15 Plus Size Casual Outfits with Sneakers for a Curvy Beauty

Tightening up in a casual outfit and pairing it with a pair of sneakers is one of the most fashionable and comfortable outfits. However, when you wear an XXL, you may think there is no better plus-size casual outfit with sneakers.

Stepping into your shoes, I decided to put together a list of the best plus-size casual outfits that go well with sneakers. I’ve grouped them into various categories: plus-size blazer outfits, plus-size dress outfits, and plus-size two-piece outfits.

Let’s look at a few things before we dive deep in!

What is a Plus-Size?

A plus-size is any woman’s size that exceeds 16/18. Size 18 is considered the average size. Any size of a woman that goes beyond 18 is considered a plus-size.

Top Plus Size Casual Outfits with Sneakers

Here are the top plus size casual that look cool when they’re paired with a pair of sneakers. These outfits are categorized into three: plus-size blazer outfits with sneakers, plus-size dress outfits with sneakers, and plus-size two-piece outfits with sneakers.

Plus Size Blazer Outfits with Sneaker

Here are the best plus-size blazer outfits that go well with a pair of sneakers.

1. Blazer + Shorts

plus size casual outfits with sneakers

This is one of the best plus-size blazer outfit ideas. Though some small or medium-sized women look stylish in this outfit, it’s a very sexy outfit for women with massive legs.

The high-waisted shorts empower a plus-size woman. This, paired with a light blazer jacket, creates reveals a hidden gorgeous woman out of an obese lady. 

A plus-size boyfriend fit blazer in aqua blue is also another great idea. Its soft and light material makes this blazer and shorts outfit a great option for summerwear.

Wear it with some white sneakers, you’ll look more elegant and stylish, and you’ll feel confident.

2. White Blazer + Dark Denim Jeans


The next is a white blazer + dark denim jeans. The combination of a white blazer and dark denim jeans is a stylish mix -especially for women with a woman with a tummy or plus-sized woman.

The plus-size white blazer jacket hides the insecurities of a fat woman. It stylishly removes the image of a large-waisted woman, tummy, and arms. This creates a respectable lady.

Wear it casually with a pair of denim jeans. With sneakers on your feet, the image changes from just respectable to a fashionable lady which boosts your confidence.

3. Grey Blazer + Black T-shirt and Black Joggers

The other fascinating outfit combination is a plus-size grey blazer and plus-size Black T-shirt and Joggers. It’s one of the cool outfit ideas for women who wear 26-plus sizes

The grey outfit is so epic in itself. It can be styled in a variety of ways and with so many other outfits.

Black T-shirts and black joggers may be just ordinary. However, wearing the two with a grey blazer jacket is so epic and fashionable casual. This becomes extra stylish with a pair of white sneakers.

4. Green Blazer + Denim Jeans

While still on the blazer jackets that go with some sneakers, the other mix idea is to mix a green blazer with denim jeans. I touched on the denim jeans in one of the above points, but I want to stress their durability and ability to go with a blazer.

If you’re looking for a cute cycle outfit, you can count on a pair of denim jeans. The materials are very strong and you’re assured of wearing it over and over.

The blazer outfit in green color is kind of fresh and unfamiliar. However, it’s so mind-blowing if you pair it with some soft sneakers.

It is particularly awesome for 19-plus-sized women. Just make sure you select a pair of high-waisted denim jeans.

5. Pink Blazer + White V-neck + Belted Trousers

The other wonderful plus-size outfit with sneakers is the plus-size pink blazer jacket and a pair of belted trousers. The blazer in pink color -especially faint pink -goes well with a white T-shirt.

A fat woman must wear a pair of high-waisted belted trousers. Again, this hides the tummy and empowers the woman.

It’s not only very comfortable to work it, but it’s also very stylish. It revives your confidence because you won’t feel like you’re leaving a bad story -fashionwise -in your back as you walk around.

Instead, you’ll leave people speechless because of your outfit selection.

Plus Size Dress Outfits with Sneakers

Here are the plus-size dress outfits that you can pair with some stylish sneakers.

6. Belted Soft Denim Lapel Dress with Long Sleeves

First up, there is a belted soft denim lapel with long sleeves. This is perfect for almost everyone. But I like it for women who wear 26-plus sizes.

A denim lapel dress is made up of a very soft jean material that is durable and elegant. The lapel design with long sleeves and a large belt make the outfit more stylish. 

Although a belted soft denim lapel dress can be worn for work as a form outfit, it’s worn better as a casual outfit. You can wear it with white sneakers to a party, a casual date, or to the cinema.

7.  Sweater Dress

Plus Size Dress Outfits with Sneakers

The next casual outfit in plus size that can be worn with sneakers is the sweater dress. The sweater dress empowers your curves. Your booty, boob, and waist are emphasized creating a sexy figure of you.

Wear it in pink or gray with a pair of all-white sneakers, you’ll impress your crush and friends.  Of the two colors, I particularly like the light-pink sweater dress -especially when it’s worn with some white sneakers.

I also like a sweater dress because it’s not so demanding. You can put it, step into the sneakers, and take your handbag. Off you go!

8.   Loose floral dress

Loose floral dress

A plus-size loose dress in flower patches is another great outfit to wear with a pair of sneakers. A floral dress is one of the stylish outfits you can wear with sneakers.

