21 Burgundy Sneakers for Chic & Comfortable Styling in 2023

Sneakers are trending types of shoes that can be worn on various occasions and by people of all gender. They exist in different colors and designs. And of numerous colors, burgundy is one of the most popular.

Burgundy is the name of a region in France and it’s now associated with wine. In fact, when you say I’ll take a burgundy, you mean you want to take “a glass of wine.”

That’s the origin of the burgundy color. It’s a reddish-brown color that resembles the color of red wine. It’s a rich and warm color that makes any footwear or outfit of this color elegant and cozy.

In this post, I’ve assembled the 21 burgundy sneakers that anyone can tighten up and look chic in 2023 and beyond. These sneakers have been categorized based on type, brand, and occasion for wearing them.

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Let’s dive in!

Burgundy Sneakers Categorized Based On Type

If you’re looking for a specific type of burgundy sneakers, here are the sneakers grouped according to their types.

1. Burgundy Leather  Sneakers

leather burgundy sneakers
Source: amazon

Let’s start with the queen of elegance, burgundy sneakers made of leather. Most people rave about leather, but only a few realize that leather exists in tons of shades apart from the usual black or white.

In fact, you can find leather curb sneakers in almost any color. One of the most stunning choices for leather sneakers is burgundy leather sneakers.

My favorite one is the one in full burgundy leather with a white midsole. It can be completely flat or have a raised heel drop. Either way, it looks really fashionable and comfortable.

2. Canvas burgundy Sneakers

canvas burgundy sneakers

These are sneakers that are flat and do not have a raised heel drop. And most canvas burgundy sneakers consist of a white even midsole and the whole shoe in burgundy sneakers.

Canvas burgundy sneakers are not only popular and it’s also a simple and stylish pair of sneakers. Its price tag is not bank-breaking, yet it’s durable and chic.

You can wear it with a pair of black denim jeans. This way you’ll feel comfortable hanging around friends or going for a walk.

3.   Slip-on Burgundy Sneakers

slip-on burgundy sneakers
Source: amazon

This is another simple-yet-stunning type of sneakers. The slip-on burgundy sneakers are a classic taste of the shoes.

They’re simple because they don’t eye for inserting shoelaces. They only consist of elastic fabric on the two ends of the tongue.

To fit your foot in, you simply hold the tongue up and force your foot in. And sometimes, you just insert your foot, pull the pull tab and you’re good to go.

It’s an ideal type of sneakers for going for a walk or a run. And you can wear it to the airport thanks to its elegant burgundy color and simplicity.

4. Athletic Burgundy Sneakers

athletic burgundy sneakers
Source: amazon

A pair of athletic burgundy sneakers is the next cool type of sneakers. Most of these consist of a flexible raised drop to provide the best running or basketball court experience.

They’re usually in complete burgundy color. However, the stripe of white or brown color in the sole adds to the overall coolness and chicness of the sneakers.

As the name suggests, you can wear it with some leggings to the gym. Most people also wear them when they’re going for a walk, cycling, or running.

In general, you’ll find these athletic sneakers great for outdoor activities. You’ll feel comfortable and motivated to do more outdoor activities.

5. High Top Burgundy Sneakers

high top burgundy sneakers
Source: amazon

The next amazing type of burgundy sneakers is the high-top ones. These are athletic shoes that extend past or almost past the ankles.

There are very comfortable and ideal for sporting activities –particularly basketball. They consist of very comfortable inside materials and a soft bouncing-raised heel drop.

The high-top burgundy sneakers go well with a pair of black shorts or leggings and shorts. And apart from wearing the sneakers to the basketball court, you can wear them when you’re going for a run or hike.

Burgundy Sneakers by Brand

Now, let’s explore these burgundy sneakers further by looking at their brand by brand.

6. Puma Burgundy Sneakers

Puma sneakers
Source: amazon

Puma is a very well-known footwear brand that designs and manufactures casual and athletic footwear, accessories and apparel. Although it’s a German corporation, Puma is available throughout the world.

The puma burgundy sneakers are shoes made by this luxury brand and in that elegant color. They’re durable and cozy kinds of sneakers.

The most common is the Puma Suede Classic burgundy sneakers. They’re low-flat sneakers with white or brown soles and burgundy uppers. And some consist of a white stripe that starts from the middle of both sides and extends to right below the pull tab.

7.   Burgundy Sneakers Nike

Nike burgundy sneakers
Source: wheretoget

The next well-known brand in the footwear industry is Nike. It’s an American footwear, clothing, and accessory brand that serves a worldwide audience.

As far as sneakers are concerned, Nike has one of the coolest sneakers on the market. Burgundy Nike sneakers are just one of these.

They’re mostly athletic shoes that can be worn when you want to do outdoor activities like walking, running, sketch boarding, playing on the court, or cycling.

8. Louis Vuitton Burgundy Sneakers

Louis Vuitton burgundy sneakers
Source: luxurybags.eu

Louis Vuitton is a brand that requires no introduction. However, most people only know it as a luxury brand for bags, belts, watches, and accessories.

Louis Vuitton is also into shoes. They produce some of the most elegant shoes on the market. One such type is the Louis Vuitton burgundy sneakers.

They look like Nike or Puma burgundy sneakers except they have an inscription of Louis Vuitton (LV) on them.

Some of the most common Louis Vuitton burgundy sneakers are the Canvas, the Suede, the Run Away, and Neoprene Suede.

9.   Steve Madden Burgundy Sneakers

Steve Madden is an American brand that designs and sells fashion accessories and shoes. It’s named after its founder and former CEO, Steven Madden.

