21 Best Fall Work and Casual Outfits for Women (2022)

Any shift in the four seasons creates varying outfit desires. While shorts and ripped jeans might be great for summer, the fall season gets colder as such you need something warm.

This does not mean you should pick any warm piece of outfit and roll with it, no. In other words, as a fashionable woman, you don’t need to compromise your style in the name of keeping yourself warmer.

According to Current Results, fall is cooler than summer. On average, the fall season registers 53.9 °F (12.2 °C) in the United States.

This means you can’t be super covered up as if you’re in the arctic cycle. It’s only the fall season and it’s not winter. As such, you need to dress warmer than in summer and light than in winter.

These 21 fall outfits for fall will help you preserve your elegance this fall season. You’ll be able to look fashionable while still keeping yourself warm.

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What is the Best Fall Work Outfit for Women?

1.    Belted Sweater Midi Dress

Belted Mini Dress_One of the best work and casual outfits for women

The first on this list is this belted sweater dress with a V-neck. It’s a dress that has flexible cotton materials that give you the best body shape. With a fashionable adjustable belt, you’ll look very chic and elegant.

You can take it to the next level with a pair of black leather shoes and a leather handbag especially if you prefer black. Whatever color you choose, you’ll still feel satisfied with this design.

2.    Zip-Up Sweater Midi Dress

A black zip-up sweater dress is my next favorite work dress and I can recommend it to you for this fall. It’s flexible and comfortable.

It’s got functional zip that opens from top to bottom and ripped shoulders. This is ideal for the fall season.

If you feel a little colder, you can add a blazer or cardigan on top to give you enough warmth. You can pair it with some high-quality black pointed high heels.

3.    Cardigan + Jeans

cardigan and jeans3
Source: Pinterest

Next up, you need to get yourself a white V-neck blouse or T-shirt and a pair of ankle jeans. On top, you need to cover yourself with a gray cardigan.

The cardigan needs to be light and smooth especially if you want to pay it with a V-neck sweater. This will prevent you from experiencing high temperatures in case of increased temperatures during the day.

A pair of midi light skin jeans will ensure you’re kept warm throughout the day in case of low temperatures.

4.    Faux Leather Blazer + Jeans

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Source: Pinterest

A faux leather blazer is such an elegant outfit. I particularly like the strong shoulders. You can find these faux leather blazers in black, brown, or white color.

I like black and brown ones. You can pair a black or brown faux leather blazer with a pair of jeans. But the white would look extraordinary with a white pair of jeans.

These blazers work the best with a white V-neck blouse or sweater. If you go for a white faux blazer you can match it with white sneakers. I also think that some high-heel can work, but it’ll look more like a work outfit than casual.

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5. Long Sleeve Boyfriend Button Down Checkered Shirt

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Source: Pinterest

The other cool fall casual outfit for ladies is the check boyfriend button-down. It is made of 100% pure cotton and it’s so fashionable. You won’t have to worry about coldness or dressing shabbily.

You can pair this checkered shirt with a white t-shirt or V-neck sweater and some skinny jeans. White sneakers will also complement the white color on the checkered shirt.

As usual, you’ll easily find these shirts in different colors. I like the ones with white and black checks and the black on blue checks. You can pair these shirts with a pair of blue jeans or black jeans (especially the black white checkered shirt).

6.    Gray Sweater + Black Skirt

Outfits in gray can be great because you won’t worry about making serious fashion mistakes. The gray color goes well with both white and black.

This fall, try a gray V-neck sweater and wear it with a cotton or leather black skirt. You can then wear a pair of black high heel shoes and carry a black leather handbag.

You can wear this elegant to work or to a business meeting. You’ll feel more confident and feminine.

7.    Zip Front Sweater Dress

This is also an amazing outfit you can try this fall. I love this V-neck zip-up sweater dress.

It’s cheap yet elegant. This dress has a functional and stylish zipper that you can zip up from the bottom or zip down from the top. It’s a minimalist dress with flexible cotton material just like a sweater.

This dress is great for both work and casual. The flexibility and striped shoulder can be too informal for some people. And it highlights your body features like your booty, waist, and breasts.

8.    White T-shirt + leather Jacket

Girl in a white t-shirt and black leather jacket
Source: Pinterest

Try wearing a white T-shirt –preferably a V-neck one –with a black motorcycle leather jacket. This is by far the number one casual outfit I can recommend for this fall.

You can wear it with a pair of black leggings and white sneakers. I’m telling you this looks perfect for most girls. You can try and see if you like them.

If you don’t want to expose your bottom you can use a lightweight sweater and wrap it around your waist and let it hang down past your booty. This will give you a cool street look.

This outfit idea can also be perfect when you’re traveling or just hanging out with friends.

9.    T-shirt + Leggings

Just a plain T-shirt and some thick leggings will also be perfect for fall. You’ll be amazed at how simple outfits work in the fall.

Plain T-shirts are great for girls. You can choose your favorite color, but if you’re not conversant with color, just go with neutral colors like white, black, and gray.

On some cooler fall days, you can put on a sweater on top of your T-shirt. If you want to hide your booty, you can wear a long cardigan and you’ll look stunning.  

10. Long Cardigan + Leggings

A long cardigan can be great, especially when paired with leggings. It gives you more coverage which is also great on some cool fall days.

