17 Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls

It’s no longer a secret that well-chosen colors add positive energy and elevate the vibe of any room. And since the bedroom is one of the places where we are supposed to get ultimate rest, knowing at least two color combinations for bedroom walls will help you create the bedroom aesthetic you want.

Having several color combinations for a single room may work for a kid’s room. However, it’s a no-go for a modern adult person’s room.

Ironically, a room painted with only one paint throughout looks not only incomplete but boring and cheap. Just so you know, I’m not implying you always need expensive items or painting for your room to look expensive.

A minimalistic approach in choosing indoor plants, furniture, crafts, and most importantly color combinations will take your room to the next level. This is why I’ve assembled 21 two-color combinations for bedroom walls to help raise the vibe of your bedroom.

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The Best Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls

Here are some best two-color combinations for bedroom walls that will help you decorate your bedroom.

1. Indigo and White

Indigo and white bedroom

Let’s start with the Indigo and white combination. “Indigo” comes from the Latin language and it means Indian. It’s a purplish-blue color and it’s found between blue and violet on the spectrum wheel.

Since the color is a little dark, its combination with white color brings a classy and elegant look. This is so perfect for a bedroom.

You can paint the walls in indigo and the window frames, ceiling, doors, and door frames in white color. If the room feels a little unlit, you can choose white duvets, a white bedroom lamp, and white curtains. You can paint the wall with a headboard in indigo and the rest of the walls in white if you want a brighter bedroom.

2. Lavender and white

Lavender and white bedroom walls
Source: Pinterest.com

Lavender color comes from lavender flowers. It is a light shade of purple. Thanks to its soft tone, the lavender-painted bedroom is full of positive energy and offers ultimate relaxation.

The color is soft and warm which means it’s not as dark as indigo. This is good news as you can paint all walls lavender and paint the doors, doorframes, and window frames white.

You can take a step further and get duvets, bedroom lamps, and bedsheets in either of the two combinations. This will make your bedroom elegant.

3. Burgundy and White

Burgundy and white bedroom_one of Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls

The next two-bedroom-wall color combination is burgundy and white. Burgundy is color inspired region in France usually known for its red wine. In fact, the color is deep red.

Burgundy represents elegance, timelessness, and sophistication. The bedroom is burgundy and white and looks not only elegant but it’s full of positive energy.

To make the most of this combination, you need to paint some of the bedroom walls and cupboard in burgundy and the other walls and ceiling white. You need beddings that are white to add some lighting.

4. Purple and White

Purple and white bedroom
Source: Pinterest, Designing Idea

Purple represents royalty, luxury, nobility, peace, and ambition. Use the color for the bedroom to paint the headboard wall and some cupboards.

For better lighting and more positive energy, you need to paint your ceiling, frames, and doors white. Paint some of the walls purple and white, you’ll bring a cozy atmosphere filled with positive energy.

With white bedding and some bedroom furniture paired with the purple-painted walls, you’ll turn your room into a king’s cattle. And if you like purple so much, you can also try some purple bedding

5. Blue and white

Blue and white bedroom

Blue and white is another great two-color combination for bedroom walls. The blue color represents trust, loyalty, intelligence, and stability.

Basically, you add this positivity into a bedroom by painting the bedroom blue, especially the wall where the headboard leans against it. And since you cannot make the whole look blue, you need to match it with white walls and items. The lamps, rug, wardrobe, and some artwork frames must be white.

6. Yellow  and Cream White

Yellow and white bedroom
Source: Pinterest.com

The pop-yellow color can also be used for bedroom décor. It can be used together with cream white in painting the bedroom walls.

Yellow color represents joy, optimism, happiness, friendship, and energy. This means you bring all these positives into your bedroom.

There are two ways of decorating a bedroom with a yellow and white combination. First, you can try painting the walls white and get some yellow bedding. Apart from the minimalistic way, you can try painting the headboard wall yellow and get some yellow duvets and pillows.

7. Sage Green and white

Sage green and white bedroom walls
Source: Pinterest.com

Another mind-blowing color combination is light green and brown. Green is the color for life, hope, peace, and prosperity.

You can bring these positive traits into your bedroom when you use it alongside white. Paint all your bedroom walls sage green and paint white the windows, window frames, doorframes, and doors.

You can also go for white when selecting the wardrobes, bedroom furniture, and bedding. This will take your ordinary bedroom to the next level for it’ll look cozy and welcoming.

8.  Orange and white

Similar to yellow, orange is a color of energy and optimism. You can use the yellow color together with white to create colorful bedroom walls.

This is one of the colorful two-color combinations for bedroom walls. These two colors work great in one room but not necessarily together. You need to use them separately.

You can paint white on one wall and yellow on another as opposed to using them together. I recommend painting orange on the wall where the headboard leans against it. And paint the rest of your room white.

9. Pink and Grey

“Pink is for ladies” and we all know that. And grey is a little bit negative emotionally, but it gets complimented by the warm and positive pink color.