This outfit is perfect for a lady who wears 20-plus sizes. The looseness of the dress lets people focus on your beauty rather than your shortfalls.

Just a rule of thumb, a dress with small flower patches is more fashionable than one with large flower patches. The big floral patches make the dress look like it belongs to a 3-year-old girl.

So, choose a midi floral dress with small to medium flower patches and wear it with some white sneakers. And rock all your day!

9. Belted Loose Dress

The next dress outfit you can put on with some sneakers is the belted loose dress. The belt and the looseness of a plus-size dress make it more fashionable and perfect for a fat beauty.

One of my favorites is a plus-size white belted shirt dress. It looks cool with a pair of black and white sneakers.

You also choose to match the belt with the sneakers. For example, if you’ve got a black belt for your dress, you can wear a pair of black sneakers. You’ll look elegant and modern.

10. V-neck Long Sleeve Dress

For a curvy beauty, a V-neck long-sleeve dress is one of the great dress outfits that go along with sneakers. Instead of choosing a tight one, you may want a loose V-neck.

Since it’s a long sleeve and V-neck, it’s a great idea to choose either a mini dress or a high low. Wearing a long sleeve that exposes your legs makes you more style and it transforms the dress into a sexy outfit.

Select a loose long-sleeve midi or high-low dress and wear it with some sneakers, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in the streets.

Plus Size Two Piece Outfits with Sneakers

Here are the plus-size two-piece outfits that you can wear with sneakers and look stunning.

11.  Crop top + Sweater Panties/ High-Waisted Denim Jeans

Let me crush the idea that crop tops are not for fat ladies. This is a total lie. A sleeveless crop top paired with some sweater panties looks fabulous, especially for a woman who wears plus sizes.

The crop top exposes your beautiful belly button or a small area of your belly which is very teasing making the outfit sexy. You can choose a black or denim crop top.

A pair of plus-size denim jeans paired with a black or denim crop top brings forth a splendid look for curvy beauty. The jeans belted in the high waist are perfect for a fat lady because if you’ve got a tummy, it gets taken care of and lets people focus on your beauty.

You can also wear a plus-size sleeveless crop top with a long slit-high skirt. All the above ideas will work even better when you wear them with some comfortable sneakers.

12.  Bodycon Long Sleeve Crop Top + Wine-Red Midi Pencil Skirt

The next plus-size two-piece outfit idea is a long-sleeved crop top with a pencil skirt. The combination is not so uncommon, but what may differ is how to style it.

I prefer a bodycon long-sleeved crop top paired with a wine-red midi pencil skirt. This is a very stylish casual outfit and can go well with a pair of brown sneakers.

As discussed in this POST, “bodycon” is an abbreviation for “body conscious.” This means the outfit sticks to your body structure.

On the other hand, a midi pencil skirt is a fitting skirt that extends below the knees. This is perfect if you want a skirt that exposes your contours.

The combination of the two pieces of outfits is very fashionable and hot. You’ll look more comfortable and stylish with a pair of sneakers.

13. Oblique Collar Shirt/ Blouse + Shorts

Oblique means not parallel or perpendicular. In other words, an oblique collar is slant or one-shouldered.

One great outfit idea is the plus-size oblique collar blouse paired with shorts of the same color. You can buy it as a set.

I particularly like the pink two-piece shorts set because of the way it goes well with a pair of white sneakers or black and white sneakers. In my experience, the pink color goes very well with a white pair of shoes.

You can also try a printed set of oblique collar shirts and shorts. It looks very cool and stylish with some sneakers.

14. Overcoat + Sweater + Jeans

The next outfit combination is by mixing an overcoat, a black sweater, and a pair of jeans. It’s such an amazing combination, especially for the winter season. You’ll feel comfortable, and warm and look stylish.

If you love denim jeans like I do, you can pair them with a black or gray sweater and add an overcoat. You can wear them with a pair of white sneakers and you won’t look average.

There is always a thing between large pieces of cloth like overcoats and sneakers. They work perfectly together. You wear a black overcoat or a brown overcoat with a pair of denim jeans and a pair of sneakers.

15.  Plus Size Hoodie crop top + sweater panties

Plus Size Hoodie crop top + sweater panties

The next trendy idea is wearing a crop top in the form of a hoody sweatshirt and pairing it with a pair of sweater panties and sneakers. It’s such a chic outfit idea for a fat beauty.

Instead of a normal hoody sweater, you should opt for a plus-size crop top to tease people with the exposed belly button or small exposed area. Of course, this makes you look hotter.

You can choose a set of hoodie crop tops and sweeter panties. In terms of color, I love a black and grey set. They work perfectly with a pair of white sneakers or black and white sneakers.

If you’re going out, you can wear the combination and carry a Louis Vuitton handbag and a pair of sunglasses. You can choose to wear the brand from the toe to the head if you’re a Vuitton fan.

Since most of the popular fashion models are slim or most well-known brands choose slim girls as models for their clothing line, we’re always tempted to think that no outfit works well with a pair of sneakers.

Final Words on these Plus size Casual Outfits with Sneakers

However, there are so many ultra-modern plus-size outfits that go along with some sneakers. If this is what you were looking for, this post has provided you with up to 15 outfits that you wear with a pair of sneakers.

Whatever outfit fits your interest, go ahead and get and rock it with some comfortable sneakers.


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