21 Women Underwear Types (Styles & Designs)

Choosing the right underwear can be hard if you don’t know what to look for. On the contrary, if you know the women’s underwear types, styles, and designs, you’ll select the best one(s) for you without much toil.

Our choices of underwear vary because of age, type of outfit we want to wear the panties with, season, and occasion for wearing the underwear. Most old women need underwear with full coverage to feel secure.

On the contrary, women in their twenties, thirties, and early forties need underwear that will boost their confidence. As opposed to underwear that will cover too much, they may opt for cheeky underwear to make them feel sexy.

As far as an outfit goes, if you want to put on a pair of high-waisted jeans, you’ll need underwear that is also high enough. And you’ll need underwear with minimum coverage if you want to wear a tight bodycon dress or pencil skirt.

At the same time, you can’t wear the same type of underwear in summer and winter. You’ll need underwear that will provide extra warmth if you’re in winter and you’ll need one that will provide adequate fresh air in summer.

It’s for the above reasons that I’ve decided to put together a list of 21 women’s underwear types to help you decide on the one that may fit your preferences.

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Women Underwear Types, Styles, and Designs

Let’s look at these types, styles, and designs of women’s underwear in detail.

1. Boy shorts

Source: amazon

As the name suggests, the boy shorts are designed in the model of men’s briefs. They are not as triangular as the other types. Instead, they’re rectangular with lower-cut legs.

Boy shorts cover your body perfectly and are thin enough to allow circulation of fresh air. They are perfect for some who don’t want cheeky underwear.

You can wear boy shorts with super tight outfits. And since they hug your body tightly, you won’t worry about an embarrassing panty show. And they are suitable for casual days.  

 2. Bikini

pak of 10 bikinis
Source: amazon

The next is a bikini. This type of women’s underwear consists of high-cut leg holes and a waistband that is situated below the waist.

They have more coverage in the butt area as opposed to the front. This gives you enough freedom to move. In fact, bikini underwear is so comfortable to wear that you don’t need any straps to fit into them.

You can wear bikinis when you’re for sporting activities. They’re perfect for swimming and playing beach games like volleyball thanks butt coverage and comfort. They can also be worn with a pair of jeans or a skirt.

3.  Hipster

Hipster_one of women underwear types
Source: amazon

Hipster, a.k.a. hip hugger, is a type of underwear for women that consists of an elastic waistband positioned on the hips; that is, some inches below the waist.

They provide excellent comfort and produce a wonderful figure in most women. These features, plus their ability to seamlessly camouflage under your tight outfit, make the hipster underwear one of the best.

Most hipsters are made from silks, polyester blends, and lace materials such as cotton. And you’ll find them being sold as a two-pair outfit with hipster bras.

By now, you’re wondering: what can I can these panties with? Well, you can wear them with low-rise pants or jeans.

4. High Briefs

High briefs underwear
Source: amazon

High briefs, or high-cut briefs, are a type of women’s underwear that has a waistband position right below your belly button. They consist of leg holes that extend to the highest point on the high making your legs look taller.

They provide enough front and rear coverage. They’re perfect for plus-sized ladies with a tummy. They offer tummy-smoothing coverage which may be perfect for high-waisted outfits.

You can wear the underwear with a pair of high-waisted jeans, a high-waisted skirt or trousers. For a sportive person, you can wear them together with a pair of shorts during soccer or other sporting activities.

5.  Mid-rise

Mid rise women underwear type
Source: amazon

With this type of women’s underwear, the waistband hits the natural waistline. It’s called Mid-rise because it is in between the Low-rise and High-rise.

Most of the Mid-rise underwear designs made of cotton are classy and breathable. For example, the Lashapear women’s Mid-Rise is soft, stretchy, and comfortable. They’re made of 95% cotton and 5% Spandex.

And the best part is that you can find Mid-Rise undies in different designs. There are Midi-Rise bikinis, Mid-Rise boy shorts, Mid-Rise hipsters, and more.

