16 Sneaker Ball Dresses for an Amazing Party

Whether you’re going to your company’s sneaker ball party or your baddie friend’s anniversary or birthday party, choose one of the following jaw-dropping sneaker ball dresses. I guarantee you’ll rock it at the party.

The thing is: sneaker ball outfits are becoming more popular. Of course, nobody can blame them because they are very fashionable and chic.

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What is a sneaker ball party?

girls at sneaker ball part
Source: Pinterest

A sneaker ball party is a popular party, especially in the US, where girls wear gown dresses with sneakers or blazers with sneakers and gentlemen wear suits or tuxedos with sneakers.

Apart from having fun, in some states sneaker ball party is thrown to celebrate the success of minorities. At these parties, the underrepresented successful athletes and Olympiads are celebrated.

Similarly, large companies also organize sneaker ball parties every year to celebrate with their employees and raise funds for supporting a particular group of people or community.

What is the history of the sneaker ball?

The sneaker ball’s origin dates back to long time ago. However, the most notable origin is in 2018 when Bigger Than Sneakers and two other organizations organized a fundraising party for some underprivileged youths. At that party, men dressed up in tuxedos and sneakers and women in gowns and sneakers.

Currently, the sneaker ball is one of the popular formal parties. This is so because most organizations like Nike adopted the idea. However, although the event is for charity activities, it’s become a great way to network, have fun and, of course, showcase outfits.

How can I look more stylish in sneakers?

Sneakers are generally stylish shoes. And you can look more stylish and chic in sneakers if you know what to pair them with. You need to wear them with a gown dress, t-shirt dress, denim jeans, and cropped tops and pants. The gown dresses like the ones discussed below worn with some low-heel sneakers are perfect for sneaker ball.

Can I pair a dress with sneakers?

No one wants to dress awkwardly at any party. However, sneakers can definitely be worn with a dress. You can wear them with a gown dress, t-shirt dress, shirt dress, or bodycon dress.

Sneaker ball dress Ideas

Here is a list of 18 cute dresses that you can wear to a sneaker ball party.

1. Tutu Dress and Sneakers

Tutu dress_one of the sneaker ball dresses
@justjared (Pinterest)

A tutu dress is one of the popular dresses for sneaker ball parties. Just so you know, a tutu dress is one that consists of layers of nylon or silky frills.

You may say, “Come on! Those are for ballet dancers!” Of course, they’re also worn by ballet dancers. And they can also be paired with sneakers and worn for a sneaker ball party.

Most importantly, you can find tutu dresses in any size from extra plus size to extra small. And you can choose to wear a tutu mini-dress and sneakers, a high-low tutu dress with sneakers, or a split-thigh tutu dress with sneakers to any sneaker ball outfit.

2.  Silver Split Thigh Sequin Dress

Silver Split Thigh Sequin Dress
@weheartit (Pinterest)

The next sneaker ball dress is the silver split-thigh dress. This is another stunning dress thanks to its chic and polished design.

It’s got a thigh-high slit, V-neck neckline, sleeveless arms, and glittering sequin fiber. The dress can be paired with white sneakers or a pair of Canvas or slip-on sneakers.

As for accessories, you can wear the outfit with gold earrings and a necklace. And you can finish it up by carrying a stylish handbag and a long coat in case of cold nights.

3. Black Thigh-High Slit Silky Dress

Black Thigh-High Slit Silky Dress

As I stated in a post about baddie birthday outfits, as far as fashion goes, black is a color of elegance. Although some people believe that putting on a black outfit at a birthday is bad luck, a black thigh-high slit silky dress is still perfect for a sneaker ball party outfit and a birthday outfit.

There are lots of thigh-high slit dresses that you can choose from. However, the one that fascinates me is this black V-neck long dress. It’s chic and perfect for a sneaker ball party.

This dress, with a cute tribal like the Fulani box braids, can be paired with most low-heel sneakers. If braids are not your thing, just straighten your long or wear a long lace front wig and you’ll look impressive as well.

