Remote Control Light Bulb? 17 Smart Bulbs Controlled Remotely

Lighting is an integral part of the interior and outdoor décor. They unveil the beauty of your home by highlighting the features you want. And of all the bulbs, the remote control light bulb is the one that makes life easier and makes your home typically modern.

With these bulbs, you don’t need to stand up to switch them on or off. You just grab a remote control or your smartphone and tap on a button to turn it off or on.

Some of these remote control bulbs use a small remote to change colors or adjust the intensity of the light bulb. Whichever way, remote control light bulbs are such a great addition to your home.

And most importantly, you can find remote control bulbs for any part of your home. There are remote control bulbs for the kitchen, TV stand, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

This is why I have put together this post. It consists of 17 different kinds of bulbs which are categorized based on the specific place to use it, color, and specific features like the presence of the camera and the ability to change colors.

Before we jump in, let’s get a few things out of the way!


What is a Remote Control Light Bulb?

A remote control light bulb enables the user to switch on/off, change color or change light intensity using a remote device.

The remote device can be a mere battery-powered remote control or an app installed on an iPhone or android device. The bulbs controlled using the latter are commonly known as smart bulbs.

What is Smart Light Bulb?

This is a LED light bulb that allows the user to customize, schedule, or control it remotely using a mobile app or remote control. Most smart bulbs require an internet connection to be working.

Some smart bulbs still work if there is no WIFI connection. They work with Bluetooth-enabled devices like your phone or tablet.

Are Remote Control Light Bulbs smart bulbs?

One cannot help but ask if a remote control light bulb would be described as a smart bulb. The answer is that some remote-control bulbs would be described as smart bulbs.

The remote control light bulbs that use the internet and can be integrated with a mobile app would be considered smart. Or if they can be connected to a smart device like a mobile phone. They fit the definition of a smart light bulb.

For remote control light bulbs that don’t require the internet to work, they are not necessarily considered smart bulbs. The bulbs that only need a battery-powered remote control to work would not be under the category of Smart Light Bulbs.

Remote Control Light Bulb for Specific Places

If you’re looking for a specific type of remote control bulb for a specific place, here are some of the bulbs used in different parts of your home.

1. Behind TV Light or TV Stand Light

tv remote control light bulbs
source: amazon

Colorful lighting behind the TV or under the TV stand is one of the coolest TV stand décor ideas. They help to balance the amount of light coming from your television.

There are some TV stand light bulbs that consist of several strands of colors. And they emit light similar to the one coming from the TV.

With a remote device, you can sit on your sofa and sort through the colors you want. There are also some bulbs that produce rhythmic lights imitating the sound of a particular song.

These remote control led light bulbs are also ideal for a gaming room. You can add them behind a gaming computer or plasma and improve your gaming experience.

2. Bedroom Bulbs

bedroom bulbs with remote
source: amazon

A bedroom is one of the places that need controlled lighting. You need to have different light intensities for sleeping, working, or resting in your bedroom.

Remote-controlled light bulbs are a great option in this case. There are different types of bedroom remote-controlled bulbs. You’ll find bedroom working-table lamps, LED light headboard light bulbs, and bedside lamps that are remote-controlled.

Have some of these bulbs installed in your bedroom to add an elegant touch to your bedroom. And it also becomes handy when you’re tired or you had a rough day at the workplace.

Instead of standing up to manually switch off lights or change the lighting, you just press on your remote control or smartphone app, select the sleepy dim lighting and get some rest.

3. Living room Bulbs

Living room lamps
Source: amazon

Generally, a living room needs some soft white bulbs. This lighting makes the living room more inviting, warm, and relaxing.

However, in most homes, the living room is used as a place for interacting with guests and for watching the television. This is when the remote-controlled light bulbs become handy.

You’ll use lights like remote-controlled living LED light bulbs to change the atmosphere of your living room.

A living room also consists of various places that need to be clarified by some lighting. The pieces of art, the TV, the shelf, and the living room tables need some lighting to highlight them. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use remote-controlled lamps to control these living room features.

4. Bathroom Bulbs

Remote control bulbs for the bathroom
Source: amazon

A bathroom or bathtub is one other place where people want to feel calm and relaxed. Most ladies put on a good piece of music, turn on the colorful bulbs and get into the bathtub to relax.

This can be easily accomplished using remote-controlled light bulbs. In fact, there are remote-controlled bulbs for specific places in a bathroom.

There are some for the bathroom walls and bathroom ceilings. With just a simple battery-operated remote, you’ll easily adjust the intensity or the color of the bulbs.

5. Dining Room

Dining Room Light Bulb
Source: amazon

A dining room needs some lights that will allow people to walk freely and most importantly to see what’s on the plate. As such, light bulbs that produce ambient lighting are the ones that need to be layered on the ceiling of your dining room.

Instead of some boob bulbs, you can choose remote-controlled bulbs that will illuminate ambient light during the dining sessions and colorful lighting when it’s not in use.

Additionally, some modern homes have television, pieces of art, or family photos on the walls of the dining room. You’ll need either LED light bulbs or accent bulbs to emphasize these features.

Colorful Remote Control Light Bulbs  

Finding a LED light bulb that changes into different colors is ideal for those who like colorful lighting. However, sometimes you may want a remote-controlled bulb that produces lighting in a specific color.

6.  Pink Light Bulbs

Remote Control Bulbs
Source: amazon

Pink is for ladies, who don’t know? With many female celebrities like Nick Minaj preferring the color, pink has been the favorite color for most women.

You can use this lighting in your bedroom. This will transform the room to the next level.

In fact, the color helps improves your look by smoothening some fine wrinkles on your face. And it’s the romantic atmosphere in your room. Again, this is ideal for a girl’s bedroom.

