15 Superb Fishnet Outfit Ideas 2023

From super casual high school-girl outfits to formal work outfits for women in their forties and above, a pair of fishnet stockings can play a very pivotal role in adding a fashion touch to an ordinary outfit. However, it can be intimidating if you don’t know how to go about it. These 15 fishnet outfit ideas should relieve you of this intimidation.

The truth is that fishnets have been along for over a century now. They became popular in 1920, and since then they have been getting in and out of trend.

With celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé’s preference to wear fishnets on stage and in public events, these stockings are back on trend in 2023. As such, it’s so prudent of you to get acquainted with various fishnet outfit ideas.  

This is why I’ve compiled 15 ideas on how you can style up in 2023 and beyond.

15 Fishnet Outfit Ideas

Here are various ways of wearing fishnet with other outfits to look chic and fashionable.

1. Short Dress and Heels

A lady in fishnets and a Navy blue short dress_one of the fishnets outfit ideas
Source: styleoholic.com

The first idea is to wear a pair of fishnets under a short dress and heeled shoes. This outfit idea gives imagery of a celebrity walking on the red carpet.

A pair of micro nets will be perfect for this idea. Instead of wearing a pair of fishnets with wide diamond openings, opt for the one with small openings (micro nets).

You can wear a pair of black fishnet stockings under a short black blazer dress, a black bodycon sweater dress, or a short white dress. And in terms of heels, you can wear open-block heels, pointed-closed heels, or knee-high boots.

2. With Ripped Jeans and a T-shirt

ripped jeans and fishnets

This is the most popular fishnet outfit idea. You probably have seen gals on IG or Pinterest dressed up in ripped jeans with a fishnet under it and a t-shirt.

This is so cute and can be styled in various ways. Some girls like wearing it under a pair of heavily ripped jeans, with a short sleeve crop tee shirt and a pair of women’s sneakers.

Others prefer wearing the fishnet –especially the micro nets and ordinary fishnets –under a pair of high open heels and a pair of denim ripped jeans together with a tee shirt. In as far as t-shirts go, the short-sleeve black or white ones look amazing for most girls.

3. With Jeans Shorts and Boots

fishnets and ankle boots
Source: Pinterest.com

Wearing the fishnet stockings with a pair of jeans shorts and boots is the next idea. It’s ideal for a high school girl outfit.

This outfit idea can be styled in different ways. You can wear it with a pair of ripped jeans shorts and ankle boots. You can then put on a black t-shirt and a check-print shirt.

You can also bring out casual streetwear with this outfit idea. Instead of wearing the checkered shirt, tie it around the waist to rock it in casual streetwear. You can step it up a little bit by taking a backpack.

4. Coat outfit with heels

coat, black skirt, and fishnet
Source: Pinterest.com

A pair of micro nets or whale nets can also be worn with a pair of heels and a long top coat. This is such a stylish idea and perfect for winter.

You can wear it with a leather skirt and a long leather coat. This outfit looks great and brings out the fashionable lady in you.

And the best part is that the idea also works better with the above idea and with several other ideas. You can wear tight fishnets with a pair of shorts jeans and a black t-shirt.

As I already alluded to in idea 1, you can wear it under a short bodycon dress or black blazer. Of course, you’ll add the coat on top. All these can be paired with a pair of ankle boots or leather heels.

5. Long High-slit Dress

colorful dress, heels and fishnets
Source: style-on.com

For the next ingenious outfit idea, you need to try wearing the fishnets under a long High-slit dress. It’s another red carpet-inspired outfit idea.

You can wear a plus-size slit-high dress with a pair of black micro nets. For this idea, it’s perfect to wear a pair of high heel shoes. I’m telling you this is a bomb especially if you wear for rose or red dress.

At the same time, you can also style it up with a high-slit black dress. Wear it with knee-high black boots and you’ll rock in them. It is a sexy outfit, but it looks even hotter with a black V-neck dress.

6.  Two-Piece and Leather Jacket

If you’re a frequenter of this blog, you should know that I rave about leather outfits. I’m excited to introduce a leather outfit idea that works with a pair of fishnets.

This involves wearing a two-piece outfit and layering a leather jacket on top. It’s great for casual wear or casual streetwear.

The two-piece outfit can be a short skirt and strapless crop top bra, a short leather dress, and a crop top leather jacket, or a pair of shorts jeans and a crop top jean top. All these can be styled with a pair of tight fishnets under them.

7.  With Sneakers

If you’re a huge fan of sneakers, you’ll like this idea. You can wear the fishnets under a pair of black and white, white or burgundy sneakers. Of course, this works great with short fishnets –I don’t mean it’s impossible with long fishnets.

As you might have guessed, you can wear it in numerous ways. You can put on some short fishnets with a pair of shorts jeans or a short skirt. Step into your sneakers, take your backpack and wear your checkered shirt, and face the world with confidence for you’re rocking it.

A pair of ripped jeans can also be worn with fishnets and a pair of sneakers. The canvas sneakers are a great option in this case. Wear these together to bring the super casual look.

8.  A Floral Dress, Heels & Bomber

The other fishnet outfit idea that looks both ingenious and stylish is to pair it with a floral dress, some heels, and a bomber on top. It’s an evolutionary way of wearing the fishnet outfit.

There are several styles you can experiment with a fishnet under a floral dress. You can go for a floral dress in bright colors like yellow. However, I particularly a floral dress in neutral colors.

