18 Simple Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know About

Girls are meant to be beautiful. Regardless of how and where you were born, as a girl, you deserve to look and feel beautiful. You need to look into the mirror and feel satisfied.

Beauty does not always come because of plastic surgery, implants, injections, or transformation. Don’t get me wrong some of these celebrity beauty games make people look beautiful but it does not mean you can’t look gorgeous without them.

With a few hacks, tips, and tricks, you can look staggeringly and objectively beautiful. Knowledge of how to carry yourself as a girl can bring positive transformation to your life.

Sometimes, the beauty of your body gets compromised because of some things that you do wrong unknowingly or because you’re just ignoring them intentionally. Here are some things that make you feel not cute

·        Neglecting personal hygiene

·        Neglecting oral beauty

·        Poor hairstyle or haircut

·        Lack of self-confidence

·        Choice of colors

·        Choice of outfits

·        Poor choice of lipstick

·        Lack of smile, etc.

My point is that you don’t need too much money to look beautiful. You can be broke and look gorgeous.

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The Simple Beauty Tips Every Girl should Know

1.   Drinking Enough Water

girl drinking water_one of the best beauty tips

They say a human being does need four core things; air to breathe, food to eat, land to stand on, and water to drink. All these four ore elements are important, but water is peculiar because it can be used to create food and air.

In as far as beauty is concerned, water can make you look more beautiful. It helps in the flow of blood, and if your under-skin blood vessels receive enough flow of blood, your skin and hair will grow healthier.

Hygienically, frequent drinking of water helps to get rid of bad odors. The air from your mouth, your pee, and your vagina get purified and they won’t sting.

2.   Avoid Skin Tight Jeans after shaving

Do you frequently experience vaginal pimples and ingrown hair? This tip will help you avoid these and look beautiful after taking off your underwear.

Let’s face it: nobody like pimples on any part of our body. They can lead to insecurity and low self-esteem. The best way to handle them is to avoid them.

And you can’t avoid ingrown hairs if you don’t know how they come about.  Ingrown hairs occur when hair has just been removed and in an attempt to grow back, it meets a barrier that forces it to curve backyard. As a result, it creates a bump on the skin.

3.   Avoid Long Hot Shower

woman in a hot shower

Bathing is no doubt the most popular part of body hygiene. It helps to remove dead cells on the skin and remove bacteria from it.

However, a bath or a shower does not have to be too long. Staying too long in a shower or in a bathtub can harm your skin. Your skin becomes super dry which makes it prone to skin infections.

If you can handle a cold shower, use it as opposed to a hot one. Limit your time under a hot shower or hot tub if you’re scared of cold water or if it’s winter.

4.   Get Rid of Silky Underwear

The next beauty tip concerns your womanhood hygiene. Your underwear does not have to be silk.

As a general rule of thumb, you need underwear that gives your vagina enough space to breathe. Silk materials have very tight spaces which reduce aeration.

Once you don’t receive enough air downstairs, your woman starts to sting. This is so embracing because you always feel uncomfortable among your friends or around your partner.

You need to choose underwear that is porous to supply enough air around your vagina. Cotton underwear is a great option in this case. If you choose or like the silk, you don’t need to keep it on your several hours and definitely not in bed.

5.   Wash Vagina regular

The vagina by its nature produces different kinds of fluids and most of these are outside your control. However, you can control the smell that comes out of it.

The bad odor of your vagina can be controlled in a couple of ways. Drinking water and eating citrus fruits work too, but washing your vagina is primarily the best way.

6.   Avoid wearing wet clothes for too long

T-shirts, panties, leggings, or underwear sting when they’re worn wet. You should never wear them for too long. Anything wet needs to be changed immediately. Change your gym clothes as soon as you get home.

Wet clothes tend to close the pores on your skin. This can prevent waste from excreting out of the body. These will accumulate and cause some infections under the skin.

7.   What Goes in Your Mouth Is Reflected Everywhere

The next tip hints at the need for you to eat healthy food. Every part of your body needs healthy food. Your skin and hair need plenty of vitamin A.

Eating fruits like watermelons, oranges, avocados, strawberries, and bananas; green vegetables like lettuce, and some supplements will provide enough vitamins and minerals needed for your beautiful look.

8.   Don’t Neglect Your neck and Wrist

Most women put too much attention on their faces neglecting some crucial areas like the wrist and neck. Unfortunately, they still look older than they are.

The wrist and neck start to wrinkle faster than other parts. They need special attention just like lips, hair, and eyes. And the goodness is that they don’t need special products or treatment.

You need to keep your wrists and neck as moisturized as possible. You can use the same skin lotion you use for other parts of the body. If it’s not working using the normal body lotion, you can fine wrinkles products. 

9.   Avoid Excessive Makeup

woman applying makeup

Your skin is a separate living organ. It is so powerful that it can repair itself after damage. But it’s also so delicate especially when exposed to some strong chemicals.

Excessive beauty products not only make you look old but also dry your skin. Heavy makeup reduces aeration as the pores of your skin get closed up.

All this is worse when your preferred makeup is facial powder. We all love to use powder and we look cute after our imperfections are all covered up by the powder.

10. Regular Washing of Hair

There is nothing more annoying and disgusting than having stinging hair –especially for a pretty girl like you. Stinging hair not only turns people away but also makes you feel very uncomfortable around your friends.

