15 Sneaker Ball Outfit Ideas for Semi-casual Party

The sneaker ball party is one of the big events for most people that come once a year. It’s commonsense for one to choose a stunning and appropriate outfit for it. These 12 sneaker ball outfit ideas should get ready for the next sneaker ball party.

From prom to homecoming, these outfit ideas will make you feel comfortable and look like a star. These are outfit ideas that will leave amazing memories of these parties.

Although the outfit ideas discussed below are common at the sneaker ball party, it does not mean you can’t wear them somewhere else. You can wear these sneaker-ball-inspired outfits to semi-formal business meetings, errands, and dates.

And since they involve wearing sneakers, the outfit ideas below will help you wear various outfits with sneakers.

What is a sneaker ball?

For clarity’s sake, in our case, sneaker ball parties refer to the annual traditional parties among high-school students that involve formal outfits and relaxed footwear. And no, in this case, I’m not referring to the sneaker ball hosted yearly by Black Employ Network at Nike.

Although it’s not everyone is legible to attend sneaker ball parties of any kind, the outfits presented in this post can be worn to most semi-formal parties. In other words, these outfits can inspire any person on how to style with sneakers.

What Constitutes the Best Sneaker Ball outfit?

For ladies, the common outfit ideas for sneaker ball involves wearing sneakers and gown dresses. However, the blazer suits with sneakers are also appropriate.

It’s a no-brainer for gentlemen. It involves wearing a suit with sneakers. The tuxedo with sneakers is the common sneaker-ball outfit for men.

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15 Best Sneaker Ball Outfit ideas

Here are the best sneaker ball outfit ideas for women and women. To make this post easy to navigate, I’ve divided it into two parts: sneaker ball outfit ideas for women and men outfit ideas for sneaker ball.

Sneaker Ball Outfit ideas for women

Gal, these are the outfit ideas that you need to try to break in for the next sneaker ball party.

1. Pink Dress + White Sneakers

Pink dress and white sneakers_one of the sneaker ball outfit ideas

This is such a great way to look gorgeous at the sneaker ball party with your handsome –especially if you’re going there with him.

There are a lot of pink dresses you can try for a sneaker ball party. However, I particularly like the off-shoulder and thigh-high slit silky pink dress. It’s such a sexy outfit perfect for teasing your man to follow you after the party.

For this outfit to work its best, you need to pair it with white sneakers. To avoid bringing many colors, you need to carry a handbag that matches one of these things: hair, shoes, or dress. So, go ahead grab a white, brown, or black handbag and head out.

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2. Red/Pink Blazer Suit + white sneakers

red blazer suit
Source: Pinterest.com

A red blazer suit with white sneakers is my next favorite outfit idea. It looks chic and polished.

Both pink and red are colors for love. Choose a blazer suit in one of these colors you’ll look elegant and timeless for the sneaker ball party. Of course, you need to wear a white strapless bra.

In terms of flats, go for low-white sneakers. Grab your black handbag and put on a pair of black sunglasses, and you’ll conquer your party day.

3. Black dress + white sneakers Sneakers

RihannaBlack dress and sneakers_Sneaker Ball Outfit Ideas
Source: Pinterest@popsugar

The next sneaker ball outfit idea is a black dress and white sneakers. Black and white are the primary colors, but well-selected outfits in these colors are stylish and elegant.

In terms of the dress, you can go for a bodycon long-sleeved round-neck black short dress. If you can find a long-sleeved turtle neck long black dress like the one Rihanna is wearing in the picture, go ahead and get one for you’ll look next-level elegant.

All these black dresses can as well be paired well with white low sneakers. However, for the short black dress, you can experiment with wearing it with some black and white authentic sneakers.

4. Purple Blazer Suit + White sneakers

Purple blazer

If you want to look more formal while maintaining comfortable footwear, go for the purple blazer suit with white sneakers. And yes, this is appropriate and proper for a sneaker ball party.

I like this style not only because it’s super chic but because it is also gender insensitive. As you can see in the photo, it looks timeless and sleek for a girl. It also looks elegant to men.

For a girl, find a blazer suit with Capri trousers. This will give enough space for the sneakers to be shown off.

5. Blue Thigh-High Sleet Dress + sneakers

denim dress with sneakers
Blue dress and sneakers

Are you a blue girl? Well, a blue dress with sneakers is just perfect for you.

These can be in two forms: a long denim dress or one shoulder-long blue dress. To begin with the denim dress, it goes well with multicolored sneakers. However, because of the white inner lining, I believe you can do it better with a pair of low-white sneakers or authentic sneakers.

As for the blue one-shoulder thigh-high sleet dress, it’s perfect with white sneakers. If it’s still put on black sunglasses and carry a Channel handbag, you’ll rock it.

6. Black Blazer Suit with white sneakers

Black Blazer Suit with white sneakers

A black blazer suit with white sneakers is also a great option for the sneaker ball party. It’s as simple as a black blazer and a pair of black Capri trousers.

Under the blazer, you can wear a V-neck T-shirt or a turtle sweater if it’s in winter. Since this is workwear, you would normally wear it with heels. However, for the sneaker ball party, you need to pair it with some white sneakers.

7.  Floral Dress with white sneakers

Floral Dress who wear what

A floral dress with sneakers is the next best sneaker-ball outfit idea. It’s comfort from feet to head.

In terms of the floral, choose one with small flower patches as opposed to one with large flowers on it. Go for a dress with small brown, pink, or red flowers on it, you’ll impress your crushes and homies.

