15 Stylish Long Coats for Women on Budget

Since winter is right around the corner and long coats are trending, there is no better time for getting these stylish long coats than now.

The cold spell of winter makes people flash out old and outdated coats that have been in their wardrobes for over a decade. In winter, people wear these shapeless dilapidated coats.

However, it shouldn’t be like that –especially for a fashionable woman. You don’t need to compromise your style in the name of the cold spell.

And the most interesting part of the long coats for women is that they’re fashionable even outside in winter. You can still rock it wearing them on a cool day of any season –maybe except summer.

To say the least, there are tons of jaw-dropping long coats for women that you can wear in winter, in spring, or on any cold day. In this post, I’ve assembled about 15 best long coats that are chic and sleek for women.

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What is the Most Stylish Long Coat for women?

Here is the list of the chic long coats that you wear in winter and in any cold day and rock.

1. Double Breasted Khaki Trench Coat

double-breasted khaki coal_one of stylish long coats for women
Source: amazon

I wanted to start with a double-breasted coat because it’s fashionable and trendy. As I illustrated in the post about sexy outs, a double-breasted outfit consists of two layers of buttons and an overlap of material at the front.

The double-breasted belted trench coat in khaki or beige color is particularly stylish and elegant. I particularly like those with some decorative belts on the wrist.

Pair it with some black or brown boots, you’ll rock this winter. You can wear it with a black or white neck-high sweater and a pair of black or denim jeans. I got to say a dress –a bodycon sweater dress or a T-shirt dress in white or black color –works wonders with a Khaki trench coat.

2. Single Breasted Belted Trench Coat

Single Breasted coat
Source: amazon

Are you not a huge fan of a double-breasted trench? Or do you need a change from double-breasted coats? Well, the single-breasted belted trench coat will be the best option for you.

This is a stylish trench coat that consists of a belt without a buckle and that fastens by tying a knot. It doesn’t need a belt with punch holes to fasten it.

You can style this coat up with a turtleneck sweater of your favorite color. Put on your winter boots, put on light pink lipstick and grab a Chanel handbag, and face your world with confidence.

3. Pink Winter Coat

Pink winter coat
Source: amazon
Pink and army coat
source: amazon

If none of the about long coat outfits don’t turn you on, a pink colored coat will make your mouth water. The color itself is elegant and perfect for a modern girl.

Pink is very friendly to tan, white, and black colors. This means you can wear a pink winter jacket or coat with these colors. You can wear it with a pair of burgundy sneakers, white sneakers, or black sneakers.

You can choose among a hot pint outfit, a Korean pink coat, a blush pink coat, and a pink pastel coat. And the funny thing is that all these can work well with a pair of jeans, a black outfit, or a white outfit.

4.  T Tahari Belted Wool Wrap Coat

Tahari wrap coat
Source: lyst.com

The next stylish long coat for women is from Tahari, a renowned international brand specializing in making elegant wear. Designed to ensure maximum comfort and warmth, Tahari belted wool wrap is a must-have outfit for winter.

It consists of a stretchy and soft blend and a wing collar. If you’re a huge fan of belts, you’ll be covered for it has an optional belt that you can use to tie around your waist.

You can wear this jaw-dropping coat for most occasions. It can be worn for casual meetups, daily tasks, and outdoor activities.

5. Mid-Thigh Length Down Puffer Coat

black puffer coat

Do you want to look chic and stay warm this winter? You need to go for the legendary mid-thigh length down puffer coat.

It consists of water-resistant fabric and super-quality insulation that makes you safe and protected from the cold spell of winter. One of the incredible features of the coat that deserves a second mention is its ability to provide utmost warmth. With the water-proof polyester plain weave and wool filled inside, you’re guaranteed warmth.

These coats are now made by several brands. However, the one I love is the women’s Montreal Down Coat. It’s the true definition of a warm and stylish coat.

6. Double Breasted Mid Long Wool Pea Coat

Double Breasted Mid Long Wool Pea Coat
Source: walmart.com

The next on this list is a mid-long wool pea coat. It consists of a double-breasted front, removable belt, and adjustable cuffs.

The double-breasted Mid-long Wool Pea coat consists of a windproof and dustproof that will keep you secure in winter and other cold seasons. Apart from offering warmth, you can count on this coat if you want to look chic and elegant.

This coat can be worn in different styles and for different occasions. You can wear it with a pair of denim or black jeans to the shopping mall and to do outdoor activities on cold days.

7.  Steve Madden Long Chevron Maxi Puffer Coat

Steve Madden is a well-known American fashion brand that specializes in designing and marketing fashion accessories. The long coat from this brand is one of the best in terms of comfort and style.

It consists of a fleece-lined long puffer coat, concealed zip-and-zap placket long chevron, and a removable hood. In terms of materials, it’s 100% polyester which gives you maximum warmth.

You can wear this maxi puffer coat in winter and cold days of other seasons. And you can choose Steve Maiden coats in black and pair them with some high boots.

8. Helly Hansen Aden Puffy Parka Jacket

Helly Hansen Aden Puffy Parka Jacket is another long coat for women that is warm and stylish. Made of Helly tech protection fabric and having undergone the durable water repellency (DWR) treatment, this coat provides ultimate comfort and elegance.

