Beaded Hair Extensions? 21 Questions about Bead Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the fastest ways to get long gorgeous hair. In fact, most celebrities and fashion models use extensions like beaded hair extensions to look impressively beautiful.

Of course, extensions are not for everyone and not all extensions are great for your hair. If you’re a hair extension person, you need to do your due diligence to get the best hair extension.

Reckless choice of hair extension can lead to serious hair loss, pains, and a waste of your money. On the contrary, if you can get hair extensions that best suit your hair type or the amount of hair you have in your head, you’re going to love hair extensions.

One of the best ways of getting long hair is by using beaded hair. This is why I’ve put together 21 questions you need to know about beaded hair extensions.

My hope is to provide you with enough information so that you can make a prudent decision to go for beaded extensions or to opt for any other option. Let’s dive in deep, shall we?

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Questions Before Getting Beaded Hair Extensions

Here are a few questions you need to know before you get bead extensions.

1. What are beaded hair extensions?

blond beaded hair extensions
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black beaded hair extensions
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The beaded hair extensions are extensions that are sewn horizontally around a head and use small silicone-lined rings that link the extensions to the natural hair. The extensions are a great option especially if they’re sewn by a professional hairstylist.

This type of extension works best for natural hair. Once you find a professional that does this type of extension, you’ll always be in love with these extensions.

2. Are Micro Beaded extensions the same as Weft Extensions?

6 strands of micro bead hair extensions
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Micro Beaded extensions are also known as Beaded Weft Extensions. This is because when installing the extensions, a hairstylist will first create horizontal lines called the wefts.

Weft extensions, bead extensions, I-link extensions, and link extensions are the same as beaded hair extensions. The most common name is the beaded weft extensions.

3. Are Bead Extensions Better Than Tape In Extensions?

microlink hair extensions
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tape-in hair extensions
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Beaded weft extensions are one of the best extensions on the market. They look relatively longer than the other extensions, they do use grow or hot tools to attach the hair and they don’t rid of hair loss.

Comparatively, bead extensions still stand out against the tape-ins. Just so you know, tape-in extensions involve sandwiching the strands of hair in between two tapes.

The tapes do not hold your hair any longer than the beads in beaded extensions. As such, you may end up losing your extensions in a shorter period of time than bead extensions. Of course, the quality of the extension and the skill of the hairstylist also contribute to how long the extensions can last.

4. What is the Difference Between Beaded Extensions and Link Extensions?

These two terms refer to the same type of extension. It’s called link hair extension because it connects the short natural hair and the hair extension. And it’s also known as beaded because it uses small round rings called beads to link natural hair and extension hair.

The extensions are installed horizontally and secured using beads, links, or cylinders. Some people can use this type of hair extension as Itip.

5. Are Beaded Extensions Bad for Your Hair? Do Beaded Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

Again, hair extensions are the easiest way of getting long hair within the shortest time possible. However, most girls hesitate to sew extensions to their natural hair. They dread damaging their natural hair.

That’s when questions like the above one are asked. The answer is No. Properly installed Beaded hair extensions do not cause harm to your natural hair. This is because they don’t use heat and glue to link the extensions with natural hair.

However, I used the phrase “properly installed.” For sure, any extensions that are not installed by a professional hairstylist can lead to undesirable effects. The key is to find a trusted beaded extension hairstylist.

6.  How Do I Prepare My Hair for Micro Bead Extension?

If you’re planning of installing beaded hair extensions on your natural hair, here are a few things you need to do to prepare yourself.

Coloring/ Tinting

If you want to install hair extensions of different colors, you may want to color your hair so that it matches the extensions. However, this can be a no-go for some people. Coloring for the sake of extensions may not be worth the risk.

There are some alternatives if you’re of this view. The first one is to get extensions that match your hair color. Secondly, you can have the tips of your extensions tinted in the color of your hair roots.

Shampoo Your Hair

The next preparation is to shampoo your hair before getting extensions. Use a clarifying shampoo to clean out all the natural oils.

Avoid Using Conditioner or Other Oily/Greasy Hair Products

Finally, you need to refrain from using hair products that will make your hair more slippery. At all costs, avoid using conditioners and other oily products before getting beaded extensions. This will ensure that your extensions last longer without slipping out of the beads.

7. What are the Pros of Beaded Extensions?

invisible bead hair extension
Source: amazon

The micro link or beaded hair extensions are so recommendable because of the following features.

