15 Jaw-dropping Shein Plus size dresses under $30

Dresses are comfortable, confidence-boosting, and feminine outfits that can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. For a curvy beauty, choosing the right plus-size dress can be challenging. This post guides you select the best Shein plus size dresses under $30.

Shein is probably the best place to find inexpensive outfits. This is not because the outfits are of low quality. It’s because Shein has worked hard in lowering the manufacturing costs to provide high-quality clothes to the world at an affordable price.

That being said, you can find awesome plus-size outfits on Shein for every occasion. In this post, I’ve evaluated several plus-size dresses on Shein and have only narrowed it down to 15 jaw-dropping Shein plus-size dresses that you’ll love.

However, let’s get a few things out of the way.

What Size is Considered Plus Size on Shein?

Plus Sweetheart Neck Ruched Mesh Bodycon Dress

The sizes on Shein are somehow bizarre. However, once you understand how they work, you won’t have any problem with them. What is considered plus size on Shein is two, and sometimes three sizes smaller, than the normal plus size.

This means that when ordering on Shein you need to add at least two sizes to your normal size. For example, if you wear 3X, on Shein you need to order a 5X or 6X outfit.

Is Shein Available Outside the US?

Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Belted Dress 1

Shein is a well-known international retailer that ships to almost all continents. However, it does not ship to every country. It ships to over 200 countries outside the US. You can see the list of all countries here.

Is Shein Reliable in Canada?


Shein is available in all four big English-speaking countries. It opened offices in Toronto, Canada. This means it’s closer to Canadians making it more reliable than before.

Shein Plus Size Dresses under $30

If you’re here for the dresses, browse through this post and pick a plus-size dress of your liking. Let’s go!

1. Off Shoulder Ruched Glitter Bodycon Dress

black bodycon off-shoulder dress with visitor_one of the shein Plus size dresses

Let’s start with this black bodycon off-shoulder dress. With only $19, you can rock in this ruched glitter dress. Although the dress does not glitter as in the photo, it’s so pretty, flexible, and thick.

It’s not for a short curve girl. With a 31.5-36.2 inch waist size, 34.3-35.8 inch length, and 38.8 inches to 43.3-inch hip size, the dress suits perfectly a tall and low-end plus-size beauty.

You can wear this dress to a party, dinner, date, or formal office meeting. Just step into your open-block heels and carry your black well-edged handbag, and you’ll rock in it.

2. Tie Neck Dobby Mesh Raglan Sleeve Dress

Tie Neck Dobby Mesh Raglan Sleeve Dress

This is another incredibly cheap yet stunning dress. The dobby mesh in the long sleeves provides enough fresh air for the armpit, the tie-neck element transforms it into a much more elegant dress and the textile is so out of this world.

Available in all sizes from 0XL to 5XL, you’re assured to find this gorgeous dress fitting your curves and height. Note: remember to add 2 to your normal size when ordering on Shein as discussed below.

The dress is ideal for a formal event, formal party, or other formal occasion. On cold days, you can wear a dress with a long coat. You can wear it with some gorgeous earrings and carry a Channel or LV handbag.

3. Modely Plus One Shoulder Self Belted Wrap Hem Dress

one-shoulder and sleeveless burgundy dress

Available in three amazing colors; burgundy (red wine color), red and mustard yellow, this self-belted wrap dress is a bomb! The one-shoulder and sleeveless features make it more attractive and chic.

Again, being available in three colors means it can accommodate curvy girls of different skin tones. It’s also available in sizes that range from 0XL to 5XL which translates to 12 to 20 in the typical sizes.

Unbelievable as it sounds, the dress costs only a fraction of what other retailers are selling, $17. With the colors like yellow, you can wear it with gold earrings and open heels. And the one-shoulder is perfect for a long-haired beauty. If you’ve got short hair, you can get yourself a lace front 100% human hair wig.

4. SXY Plus Solid Cut Out A-line Dress

Plus size Cut Out A-line Dress

The next jaw-dropping Shein plus size dress is this Solid Cut Out A-line dress. With one side off-shoulder and a side cut-out on the other, this black A-line dress is so special and underpriced.

Just so you know, an A-line dress has a narrow waistline and flares out from the hips to the hem. This is great for a curvy girt as the boot gets accommodated in it without feeling much pressure.

With this kind of elegant design and 95% polyester and 5% Spandex, no one would blame you if you thought it super expensive. However, it costs only $13.

Note: this cute dress is not super-elastic. As such, you need to be precise in terms of the sizes when ordering.

5. Cold Shoulder Contrast Lace Dress

Plus size Cold Shoulder Contrast Lace Dress

This is by far my favorite dress on this list. The V-neck gives a very nice place for a golden necklace; the cold shoulders are perfectly tallied with the contrast lace around it, and the high waist is ideal for curvy beauty with a tammy.

The texture is very thick to see-through. It’s available in almost all sizes from 0XL to 4XL except 2XL or US 16.

The crazy thing is that you can have this chic symmetrical dress for only, $20. Feel free to wear it with a pair of block heels or with sneakers to a sneaker ball party.

6. Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Belted Dress

Plus size Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Belted Dress

Next up, there is this puff sleeved off the shoulder dress. It’s one of the timeless and chic dresses that I think it’s underpriced to be in the under $30 category.

Three features of this dress make my mouth water. The elastic puffs in the short sleeve and neckline make girls with varied biceps and boobs fit in. the belted high waistline helps to bring the figure to a curved girl.

These reasons plus the fact that it’s available in burgundy, pink, and black make the dress the best casual dress on this list. And where else would you find a beautiful dress at $16? This is so mind-blowing.