You can go with a color pallet, but my favorite is still the white V-neck T-shirt inside, black leggings, and gray cardigan. This looks classy and really casual to me.

Put on some gray comfort sneakers and get out to have fun. Of course, as a girl, you can’t forget a handbag in your arms.

11. Dress + Blazer

Source: Pinterest

The next outfit idea for this fall is just a simple one with a blazer on top. This can be a great work or going out outfit.

You can pick up a short dress and add your blazer on top. The blazer will keep you warm in the mornings and evenings of this fall.

12. Simple Minimalist Dress+ Jacket

The other outfit idea similar to wearing a dress and blazer is putting on a simple minimalist dress and a jacket.

You can select a sweater dress and add a jacket on top. Or you can put on a simple T-shirt dress or a shirt dress and add a simple jacket. Either way, this outfit keeps you warm and makes you look really chic and put-together.

Since this is a work-inspired outfit idea, you can put on a pair of pointed high heel shoes. With a leather handbag in your hand, you’ll definitely look elegant this fall.  

13. Shirt Dress + Sweater

079ec99ce1a666a0917d4cb56e218ebb white shirt dresses white shirts
Source: Pinterest

A shirt dress is a time saver. When you’re in harry, you can just pick it off the hanger and put it on and you’re good to go. Of course, you’ll put on some soft sneakers.

If you don’t know a shirt dress, it’s a dress that consists of long sleeves like a shirt, but its main body stretches past your booty to right below or slightly above your knees. Some shirt dresses have a belt to help give you the body contours.

This is profoundly casual. You can add a sweater on top if you feel a little cold.

14. Boyfriend Jeans + Sweater

Jeans are indisputably part of your casual outfits. I like them because they’re warm and come in different styles. My favorite jeans idea is boyfriend jeans with a sweater on top.

You can choose a sweater of any color. Personally, I prefer a plain gray sweater. And as a tip, don’t let your sweat fly past your waist. You need to tuck in your sweater to look timeless.

For the jeans, make sure it’s not tight. Try some loose boyfriend jeans for great mobility. They can go well with some sandals.

15. Black Jeans + Black Bomber

Woman wearing joggers and sweater
Source: Pinterest

This one is also really cool and chic. If you don’t have it already, try black knee-ripped jeans and a simple black bomber.

Since you’re dressing in black, make sure you wear a white V-neck or U-neck T-shirt inside. And take it to the next level with a pair of black or white sneakers. You can also try wearing it with some cool pair of booths.

The bomber is a great outfit. I particularly like it because of the way it stinks on my wrist and waist. Bombers let people see all your jeans, or your booty in jeans, lol.

Bring back your high school days with a black leather backpack. Of course, you’ll look like a teenager which is good if you already are.

16. Joggers + Sweater

If you’re comfortable wearing leggings, you should try joggers. This fall test out wearing joggers and a simple sweater.

This is so simple yet great outfit idea. You’ll of course choose joggers of your color. Just make sure that the sweater is neutral or within the same color palette as the color of your joggers. 

Your sweater also needs to be a little bit thick so that you should be able to wear it without another piece of cloth inside.

17. Joggers + Jeans Jacket/ Leather Jacket

You should also try wearing neutral-colored joggers with a jacket. This is a cool and chic causal outfit suitable for the fall.

For a start, you can wear a pair of joggers. You’ll wear it with a white or black V-neck T-shirt and a jean jacket on top.

Alternatively, you can also experiment with wearing strong material joggers and a leather jacket. Of course, your inside will consist of a simple black or white outfit.

You can also carry a leather backpack on your back to take it next level.

18. Trousers  + Vest + Scarf

Try something unique this fall. Wear a pair of classic high-waist trousers and a vest. To secure the chest and neck, you can add a scarf.

You can wear this outfit during the day, when you’re traveling to a warm region, or when going out during the day. If the weather changes into cold, you can just a blazer, a bomber or a sweater and you’ll be fine.

19. Loose Dress

The other amazing outfit which you should try this fall is a loose dress. If you don’t have it already, I bet you try this.

It’s a flexible non-form fitting dress. It’s not heavy and it’s cheap.

You can wear it when going out and traveling. And you can wear it in black, navy blue, brown or whichever color fits your undertone.

It can be paired with a cardigan, a bomber jacket, or a sweater on cold days.

20. Loose Sweatpants


A pair of sweatpants is a great outfit idea, especially in the fall. They’re warm, flexible, and stylish.

The elastic waistband gives out the perfect shape of your body. The leg openings which are also elastic give a better elegant look than a pair of leggings.

You can pair it with various tops. I prefer wearing loose sweatpants with a crop top sweater hoodie. It gives such a uniquely chic look.

Loose sweatpants can also be paired with a bomber jacket, a cardigan, or a blazer.

21.  Long Sleeve Sweater Dress + Ankle Boot

This is the final outfit idea for ladies. You should try tightening up a sweater dress that has long sleeves and wear it with a pair of ankle boots.

Long sleeve sweat dress is ideal for fall. You’ll look chic and feel warm. And you can wear it when traveling, hanging out, or going to work though it’s essentially casual.

Final Words on the Best work and casual outfits for women

Whether you’re just researching or you’re looking for a chic fall outfit combination, I wish you the best of luck.

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