19 Incredible Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling

Sometimes we find ourselves in a small room with a low ceiling. Introducing a bed on the floor of such a room suffocates the entire room. This is when these epic loft bed ideas for low ceilings become useful.

You should never compromise comfort because you’re in a small room. There are tons of ways to create additional space in a small room.

With the 19 ideas discussed below, you can create a home office, add a comfy sofa, and introduce a shelf or a closet in a small room with a low ceiling.

What is another name for a loft bed?

If you’re not familiar with a loft bed, it’s a type of bed that is located at a higher level to create space for another bed or other use. You may know it as a loft bunk, higher sleeper, or mezzanine bed.

Can adults sleep in loft beds?

There are loft beds designed for adults and some for kids. For example, in some ships, hostels, prisons, military camps, or summer camps, there are tons of loft beds for adults.

Note: what you shouldn’t do as an adult is sleep on a loft bed designed for kids. On the contrary, kids can sleep on adult loft beds.

Can 2 people sleep on a loft bed?

Depending on the material and size of the loft bed, two people can sleep on the loft bed. However, you need to assess the bed first before the two climb up to sleep.

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Best Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling

Here are the best loft bed ideas for low-ceiling bedrooms. Read carefully and learn how you can execute each of the ideas.

1. Bunk Bed Above Home Office Down

loft bed with home office_one of loft bed ideas for low ceiling

The first idea is to use the down of a loft bed space as a home office. The idea of a home office is not new in our modern society, but you can barely thinking having one in your small bedroom if it were not for a loft bed.

If you’re a YouTube or are planning to be one, you can use the space down the loft bed for shooting sit-down content. Alternatively, you can also use it to work remotely if you’re in the work-from-home industry.

You’ll need a desk or table where a laptop or desktop can stand and leave extra space and a chair. As you can imagine, these two basic items would fit in small under-loft bed space.

2. Hanging Daybed

hanging daybed

A hanging daybed is one of the most epic loft bed ideas. Instead of having a permanent loft bed, you can have a convertible bed that becomes a bed at night and a couch during the day.

You can make this bed yourself using some chairs or ropes and some wood and steel. And as you might guess, you can also purchase a simple hanging loft daybed online.

Of course, some hanging loft beds don’t necessarily change into a couch. You hang it into a bed at night and during the day, you can remove it entirely to create a living room or a room for other purposes.

3. Platform Loft Bed

Platform loft bed

A platform bed is a great option for low ceilings as it sits closer to the ground than a traditional loft bed. FYI: a bed either made from wood or steel but with no springs is a platform bed.

On the contrary, a platform loft bed consists of a nightstand or desk, shelves, stairs, and a bed all built into one structure. The bed is above the shelves and desk, but it’s not super-high like a traditional loft bed.

As you might have guessed, this idea is perfect for kids around six years of age. It’s such an amazing bed that makes full use of a small space.

4. Ladder-Free Loft Bed

A great example of ladder-free loft bed

The other best idea for a loft bed is one with built-in stairs. Similar to a platform loft bed, the bed can be above some shelves or over an open area.

However, unlike platform loft beds that are usually sold as a single unit, a ladder-free loft bed’s elements are built separately. And instead of having shelves, a desk, and drawers under the loft bed, you can put a soft to use the under-space as a living room.

You can also turn a four-legged loft bed with a ladder into a ladder-free loft bed. Just install separate stairs to the side of the bed and remove the ladder, and you’ll have a ladder-free loft bed.

5. Loft Bed Up and Sofa Down

Loft bed with a sofa underneath

This idea is straightforward. You install or get a loft bed and use the space under the bed living room.

If you want a friend to be able to sleep over, you can a daybed instead of a permanent sofa. With a daybed, you’ll be able to change it into a sofa during the day.

You may as well mount a TV on the opposite wall, sit on the convertible couch and enjoy Netflix movies.

6. DIY Loft Bed

Though almost all of the ideas in this post are possible DIY mini projects, I still wanted to include a DIY loft bed. This is a kind of bed that may or may not be in any of the shapes discussed in the current post.

If you choose to experiment with some design using either wood or steel, go ahead a built your dream loft bed. However, if you still want to implement one of the ideas in this post yourself, you should try a platform loft bed for a kid or a ladder-free loft bed for an adult.

7. Loft Bed with Curtains

Loft bed with curtains

If you share your room with another adult, consider adding curtains to your loft bed for added privacy and a cozy feel. In other words, you’ll install a loft bed with another bed below (bunk bed) and for the lower bed, you’ll put a curtain.

Of course, you also add a curtain for the upper chamber. This will ensure maximum use of the small space and will provide some privacy to both occupants.

8. High Down Space and Short Upper Chamber

A loft bed in a cute room

This idea is not as complicated as it sounds. It simply means you get a bed that is high in the lower space and short in the upper space.

It means a platform loft bed, which is usually shorter, is not ideal for this bed. Rather, let’s say, the walls of your room are 100 inches tall. In making a loft bed following this idea, the lower space to the higher space can be 67:33.

The main advantage of this idea is that you create a large down space which makes the room look larger. And makes it easier to add furniture in the down space.

9. Camp Loft Bed with Stair for Kids

camp loft bed for kids

A camp loft bed with stairs is another great idea for kids. The ladders –especially the wooden ones –are more prone to breaking than stairs.

It’s one of the easiest DIY mini-project ideas that you can embark on. As you can see in the photo above, it’s a project that can’t take you ages if you’re a little bit woodwork savvy.