You need to wash your hair with some great shampoo at least twice a week. And your hair needs to be kept moisturized at all times. You can apply moisturizer before you go to bed.

Clean and moisturized hair becomes soft which prevents it from tearing off. The impurities in your hair absorb moisture and harbor dangerous micro-organisms.

Get rid of the impurities by washing them regularly and moisturize using some great moisturizing products. You can do this at home or consult a hair professional.

11. Avoid Excessive Chemical Products

Some chemical beauty products are not bad, but using or relying on them too much is definitely a very big mistake for the health of your skin and hair. Hair and skin mostly need products that will keep them moisturized and strong.

Products like shampoo, moisturizer, and some lotions are great for the skin and hair of most people. However, they may not be that great for your skin or hair.

Choose a few chemical products that are suitable to your undertone. You need to keep lips sticks, foundation, lotion, and sprays that fit your undertone and that you’re not allergic to.

12.  Remove Unnecessary Hair

Everyone can agree that hair contributes to your overall beauty. But sometimes it grows in some inappropriate places.

The hairs in your arms and legs are not necessary. You need to get rid of them. You can use some tools and chemicals that prevent hair growth for a long time. This will prevent you from shaving so often.

Bears and armpit hairs are inappropriate for girls. Once some beards start growing from your chin, you need to suppress them as early as possible. You can use Vaniqa cream to get rid of them.

For the hair under your armpit, you need to eliminate them as they start as well. If you’ve excessive armpit hair, you’ll feel insecure to put on a vest or something without sleeves in summer.

Depending on your preference, you can keep your pubic hair. However, most girls look cute and clean when the public (vaginal hair) is shaved.

13. Use Wide-toothed Comb

Does your hair easily get lost? Or do you hate losing excessive hair when combing?

Well, there are a couple of causes of this problem. As discussed above, hair loss can be caused by dryness and the presence of impurities. On top of these, some women lose hair because of old age, sickness, or the use of a tight comb.

If you use a tight-toothed comb, you can avoid some of this loss of your hair by choosing a better comb. You need to choose a comb that allows more hair to pass through especially if you’ve got long hair.

Note: Of course, the two main cures to hair loss are good health and moisture. You need to supply enough vitamins and minerals and the hair needs to be moisturized at all costs.

14. Replacing Toothbrush Regularly

girl brushing teeth

This tip deals with your personal hygiene. A toothbrush helps to strengthen and whiten your teeth, but it can also hurt your gums or carry some germs.

As a girl, you need to replace your toothbrush 4 times a year. You need to buy a new toothbrush every three months if you don’t fall sick regularly.

And every time you recover from any sickness, you need to get rid of the toothbrush you were using during your sickness. This is great for your health and beauty.

You can also try a vibrating toothbrush. It’s battery-operated and has different adjustments. This way you will only keep replacing the toothbrush head every three months or so.

15. Visit Your Dentist 2 Times a year

Still on teeth care, you need to see your dentist every six months. You will visit your dentist even when you feel completely fine.

Of course, this may not be possible for everyone. If you can’t manage to go at least two times or more a year, you need to go for a teeth check-up at least once a year.

16. Don’t Neglect the Tongue

Do you brush your teeth after every meal, use sting to green your teeth and follow some teeth care hacks, but your mouth still smells awful? That can be because you neglect to brush your tongue and upside your mouth.

You need to brush your teeth at least three times a day. When brushing your teeth, make sure you hold and brush your move at different angles.

Brush the teeth on top, in front, and behind. This means you’ll hold your brush at a right angle, straight line, and right angle again.

After brushing your teeth, take some time to brush on top of your tongue right from the back of your tongue to the front. And you should also take some time to brush the up part of your mouth.

17. Sleep On a Soft Silk Pillow

Sleeping on a good pillow is beneficial to both your skin and your hair. The facial skin and tissue are not as strong as other exterior body skin. As such, you need a pillow that is comfortable and tender.

On the part of the hair, sleeping like a clumsy girl can mess up your hair a lot. You need to sleep on pillows with silk pillowcases. Silk is soft and tender: it does not give pieces of fabric to your hair.

From a hygiene standpoint, you need to change your pillowcases regularly. And when you fall sick, you have to change your pillowcases and other beddings immediately after recovery.

18. Pay attention to Your Scalp

The final tip is also related to hair care. Simple, just pay attention to your scalp.

The scalp is the skin that covers your skull and it’s where the hair grows. It provides the anchor to your hair. If your scalp is infected, you’ll start losing hair.

How can I take care of my scalp? I hear you.

Well, the first one is by keeping it moisturized. The reason why in the above tips I said you need to wash and moisturize your hair is for the sake of the scalp. A soft scalp stimulate hair growth.

Talking of stimulating growth, you also need to massage your hair scalp when spraying or washing your hair. This stretches the roots of your hair which stimulates growth.

Note: if your skin is very dry, massaging the hair scalp can lead to hair loss. As such, you need to moisturize your scalp and then massage it.

Final Words of Simple Beauty Tips

Your hair, skin, face, teeth, and health are some of the main features that will make you look and feel beautiful. Take good care of your body specifically the aspects above.

If you don’t find anything helpful to your beauty from this post, I won’t say sorry but I will say listen to your body. You know your body better than anyone on earth.

Your body communicates to you what it wants. You’ll know what needs to be done to your skin, teeth, hair, and face. All you have to do is to listen and respond according.


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