17 Small Pool Ideas on a Budget for Amazing Backyard & Interior

Swimming pools are lovely additions to any modern home. For family residential properties, a pool adds value to the property. And most importantly, it provides the funniest experience to kids and entire family -especially in summer.

Unfortunately, its materials and installation are crazy expensive. So, does it mean there is no hope for homeowners who want small pools for their backyards?

Isn’t it possible to find a cheap pool for a backyard? Check out these 17 Small Pool Ideas on a Budget for Amazing Backyard & Interior if these questions sound familiar.

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Small Pool Ideas on a Budget

Here are the 17 Small Pool Ideas on a Budget for Amazing Backyard & Interior rooms

1.   Traditional Rectangular Pool

Rectangular pool design_one of the Small Pool Ideas on a Budget

Talking of minimalist pool designs, the traditional rectangular pool is the best. It can be made in the smallest space possible. You can clear out some greenery in your backyard and install the pool there.

As the name suggests, the rectangular pool design has four dimensions, and two of the sides have the same length. For example, 10 by 6 yards can be a possible minimalist pool design easily installed in the backyard.

Honestly, the rectangular pool design can be boring because it’s usual. But you can add extra features to make it more appealing. You can include a fountain, swim bars, spa, led lights, and simple folding beach chairs. 

2.   Tropical Beachside Escape

This pool design is perfect if you want to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation right in your backyard. The blue mosaic tiles and natural stone surround give the illusion of being right on the beach, while the clean lines and minimalist design keep the look modern.

Note: Add some palm trees and colorful flowers, and you’ll be transformed it into a paradise.

This pool is designed to be visually calming while still reflecting style. The vibrant turquoise tiles contrast with rich greenery and white coping around the edge of the pool to make a bold, attractive statement. If you love peace and tranquility in your home, then a minimal swimming pool design like this is right for your backyard.

3.   Contemporary Indoor-Outdoor Living Room

Indoor Pool

Modern Indoor-Outdoor swimming pool designs have taken off in recent years. You can find many amazing designs on the internet or in magazines and it is easy to see why.

There are so many benefits to having a private, yet public space that’s perfect for relaxing, swimming laps, entertaining friends and family, or simply spending time with your loved ones.

You can add an Indoor-Outdoor pool to any home regardless of size. When you do decide to get one installed at your place, you should think about how much natural light will come into the area during certain times of the day because this will help determine what type of plants you want to grow around it.

That way when you’re sitting by the pool watching the sunset over the horizon with a drink in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy all of nature’s beauty.

4.   Round Pool Design

round pool

I don’t know if you’re familiar with round design or not. But one thing I can tell for sure is that its concept is so easy. It looks like a well -except it’s bigger and shallower than a well.

What? Boring! 

Was that you? Well, a round pool may seem boring if you haven’t seen one before. But a round pool is so unique and simple to install. The shape itself demands special attention from on-lookers. 

If you’re looking to add some style to your home, try a modern round pool. You can create some amazing design features with any of these designs, making them easy and budget-friendly additions to any home.

5.   Ornamental Garden Pond

Do you want a swimming pool that’s also a work of art? Check out this incredibly minimalist design. This pool is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement without being too over the top.

If you’re not a fan of rectangular shapes, you might want to consider an elliptical pool instead. 

This one has a definite contemporary feel, making it ideal for small spaces. Its unique shape also gives you plenty of space to lounge around while you take in all that natural beauty. The finish is classy, yet casual, allowing it to be used either indoors or outdoors. The surface is treated with a shimmering glaze and water flows over it easily thanks to strategically placed jets.

6. Natural Rock Pools

If you’re located near a spring that flows through various rocks and plants, you can have a natural rock pool installed in your compound. Yes, you can have your natural swimming pond within your home.

The pool is installed in such a way that water is continuously filtered as it seeps through the cracks of the rocks. As such, there’s no need to worry about chemical treatments or chlorine.

The many plant life around the rock pool will also make it feel like you’re in an enchanted forest with every step. You can supplement the look of your pool with some flowers.

This natural pool is perfect when situated in a mountainous location so there’s also no shortage of privacy, making it ideal for those who prefer some seclusion. Depending on your budget, you can have a swimming pool and rock bath built separately or together.

7.   Luxurious Master Bathroom Retreat

master bathroom pool

This minimalist swimming pool design is the perfect addition to any luxurious master bathroom retreat. The sleek, clean lines of the pool and the simple, yet elegant decking make this pool the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The soft blue color of the water is both calming and inviting, and the lack of chlorine means that you can enjoy a swim without worrying about your skin or hair. This pool is truly a work of art, and it will be the centerpiece of your home for years to come.

It is usually installed close to a master bedroom. You can put it inside or in your backyard, just make sure it’s close to the master bedroom.

I must say this design can be a little expensive to be installed for some people. But since the idea of expensiveness is subjective, I included still it on this list.

