17 Fascinating Pregnancy Summer Outfits for This Year

It’s finally summer, the season of fun, vacations, and a relaxed mood. Summer comes once a year. As such, having the bun in the oven shouldn’t stop you from having fun. With the 17 fascinating pregnant summer outfits discussed in this post, you’ll have the best ‘pregnancy in summer’ experience ever.

If it’s not your first time being expectant, you already know that the pregnancy can be very demanding and limiting from the types of food and beverages to outfits. It’s therefore responsible of you that you’re researching these best pregnancy outfits for summer.

Before we wonder off, let’s get a few things out of the way:

What are the best fabrics for summer maternity clothing?

The best fabrics for summer maternity clothing are lightweight and breathable materials. Some ideal choices include cotton, linen, bamboo, and modal.

These fabrics allow air circulation, wick away moisture, and keep you cool and comfortable during hot weather. Additionally, stretchy fabrics like jersey or spandex blends can provide flexibility and accommodate your growing belly.

Cute Pregnancy Summer Outfits

1. Maxi dress with a wide-brimmed hat and sandals

Maxi dress with a wide-brimmed hat and sandals

A maxi dress should be your first choice this summer. Particularly, you need to go for a loose fitting to offer enough space for the baby bump.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation, make sure you wear a wide-brimmed hat to offer enough coverage from the sun at the beach. And you can also wear a thin long sleeve cardigan over a sleeveless maxi dress.

Of course, you’ll need some comfy and flexible footwear to complete the look. Don’t overthink it: put on simple sandals and you’ll be fine.

2. Flowy floral top + maternity shorts and comfortable sneakers

Flowy floral top + maternity shorts and comfortable sneakers

A flowy floral top is perfect for a summer pregnancy outfit. This is a top with a loose fit that accommodates a growing belly.

You can pair it with maternity shorts that offer a comfortable and adjustable waistband. To complete the look, wear it with comfortable sneakers for all-day support and ease of movement.

This outfit combines style, breathability, and comfort which is perfect for the warm summer days.

3. Off-the-shoulder top + denim skirt + sandals

off the shoulder top

An off-the-shoulder top is a trendy and stylish choice for a pregnancy summer outfit. Look for one with an elasticized or stretchy neckline to accommodate your growing bust.

You should wear it with a denim skirt, which offers a flattering and versatile option for bottoms. Of course, denim can be suffocating for a woman with a baby bun. As such, you need to avoid wearing tight denim or wearing it with a belt.

Complete the look with comfortable sandals to keep your feet happy and add a touch of effortless summer style. This ensemble combines comfort, fashion, and a hint of femininity.

4. Maternity tank top + linen pants + flip-flops

The other fascinating pregnancy outfit is the maternity tank. This is a staple for summer pregnancy outfits, offering comfort and breathability.

You can pair it with linen pants that should be lightweight and provide excellent airflow to keep you cool. Linen pants also have a loose fit, allowing room for your growing belly. Complete the look with flip-flops for easy, comfortable footwear that accommodates any swelling in your feet.

When you’re going for this combination, you aim at creating a relaxed and casual summer outfit that keeps you comfortable and stylish.

5. Wrap dress + a statement necklace + wedge sandals

A wrap dress is one of the most epic pregnancy summer outfits. It’s perfect for a woman with a baby bump for it is versatile and flattering.

Its adjustable wrap design allows for a customized fit as your belly grows. As for what can be worn with the outfit, you’ve got tons of options.

A statement necklace will help you add a pop of style and draw attention to your upper body. For easy balancing and mobility, you can wear the outfit with sandals or flip-flops.

6. Sweater dress + a denim jacket and sneakers

Sweater dress + a denim jacket and sneakers

A sweater dress is a classic and easy-to-wear choice for a pregnancy summer outfit. The stripes add a fun and stylish element to the dress.

You can layer it with a denim jacket for a casual and trendy look while providing some added warmth or coverage. And complete the outfit with comfortable sneakers to keep it laid-back and suitable for all-day wear.

7. Ruffled blouse with maternity jeans and espadrille wedges

The other wonderful addition to your wardrobe if you’re expectant should be the ruffled blouse. FYI: this is a type of blouse or top that features decorative ruffles or frills along its neckline, sleeves, or hemline.

These ruffles are typically created by adding extra fabric or trim to the garment, giving it a feminine and romantic aesthetic.

And of course, this outfit is versatile as it can be worn with a variety of outfits. My favorite is wearing it with denim maternity jeans and espadrille wedges.

8. Sleeveless maxi dress + straw tote bag + flat sandals

Another great choice for a pregnancy summer outfit is the sleeveless maxi dress with a straw tote bag. The dress offers comfort and breathability while allowing room for your growing belly.

You can pair it with a straw tote bag, which adds a touch of a natural and beachy vibe while providing ample space for carrying essentials. Feel free to complete the look with flat sandals for a comfortable and stylish footwear option.

9. Cropped top + high-waisted shorts + slide sandals

Cropped top + high-waisted shorts + slide sandals

A cropped top paired with high-waisted shorts is a trendy and stylish choice for a pregnancy summer outfit. The high-waisted shorts provide coverage and support for your growing belly while the cropped top adds a fashionable touch.

If you’re going for a flattering look, you need to go for a cropped top that falls just above your bump. The ensemble can be completed with slide sandals, which offer comfort and ease of wear.

Otherwise, the outfit is ideal when you want to create a chic and relaxed summer look that keeps you comfortable and on-trend during your pregnancy.

