Waist Beads Guide- 15 Types & Insane Revelations

Waist beads are such fascinating pieces of jewelry that not only beautify you but have tons of symbolism and meaning. If you’re looking for a particular type of waist beads or you just want to have a deeper understanding of beads, I’ve got you covered.

They’re made in attractive ways and from different materials like plastic, grass, rock, wood, and metal. And as discussed below, they’ve got numerous use and benefits.

On the other side of the coin, waist beads have got some negative symbolism and meanings. However, there is a negative connotation behind almost everything, from tattoos to clothes.

The only thing that matter is what you feel about them. If you don’t vibe with beads and you just want to understand them better, you’ll find tons of symbolism in this post. And if you’re a waist beads enthusiast, you’ll find different types that you can try.

What Are Waist Beads?

waist beads in different colors

Waist beads are pieces of jewelry that women wear around the waist. They consist of small round, cuboid or irregular beads that are strung together.

Women who are fans of waist beads wear more than one string of beads. And since a single line consists of more than one type or color of beads, the collection of beads in the waist creates an interesting look that some find breathtaking.

Besides, some men find these women sexually attractive. As a result, they enjoy the company of these women.

What’s The History of Waist Beads?

Although beads are everywhere, the origin of waist beads can be traced back to African culture and tradition. The earliest known evidence of waist beads dates back to the ancient Egyptians, where they were worn by both men and women as a status symbol and for adornment.

In ancient Egypt, waist beads were called girdles. Girls and women from affluent families used to wear them around their waist right below the belly button.

What Are The Benefits Of Waist Beads?

Girl in great shape_Benefits Of Waist Beads

There is a reason why waist beads haven’t extinct and why they won’t extinct soon. The main one is that they’re considered beneficial among enthusiasts. Here are some of the benefits of waist beads.

Promotes body positivity and self-awareness

Wearing waist beads can help promote a positive body image and increase self-awareness. By wearing waist beads, you become more conscious of your waistline and are encouraged to embrace and love your body as it is.

Enhances sexual appeal and improves body confidence

As mentioned above, waist beads enhance the sexual appeal and improve body confidence. The sound of the beads as they move against the skin and the way they accentuate curves can be empowering and make women feel more attractive and confident.

Offers a non-invasive way to track changes in weight

Unlike traditional scales or measuring tapes, waist beads offer a non-invasive way to track changes in weight. They can provide a more accurate measurement of changes in the waistline, as they can adjust to changes in the body even before they become visible.

Cultural significance

By wearing beads –especially for a black woman, you’re demonstrating an understanding of your heritage and tradition:

Spiritual Significance

However, you need to understand that wearing waist beads can also be a way to honor and celebrate as well as connect to the spiritual beliefs associated with the beads.

Importance of Waist Beads in Lovemaking

Apart from the benefits discussed above, waist beads are also beneficial in love-making.

Make a Woman Sexier

The beads around the waist help to shape the hips and narrow the waist which creates such an amazing 8-figure. Most men find this shape so sexy.

Make Couples Last Longer in Bed

Men who prefer women with beads like to spend time playing with the beads as a pre-intimacy activity.

Help Women Reach Climax Fast

Apparently, when a man plays with your beds before and during sex, as a woman you easily come.

What Are Waist Beads Used For?

Girl with Waist Beads above bellybutton

As discussed above, waist beads have a variety of use and functions. Here are some of these uses:

Adornment:  waist beads are mainly used as decorative items to enhance the beauty of a woman’s waistline. They’re also worn to complement certain outfits.

Waist Management: Although some people claim waist beads to directly make you lose weight, the truth of the matter is that they only help you keep track of the size of the waist.

If you’re gaining weight, the beads become tighter and tighter. Similarly, if you’re losing some pounds, the beads will become loose. This is so eye-opening if you’re on a weight loss journey.

Sensual and intimate accessories: as seen above, waist beads are used in a ton of ways by lovemaking couples. As such, they can be worn to strictly serve that purpose.

As Spiritual Protective Elements: in some cultures, waist beads are used as spiritual elements that protect the one wearing them from evil.

As a Symbol of Womanhood and Fertility: in some African societies, when a girl reaches puberty, she starts wearing waist beads as a sign that she’s a grown girl. The waist beads are also believed to enhance her sexual reproduction by making her fertile.

Different Types of Waist Beads with their meaning

1. Traditional waist beads

Traditional waist beads

These are the most common type of waist beads and are made from small, colorful beads strung on a thread or wire. They can be worn for beauty, as a symbol of femininity or to mark important life events.

In modern society, these beads are some as beauty items and not elements holding a particular symbolism and significance.

2. Healing waist beads

If you’re an urban girl or a girl in a well-developed country, you may not know or believe this. There are waist beads that are made with specific crystals or gemstones that are believed to have healing properties.

For example, amethyst is said to promote calmness and clarity of mind, while rose quartz is said to promote love and emotional healing.

3. Weight loss waist beads

As explained below, waist beads won’t remove some fats from your body. However, they’ll help you keep track of your weight loss journey by telling you if you’re losing weight or gaining some.

Weight loss waist beads are made with a specific number of beads and are worn to monitor changes in waist size. As the wearer loses weight, the beads will become looser.

4. Fertility waist beads

Again, this is more of old or rustic traditional values. In some parts of Africa, people believe that waist beads enhance fertility and aid in childbirth.