For this outfit, white sneakers will be perfect. However, if you can find sneakers that match some of the colors you’re wearing, you’ll still look elegant. You should try burgundy sneakers if you’re wearing any brown, pink, or red colors.

8. Grey Sweater Dress + Sneakers

Grey, in the fashion world, is a color of elegance and premium quality products. It’s no surprise that a grey sweater dress with sneakers has made its way onto this list.

This is such a simple and fast-to-wear dress. You won’t waste any time putting it on or taking it off. Though it’s mostly casual, it can still be worn to semi-casual parties like sneaker ball parties.

Increase its elegance by putting on a black leather coat on top of it. And if you’re about to go, step it sneakers and take your black handbag, you’ll face your world with confidence.

9. White Dress + White Sneakers

White Dress + White Sneakers for sneaker ball party

As far as fashion is concerned, white is a color of all seasons. And it would be a shame to end the list of sneaker ball outfits for women without talking about all-white outfits.

A t-shirt combo-white dress like the one in the photo is one of the stunning designs you can choose for a sneaker ball party. It looks like a skirt and t-shirt with a white shirt tied around the waist.

You can wear it with a pair of white sneakers and carry a black handbag. With this dress, you’ll look not super casual and not the very form which is perfect for a sneaker ball party.

10. Black Sprayed Tulle Skirt + Sneakers

Black Sprayed Tulle Skirt + Sneakers_Sneaker Ball Outfit Ideas

Although skirts are not common for sneaker ball parties, there are still a few exceptions. A combination of a black sprayed tulle skirt with skirts and a white shirt is one such exception.

The black sprayed tulle skirt is a beautiful skirt made of fine black bridal-veil fabric with glitters spread from the middle to the end of it. It pairs well with a white tank top and some sneakers. Of course, you can put a black blazer on top of your tank top to accelerate the style to the next level.

11. High Low Layered Tutu Tulle skirt + Sneakers

High Low Layered Tutu Tulle skirt + Sneakers

While we’re still on the subject of skirts, the High low layered Tutu tulle skirt is another two parts outfit idea that is perfect for a sneaker ball party. Made from the fabric used to make bridal veils, the skirt is not only a sexy outfit but it’s very stylish and elegant.

The low-rear and high-front features of the skirt relieve you of the worry of bending over or picking something up. The layers of fine fabric and the high-high front rise contrast the dress with a wedding veil.

You can wear the skirt with a V-neck t-shirt or tank top. And if you feel cold, take a jeans top and wear it on top of the V-neck tank top or t-shirt. Step into a pair of canvas sneakers, and you’ll rock it at the party.

Sneaker Ball Outfit Ideas for Men

Having seen some of the sneaker ball outfit ideas for women, let’s explore how a handsome can rock it at the sneaker ball party. Here are the five common sneaker ball outfits for men.

12. White Blazer + Sweater pants + white sneakers

White Blazer + Sweater pants + white sneakers

Honestly, it’s a no-brainer to choose the right outfit that a man can wear to a sneaker ball party. This is so because, unlike women’s outfits, men’s outfits for sneaker balls have limited variations.

An all-white match of the blazer, sweatpants, and sneakers is the ideal sneaker-ball outfit. The outfit idea is inspired by the actor, Timothee Chamalet, as he showed up on 2021 met gala red carpet in this all-white outfit.

You can wear it with low-top white sneakers.

13. Black Tuxedo + White Sneakers

Again, sneaker ball parties require semi-formal outfits. A black tuxedo paired with some white sneakers is the perfect dress code for this occasion for a man.

The black tuxedo is typically a formal outfit. However, when it’s styled with a pair of sneakers, it becomes semi-formal and suitable for a sneaker ball. And instead of wearing the tuxedo with a bow tie or necktie, you can wear it without any of them to make it more casual.

And if you can’t find a pair of Capri trousers, take the trousers of your tuxedo to a designer to have them customized into Capri trousers. Again, this gives enough visibility to the sneakers.

14. Black Tuxedo + Black Sneakers

All-black tuxedo or suit is a common formal outfit among men. When a man is going on a formal date, a black suit or tuxedo is a go-to outfit.

If you’re going to a sneaker ball outfit party, you can also style up a black tuxedo with black sneakers.  Put on your tuxedo without a necktie or bow tie, a pair of black medium-high sneakers, and step out to the party.

15. Dark Blue Tuxedo + white sneakers

The final sneaker ball outfit idea is the dark blue tuxedo matched with a pair of white sneakers. Just like a black tuxedo or suit, a dark blue one is also elegant and perfect for men.

And it can be worn with sneakers to achieve semi-formal wear. The plus-size blazer outfit is not ideal in this case. Rather, you need a well-fitting tuxedo jacket and pair of trousers.

Find a dark blue tuxedo or suit that has Capri trousers and a well-fitted jacket. You can wear a white t-shirt or white shirt without a necktie or bowtie inside the jacket to maintain semi-casual wear.

In terms of sneakers, go for all-white sneakers as they go well with blue. And obviously, you don’t need to wear it with long socks. Secret socks will be just fine.

Final Words about Sneaker Ball Outfit ideas

In American high schools, sneaker ball parties are like a ritual of passage. You just have to go through them at least once a year in high school.

The outfit ideas discussed in this post are great for these parties. However, there is also great inspiration on how to style sneaker fashion.

Knowing these outfit ideas can’t be underestimated as it’ll help you take great memory-keeping photos at these parties. However, understanding various kinds of sneakers is equally great in this case. The post on burgundy sneakers will provide you with enough knowledge on the topic of sneakers.

If you wear plus size, the plus size sneaker outfit ideas will be great for you!

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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