15 TV Stand Décor Ideas for an Incredible Interior Look

TV stands are now part of living room décor or interior décor due to their popularity in recent years. Whether you’ve got a flat TV or wall-mounted TV, you still need a TV stand that will stand below it. This is where these TV stand décor ideas become handy.

Apart from the usual function of supporting the TV and the decoder, TV stands provide a place for storing items or displaying decorative crafts and items. This is why most homes have TV stands in the living.

But this does not mean TV stands are only used for living room. You can install the stand wherever your TV is.

For some small homes, the TV can be installed in the dining room, bedroom, or kitchen. Obviously, this is where you’ll install your stand.

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Let’s look at the best TV stand ideas you can try.

What are the Best TV Stand Décor Ideas of 2022?

Here are the best TV stand décor ideas to make your interior look elegant and modern.

1. Wide TV Stand for Décor

wide TV stand_one of the TV stand decor ideas

 As a general rule of thumb, you need to have a TV stand that is wider than the TV screen. A TV stand that is the same size as the screen or smaller than the TV itself is so absurd as far as interior décor is concerned.

On the contrary, a TV stand that extends horizontally passing the edges of the screen by some inches presents a pyramid view of the two. It also provides enough space for other decorative items.

Before you start decorating your TV stand, first make sure that the TV stand is bigger enough. Find a television stands that are at least two inches longer than the TV screen itself. 

2.      Include Greenery on the TV Stand

Having selected a wide TV stand, it’s time to decorate it. The first decorative item that needs to be added to the TV stand is a green indoor plant.

As I stated in the post about living room décor ideas, having a living green plant in a room have both aesthetic and health function.

Aesthetically, the green plant brings a pleasant look to a particular spot. Putting the greenery on one side of the TV stand brings an incredible contrast to your room.

Some claim also that including living indoor greenery in any room helps you to stay focused, positive and productive as you breathe clean air freshened by the plant.

Note: you need to use plants for indoor decoration sparingly. A minimalist décor will work best with plants. You don’t have to clutter the stand with plants.

Find an upright plant and add it to one corner of the TV stand. And decorate the remaining space with other items.

3.      Choose the Appropriate Height for the Stand

The other great idea for decorating the TV stand is to choose an appropriate height for your stand. You need to choose a stand that will put the TV screen’s middle part at eye level when you sit on your sofa or chair.

As such, there are a couple of factors you need to consider when determining the right height for your TV stand. These include the height of your sofa or chair, the size of your TV screen, and the height of space between the floor and ceiling.

If you sit on a sectional sofa when watching the TV, you need a TV stand that is a little bit short so that the TV sits at eye level. For the high sofa or chairs, you need a stand with a corresponding height.

You need a very wide and shorter stand if you have a TV screen that is more than 50 inches wide. For the smaller screens, use the sofa’s height to determine the best height for the TV stand.

For houses that have a very wide space between the floor and the ceiling, you need a TV stand that is a little bit higher to consume some of the space. However, you don’t have to place the TV screen too high lest you break your neck when viewing.

4. Opt for a Stand with Storage

TV stand with storage

Selecting a TV stand with storage space is another prudent décor idea. Instead of choosing a TV stand with just empty spaces, opt for a stand with some drawers and open spaces.

This will reduce the cluttering of items in your room. And these minimalist ideas will make your room look elegant and expensive.

You will use the open to up things like books and some crafts. In the drawers, you’ll hide things that are not pleasant to be exposed to home décor wise.

5. Add Some Lighting

The other best TV stand décor idea is by installing LED lights on your TV stand, the TV screen, and the complementing elements. The color of the lights and the lighting itself add an elegant look to your room.

One of the best lightings you can add is the Bason Lighting LED TV Backlight. You can choose the color of your choice and increase the lighting with the press of a button.

The Bason LED can be put under the TV stand and behind the TV screen. With up to eight light modes, you’re assured of the quality cinema view on your TV screen right in your room.

Govee Smart Light Bars

The other LED light options include the Govee Smart Light Bars. These are vertical light bulbs with a smart camera that captures the color of the images on your screen and automatically switches themselves to those colors.

With over 8 million, these smart light bars are the perfect TV stand décor and TV screen. 

6. Add crafts

crafts on TV stand
Image credit: foter.com

The other brilliant TV stand décor idea is by adding crafts onto the stand. You can put some abstract scriptures, mugs, books, or woven baskets.

The key here is the minimalist décor. You just need a few crafts and group them into three. And to ensure visibility, you need to put them in different sizes, heights, and shapes.

This is the rule of three or the rule of odd numbers in home décor. This looks amazing. For example, if you have upright crafts, you select items of different heights and place them in a holder.

7. Hide Wires

TV stand with TV mount
Image credit: malls-18.top

Uncovered cables or exposed wires are one of the worst home décor mistakes that are common in most homes. However, they’re not only dangerous but they also make your interior look inexpensive and unwelcoming.

The next sage décor idea is to use the TV stand to hide the wires from the TV screen, decoder, Wi-Fi, or from satellite dish. You may need a special TV stand cause can’t hide the wires on its own.

For this idea to work perfectly, choose a TV stand with a mounted stand. This is a special design that consists of both the base stand and the mounted stand.