10.  Maternity romper + floppy hat and slip-on sneakers

Another gorgeous outfit that will be perfect for a summer pregnancy is the maternity romper. It offers a one-piece solution with a relaxed and effortless vibe.

You can wear it with a floppy hat, which not only adds a stylish touch but also provides sun protection for your face. Wear it also with slip-on sneakers for easy and comfortable footwear that allows for easy movement

11. Button-down shirt + linen trousers and platform sandals

A button-down shirt paired with linen trousers creates a classy and sophisticated pregnancy summer outfit. Instead of going for a tight shirt, choose a button-down shirt with a relaxed fit to accommodate your growing belly.

You can wear the outfit with lightweight and breathable linen trousers for comfort and a touch of elegance. The platform sandals add height and style while still providing stability and comfort and will help you complete the outfit.

12. Flowy tunic top + leggings and ballet flats

The next cute pregnancy summer outfit is the flowy tunic top. If you’re one of the lucky women who happen to be pregnant in summer, look for a tunic top that drapes loosely over your growing belly for a relaxed and breezy fit.

Wear the outfit with a pair of leggings which offers stretch and comfort for your legs. Finish up the look with ballet flats that will provide a feminine and stylish touch while ensuring easy and comfortable movement.

13. Maternity overalls with a basic tee and canvas sneakers

Maternity overalls with a basic tee and canvas sneakers

Overalls are another cool outfits for a pregnant woman. However, you should not go for a very tight pair of overalls. Rather, you need to opt for a pair with adjustable straps and a relaxed fit to accommodate your growing belly.

You can pair them with a basic tee, which offers simplicity and comfort. The outfit can also be worn with canvas sneakers that provide both style and ease of movement.

14. Flutter sleeve blouse + midi skirt and block heels

This is another great outfit that is ideal for an expectant woman. A flutter-sleeve blouse adds a feminine and playful touch to a pregnancy summer outfit.

If you combine it with a midi skirt and lock heels, you’ll create a chic and polished ensemble that is perfect for special occasions or a dressier summer look during pregnancy.

15. Lightweight jumpsuit + statement belt and wedge sandals

A lightweight jumpsuit is another versatile and stylish choice for a pregnancy summer outfit. If you don’t have this in your wardrobe, look for a jumpsuit made of breathable fabric that drapes comfortably over your baby bump.

Of course, you need to loosen the jumpsuit up a little to avoid putting too much pressure on the growing fetus. Otherwise, feel free to wear the outfit with wedge sandals for a touch of height and elegance while ensuring comfort and stability.

16. Peasant top + maternity shorts and gladiator sandals

If you’re into boho fashion, you’ll love the peasant top worn with maternity shorts and gladiator sandals for your summer pregnancy. FYI: A peasant top is a bohemian-inspired and breezy choice for a pregnancy summer outfit.

The gladiator sandals also help keep your feet cool and comfortable during the warmer months. If you want to maintain the boho vibe, consider accessorizing with a wide-brimmed hat or layered necklaces

17. Striped tank top + cropped pants and strappy sandals

The combination of a striped tank top, cropped pants, and strappy sandals creates a chic and effortless ensemble that is perfect for casual outings, picnics, or strolling by the beach even for a woman with a baby bump.

You can also wear it with strappy sandals that add a touch of style and keep your feet cool in the summer heat. The outfit can be completed by adding a statement necklace or a stack of bracelets for a pop of accessories.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Pregnancy Summer Outfits


Pregnancy can bring about various physical changes, including increased body temperature and sensitivity. As such, you should go for loose, breathable fabrics that allow for air circulation and provide ample room for your growing belly.


You need to look for maternity clothing with stretchy fabrics or adjustable features, such as elastic waistbands or drawstrings.

UV Protection

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is important during pregnancy. Choose clothing made from fabrics with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to shield your skin from UV radiation.

Style and Confidence

Pregnancy should not limit your personal style. Look for maternity clothing that reflects your individual fashion preferences and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

FAQs about pregnancy summer outfits

What Not to Wear When Pregnant?

When pregnant, it’s best to avoid tight or constricting clothes, high heels, restrictive bras, rough fabrics, and clothing with strong chemical odors. You need to opt for looser and more comfortable fits, supportive footwear, soft-cup bras, breathable fabrics, and odor-free clothing.

How Can I Hide My Pregnancy Bump in Summer?

To hide your pregnancy bump in summer, you should go for loose and flowy tops or dresses that drape over your belly. Look for empire waistlines or A-line silhouettes that create a flattering and less noticeable shape.

How to Dress Stylish When Pregnant?

If you want to dress stylishly during pregnancy, focus on embracing your changing shape and accentuating your best features. Choose well-fitting maternity clothing that flatters your body.

You should opt for trendy pieces like maxi dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, or jumpsuits designed for pregnancy. Incorporate accessories, such as statement jewelry or scarves, to add flair.

What Month of Pregnancy Do You Need Maternity Clothes?

The need for maternity clothes varies from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy. Generally, most individuals start considering maternity clothing around the second trimester which is typically between the 13th and 27th week of pregnancy.

Final Word on Pregnancy Summer Outfits

Summer is a season for everyone. And being pregnant in this season shouldn’t take away the funny and chilly mood.

In fact, summer offers a wonderful time for a pregnant woman to experience the outdoor fresh air. With an appropriate outfit ensemble, you can have the best summer pregnancy experience.

I hope this post has provided you with enough outfit ideas that you can try when you have got a baby bun in summer. Here are some posts that you may find relevant to your state.

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Otherwise, I wish you the funniest and chilliest summer!


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