6. Thong

Thong underwear
Source: amazon

This next type is perfect for formfitting outfits. The thong underwear is one that has the very minimum coverage both on the front and butt side. They resemble the shape of a T.

Thong underwear does not extend high. It sits some inches below the waistline.

The minimum coverage makes this type of women’s underwear perfect for bodycon skirts, tights, leggings, or dresses. Thong underwear seamlessly disappears under your formfitting outfit.

7. Cheeky

The cheeky is a type of women’s underwear that consists of a narrower band of fabric on the rear side. It’s narrower than a bikini and not as thin as Thong underwear. It provides enough coverage than Thongs.

As Tommy John notes, although there are cheeky undies in high-waisted or low-waisted designs, the mid-waisted cheeky is the most typical. They usually consist of wide panels than the usual bikinis.

You may say, “Pass, I won’t need that!” You’re wrong: there are times when you can’t help but look sexy. One such event is when going on a romantic date. Cheeky underwear you tease your man by making your body irresistible.

8. G-String

G-string underwear
Source: amazon

The other type of women’s underwear is the G-string. G-string undies are like the twin sister of Thong. They barely offer any coverage.

Having a T-shape, G-strings leave everything else uncovered and partially cover the middle front part. They are much thinner than a tong.

These undies are perfect for tight bodycon outfits, leggings, and joggers. You won’t worry about showing the seams of your underwear.

9. French Cut

high briefs
Source: amazon

These are high briefs. They consist of leg holes that extend to the top of the thigh. The waistband is positioned above the waistline and right below the belly button.

In terms of cover, the French cut undies provide enough coverage both to the front and at the back. In fact, they provide enough coverage at the back that you’re secure to swim or play in the sand.

Overall, French is suitable for a sportive girl. The thin layer and high cuts make it easy for you to breathe and give enough freedom for the legs to move.

10.  Tanga Briefs

Tanga briefs
Source: amazon

The next type is the Tanga briefs. These are perfect for ladies who are not into Thong undies but still want to look sexy.

They have a very smaller waistband that is positioned below the standard waistline. And most of them are made of cotton or lace. This means you’re assured of fresh air circulation.

Since they have minimal coverage, you can wear Tanga briefs with bodycon dresses, leggings, tight skirts, or joggers. Just like a thong, the Tanga underwear does get camouflaged in a formfitting outfit.

11.  Control Top Briefs

The control top briefs consist of a waistband position about the high waistline. Some of them have waistbands that are positioned about the belly button.

These are commonly known as tummy-control underwear for obvious reasons. They take care of your tummy as they tightly hold it together.

Control top briefs are such a great option for high-waisted jeans or skirts. It’s uncomfortable wearing a high-waisted outfit with low-rise underwear. You need the high-rise.

And since the control top undies are beyond high-rise, you’re assured of comfort when wearing waist-high jeans or pants.

12.  Slip Shorts

slip shorts underwear
Source: amazon

The next is the slip shorts. These are super elastic shorts whose waistband extends to the high waistline and whose leg holes are positioned at the middle of your thigh.

Most slip panties are made of nylon and spandex, they’re flexible and skin-friendly. And they’re seamless which makes them perfect for wearing under bodycon dresses, jeans, pencil skirts, T-shirt skirts, and tennis skirts.

The slip underwear is also ideal for sporting activities or exercises. You can wear them as yoga shorts, bike shorts, workout shorts, or daily wear.

13.  String

String underwear is the same as the G-string. I included it because some people still asked questions like what is the string underwear called? Or what is the point of string underwear?

Due to these questions, one may think a string is a different type. It’s not a different type: it’s just a shortcut for G-string.

The string underwear is perfect for your ladies who want to look sexy and feel confident. It’s also ideal for one wearing a formfitting outfit like a pencil skirt or bodycon dress.

