21 Pool Fence Ideas for Privacy, Security & Style

A pool is a great addition to any backyard, but it comes with its own set of safety concerns. Whether you have an inground pool or an above-ground one, understanding contemporary pool fence ideas will ensure maximum safety for toddlers and privacy for everyone using it.

A fence for any outdoor pool is a requirement by law in some states and countries. Besides, a fence with a lock is one of the best ways to keep kids and pets away from the pool when a lifeguard or an adult is not around or is busy.

I don’t have kids. Do I need a fence for my pool?

You may be thinking that since you don’t have a child, you won’t need a fence for your pool. However, any in-ground or deep above-ground pool must have a fence or a barrier even if the property owner or the renter doesn’t have kids or pets.

Do you need a fence around a non-permanent pool?

For a pool that you set and unset or inflate and deflate after some hours, you just need an adult to act as a lifeguard and not necessarily a fence. However, if the pool will last for some days, you can either drain it or put up a temporary fence.


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Let’s get started with pool fence ideas for safety, privacy, and security.

Wood Pool Fence Ideas for Privacy, Safety, and Style

Here are the popular pool fences made of wood or that look like they’re made of wood.

1. Solid Wood Fence

solid wood pool fence_one of pool fence ideas

Solid wood pool fences are typically constructed with vertical slats or panels that are closely spaced to eliminate gaps that could allow children or pets to slip through.

This type of fence is ideal for preventing people from accidentally falling into the pool, especially young children who may not know how to swim. It can be constructed with a lockable gate.

Redwood, cedar, and treated pine are some of the wood that you can use to construct a fence for your swimming pool. The three are strong and reliable, but the redwood is the strongest.

2. Lattice Fence

lattice pool fence

A lattice fence is a type of fence made from wooden or vinyl lattice panels, which are arranged in a crisscross pattern to create a decorative and functional barrier. It’s one of those fences that you install around the fence to keep children out.

Lattice fences are aesthetically pleasing –especially when they’re painted white. And most importantly, they’re one of the least expensive pool fence materials.

The main con with a lattice fence is that it doesn’t provide ultimate privacy as it does have spaces between the lattice panels.

3. Wooden Horizontal Slat Fence

horizontal slats for a pool fence

Another excellent idea for a pool fence is a wooden horizontal slat fence. Just so you, this is a type of fence that is made of wooden slats or boards placed horizontally, with small gaps between them.

Wooden horizontal slat fence can be boring if it’s installed mediocrely. However, if you spend your time planning, staining the wood, and skillfully installing the wall, you’ll have a stunning backyard.

Although this type of fence is easier to install than a solid wood fence, it’s worth mentioning that a wooden horizontal slat pool fence is not as strong as solid wood one.

4. Rustic Wooden Pool Fence With Distressed Finish

Are you into rustic design? You should go for a pool fence made of rustic wood with a distressed finish.

A rustic wooden pool fence with a distressed finish refers to a fence made of natural wood with a weathered or aged appearance, often achieved through a distressing technique like sanding or staining.

With this type of fence, you can add character and charm to a pool area, blending in with natural surroundings. However, the fence requires maintenance to prevent rotting and weathering.

5. Vinyl Pool Fence With Lattice Pattern

Vinyl Pool Fence With Lattice Pattern

A vinyl pool fence with a lattice pattern is another pool fence that looks stunning and eye-catching. As discussed in point one, lattice patterned fence consists of panels that crisscross leaving some spaces.

Note: although a vinyl pool fence may look like a wooden fence, vinyl is not wooden material.

Glass Pool Fence Ideas for Both Safety & Style

Glass is another material used to make a pool fence –especially in rich neighborhoods or expensive hotels.

6. Glass Pool Fence With Stainless Steel Posts And Fittings

6. Glass Pool Fence With Stainless Steel Posts And Fittings

If you want to go for a glass fence for your pool, you should opt for a glass pool fence with stainless steel posts and fittings. This is perfect as for a backyard pool as it doesn’t obstruct the view of your garden.

The only downside to this pool is that a glass fence doesn’t offer privacy as it is transparent which allows anyone to see through.

7. Frameless Glass Pool Fence

swimming pool with a glass fence
Source: Pinterest

A frameless glass pool fence is one of the popular pool fence ideas among worthy homeowners. As the name suggests, this fence is only supported by vertical steel poles and not frames.

This results in an elegant view of the backyard and pool. Of course, a glass pool fence is not right for you if you’re a fence that adds privacy.

Rather, this fence is for those who don’t mind swimming while people are looking at them.

Metal and Steel Pool Fence Ideas

Metal and steel are some of the most durable and pricier materials for a swimming pool. Here are some ideas on these materials.

8. Metal Pool Fence With Ornate Scrollwork

If you just want a fence that will prevent people from trespassing or kids from entering alone into your pool, a metal pool fence with ornate scrollwork is an excellent choice.

Just so you know, ornate scrollwork refers to intricate and decorative designs that are composed of flowing, twisting lines that often resemble scrolls or vines. This design transforms a simple steel fence into a cozy one.

9. Wrought Iron Pool Fence

Similar to the above idea, a wrought iron pool fence is for those who aren’t for privacy, but for safety and security. This is so because it consists of spaces in between the wrought iron bars.