8.   Modern Glass Enclosure Suite

This all-glass, minimalist swimming pool enclosure, is the perfect way to show off your stunning backyard pool while still keeping it protected from the elements. The sleek lines and simple design of the enclosure will complement any home décor, and the glass panels will let in plenty of natural light to keep your pool area bright and inviting.

Plus, the glass will also help to keep your pool warm, so you can enjoy a swim even on cooler days.

9.   Irregular Design

This design is perfect if you have a limited amount of space to work with but still want to make a big impact. You can install it wherever and in whatever way you want it.

It can be installed following the available space in your backyard or interior. As such, it takes an irregular shape. You can install it along the fence and surrounding the garden.

Additionally, the minimalist design means that you won’t have to spend hours cleaning your pool.

10. T-Shape Pool

t-shaped pool

The next best minimalist swimming pool design for home is the T-shaped swimming pool. It consists of a rectangular-shaped shallow end, a deep end, and an L-shaped area on the other side that can be used as a seating or lounging area. A deck along the outside of the pool on one side with stairs leading down to it creates a beautiful natural effect.

The other modern pools have lazy T-shapes. They have the shape of a T except the corners are not very sharp. Some don’t have that real right-angled triangle.

The T-shaped swimming pool design is a great choice if you have enough space in your backyard. It works especially well on steeply sloped properties where one end of it can be built higher than normal. 

The shallow rectangular end allows children to swim and play comfortably in it. The deep end with a vertical wall creates an instant water slide that kids love.

11. Classic Kidney

This design takes the shape of a kidney having rounded sides with one side curving inwards. It takes up a very small space and it’s not very expensive to install.

You can have it installed in your backyard for only around $10 000. This may vary depending on where you’re. If you know how costly pools can be, you’re aware that this is way more inexpensive than usual.

It’s usually surrounded by at least half a meter wide tiled pave the way. And it takes a very beautiful look when it’s surrounded by a green flat yard.  

12. Lap Pool

In the Olympics, a “lap” is the length of the pool, most of 50 meters. Traditionally, lap pools have around 25 yards or meters in its length.

Lap pools take a rectangular shape. They do have four corners with right angles. Just like any other pool, the floor of a lap keeps going deeper and deeper.

This is so common type of residential house pool. They’re usually affordable and can be as minimalist as possible. To make it stand out, you can include features like a fountain, waterfall, or relaxing mood.

13. P- Shape

People in P-shaped poo

The next design consists of a long rectangular pool and a semicircular one connecting to one end of it. Depending on preference, you can make the semicircular part shallower to act as a kids’ pool.

This pool design has such an amazing look resembling the letter P. it’s visually appealing and inviting to both kids and adults.

Add some portable folding chairs to the pathways with tiles to make your best place for summer. Before taking a summer vacation, you’ll spend your summer in your backyard.

14. Above-Ground Pool

Another minimalist and inexpensive pool design is the above-ground swimming pool. Instead of having the pool dug and installed inside the ground, you can still have a pool above the ground.

You can have a permeant pool or a temporally one. The temporal ones can be made of inflatables and plastic materials.

The temporal pool is very rent-friendly. You can install them only when you direly need them. And when you’re moving out of a rented house, you can deflect or disassemble and leave.

You will find these pools on Amazon and other stores. You can have them shipped to your house within hours or days depending on where you’re.

15. Aqua Volleyball

The water volleyball pool is a wonderful playground for everyone sportive -especially kids. They don’t take up a very large space.

An Aqua Volleyball must not be very deep. If you choose to do it yourself, you need to make sure it is 3.5ft to 4ft deep. 

In terms of width and length, you need to take into account the number of people intended to be suing the pool at the same time. It can take the shape of a really volleyball court.

Water volleyball has two demarcations to accommodate two teams. It’s demarcated by a volleyball net in between.

16. Cocktail Pool

Do you have a very small backyard space, but you still need a place to submerge your body on summer or hot fall days? You should get to know this design idea.

This minimalist swimming pool design is a cocktail. This is a small pool design that can fit in most contemporary backyards.

The cocktail pool design is bigger than a hot tub and smaller than a normal lap pool. It’s ideal for someone who wants a pool design that doesn’t consume a lot of space.

You can install it within your backyard garden. Adding special chairs like hammocks, simple folding chairs, or garden and sun loungers.

17. Beachfront Pool Design

The beachfront pool design is one of the most amazing designs on this list. It brings the beach imagination in front of your backyard minus the sand.

It’s a kind of pool that is located just one to two meters away from the backyard door. It’s perfect for a small backyard.

A beachfront pool can also be real if your house is located near the beach. You’ll have the pool installed close to or facing the beach. This way you’ll be swimming in pure water and enjoying the sandy beach.

Final Words about Small Pool Ideas on a Budget

A swimming pool is one of the best things you can add to your home. It’s entertaining and inviting to you, your kids, and the rest of the family.

If you’re looking into installing one of these designs in your backyard, you need to pick one design and install it. Several designs can suit your budget and you can choose to install them in your backyard.

And even if you don’t have enough to invest, you need to understand that no price tag can be attached to your family’s happiness. Go ahead and install happiness on the face of your family.

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