4. Long V-neck Burgundy Dress

Long V-neck Burgundy Dress

If you’ve read my post on plus-size outfit ideas or burgundy sneakers, you should know that I rave about burgundy. It’s such a great color for shoes and, of course, dresses.

For this year’s sneaker ball, change your dress to a long V-neck burgundy dress. This dress is floor-long, sleeveless, and V-necked.

As you might have guessed, you wear this outfit with burgundy sneakers and, of course, white sneakers. The V neckline creates a beautiful real estate for a gorgeous necklace.

5.  Green Silky Dress + Green White Sneakers

Green Silky Dress + Green White Sneakers

The next excellent choice for a sneaker ball dress is the green silky dress. Green is a kind of color that not many people wear, but it’s a pretty color.

Just look at the dress in the photo above, the dress is such a cute baddie girl outfit. The split thigh makes it so hot and chic.

In terms of accessories and shoes, you can wear a cool necklace with your name or initials. And this green dress can also be worn with a pair of white and green sneakers or just all-white sneakers.

6. Black Glittering Thigh-High Slit Dress

black glittering thigh-high slit dress
Source: Pinterest

Again, black is a stylish and chic color for both ladies and men. This one is a black glittering thigh-high slit dress.

This is so hot and chic. The split thigh and the sleeveless arms allow you to tease all on-lookers making you look hot.

For this dress, you need to pair it with all-white sneakers or burgundy sneakers. In terms of accessories, get yourself some cool earrings and a dazzling necklace. You can also carry a purse or handbag.

7. White Bodycon Dress

Khloé in White Bodycon Dress

If you’re a huge fan of bodycon dresses, you might have been thinking bodycon dresses are not acceptable at a sneaker ball party. Of course, gown dresses are the most popular, but it does not mean people don’t wear formfitting dresses to a sneaker ball party.

It doesn’t have to be like that of Khloé in the photo if you don’t like it. You can get a knee-long formfitting V-neck dress. A bodycon dress is so great at highlighting your curves like booty, narrow waist, and breasts.

You can wear the bodycon dress in all-white with white sneakers like the Kardashian in the photo. Or you can wear the white dress with canvas sneakers or black and white sneakers.

8. White Thigh-High sleeveless dress

The next excellent sneaker ball outfit idea is to wear a white thigh-high sleeveless dress. It’s such a cute dress thanks to its design.

With the V neckline, you’re guaranteed that the view of your dazzling necklace won’t be obstructed. Talking of jewelry, you can wear a custom necklace with your name written on it.

As for the shoes, you can wear white sneakers or black and white sneakers. Before you step out, don’t for to carry a nice handbag and a long coat.

9. Black Bodycon Long sleeve Dress

Black Bodycon Long sleeve Dress
Source:@Wenow Moda and Beauty outfit (Pinterest)

If you don’t like the black sleeveless bodycon dress, select a long sleeve short dress. Of course, long gown dresses are the most common at a sneaker ball party.

Again, it does not mean you can wear a short dress. This black long sleeve short dress is perfect for a sneaker ball. You can wear it with a long coat over the dress.

10. Red Backless Dress

a girl in Red Backless Dress
Source:@Jessica (Pinterest)

Red is a color of love. So if you’re going to sneaker ball escorting your handsome or vice-versa, you can wear a red backless dress.

Walking into a sneaker ball party hall hand-in-hand with your man, this dress will solidify your commitment to him. Of course, onlookers will not help but be amazed at your beauty in this dress.

In terms, red dresses for the sneaker ball go well with white sneakers. And you can finish up with accessories like gold earrings and necklaces.

11. Lilac Purple Mock Neck Bodycon Dress

a girl wearing mock neck bodycon dress in lilac purple
Source: Shein

This dress is for girls who want a simple yet stunning dress. It’s a mock neck bodycon dress in lilac purple.