It’s about 90 centimeters long and has an adjustable hood and embroidered HH logo on the sleeve. With these features and more, this coat ensures that you’re fully covered in terms of style and protected from cold spells.

You can wear this coat in winter and cold spring days. And you style it with a pair of knee-high boots and a neck-high sweater.

9. Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket

As the name suggests, this next long hooded jacket is not only epic but it’s indeed heavenly. It consists of a Heat Reflective lining that ensures the steady provision of ultimate warmth and has metallic patterns in the interior lining that retain heat.

This 100% synthetic down insulation Columbia heavenly long hooded jacket is jam-packed with fashionable features. It has a long form, a hoodie, and collar, a two-way adjustable center-front zipper, and cuffs with thumb holes.

It’s one of the greatest on the market. Feel free to wear it for casual meetups, daily tasks, and other errands.

10. Khaki Woolen Mid-Length Coat

Khaki Woolen Mid Length Coat

The khaki woolen mid-length coat is one the best on this list. From the khaki color to the fabric, this coat is an elegant outfit for ladies.

And the thing is you can find the khaki woolen coat depending on your budget. If you want something on a budget, you can go for the Calvin Klein classic cashmere blend coat.

You can wear it on the cold days of this winter. Feel free to style it up with some knee-high boots and a neck-high white or black sweater.

11.  ChichWish Women’s Turn Down Wool Blend Coat

Are you a huge fan of check print? This timeless brown or plum check print coat will interest you even more.

It consists of 60% wool and 40% polyester shell, and 100% polyester. This means you are assured of warmth and style. It’s a wrap coat with an optional belt to keep it wrapped.

This outfit can be styled in many ways. You can start by wearing a t-shirt inside. A Black or white t-shirt will work as they match the checks. You can wear it with sweater panties and a pair of sneakers.

12. Boyle Single-Breasted Coat

This coat design is crazy! It consists of a jacket-shaped collar, front, and shoulders. From afar, it really looks like a regular three-button single-breasted jacket. But nope, it’s the timeless Boyle single-breasted coat.

Of course, it is longer than a normal jacket for it stretches past the knee. This is such a recycled work outfit in winter and other cold days.

You can wear it with a decent blazer suit for work. You’ll be protected from the winds and cold on your way. And you’ll hang it on the door hanger and rock it with the inside work outfit when you reach there.

13. Beige Belted Trench Coat

The next stylish, comfortable and warm coat is the beige belted trench. It exists in different designs –and sizes of course.

My favorites are the double-breasted coat with buckle belts, the single-breasted with a belt, and the double-breasted with a knotted belt. Whichever design suits you the best, the beige belted trench will give you an elegant look and warmth.

The beige coat goes well with a white neck-high sweater and a pair of winter boots or sneakers. Talking of sneakers, you can wear a pair of sweater panties and some burgundy or white sneakers.

14. Guess Women’s Long Plaid Wool Coat

This is a black and white plaid wool coat that has a pearl trim detail collar. Consisting of 57% polyester and 39% wool, you’re assured of warmth and comfort.

With features like faux leather elbow pads, pearl detailing, button closure, and loose-fitting silhouette, the Guess Women’s Plaid Wool Coat is one of the most stylish and warm coats ever.

You can layer the Guess women’s long wool coal over a black blazer, suit jacket, or neck-high black or white neck. And feel free to wear it for casual occasions or put it on for office meetings and conferences. It’s pretty similar to the beige belted trench wool.

15.  Wrap Trench Coat

white wrap coat

For this final long coat idea, I’ve decided to put together the timeless fashionable wrap coat. They exist in various ranges of colors and materials. And they’re found at an incredibly cheap price.

In terms of design, the wrap trench coat consists of a long-form without buttons. Of course, they consist of a wrapping belt without hooks. Others have large collars and lapels.

Some of my favorite wrap coats are the Real Life Fashion women’s Italian long waterfall coat, Alexxo Plaid Waterfall coat, Rimi Hanger Italian wrap coats, and New Italian Drape French Belted wrap coat.

FAQs about Stylish Long Coats for Women

Here are some of the commonly asked questions when it comes to stylish long coats for women.

Are Long Coats Still in Style?

Long coats whether trench or puffer are mostly been on the rise in these recent years. And I believe they’re not going to stop soon. They’ll still continue trending in 2023.

Can Would Wear a Long Coat with jeans?

The short answer is YES! You can wear a long coat with a pair of denim or skinny jeans and some sneakers. The black and white jeans almost always work with a long coat.

So, feel free to wear your coat with any type of white, black, or denim jeans and face the world without intimidation.

What is the best length for a trench coat?

Initially, the trench coats were made a little longer to the extent that they would be some inches away from the ground. However, they are now a little shorter.

The length of a trench coat for a grownup person ranges from 37 inches to 45 inches. Of course, you need to choose the length according to your height.

Final Thoughts on Stylish Long Coats for Women

Long coats are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. And they’re not for specific women. There is nothing like I’m not a long-coat person.

You’ll find a long coat that will suit you perfectly whether you’re a curvy beauty or a slim girl. And the goodness is that in most online shops, you can choose the size you want.

FYI: wearing a stylish long coat does not mean that you should be shallow in your interior outfits. Discover various interior outfit ideas in the following posts:

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Otherwise, whether you landed on this post as part of information research or you were thinking of buying something, I wish you the best of luck.


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