7. Belle Plus Exaggerated Ruffle Split Hem Dress

Girl is Shein Plus Size Dress

This is the most expensive dress on this list. And it’s one of the best-quality dresses on this list as well.

It all makes sense. The dress has a crazy elegant design. The exaggerated ruffle from the high waistline to right above the slit and on the shoulder; the one-shoulder butterfly sleeve, and the long body give the dress such uncommon features and make the dress overall expensive.

It’s so unbelievable to see that the dress is selling at only $27 apiece. If you’re between 0XL to 4XL (i.e. between 12 to 20 American size), jump on Shein and grab yours.

8. Sweetheart Neck Ruched Mesh Bodycon Dress

Sweetheart Neck Ruched Mesh Bodycon Dress

If you’re looking for a dress that will fit you like a glove, this sweetheart bodycon dress is for you. It consists of a contrast mesh long sleeve which is perfect for allowing air in. And the sweetheart neckline is ideal for wearing jewelry like a gold necklace that can be paired with gold earrings.

The waistline is flexible that to its stretchiness. As if that’s not enough, this cute dress is also available in five sizes from 0XL to 4XL or 12 to 20 American sizes.

In terms of the price, it’s insane. This gorgeous dress costs only $17.49. For a perfect night dress like this, it’s so unreal. That’s Shein.

9.  Frenchy Plus Scallop Trim Halter Neck Tunic Dress

Plus Size Scallop Trim Halter Neck Tunic Dress

This halter neck tunic dress is the next stunning dress that you can get from Shein for under $30. It’s such a superb dress that has scallop trim on the edges of the breast hem and of course, the covered back halter neck.

With only $13, you can get this casual dress and enjoy compliments from people as you walk in the streets. This sleeveless non-stretchy tunic dress is available in around six colors on Shein; burgundy, yellow, blue, black, green, and dark blue.

Note: since the dress is not so stretchy, it’s imperative to narrow your size –especially if you’re big-breasted beauty. Otherwise, if you’ve found a fit for you, you’ll love it wearing it at home, to run errands, to a party, and more.

10. Unity Plus Twist Hem Asymmetrical Neck Tee Dress

Plus Size Twist Hem Asymmetrical Neck Tee Dress

The tenth one on this list is the tee dress. It’s not an ordinary t-shirt dress, but it’s a superb one. And it’s the cheapest on this list, but it is way cooler than you might think.

Available in army green and mint green, this asymmetrical neck dress is for you. Made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, the dress is not super stretchy which means you need to nail your size.

You can add this plus-size t-shirt dress to your cart at only $10.49. I got to say: the twisted hem and the asymmetrical neckline set this apart from the ordinary. It’s so underpriced with its elegance.

11. Plus Appliques Pearls Beaded Tee Dress

Plus Size Appliques Pearls Beaded Tee Dress

The Plus Appliques Pearls Beaded Tee Dress is another beautiful dress you add to your cart for less than $30. The pearls on the contrast lace look really great and the navy blue is just phenomenal for this dress.

The tee dress is slightly stretchy. This means it can accommodate most people who are big-breasted.

Otherwise, it’s a nice tee dress that you can wear with heels for a night out, or with sneakers to a sneaker ball party. With only $15.49, you can get this dress into your cute wardrobe.

12. Belle Plus Split Thigh Solid Maxi Dress

Belle Plus Size Split Thigh Solid Maxi Dress

This is another diner dress that you can find on Shein for under $30. It’s such a dress that fits and hugs all your curves like a glove.  

The rectangular neckline creates enough real estate for jewelry. And the thigh split feature makes you sexier by teasing your handsome. Most importantly, it’s available in five sizes from 1XL to 5XL.

You can dress this up with a pair of block heels or regular uncovered heels. Don’t forget your well-edged handbags and some earrings. FYI: you can add this to your wardrobe for just $13 apiece.

13. EMERY ROSE Plus Split Thigh Foldover Bardot Dress

A Girl in EMERY ROSE Plus Split Thigh Foldover Bardot Dress

This is gorgeous. The Emery Rose foldover Bardot dress is one of the dresses that when you were you walk chest out like a supermodel.

The off-the-shoulder, half-sleeve, and butterfly-sleeve all add to the aesthetic of this magnificent dress. The high split and high waist make it ideal for curvy girls. They help to accommodate the tammy and all curves.

As a beauty who wear plus size, this dress is for you. It’s perfect for weddings and formal meetings. And it costs only $21.

14. Plus Size Solid Cut-Out Detail Mesh Halter Dress

Plus Size Solid Cut-Out Detail Mesh Halter Dress

Finally, there is this cut-out halter neck dress. For only $24, you can purchase this plus-size wedding dress.

It’s a thigh split, back tie, sleeveless and plain dress. On Shein, it’s available in three sizes; 1XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Although it’s not super stretchy, it looks superb on most plus-sized girls.

15. Plus Size Pearl Detail Cut Out A-line Dress

Pearl Detail Cut Out A-line Dress

Available in army green, black, blue, burgundy, and dark blue, this is a pearl detail cut-out A-line dress. It consists of long sleeves with cutouts on the shoulders and around the neckline.

The round pearls around the cutouts on an A-line body transform this dress into an expensive outfit. Although the dress only costs 23 dollars, the quality and the texture are so much worth every penny.

Final Thought on Shein Plus Size Dresses

Shein is probably the top retailer with the most inexpensive outfits. Some of the dresses on the list are sold two times more on Amazon.

Normally, you would think that the items are of terrible quality. But the quality is pretty good that no one would really know that you’re wearing an under $30 dress unless you told them.

Of course, you may find some items that are not up to your expectation. However, you would honestly experience the same with online shopping –even when shopping in big stores like Amazon.

Otherwise, I hope that you’ve found this post helpful.

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