It’s got a back slit and formfitting fabric making it easy to highlight your feminine superpowers like booty and breast. The major limitation of this outfit is its neckline.

The mock neck kills most chances of wearing a necklace. Of course, you can wear it over the mock neck but it doesn’t look to me –especially for the occasion. If you want accessories that go well with this dress, you should be thinking of earrings.

12.  Black V-neck Mini Dress

black V-neck mini dress for sneaker ball
@Wattpad (Pinterest)

Another gorgeous dress for a sneaker ball party is the black V-neck mini dress. It’s a bodycon dress with a high front and sleeveless arms.

To say the least, the dress is so cute. The main limitation is that people can consider it as less formal than a sneaker ball. But I’ve still included it as girls are now wearing bodycon dresses to a sneaker ball party.

You can wear it with black and white sneakers. The dress provides enough space for wearing a necklace thanks to the V-neck.

13. Sky blue silky dress

Sky blue silky dress
@wattpad.com (Pinterest)

The next dress which some may consider inappropriate for a sneaker ball is this short sky blue silky dress.

This short backless dress is so stunning. You can wear it with a long sky-blue coat.

In terms of shoes, white sneakers will work just great. However, if you can find a pair of sky-blue sneakers, you should wear them.

14.  Split Thigh Leather Dress

split-thigh leather dress
@Teresa Franklin (Pinterest)

Leather is indisputably an elegant material for outfits. If you agree with me, you should wear a split-thigh leather dress to this year’s sneaker ball.

The thigh-high slit and the sleeveless arms, not to mention the fabric, make the dress a must-have for a sneaker ball. You can wear it with a white, or black fur long coat.

As for sneakers, white or burgundy sneakers will be great. But if you can find a black and white sneakers, go ahead and wear them.

15. Red Jordan sneaker ball sequin dress

Sequin is another great material for a dress. So you wouldn’t err from wearing a sequin dress with red Jordan sneakers.

In case you missed it, a sneaker ball party is sometimes organized to celebrate underrepresented minorities like basketball players. As such, wearing a sequin dress with a pair of basketball sneakers is more than appropriate.

16. Pink silk dress and sneakers

pink dress for sneaker ball
Source: Pinterest

The other awesome sneaker ball dress is this silky pink dress. Just like red, pink is a color of love. So wear it when you’re going to the party with your man to demonstrate your unwavering love for him.

If you don’t like the one in the picture, you can select a pink dress that matches your expectation. As a rule of thumb, you need to select a gown dress or a bodycon dress in pink.

Not every color goes well with a pink outfit. You need to select white sneakers or burgundy sneakers.  

FAQs on Sneaker Ball Dress Ideas

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding sneaker ball dress ideas and sneaker ball dresses. Read through them and their answers to fully understand.

Do you have to wear sneakers to a sneaker ball?

The word “sneaker” in “sneaker ball dresses” is not accidental. As stated above, wearing some comfy sneakers is part of the sneaker ball culture. Men commonly wear tuxedos and sneakers while ladies wear formal dresses like gown dresses with cool sneakers.  

Can I wear a short dress to a sneaker ball?

A sneaker ball is commonly associated with long dresses. However, in recent sneaker balls, we’re seeing a lot of girls wearing short bodycon dresses. As such, it’s fine to wear a short dress to a sneaker ball party.

Can you wear jeans to a sneaker ball?

A sneaker ball is a kind of formal gathering. As such, it’s not proper to wear jeans unless it’s a denim jean dress. Otherwise, find a blazer suit and wear it with sneakers if you want to wear trousers.

Final words on sneaker ball dress and sneaker ball dress ideas

Apart from all the basic purposes of a sneaker ball party, it’s a formal party for networking and showing off your personality. As a baddie girl, one of the best ways you can successfully achieve this is by selecting a dress that fits you like crazy.

This post has provided you with some interesting ideas. However, if you’re still lacking somewhere, consult a tailor or stylist to guide you on what you really need as well as custom design your sneaker ball outfit.

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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