A wrought iron fence can last longer than wood. The main threat is rusting. So, if you paint the fence, you’re assured of a durable fence.

10. Chain Link Pool Fence

A chain link is another ideal material for constructing a safety fence for your pool. FYI: a chain link pool fence is made up of a series of interconnected metal links that form a durable and secure barrier around the pool.

This is ideal for keeping kids and other large-sized pets out of the pool area. And once you install a chain link fence, you won’t have to worry about regular maintenance and replacement as it lasts long.

11. Steel Pool Fence With Powder-Coated Finish

The other fascinating pool fence idea is to construct it from powder-coated steel. The powder-coated finish makes the steel more resistant to rusting and harsh weather.

You can choose a steel fence of any design. And, of course, you can powder coat the steel in a finish of any color.

12. Mesh Pool Fence With Aluminum Poles

A mesh pool fence with aluminum poles is a type of pool fence that features a mesh fabric stretched between vertical aluminum poles. The mesh is typically made from durable and weather-resistant materials, and the aluminum poles provide stability and support for the fence.

Although the aluminum poles are expensive, the price is worth it. Mesh pool fences with aluminum poles are highly effective at keeping children and pets out of the pool area.

13. Corrugated Metal Pool Fence

How can I end metal and steep pool ideas without mentioning a corrugated metal fence for a pool? Besides providing a high level of privacy and security, the corrugated metal fence is also easy to install and maintain.

Just so you know, a corrugated metal pool fence is a fence made of panels with wavy patterns, usually made of steel or aluminum. To get the most beautiful look out of this fence, you need to paint it black or gray.

Brick, Stone, and Concrete Pool Fence Ideas

Here are brick pool fence ideas, stone pool fence ideas, and concrete or tiled pool fence ideas. Let’s dive in!

14. Brick Pool Fence With Wrought Iron Gate

The next pool fence idea is a brick pool with a wrought iron gate. The brick fence provides privacy and can complement the look of your home, while the wrought iron gate adds a decorative touch and is resistant to corrosion.

However, this type of fence can be expensive to install and may require professional installation.

15. Stone Pool Fence With a Natural Look

If you want a pool fence that looks as natural as possible, a pool fence made of natural stones is an excellent choice.

Instead of encircling the entire pool with a natural rock fence, you’ll need to put the rock fence on one side and use plants to fence the other sides. This way, your pool will look very natural.

16. Concrete Pool Fence With Decorative Panels

A concrete fence is another great choice for a privacy fence for a pool. However, instead of just installing concrete slabs in your backyard, you need to go for the ones that will allow you to add some decorative elements.

You can use panels like wrought iron or some patterns. This way, the walls of your pool fence won’t have boring blank walls.

Temporary Pool Fence Ideas

Sometimes, you may need a pool fence for a short time. If this is the case with you, here are the temporary pool ideas.

17. Mesh pool fencing

A mesh temporary pool fence is a convenient and affordable option for securing a pool area.

Mesh fences are lightweight and easy to install and remove. And most importantly, they can be easily customized to fit any pool shape or size.

18. Portable pool fencing

This is the best option if you’re looking for a fence for an inflatable pool.

FYI: portable pool fence is a temporary and movable option for securing a pool area. It can be made of various materials, such as plastic or metal, and can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled as needed.

Other Pool Fence Ideas for Privacy, Security & Style

19.  Make a Plant Pool Fence

Plants offer a nice pool fence for safety, security, and privacy. There are several plants that form a great fence line that would work best as a pool fence.

Some of the plants that you can use as a pool fence line include holly, Photinia, Jasmine, and crimson glory vine. However, my favorite is the Arborvitae shrub.

20. Bamboo Pool Fence For A Tropical Look

If you’re going for a tropical look, bamboo fencing for your pool wouldn’t be a bad idea. This can look even more tropical with a plunge pool made of bamboo.

You can also use bamboo to build fencing on the pool deck around the pool. And you can use bamboo with some other natural materials like natural rocks and a natural rock pool.

21. Pool Fence With Integrated Seating Or Storage Areas

Another creative pool fencing idea would be a fence with seating and storage. This is common among DIY enthusiasts.

The seats will work as pool furniture and the storage will be used to keep stuff like pool cleaning items.

FAQS on Pool Fence Ideas

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding pool fences as well as their answers.

What is The Cheapest Solid Fence Option?

Honestly, the prices for solid fence materials will depend on your location. In some areas, bricks are affordable while in areas with timber-making activities, wood is the cheapest material. However, PVC fences tend to be less expensive in general.

What size fence do I need around my pool?

The size of the fence you need around your pool will depend on the specific regulations in your area, as well as your personal preferences. In general, most local building codes and safety regulations require a fence that is at least 4 feet high, with a self-closing and self-latching gate, to help prevent young children from entering the pool area unsupervised.

What is the strongest style of the wood fence?

A wooden fence is one of the most popular fences for pools. And of the various wood types, redwood, treated pine, and cedar are the ones that make the strongest pool fence.

Final Words in Pool Fence Ideas

Whether you’ve got an above-ground swimming pool or an inground pool a pool fence is a must-have. It offers safety to your kids and pets, style to the pool, and privacy to your entire family.

This post has provided you will various pool fence ideas. I believe these will help decide on the fence type to install for your pool.

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Otherwise, I wish you a lovely home improvement!


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