And grey is a color of elegance just like black. This means that you’ll get positive emotions and an elegant look in your bedroom courtesy of the pink and grey colors respectively.

Of course, using them together or on separate walls is a great idea but not so cozy. It’s better to use one color for the walls and the other for bedding and furniture. My favorite way is using grey color for the walls and furniture, and white for the

10. Peach and white

Peach and white
Source: pinterest.com

Pink might not be great, but when it comes to bedroom wall colors peach is the next level. It goes perfectly well with white.

For this one, you can use them together or separately. You can paint the walls of your bedroom peach and have the doors and other furniture painted white.

The other way is to have furniture and walls painted in white color. And you’ll have the other elements of the bedroom painted in white. This is super cozy for a modern girl’s bedroom.

11. Brown and cream

Brown and cream-white is another epic two-color combination for the bedroom. Emotionally, brown represents resilience and dependability. However, sometimes it may represent sadness and loneliness but it gets lit up by the cream.

You can use light brown for one wall of the bedroom walls and cream for the rest. And you get duvets in white color as well as pillows in white and light brown.

The other way is painting light brown on all walls. This means you go for white in selecting decorative elements, pillows, furniture, and duvets.

12. Green and cream

Green and cream walls for bedroom

Green and its variations have been trending in these recent years. As I already stated, green is a color of hope, abundance, and life. This is perfect for you will match it with some indoor plants.

With the green color variations, you can decorate your bedroom in a couple of ways. You can paint the room sage green, seaweed green, emerald green, or pickle green. And you can paint the furniture cream color.

You can also try to paint green on the headboard wall and the rest of the walls cream. This will transform your bedroom into your favorite in the house.

13. Bright white and brown

My other favorite two-color combination for bedroom walls is the cream white and brown. The brown would be the color of the furniture or wood such as the frame and doors. However, the cozier one is the one with brown walls.

The brown color and bright white create such an amazing contrast. You can have the focal point wall painted brown and the rest of the walls and elements painted in bright white.

Take a step further and have a mixture of brown and white duvet covers, pillowcases, and other bedroom decorative elements.

14. Grey and white

Gray and white bedroom

The next color combination that creates amazing contrast is the grey and white color. It’s one of the most elegant and timeless living room ideas.

The color grey represents balance and the white color stands for simplicity, purity, and cleanliness. Using this two-color combination brings these positive emotions alongside elegance.

If you want to go for a 30:60 grey-to-white ratio, you need to have the focal point wall painted in grey and use white for moldings and other decorative elements. You can also try to paint all walls in light grey paint and paint white on the ceiling.

15. Black and white

Black and white bedroom

The two-color combination for bedroom walls is black and white.  You may say, “Come on, black and white together?” Yes, black and white can be used together for painting the bedroom walls.

Instead of using it in separate walls, I would recommend using it for the walls and molds. Use black color to paint all the walls, and use white for molding and painting ceiling window frames, door, and door frames.

And if you’re planning of including decorative elements, try to find the ones in white. You can get white framed wall art, white bedroom lamp and white furniture.

16. Blue and Beige bedroom

The Blue and beige combination is not only elegant but it’s also a fresh touch to bedroom décor. The beige color is soft and elegant. And it represents trust, simplicity, comfort, and wisdom.

Since the blue color pops out, it needs to be used sparingly.

You need to make blue the focal point. As such, you can use the blue color to paint the headboard wall, and paint the rest of the room in beige color.

17. Forest Green and Light Gray

Forest green is a deep green color that represents the average color of tropical leaves. This color, when used alongside light gray color, brings an elegant and modern look into the bedroom.

This two-color combination works perfectly interchangeably. You can use forest green for the focal point wall and light gray for the rest of the room or vice-versa.

The combination can also be paired with some indoor macramé plants. And some take it a step further to include pillows, duvets, and other décor items of these colors.

18.  Pink and Green for Bedroom Walls

This combination is one which I don’t like. However, some people find it pleasing.

For this idea, one side is painted pink and the other side green. However, this is so rare. What is so common in the most bedroom which uses this combination is using one color for the walls and the other for the duvets and pillows.

You can also try painting the bedroom focal point in pink and the rest of the walls in light pink shades like lavender. However, this is so unusual and dull.

Final Words on Two-Color Combination for Bedroom Walls

We all deserve quality rest in the bedroom. Apart from the comfortable duvet and the mattress, the color combination is also a key component that will give you that quality rest.

Imagine a bedroom with wonderful and comfortable elements like a bed, mattress, pillows, and duvets, but with disorganized units, ugly walls, and lighting. You would still feel the negative energy in the room like a bedroom in a holla movie.

All the components in a bedroom work together to give you a positive energy and vibe. The bed, mattress, duvets, crafts, lighting as well as color combination complement each other to produce the vibe we love.

I hope you have found these two color combinations so helpful. If you would like to find out more about home décor, check the following posts.

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck.


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