfit that can be worn casually or formally. And most importantly, it can be worn with leather pants.

You can wear a jean jacket with black leather leggings. Of course, under the jean jacket, you can wear a black or white tank. Personally, I prefer a white tank to contrast with the black leather.

In terms of the shoes, this outfit combination is more casual than formal. As such, you can wear the outfit with white, burgundy, or black and white sneakers. You can also wear it with boots and heels. There is no prob.

12. Leather Pants with Leather Jacket

Talking of jackets, a leather jacket can also be paired with leather pants. This one works best when you want to wear it in one color.

For example, you can wear a black leather jacket, a pair of black leather leggings and black boots if you want to wear all-black. You can do the same with other colors like red, white, and brown.

However, you can also pair a brown leather jack with a pair of leather pants. And you can wear it casually with sneakers instead of heels and boots.

13. Knee High Boots + Leather Pants

Knee-high boots and leather pants
@Shop Priceless (Pinterest)

This one is so fascinating. It consists of wearing leather pants with a pair of knee-high boots.

There are various ways to work around this idea. You’ll need a pair of leather leggings and not flare leather pants for the leather pants. Obviously, the boots can be in the color of choice.

As for upper outfit(s), you can wear a tank, crop top, jean top, or leather jacket. However, my favorite is a blazer.

14. Black Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

Specific outfit ideas are beneficial but you may need to know what ideas work best for black leather o any color in general. This is why I’ve included these points.

In the upper body, leather pants can be worn with several ideas. You can wear them with a blazer, cardigan, sweater, hoodie, crop top, cropped hoodie, jean jacket, or leather jacket. And under these outfits, you can wear a turtleneck sweater, a white or black t-shirt, a tank, or a cropped tee or tank.

As for the shoes, you can wear black leather pants with black combat boots, black heels, transparent heels, black knee-high boots, white sneakers, black and white sneakers, and burgundy sneakers just to mention a few.

15. Brown Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

 Brown Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

Leather pants are not available in black. Brown leather is another excellent choice.

These pants can be worn with a white t-shirt, white cropped t-shirt, black turtleneck sweater, or a black hoodie, or sweater. Over these, you can wear a khaki overcoat, blazer, or jean top.

16. Faux Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

I mentioned faux leather in one of the above ideas. Basically, this is leather made from synthetic and not original leather.

Since this leather is available in some of the colors and designs discussed in the over ideas, you can style it up using any other ideas in this post.

17. Leather Pants Outfit Ideas black girl

Leather Pants Outfit Ideas black girl
@Fashion Nova

Perhaps you’re looking for an idea that works specifically for you as a black badass beauty. I got you, babe, lol!

The obvious one would be contrasting colors. As a black girl, you may try contrasting the colors. For example, when you wear black leather pants contrast them with a white tee or turtleneck.

Even if you can put on a black coat, you’ll still kill it. Note: this does not mean you want look gorgeous in all black. All black leather pants and top or turtleneck sweater look still look cute -especially for light-skinned black girls

Otherwise, no leather outfit is only specific to a particular group. If you follow some of the rules and ideas discussed in this post when styling up your leather, you’ll be good to go.

18. Red Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

Red leather pants are another type of leather that deserve a mention. Of course, they’re not as common as black leather pants.

For a pair of red leather pants, you can still wear them with a white t-shirt, white cropped tank, or turtleneck sweater. Over these, you can wear a red coat, red leather jacket red jean jacket or a red blazer.

In terms of shoes, you can wear the outfit with open heels. You can also pair it with white or burgundy sneakers.

19.  Flare Leather Pants + Leather Jacket

If you’re a huge fan of flare, you’ll love this leather pants outfit idea. It involves wearing flare leather pants and a leather jacket.

Under the leather jacket, you can wear a white t-shirt, a turtleneck sweater, or a cropped tank. And for the shoes, you should wear a pair of heels with flare pants.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of flares. However, I know that flares and sneakers look weird.

20. Wear them with Fur Jacket and Boots

leather pants and fur jacket
@Vinny’s Digital Emporium

Fur jackets or coats are excellent outfits that you can wear with leather pants. In fact, the combination of leather leggings, a fur jacket, a fur coat, and boots make you look well-polished and expensive.

Under the long fur coat or fur jacket, you can wear a sweater or a turtleneck sweater. This is ideal for winter and cold countries like Canada and states like Alaska.

As for the boots, you wear this outfit with various kinds of boots. You’ll look perfect in this outfit with knee-high or thigh-high boots, combat boots, and heeled boots.

21. Leather Pants + Cardigan

cardigan and leather pants

Leather finish with an outfit combination that you’ll wear again and again if you haven’t. A pair of leather pants with a cardigan in the upper body is perfect for an outfit worn to run some errands or hang out with friends.

Wear a pair of black leather pants, a black turtleneck sweater, and a gray cardigan, you’ll look casually stunning. Finish up with a pair of sneakers or boots.

FAQs on Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

Do you have any questions regarding leather pants outfit ideas or leather pants in general? Read through the following frequently asked questions and their respective answers to learn more.

What tops to wear with leather pants for a night out?

Again, leather pants go really well with several tops. For a night out, leather pants can be worn with jean tops, leather jackets, hoodies, sweaters, or a blazer.

Should leather pants be baggy?

Unless you’re going for flare leather pants, they should never be very baggy. A pair of leather pants that are not fitting results in ugly folds and an unpleasant general look.

What Can I Wear Under the Leather Pants?

Obviously, you can’t just wear leather pants without anything inside. Otherwise, you’ll get bur on a hot day or you’ll freeze on cold days. As such, it’s so imperative to wear leather pants over fishnets, a pair of underwear pants, a short-leg swimsuit, and stockings

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to wear other pants under the leather. You should never wear leggings or any other pants under leather pants.

Final Thoughts on Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

It’s no longer a secret leather is a premium fabric. As such, you need to know various ways of styling leather pants.

This post has given you 21 ideas on how to style leather pants as well as various outfits that go well with leather pants. Bookmark this post and revisit this post once you want to put on leather pants.

Otherwise, pick one idea from the above list, implement it, step up, walk boldly, and smile!


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