It’s got a cable channel that helps cables to run from the back of the TV screen down to the decoder or speakers in the base stand.

8.  Opt for Durable Material

There is nothing more annoying than having a beautiful décor that only lasts for hours. It may be totally fine for wedding décor, birthday party décor, or other event decorations, but it’s definitely a no-go for normal interior décor.

No one wants to keep buying a TV stand every month. As such, you need to buy a TV stand made of hardwood, hard plastic, or steel. Some stands are made of glass which can also be durable. The only downside of glass TV stands is that they’re only suitable for fewer traffic homes as they can easily be broken by children and when you’re frequently moving them.

9. Match TV stand, Background, and TV

Matching a TV stand with the background and the TV screen is another ingenious idea. This décor is used when you want to hide the black screen of the TV when it’s not displaying.

You can paint the TV stand and the background of your TV black so that the black screen is camouflaged. This way you won’t have a black screen hanging in the middle of the living room wall.

If the TV screen is of different color, you need to paint the TV stand and the background in exact same color. Just make sure that you don’t introduce a new color outside your chosen color palette.

10.  Use Shelves to complement the TV Stand

The hanging shelves or small shelves complement the wooden TV stand. Instead of having a single white wooden TV stand standing with a plain background, try to add some shelves in the background.`

You can add a traditional bookshelf only leaving space for the TV screen and the TV stand. This creates a focal point for the TV as it should be.

The other shelves you can add to complement the TV stand are the hanging shelves. You can add them to the left and right of the TV screen.

And on these shelves, it’s where you can add the green plant, crafts, and some picture frames.

11.  Complement it with Picture Frames

The next idea is wall décor. You can add take some family photos and add them to the picture frames. These picture frames can be put on the TV stand next to the TV. Or you can add them to the shelves.

If you have a lot of these picture frames, you don’t have to put all of them on the stand. They will look cluttered.

Instead, you need to hang them in the space above and below the TV. You can arrange them in grid format or freestyle. If you choose freestyle, you need to combine both small frames and a large one.

12.  Declutter the stand

This idea concern general minimalist home décor. Whatever you choose to add on or under the TV stand as décor items, you need to add place them sparingly.

You don’t need to fill the whole stand with decorative items. Use a few crafts, one or two green plants, a few books, and a few lighting.

13.  Put the TV in the Frame

Tv frame with a picture on screen

The next idea is the combination of the TV screen décor and TV stand décor. You need to put the TV screen in a frame that will hide the edges of the screen and will only leave the screen.

Your TV screen will look like a piece of artwork. This is an amazing idea when it’s coupled with a stand of the same color as that of the TV frame.

When you’re not watching the TV, you’re displaying some pictures and it will look just like other pieces of artwork.

14.  Hide the TV Entirely

With modern technology, things are getting better and better. If you don’t like the black off-TV screen in your room, you can hide it without carrying it now and again.

Some use electric curtains to hide and uncover the TV screen. They install above the TV as if there is a window. If they want to watch TV, they just press a remote control and the curtains unveil the TV screen.

There are also some beds that come with a screen hide feature. You just press the button on the remote and the TV screen slides down into the bed.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are several ways of hiding the black TV screen. Some include sliding art to hide the TV, DIY TV screen hiding, and sliding mirror TV hiding.

15. Be careful with Colors

The final TV stand décor idea is so simple. You need to pay attention to the colors you use for your TV stand.

The black TV screen already brings in color. So make sure you don’t bring anything of any popping colors.

If you’re not conversant with colors, just choose and color with which you want to decorate your house, and go to a website called coolors.co. It will give you a color palette for the desired shade.   

Another way is by taking any photo and uploading it to Canva.com. It will show you the color combinations that are on that photo.

You’ll have to stick to them.

FAQs about TV Stand Décor Ideas

Here are the commonly asked questions about TV stand décor ideas. In case your questions have been not answered above, find out their exact answers below.

What Can I Put on my TV Stand to Decorate it?

Again, a TV stand provides you with space to add some decorative materials. You can put a green plant, books, woven baskets, vases, sculptures, and picture frames.

Just make sure you pay attention to the rule of odd numbers. In home decoration best practices, even numbers are very uncommon. So group your items into three, five, or seven. Of course, three is the best because it gives visibility to each of the items in the group.

Which Color is the Best for a TV Stand?

You’ll find most TV stands in brown, black, and white colors. However, the selection of the color of a TV stand is often dependent on what you want to achieve.

If you want to hide the TV, you may opt for a black TV stand and black background color. You may use white if you want to contrast it with the black TV screen to make the screen the focal point.

What to Put Under TV Mount?

The TV stands with space under it provide wonderful space for home décor. Under your TV stand, you can items like books, DIY crafts, LED light bulbs and

Final Words of TV Stand Décor Ideas

Choosing the right TV stand for your flat or wall-mounted TV is one of the important decisions you’ll have to take to bring an elegant look to your home. And this is so because the TV stands serve more than one purpose carrying the TV screen and decoder.

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Whether you’re looking for ways to decorate your TV stand at home or you’re just researching, this post has most of the information you may need on the TV stand décor ideas for an incredible interior look and pleasant screen experience.

All the best!

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