Free from Glue/Adhesives

Again, this type of extension does not use adhesives to link the natural hair and the extensions. This is superb for your hair because you won’t have to worry about hair loss when you no longer want the extensions.

Does Not Use Heat

Since this method does not involve using any heat or hot tools to join the extensions, no excessive hair loss is guaranteed. And you won’t have to worry about striping your hair follicles of natural oils.


Micro Bead Hair type extensions are recommendable because of their durability. The beads, cylinder, or links create a strong join between your natural hair and the extension hair. As a result, this extension type last for a long time.

8. What are the Cons of Beaded Hair Extensions?

Just like a product, beaded hair extensions have drawbacks that you need to be aware of. These downfalls come in because of the combination of product quality and the skill of the hairstylist.

Can Be Expensive

Let’s start with the obvious. The process of installing hair extensions using beads can be very tiresome. As such, the method is very expensive –especially to find a professional hairstylist.

Beads May Be Seen Through

For some thin hair, the cylinder or the beads used in holding the extensions up may be visible. This can be so uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to have at least some thick natural hair to attempt this method of hair extensions.


This is indisputably a major drawback of micro bead hair extensions. It requires mapping, creating wefts, and linking the natural hair with the extensions using the beads.

Each of these steps requires time and a keen eye for fine details. And on top of all this, you’ll need a lot of time to have the extensions removed from your head.

9. How Much Does Beaded Hair Extension Cost?

According to, the beaded hair extension cost between $600 and $2500. Of course, this depends on where you’re, where you buy from, and the quality and length of the extensions.

There is a valid reason why beaded hair extensions are so dang expensive. Most of them are made of 100% human hair.

To maintain beaded weft extensions, you need between $300 and $600. This is still dependent on how skilled is the hairstylist.

That being said, I still believe you can find beaded hair extensions in the under $500 range. Just as a local hairstylist you trust and she will recommend a great place to get them at a better price.

In fact, there are listed on Amazon where the 18 and 16-inch micro beaded hair is sold at around $88. Of course, you need a couple of them to feel your head and you’ll need to pay for a professional installer.

10. How Long Do Beaded Hair Extensions Last?

The beaded hair extensions last the longest. Unlike heavily processed or artificial hair extensions, these pure human extensions last around six to twelve (6-12) months especially if they are well-cared for.

As I already alluded to, you need to avoid oily or greasy hair products so that your extensions should last the longest. So, stay away from moisturizers and hair creams.

11. Where to Get Beaded Hair Extensions?

This is such an important question. There are two things involved here, the place or site to purchase the extensions and the salon to have them installed. If you’re lucky, you can find all these in one place.

There are a lot of places where you can buy quality beaded hair. As a general rule of thumb, you need a trusted site that will allow you to return or exchange in case you won’t like their product.

You can ask your hairstylist if she or he knows any trusted site selling beaded hair extensions. Or you can just google “beaded hair extensions + location.”

If you just want to get some micro hair extensions, you can try amazon. Some girls also claim to find great hair extensions on Ali Express. Go ahead if you can keep up with the 15-day delivery.

Questions after Getting the Beaded Hair Extensions?

Here are some of the questions you may have after getting the micro bead hair extensions.

12. What Should You Not Do with Extensions?

The first question after getting the beaded hair extensions can be “how to prolong the lifespan of the extensions?” This is similar to the above question.

If you want the micro bead extensions to last 6-12 months, you need not do or do less of two things, oiling and washing. Again, make sure you avoid using oily moisturizers and instead use dry shampoo.

In terms of washing the hair, make sure you wash it when it’s indispensable. You do not have to wash it every week as is the case with natural hair.

All these you should avoid to prevent weakening the bond between your natural hair and the extensions.

13. Why Are My Beaded Hair Extensions Falling Out?

The falling out of some strands of your extensions is called slippage. This usually occurs when you’re combing the hair or trying to style it.

Of course, a small percentage of slippage is completely normal. However, excessive falling out of extensions is definitely concerning.

Back to the question, why are they falling out? The obvious reasons are the oily or greasy hair products you’re using, heavy brushing of your hair, and a cry for change.

If your hair is falling out because of oils and brushing, this can be avoided. Brush gently and avoid using oily products. However, if they’re falling out because they have been in your head for more than 6 months, you’ll just need to change them.