10. Loft Bed with Removable Ladder or Staircases

loft bed with staircase

This is the next excellent idea. You install a loft bed with stairs or a ladder that can be taken out when the bed is not in use.

It’s awesome because a permanent staircase or ladder can take up space or hinder you from accessing some things. For example, if you’ve got a couch under the loft bed and a TV on the opposite wall, a permanent ladder may be broking the view.

11. Sturdy Wood Loft Bed

This is a type of loft bed made of very strong and durable wood. When installed properly, this bed last for decades.

If you use sturdy wood to construct a loft bed for a toddler, it can last up to the adulthood of the child.

12. Loft Bed Above Closet

loft bed with closet

Do you have a small bedroom? Are you looking for extra space for a closet and other pieces of stuff?

You need to take out that traditional bed and install a loft bed with a closet underneath. Think about it; the surface area occupied by the traditional bed will accommodate at least the bed and your closet.

And if your closet is not that big, you’ll be able to build a small study room with a desk and chair in addition to the small closet under the loft bed.

13. Loft Bed with Storage Built into the Staircase

Loft Bed with Storage Built into the Staircase

If you’ve never seen this one, you’ll be amazed. The principal reason for building a loft bed is to maximize the small space in the bedroom.

So, it’s a steal in the deal if you can find or build a staircase with built-in storage. You’ll use the storage to keep some bed sheets, duvets, and other items that can fit.

You can install these decluttering staircases beside a loft bed. This means you’ll be able to get to your bed or down from it and keep stuff using a single staircase. How cute!

14. Loft Bed Over a Shelf

loft bed a book shelf

Are you a bookworm? Or is your little one a bookworm? Build a bookshelf under the loft bed to provide convenient access to books.

The bed can be a platform loft bed with shelves underneath. Or it can be raised bunk bed with a shelf under it.

15. Convertible Loft Beds

A convertible loft bed is a type of furniture that combines a bed with elevated sleeping quarters and a space below for various uses, such as a study area, storage, or play area. 

This type of bed is designed to maximize space in a room, making it a popular choice for small apartments or children’s bedrooms. The convertible feature allows the bed to transform into different configurations, such as a sofa or a desk, to provide additional functionality and versatility.

This makes it a practical and efficient solution if you want to optimize their living space while maintaining a stylish and comfortable environment

16.  One-legged Loft Bed

A one-legged loft bed is a type of loft bed that is designed with a single support leg instead of the traditional four legs. This allows for more floor space underneath the bed, which can be used for a variety of purposes such as storage, a workspace, or a play area.

One-legged loft beds are a popular choice for small apartments or rooms with limited space since they take up less floor space than traditional loft beds.

However, it’s important to note that one-legged loft beds require a sturdy support system to ensure safety and stability, and may not be suitable for all users depending on their weight and mobility

17. LED Lit Under Loft

LED lights under a loft bed

This can be either a loft bed with a home office or a loft bed with living room space. Under the loft bed, you can install baddie aesthetic Led lights to personalize the room.

As discussed in this post, you can install strings of lights or strings of Led lights in the corners of the room. And you can control the light intensity and color of the bulbs using a smartphone app or a remote control device.

18. Go for Farmhouse Loft Bed

Farmhouse loft bed with kids

A farmhouse loft bed is a type of loft bed that features a rustic, country-inspired design, often made from wood and featuring details such as slatted headboards and footboards, distressed finishes, and decorative accents like barn doors or metal hardware.

This type of loft bed is a popular choice for those who want to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in their bedroom and embrace the charm and simplicity of the farmhouse-style decor.

19. Add an Aesthetics wallpaper

This idea is as simple as it gets. Cover the ugly walls of your bedroom to personalize your room.

You can cover them with a single neutral-colored wallpaper or with wallpaper with artistic elements like flowers and partners. This will make your room cozy and likable which is the ultimate goal of this post.

FAQs on Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling

For a deeper understanding, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding loft bed ideas.

What is the minimum ceiling height for a loft bed?

If you want to purchase or make a loft bed, make sure that your room is 4 inches more than the traditional ceiling. In other words, measure the height of your room and make sure it’s 100 inches from floor to ceiling. And there should be 33+ inches from the top of the loft bed mattress to the ceiling.

What can I do with a bedroom with a low ceiling?

The first option is to create space by adding a loft bed (if the room is 100 or more inches high) and remove all unused pieces of stuff. You can also paint the wall of your bedroom and ceiling in light colors and add some mirrors and large glass windows.

Are loft beds good for small rooms?

Loft beds are perfect for a bedroom with very tight space. As long as the room has a height of at least 100 inches, you should bring in a loft bed and create additional space.

How to decorate a small bedroom with low ceilings?

If a small room is decorated properly, it doesn’t feel boring and suffocating. To achieve wonderful décor in a small room, paint the walls and ceiling in light paint, install large mirrors, spice up with some Led lights, and install some cool wallpapers.

Final Words on Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling

Making or purchasing a loft bed is a worth-it investment. I recommend these ideas not only because an investment in where you sleep is always worth it but a loft bed helps you create an abundance of space which you can use as storage, a home office, or a living room.

Again, if you’re great at woodwork or mental work, you don’t need to purchase an expensive loft bed. You can make the bed yourself in a simple DIY project.

Whether you purchase a premade loft bed or embark on a loft bed DIY project, I wish you the best of luck!


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