They are usually made with beads in colors associated with fertility, such as green, orange, and red. Note: this is rarely found in urban areas or is almost inexistent in developed countries.

5. Chakra waist beads

Chakra waist beads

These are waist beads made with beads in colors associated with the different chakras of the body.

If you’ve read my other post on spine tattoos, you know what chakras are. Anyways, Chakra waist beads are believed to help balance the energy centers of the body and promote spiritual well-being.

6. Spiritual waist beads

There are also waist beads that are worn for spiritual purposes such as protection, good luck, or to honor a particular deity or ancestor.

It’s because of beads of this type that wearing beads is considered evil in Christianity. People wearing waist beads, for this reason, are superstitious as they’re taking the beads as charms. This is contrary to the scriptures.

7. Personalized waist beads

If you don’t want to wear beads of a specific kind because you want to play with your own imagination, you can go for the personalized waist beads. These are waist beads that are custom-made to reflect the wearer’s personality, style, or interests.

They may be made with special charms, symbols, or pendants. Or they may be as simple as mere beauty items.

8. Quartz Waist Beads

In terms of material, Quartz is one of the gorgeous materials from which waist beads are made. Quartz waist beads represent clarity and are believed to enhance the properties of other crystals.

9. Butterfly waist beads

Butterfly waist beads

As you might have guessed, butterfly beads consist of round beads mixed with some cute butterflies. Since butterflies represent beauty and femininity, it’s no wonder these beads are one of the cutest.

Butterfly beads are one of the numerous designs that you can go for as a custom design.

Colorful Waist Beads

10. Red Waist Beads

As the name suggests, these are a type of waist beads made from red plastic or red crystals of rocks. They can be worn in isolation; i.e. as separate strings of waist beads or in combination with other beads.

Some African societies believe that red waist beads represent passion, love, strength, energy, vitality, and courage.

11. Blue Waist Beads

Straightforward, these waist beads are blue in color. They can be made from plastic or blue crystals.

Ladies prefer blue beads because they’re a symbol of calmness, peace, tranquility, and spiritual awareness.

12. Green Waist Beads

Pink Waist beads

 These are one of the most common types of waist beads because they represent growth, abundance, prosperity, and fertility. There are made of green crystals or charms.

You’ll also hear of green aventurine waist beads. These are believed to bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

13. Yellow Waist Beads

For those ladies that want to be full of optimism, joy, happiness, and intellectual energy, they go for yellow waist beads. Besides these symbolisms, yellow waist beads are also so colorful and popping which some girls may find attractive.

14. Brown Waist beads

Another colorful type of waist bead is the brown waist bead. These are a symbol of stability, grounding, and connection to nature.

15. Pink Waist beads

Pink Waist beads

These are more of a modern version of waist beads. You can also tell by their modern symbolisms.

Most stores sell out pink waist beads around Valentine’s Day. This is because Pin waist beads represent love, kindness, and femininity.

More FAQs on Waist Beads

How to Make Waist Beads?

The easiest way to make beads is to order premade beads online. They come in different colors and sizes.
Once you got them, you’ll use a needle and strong string. You pierce the needle with string into the beads until they’ve reached the size of your waist. Mix different beads of different colors if you want a particular pattern.

How to Use Waist Beads for Weight Loss?

As explained above, waist beads don’t directly lead to weight loss. However, you can use them to help you lose some pounds. Waist beads will help you tell if you’re gaining weight or losing weight.

As such, if you want waist beads to help you lose weight, follow the step below:

a.  Tie a couple of strings of beads around your waist. Some should be below the belly button (high waist), the others should be put at the waist and some should be placed above the hips.

b. Label each type of these waist beads for easy identification

c. Choose a specific type of exercise for losing weight. It can be hot yoga, hiking, walking, fasting, and joking.

d. Set specific duration (you may start with 7 days), set challenge rules and the number of pounds you want to burn

e. Ask someone to help you in keeping the rules

f. Get started!

Whenever you burn some fats, the beads with start loosening up to the extent that you may need to readjust them.

What are the disadvantages of Waist Beads?

a. May be Uncomfortable: much as some girls and women are fond of waist beads, some find them to be super creepy and uncomfortable. And even trying them on for the first time, they feel super uncomfortable.

b.  Can get loosened up or Tightened Up and Break: waist beads are usually strung to a non-elastic material. So, when you gain weight, they become so tight to the point of hurting you. And when you lose weight, they get loosened up to the point of slipping off.

c. May Turn Some Men Off: not every man likes beads, some men get turned off by beads. So, when you want to start, you need to be ready for all sorts of outcomes.

d. May Be in Conflict with Religious Values: again, before you get beads around your waist, you need to understand that some religions like Christianity are against waist beads. You may say, “No one will see me.” But imagine getting a Christian man and losing him because he didn’t vibe with the beads.

Are Waist Beads Evil?

Among Christians, waist beads are believed to be evil. They believe that using something like magic or charm to make things work for you opens the door to the evil realm.
As such, since the waist beads are believed to attract men and protect them from evil, they’re evil.

Final Thought on Waist Beads

Whether you just wanted to understand the origin, meaning, and symbolisms behind waist beads or you were looking for a specific design of beads, this post has provided all you needed.

I hope you’ve found this post so helpful and informative. Here are posts on the beauty that you may like:

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Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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