7. Purple Light Bulbs

Pink Light Bulbs
Source: amazon

If you’re not a purple lighting enthusiast, you may be dying to know the use of purple lighting. These light bulbs are used for sleeping, awareness, growth, and development of plants, and for creating a fantasy realm and imagination.

Soft purple shades or dark purple can help to boost sleepiness. However, as the Amerisleep notes, the bright purple contains a red undertone which increases the energy levels making you more active than sleepy.

In terms of awareness, purple light bulbs are used in the month of October to raise awareness against domestic violence. This is why some American homes use purple light for Halloween. Much as they’re celebrating Halloween, they’re also campaigning against domestic violence.

The purple light also helps in the growth and development of leafy plants. This is perfect for indoor plants as you can set up the light and provide a secondary light source.

8.  Green Light Bulbs

Green lighting is probably one of the most widely used indoor lighting for several reasons. Research has proven that green lighting improves sleep, relieves pain, and is used for skin therapy.

According to a study conducted by Oxford University, it was observed that green light triggered sleep in mice within 1 to 3 minutes. This has led to the green lights being used in a bedroom setup.

In separate studies, it’s been concluded that green light is beneficial to the skin as it calms irritated skin. And the green light is also recommended to be used in pain relief therapy perhaps because of the above reason.

9. Orange Light Bulbs

The next colorful remote-controlled bulbs are the orange light bulbs. The orange light is used in numerous ways.

Honestly, I find an adult room decorated with orange lights very awkward although the orange color is associated with happiness and joy. I would recommend using the remote control orange light bulbs for the kid’s bedroom or playground.

Best Light Bulb with Camera

Let’s now explore a different set of bulbs. These are smart bulbs that have a camera in them. And these –without any doubt –are perfect for surveillance and security.

10. Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

Outdoor bulb cameras
Source: amazon

Are you looking for a light bulb camera that you can use to check on what’s happening in the backyard or the swimming pool? The outdoor light bulb camera is perfect for you.

They do not need a technician to install them. You just screw them in the same way you do with any lighting bulb.

These bulbs are made specifically for outdoor spaces. This means they’re resistant to heat from the sun and are waterproof. They’re a perfect disguise camera as people will think they’re just normal light bulbs.

Here are my favorite picks when it comes to outdoor light bulb cameras:

11. Security Light Bulb Camera

security camera bulb
Source: amazon

Of course, all these light bulb cameras have a security essence at their core. They’re designed to check on the elderly, children, or if anyone is intruding into your home.

They consist of either mobile or computer applications that display what a camera is looking at. And the light bulb cameras that are made specifically for security may have an alarm system connected to them.

The alarm rings when something suspicious has passed or is observed. There are some that change the light intensity when something is passing or standing in its view.

12. WIFI Light Bulb Camera

The light bulb cameras work in connection with a smart device like a computer, iPhone, or android device. Although some claim that they work with only Bluetooth connection, the majority of the light bulb cameras work when connected to WIFI.

What I know are the Bluetooth light bulbs that can be switched on and off when you’re close to the bulb. You can’t switch control them when you’re miles away.

However, smart bulbs with cameras using WIFI can be controlled from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. You can be on vacation or at work and still check what is happening at home using a mobile app.

If this sounds good to you, check out the Tupeya light bulb camera or the Huawind WIFI security camera.

Remote Control Color Changing Light Bulb

The next category of remote-control bulbs is those that change their colors. These are great because you won’t need to buy a bulb of a particular color when you want that color. Instead, you’ll just press the remote control and shift to the lighting color you want.

13. LE Color Changing Light Bulbs

With over 16 million color combinations, the LE color-changing light bulbs are no doubt one of the best smart bulbs. And you can never run off the color combination.

Most of the LE color-changing light bulbs do not require WIFI or a hub. They are controlled using an app installed on a smartphone.

Using the color wheel, you can pick whatever color you want and the bulb will immediately display it. And if you have several of these bulbs, you can create a group so that you should switch them off or on at once.   

14. Cync GE Smart

Cync GE, best known as C by GE or Cync by GE, is an app that gives you control over your home products. These products include indoor cameras, color-changing light bulbs, and more.

The app is completely free. You can download it from the App Store or Play Store. You can then connect all the Cync by GE products you have at home. This way, you will control them in one place using your smartphone.

15. Sengled Smart LED Light Bulb

sengled smart bulb
Source: amazon

These are WIFI-controlled smart LED light bulbs. The Sengled smart LED light bulbs are fascinating because can be controlled in three ways; using Alexa, a mobile app, and Google Assistant.

This means that you can just use your voice to turn off, on, or dim the lights thanks to Alexa and google assistant. Of course, unlike the LE color-changing light bulbs, you’ll need to be connected to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

If you’re away from home, you can still switch it on, off, or dim it remotely. This can be done in two ways. First, you can take advantage of the in-built scheduling app that allows you to set specific times for switching off, on, or dimming.

You can also use the Sengled Home App that works on both android and iOS. With a few taps on your phone, you can turn off, on, or dim the lights at home while you’re miles away.

Final Words about Remote Control Light Bulb Varieties

Remote control light bulbs are the true definition of the sophisticated age. They reduce the toil of standing up to switch the bulbs on/off, waking up in the middle of the night to check on the little ones or the elderly, or worrying about leaving the lights on when you’re already at work.

All the above worries have been solved by the remote control light bulbs. Using a battery-operated remote, smartphone, Alexa, or google assistant, you can manage your home remotely. If these don’t make your house a smart house, I don’t know what else will.

However, having smart light bulbs alone does not make your house elegant, find out how you can decorate your TV stand and your living room by reading the highlighted posts.


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