21 Middle part Tribal Braids that Look Dope!

Apart from protecting your natural hair from heat and humidity, tribal braids are a stylish way of celebrating African culture and heritage. And of the numerous styles you can do with tribal braids, the middle part tribal braids are particularly fascinating.

The middle-part style is a familiar style of braid. It’s been around for several centuries since the original Fulani or Tribal braids consisted of middle-parting.

In this post, I present 21 prettiest middle part tribal braids that you can experiment with. But before we jump in, let’s explore a few terms.

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How long do tribal braids last?

The duration of your tribal braids will depend on the type and pattern you’ve opted for. Generally, the tribal braids last between four to six weeks. However, the small ones last longer than the jumbo or chunky ones.

How do you style tribal braids?

You can style up your tribal braids in a couple of ways. Some girls like to add jewelry like rings, beads, and elastic accessories to the braids. Depending on the style, you can also try making a ponytail, high bun, curls, pigtails, or twin buns.

What is the prettiest tribal braid?

Most tribal braids are pretty. However, the following styles and patterns stand out. These are the prettiest tribal braids you should try this weekend.

1. Double Bun middle-part Tribal Braid

Two buns middle part braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Let’s start with this middle-part tribal braid styled in a double bun. Just so you know, the double bun is a style in which two buns are tied on the top left and right side of your head.

In the case of tribal double bun braid, your hair is braided in cornrows both at the back and in front keeping space in the front middle. Instead of assembling the hair at the back, it’s assembled and tied symmetrically on the top left and right side of the head.

It’s such a fresh touch to Fulani braids. You can also style it further by leaving two single braids to dangle in the front sides of your head.

2. Triangle Box middle-part Braids

Triangle Middle Part Braid
Source: Pinterest.com

Traditionally, box braids consist of single braids tied from square boxes formed at the scalp. However, there is evolved epic style called triangle box braids.

This involves parting your hair to form cute triangles instead of squares. Leave a parted space on top of your head, you’ve got the triangle box middle-part braid.

It’s not typical Fulani braids. But if you braid cornrows in front and triangle box braids at back, you’ve achieved Fulani Triangle Box Middle-part braids.

3. Two-middle-cornrow parted braids

two middle cornrows parted
Source: Pinterest.com

The two-middle-cornrow parted braids are the typical Fulani braids. They consist of two cornrow braids that extend from your forehead to the center of your head diving your hair into two. And then the hair on the two sides is braided in crossing, box, zigzag, or straight cornrows.

Again, this is more of original tribal braids. As I said, the original Fulani braids involved a single middle cornrow parting the hair into two parts.

This is such a fancy tribal braids style you should try it. And once you have the front braided in the cornrows, you’re free to style the back hair in whatever style you like. You can curl it, braid it in box braids or style it into a high ponytail.

4. Ponytail Parted Braids

This is another pretty middle-part tribal braid. It consists of middle-space front cornrows and sloping cornrows at the back pulling, assembling, and tying hair on the crown. And hair or single braids are allowed to hang from the tied knot.

Ponytail is a well-known hairstyle for celebrities and baddie girls. Having a parted tribal braid that is styled this way is so phenomenal.

I particularly like the style especially when two single braids are left to hang side-by-side in the front. They take this style to the moon.

5. Middle-part Box Braids with Curls

middle part curled box braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Box braids with curly ends are amazing and I’ve discussed them in detail on this blog. But having a middle-part tribal style that can be combined with curled box braids is just out of this world.

The style is so simple yet incredibly cute. It consists of middle-parted cornrows in front and curls or curled single braids at the back.

You can go for micro or macro box braids. And for the curls, you can choose to add them right from the scalp or just curl the ends of your braids.

6. Beaded middle-part Braid

Beaded Cornrow middle Part
Source: Stylevore.com

This is so popular among tribal braids enthusiasts. It’s a kind of styling the braids that involve decorating the braids this cute beads.

You can opt for plastic or metallic beads. However, my favorite is the white transparent beads. They look pretty –especially at the end of the braids.

Talking of where to place your beads, you can braid them together with cornrows. The one braided in front of the middle cornrow is my favorite. You can also just place them along or at the end of the braid.

7. Crochet middle-part Braid

bob boho crochet hair braids 1

The other option is to look for pre-made crochet hair that is then hooded at the back of your head onto cornrows to create curly Fulani braids. FYI: crochet braid is a style that involves tying pre-made synthetic hair extensions to your natural hair using hooks.

You can buy crochet extensions on Amazon at around $25 and they come with latch hooks. All you need to do is have your hair braided in cornrows and “crochet” the extensions to the cornrows.

Note: The middle parting is created when braiding and the extensions are only added at the end of the back.

8. Middle-parted with rings

Parted with rings

Beads are not the only jewelry that you can add to tribal braids. You can also decorate the middle-parted Fulani braids with rings.

This is such a classic idea. It involves attaching rings to your hair like the way you hook earrings.

Some girls add small rings with other jewelry dangling on them while others like to add a bit large rings.

9. Knotless middle-part Braids

Knotless middle-part braids are another cute tribal braid you should try this weekend. They involve middle-parted cornrows in front and knotless single braids from the center of the head to the back.

FYI: knotless braids are single braids that start from the scalp without a knot. The Knotless Fulani braids are so sleek for their braids are in complex patterns, unlike general knotless braids.