14. How Do You Sleep With Beaded Extensions?

Just like any hair, beaded hair extensions require ultimate care and tenderness. Before you sleep you need to tie it together and sleep on a soft silky pillow.

Silk pillows or pillowcases are the best because they won’t damage your strands. Hair smoothly slips against the case without destructive fiction.

15. How to Wash Beaded Hair Extensions? How to Wash Hair with Beaded Extensions?

Maybe the first question would be “Can I wash hair extensions?” Yes, you can wash hair extensions, but you do it not so frequently and only when absolutely necessary.

To wash hair extensions, you need to lukewarm water and sulfate-free shampoo. If you’ve assembled these ingredients, you can start to gently wash the extensions. Make sure you’re very gentle when you’re close to the beads.

You need to apply 2 or 3 pumps of the sulfate-free shampoo when your extensions are wet. This will make sure the shampoo sinks deep into the extensions.

16. How to Remove Beaded Hair Extensions?

The best way to remove the micro ring or bead extensions is by involving a specialist. However, if that’s not an option for you, you can follow the steps below.

Steps in Removing Beaded Extensions

a.  Clearly expose the extensions by knotting the above hair or extensions

b.  Move to one end of the weft

c.  Take one extension and squeeze the ring lightly. Continue gentle squeezing until it loosened.

d.  After the bead is widened, gently pull the extension from it.

e.  Repeated the above two steps with all the extensions

Questions about Extensions in General

In case you’ve got questions relating to extensions in general, find out how some of them have been answered.

17. Do You Brush Hair Extensions?

Some people think hair extensions are so fragile and cannot be disturbed. This is just a misconception.

Most hair extensions hold tight to your natural hair. And there is no problem brushing them.

In fact, it’s recommended to brush them regularly to keep them straight and soft. However, you need to pay attention to levels of slippage. If you’re losing a large amount of hair when brushing, you need to minimize brushing or changing the actual extensions.

18.  What are the Safest Hair Extensions?

clip in hair extensions 3
Source: amazon

First, let’s talk about the phrase “safest”. This can mean different things to different people. Some may mean extensions that are not toxic in their chemical composition while others may mean extensions that do not lead to massive hair loss. The latter is the most common.

So, I’m providing an answer to hair extensions that don’t cause massive hair loss. From this standpoint, clip-ins would be considered the safest. Since the clip-ins are mostly used for a short time –like when going for a special event, they don’t form a bond between your natural hair and the extensions.

And when removing, you just unpin or unclip the clip-ins. This way they don’t cause hair loss.  

19. What Type of Hair Extensions are the Best?

Clip-ins, sew-ins, and micro bead extensions would be my top three in the order of their appearance. Clip-ins take the first position because they’re affordable, easy to install, and the least damaging –if it does cause any –to your hair.

The sew-ins are also great as they don’t damage hair and have been around for while in form of weaves. And the beaded hair extensions are in the second position because of their durability and they cause minimal damage to natural hair.

If I were asked to mention the five extensions from the best to the worst, my list would appear as follows:

a.  Clip-ins

b.  Sew-ins

c.  Micro beads

d.  Tape-ins

e.  Glue-ins

20. Can I tie My Hair If I have Extensions?

Of course, you can tie your hair. Hair extensions are mostly treated in the same way as your hair. In fact for some hair extensions like microbeads and clips, when you’re brushing your extensions, you brush your real hair too. This means when you tie the extensions, you’re tying it too.

However, for some extensions like sew-ins, your real hair is plaited and the extensions are sewn to your real plaited hair. This way you can only tie the extension and not the actual hair.  

21.  Does Your Hair Stop Growing with Extensions?

The answer is NO. Hair does not stop growing because of hair extensions.

Again, extensions are either added or mingled to part of your hair. This means that your hair growth is not affected. If this has been holding you back from getting extensions, you can go ahead and get the extensions. And rock it in fine long hair.

Final Words for Beaded Hair Extensions

Hair extensions boost your self-confidence because they make your hair look long and beautiful. This empowers you to face the world with confidence.

One of the outstanding hair extensions is the micro bead extension. However, most girls hold themselves back because of the numerous questions lingering in their minds about beaded hair extensions.

If you are one of such girls, I hope this post has provided you with the answers to the questions you had. Whether you were just researching or you are genuinely looking for hair extensions.

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I wish you the best of luck!


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