14.  Brazilian

Brazilian underwear
Source: amazon

This is another sexy underwear. It consists of thong-like high-cut leg holes and the waistband is located right above the low waistline providing very minimal coverage.

Brazilian underwear is made of luxurious materials like sensual lace, cotton, and microfiber. These materials make the underwear very flexible and comfortable. And it exists in different fits like low, mid, or high rise.

You can wear it with its matching bra and rock it. And since it’s seamless, you can wear it with light and form-fitting outfits.

15.  Tab Pants

Tab pants, a.k.a. dance shorts r side-cut shorts, cover the pelvic area and the upper part of the thighs. They resemble dancing shorts for their leg holes are positioned in the thigh and consist of small lace in the edges of the leg holes.

These elegant women’s underwear types are not very tight and elastic as the others. They’ve got tight waistbands and are made of silk.

 They are ideal undies for wearing under a sundress thanks to their loose fittingness and the silk material they’re made from.

16.  Maxi Underwear

The maxi underwear is a special type for those who need special front and back covers. They consist of waistbands that rise about the medium-rise waistline to right below the belly button.

The leg holes for these undies are not very high as the high cut. This deforms the V-shape; they don’t consist of a deep V-shape.

They’re perfect when you want secure and covered underwear. And they’re also ideal for a pregnant woman.

17.  One-side knot

This one is so easy to identify. It can be a string or thong. However, instead of being a regular thong or G-string, it’s got one side of the waistband knotted.

It looks style and perfect for summer. It barely offers any cover to the front or back.

Again, a one-side knot G-string or thong is ideal for a beach or pool experience. You can wear it when swimming or laying back on the patio chair by the pool.

18.  Two Sides Knot

two-knots bikini underwear
Source: amazon

Two sides knot is as it sounds. It is no-bum-cover underwear with two knots on the two sides of the waistband.

They’re made of cotton, nylon, and sensual lace. These materials make the outfit comfortable and breathable.

Just like the one-side knot underwear, the two sides knot is perfect in summer. You can wear it to the beach and look hot.

19.  Detailed Lace Panty

detailed lace underwear
Source: amazon

The detailed lace panty is an underwear type for women that has the style of a bikini. The underwear is pretty interesting consisting of a well-covered back and a V-shaped front.

The main difference between the mere lace panty and the normal bikini is the lace composition. The normal bikini may and may not have lace while the detailed lace panty consists of lace in a minimalist way or in complete lace.

20.  Beyond Naked High Waist Shaping Briefs

This is a type of underwear that provides for back and front cover and extends beyond the belly button to the diaphragm. Its leg holes are very low which leaves long side lengths.

The underwear perfectly hugs the body because it’s very elastic. And thanks to the cotton material it’s made from, the beyond-naked high waist shaping briefs are comfortable and breathable.

This type of underwear smoothens the tummy and it’s perfect when wearing it under high-waisted jeans. It’s also great for pregnant women.

21.  Two-Piece Swimwear

two-piece swimwear
Source: amazon

If you’re looking for undies that you can wear when going into the sea or pool to swim, the two-piece swimwear is a great option.

You may say I thought the one-piece swimwear is the best for swimming. Well, the one-piece swimwear is great for competitive or athletic swimming.

However, if you just want to relax in the pool or sea, one-piece can be really boring. Instead, you should opt for two matching pieces; that is, underwear and a bra of the same color. You can choose a match with a bikini or high-waisted underwear.

Final Thoughts on Women’s Underwear Types

By now, everyone can agree that women’s undies are very vital to any lady. However, choosing the right one may not be as easy. You’ll either spend time in outfit shops or scrolling through online shops.

Sometimes, the solution to this issue does not need a fashionista. You just need to know the categories of women’s undies.

I’m sure if you know the types and designs of this underwear, you’ll not waste time searching for underwear proper for specific events or seasons.

To help you with this, I assembled 21 types and designs of women’s undies. I hope you’ve found this post helpful.

All the best!


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