10. middle-part Twist Braid

Middle Part Twist Braid
source: pinterest.com

These braids can be made by a stylist or by installing crochet twist braids. The crochet is cheaper than having them made by a stylist.

The twist parted in the middle are so pretty thanks to their uniqueness. The regular middle-part Fulani usually consists of cornrows and box braids, curls, knotless, or any single braids. The twists bring out an untypical cute look to the middle-part twist braid.

With the crochet twist, cornrows are made throughout the head. Using the hooks, the extensions are attached to the part or the entire head.

11. Single-Line middle-part Braid

Cornrow plus Single Braid Middle Part

This is a typical tribal braid. It consists of a single cornrow that extends from the forehead to the center of the head.

The middle cornrow parts the hair into two parts. You can add jewelry like a ring or bead at the beginning of the middle cornrow.

Hair on the sides can be braided in cornrows of different patterns and styles. You can opt for micro and macro mixed braids, boxed cornrow braids, or zigzag braids.

12. Mixed middle-part Braid

The next pretty tribal braid is the mixed middle-part braid. This is also known as a blend middle-part braid.

It consists of a mixture of braiding materials. Sometimes braiding materials of two different colors are used to make one braid or using different colors to make different braids.

The most common ones are black and white mixed twists, blonde and white mix, and blonde and black mix.

13.  Blonde Parted Braids with curls

The blonde middle-part braid with curls is another cute tribal braid. Sometimes, it gets boring to always wear black tribal braids. Changing or experimenting with a blonde parted braid with curls wouldn’t be bad.

These braids consist of cornrows braided using blonde braiding hair extensions and curls are left at the back of the head. Sometimes, people mix black cornrows and blonde curls.

However, sometimes the curls are achieved by using crochet hair extensions and not necessarily braiding.

14. Fukani Shoulder Length Braid

Shoulder length fulani
Source: Pinterest@Monica T

The next gorgeous tribal braid is simply shoulder-length braids. Instead of having very long back braids, you should go for single braids or curls that stop along the shoulder.

These exist in different colors. You can opt for blonde, black, or any pop-colored Fulani shoulder-length braids.

These braids are particularly ideal when decorating with jewelry like beads. You can add white transparent beads at the ends of the braids.

15. Tiny middle-part Braid

Middle Part tiny braids
Source: Pinterest@Shayla

Microbeads are not only peculiarly pretty but they’re also long-lasting. As such, if you’re looking for gorgeous and durable Fulani braids, go for tiny middle-part braids.

Just so you know, micro Fulani braids are those that consist of small cornrows extending into small single braids at the back of the head. In terms of costs, tiny braids are more costly than macro braids.

Of course, you can have micro braids with curly ends or high bun micro braids installed rather than just the cornrows and extending single braids.

16. Jumbo Parted Braid

Burgundy jumbo braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Depending on the cost constraints and personal preference, you may want chunky Fulani parted braids. These are considerably large cornrows and single braids.

This can be achieved from large crotched extensions or by braiding using large amounts of braiding hair extensions. Sometimes, instead of having so many cornrows, you may have only a few.

At the same time, you can also go for jumbo middle-part braids that are styled into a high ponytail or high bun.

17. Parted Braids with elastic accessories

Middle Part Braid with line and elastic accessory
Source: Pinterest@Jonathan

So far you know you can decorate your braids with beads and rings. However, that’s not all. You can also use rubber elastic accessories to decorate your braids.

With this elastic rubber band, you twist it along the front single braids. This is important because you’re not decorating every single braid.

18. Burgundy middle-part Braids

If you’re into colored braiding hair, you should go for the burgundy middle-part braids. These are tribal braids that are reddish like red wine.

You can go for the tiny burgundy Fukani braids, Jumbo burgundy Fukani braids, or any other style and pattern discussed in this post. Of course, in the end, what matters is the style that suits you the best.

19.  Middle-part Bob Braid

bob fulani braids

The next pretty tribal braid is the middle-part bob braid. This is similar to the shoulder length braids –except this bob braids sometimes don’t necessarily reach or extend beyond the shoulders.

However, at its core, the bob is the short tribal braid. Again, this is a perfect hairstyle for decorating with beads.

20. Lemonade middle-part braid

The term “lemonade braids” generally refers to Fulani or tribal braids. However, this can also mean various other styles like the ones Beyoncé wears in the Lemonade video.

Of course, our interest is in the middle-part braids. Find a middle-part tribal braid style and pattern that suit you. I would encourage you to go for the micro lemonade Fulani braids or the box braids Fulani braid.

21. Pink middle-part Braid

pink Fulanibraids
Source: Pinterest@yonni H.

Pink Fulani braids should interest you if you like colorful braids. Unlike other colors, you’ll look more feminine and positive in pink-colored Fulani braids.

You can mix pink and black braiding hair or synthetic to produce the Fulani blended braids. Of course, if you want them to be more pinkish, you need to increase the pink braiding materials.

In terms of style, you can do whatever you like. However, the pink Fulani bob tribal braids as in the photo look particularly great. With the white transparent beads, the braids look even prettier.

Final Thought on the middle part Tribal Braids

middle part tribal braids were the typical hairstyles among the Fulani of West Africa. For a black woman, no matter where we are on this earth, wearing these braids demonstrates a sense of origin and pride in the African heritage.

I hope this post has given you enough information and insight into the sleek middle part tribal braids. You may also like to read the following posts on hairstyles.

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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