A floral dress in black color with some floral patterns is basically what you should be looking for. As I explained in this post, a dress with large flower patches is best for a little girl. For an adult, the one with some small flower patches looks great.

9.  All Black Outfit

all black outfit with fishnets
Source: whaelse.com

An all-black outfit is another popular fishnet styling idea. With this style, you wear black from the micro nets to the t-shirt and leather jacket.

Of course, you start with a pair of black fishnets and black ripped shorts jeans. Step into a pair of black ankle boots put on a black crop tee shirt, and a black bomber or leather jacket.

You can also wear black fishnets under a black miniskirt. In terms of shoes, you can wear knee-high boots or ankle boots. And on top of a black t-shirt, you can add a long black coat, a black leather jacket or a black bomber.

Another all-black outfit option is to wear a black two-piece leather outfit. It can be a black leather mini-skirt and a black strapless crop black. Or you can go for a two-piece outfit that consists of a pair of black leather trousers and a black long sleeve crop top or jacket.

10. Blazer Jacket and High-Slit Skirt

You can also wear a pair of fishnets under a long high-slit skirt. It brings out the celebrity look you. And when it’s well-paired the outfit looks elegant and classy.

Of course, blazers are elegant outfits that can be worn to work as a form outfit or to a night out with friends as a casual outfit. You can read more about black blazers in this post.

If you want to wear fishnets under a long skirt, you need to pair them with some open heels. The high slit exposes your thigh partially covered in fishnet stockings which makes you hotter.

11. Short, T-shirt and Jean Top

The next idea is more of a high school-girl-inspired outfit. It involves wearing a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and a jean top.

Wearing the fishnet under ripped shorts and jeans gives the sexy look as the leg is not entirely exposed. And this, as discussed in this post, teases the onlookers making you hotter.

From a fashion standpoint, this idea is more of a casual outfit. As such, you can wear it with a graphic t-shirt, black or white t-shirt. Put on a jean top, ripped or not, and you’ll rock like crazy in it.

12.  Shorts and Check Print Shirt

checkered shirt, fishnets and boots
Source. pinterest

The checkered shirt has its vibe. If you’re like, you should be excited to find an outfit idea like this where checks can be worn with a pair of fishnet stockings.

With this one, you need either a pair of whale fishnets –the one with large diamond holes –or micro net stockings. Wear it under a pair of ankle boots or knee-high boots and shorts –either jeans shorts or just some cool shorts.

In terms of the shirt, you choose a black and white check print. But I like the red and black check prints. I think a shirt in these prints looks amazing. You can wear a black t-shirt inside and leave the shirt unbuttoned. It’s super cool.

13. Crop top with a hoodie and Sneakers

Crop tops with hoodies are some of my favorite outfit ideas. There are also amazing plus-size outfits that can be worn with sneakers.

It’s also another of the outfits that you can wear with a pair of fishnets. If you want to put it on with sneakers, you need to choose short fishnets. However, some high fishnets work well with sneakers.

If wearing fishnets with sneakers is not your piece of pie, you should go for boots –knee-high or ankle. You can also wear a pair of ripped jeans with a crop top and some sneakers.

14.  White Fishnet, White T-shirt, and Ripped Jeans

If you’re into white outfits, you probably have been waiting for this idea. You can style up a pair of white fishnets with a t-shirt and ripped jeans.

Instead of choosing a pair of black jeans, you need a pair of blue ripped jeans. This is will blend well with a white fishnet and a white t-shirt.

The t-shirt can be cropped or a normal one. For an ordinary t-shirt, you can make a knot right above the belly button to give a cropped form.

You can wear it with a black belt and black heels. If you go for a white miniskirt, you can wear it with a pair of ankle boots.

15. Mini-skirt and boots

miniskirt, fishnets and boots
Source: unsplash.com

As mentioned above, you can wear the fishnets under a mini-skirt and boots. I’ve to mention that this is more appropriate for younger girls.

If you want to try this, you’ll need to choose any mini-skirt you like. However, if I were you, I would go for a checkered mini-skirt or a black mini-skirt to wear with a pair of black fishnets.

In terms of boots, you can try black, burgundy, or brown knee-high boots. If you don’t feel comfortable with them, step into a pair of ankle boots. With these ideas, you should look chic with the micro net stockings.

FAQs about Fishnet Outfit Ideas

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about fishnet outfit ideas.

Are fishnets still in style in 2023?

Fishnet stockings have been getting in and out of trend since 1920. In recent years, they seem to have come back.

In fact, in 2022, we have observed celebrities wearing them on various occasions. This, for sure, has solidified their return on-trend. As such, in 2023, we should expect more of these outfits.

What do you wear with fishnets?

Fishnets can be worn with various outfits and shoes. In terms of outfits, you can wear them with ripped jeans, mini-skirts, shorts jeans, crop t-shirts, crop tops with hoodies, blazers, and more.

As for shoes, heels are popular among ladies who wear fishnets with formal outfits. And knee-high boots, ankle boots, and sneakers are worn by girls who wear fishnets with casual outfits.

Final Thoughts

Fishnet stockings can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. And if you were hesitant and skeptical as to whether they are outdated, you can go ahead and get them for they are back on trend.   

And, just so you know, a pair of fishnets needs to come above underwear. As such, you need to select appropriate underwear that will go with any outfit idea you choose.

If you seem not to be sure about how to select the best underwear, this post on women’s underwear types will give you a head start.

And check out a post on 21 sexy outfit ideas if you want more help!

Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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