Over the years, it has grown into one of the prominent fashion brands. It makes over a billion dollars annually according to its 2021 annual report.

As far as sneakers are concerned, Steve Madden produces tough and durable athletic sneakers. The Steve Madden burgundy sneakers are one of the great shoes produced by the brand.

The Steve Madden sneakers are made of textile and synthetic upper material and lining. Sneakers like the burgundy MAXIMA sneakers are very tough and stylish. They consist of 1.7 rubber heels and tough synthetic and textile upper.

10. Jordan Burgundy Sneakers

The Jordan sneakers are the most reputable basket kicks designed by Nike. It was named after a famous basket player called Michael Jordan.

Since the 80s, Nike has produced over thirty designs of Air Jordan sneakers. These sneakers are usually available in almost all colors. The burgundy sneakers are one of the fascinating designs.

They are either completely reddish-brown or have a white sole and a red-wine upper. Whichever type you choose, you’ll find them more durable and long-lasting.  

11. Coach Burgundy Sneakers

Coach is another well-known fashion brand that specializes in ready-to-wear, luggage, accessories, handbags, and shoes. The coach sneakers in burgundy color are some of the coolest kicks from the brand.

These sneakers are in different types and designs. You’ll find the Coach sneakers in the form of canvas, high tops, athletic and classic.

The one that interests me the most is the simple canvas in full burgundy color. The upper, the sole, and the base are all in red-wine color.

12. Burgundy Sneakers New Balance

The next great brand is the new balance burgundy sneakers. New Balance, as known as The New Balance Athletics, is an American corporation that designs and manufactures sports footwear and apparel.

New Balance sneakers stand out from the rest of footwear brands because they’re made from solid materials and are available in a vast range of sizes. You’ll find very tiny sneakers as well as very large new balance sneakers.

A pair of New Balance burgundy sneakers is one of the best from the brand. For instance, athletic New Balance sneakers have tough raised-heel soles making them great for running and sports.

13. Adidas Burgundy Sneakers

Adidas burgundy sneakers
Source: Adidas

Adidas is another corporation that requires no introduction. Similar to Puma, Adidas is a German corporation that designs and manufactures accessories, shoes, and bags.

The brand is now common among different levels of people. You’ll find the middle class, high class, and fashion models opting for the Adidas sneakers.

Adidas burgundy sneakers exist in a couple of designs. There is a flat one with three oblique strips in the middle and a flat white sole. A pair of Adidas sneakers in a full burgundy color and a white sole is another great design from the brand.

All these are very comfortable and can be styled with black, red, pink, or burgundy outfits. You can wear the pair with a sweater panties, leggings, joggers, a dress, and more.

14. Lavin Burgundy Sneakers

This is a Paris-based luxury brand. In fact, it’s the third oldest French fashion house still in operation.

As far as sneakers are concerned, the Lavin burgundy sneakers are 100% made of calfskin in their uppers and linings, and 100% rubber in their sole. These make them more comfortable and durable.

My favorite pair of Lavin burgundy sneakers is a flat canvas one. I particularly like the one with a pure white sole, black front upper, and burgundy color in the rest of the upper.

15. Veja Burgundy Sneakers

 The next great brand for sneakers is Veja. It’s a French footwear and accessories brand.

Vet, or Vert as it’s commonly called in Brazil, has one of the most beautiful and comfortable sneakers. It is widely known for athletic sneakers and you can easily identify them because of the V-shape on the shoes.

You can use the shoes when going for a run, a workout, a walk, and a picnic. Its multiple uses make the burgundy sneakers the best addition to your sneaker collection.

16.  Skechers Burgundy Sneakers

The next is the Skechers burgundy sneakers. According to Wikipedia, Skechers is one of the third-largest footwear brands in the United States.

Skechers D’Lux Walker, Sketchers D’Lites, Skechers L. A. Gear-Hot Shots Low, and Skechers Bounder Wolfston are some of the most popular sneakers from the brand.

The burgundy Skechers sneakers include a flat Skechers canvas and athletic Skechers sneakers for both men and women.

Burgundy Sneakers for specific Occasions

Here are my best suggestions for pairs of sneakers that you can wear for specific occasions and activities.

17. Burgundy Sneakers for Running/Play

Adidas Crazy Burgundy Basketball sneakers
Source: amazon

If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that you can use for running outside or playing on the outdoor court, you can find the best under each brand as long as you know what to look for.

Look for the following features if you want an outdoor pair of sneakers.

Strong & Flexible Sole: a pair of sneakers for outdoor activities need to have a strong and bouncing pair of shoes. As such, choose a pair whose outsole is made of rubber.

Materials: Choose materials that will not wear out quickly. One of the best is to choose sneakers made of synthetic or TPU (Plastic) or a combination of the two.

Comfortable: you need a pair of sneakers that will not be too tight. As such, you need to choose outdoor sneakers that will allow you to run and play without hurting your toes.

Here are some of the burgundy sneakers that work the best for outdoor spaces: burgundy leather sneakers, athletic sneakers, and high-top sneakers from a brand of your choice.

18.  For Travelling

flat sneakers for traveling
Source: amazon

Do you want to go to the airport? Sneakers are the most comfortable kicks you can choose.

The mid-top burgundy sneakers, burgundy canvas, burgundy athletic, and flat burgundy are some of the best choices when comes to traveling.

In general, sneakers are comfortable. So, if you don’t like burgundy sneakers for travel, you can go for a pair of white sneakers.

19. For Formal Occasion or Work

If you’re looking for sneakers that you can wear to work without feeling uncomfortable facing your boss and coworkers, there are specific pairs of sneakers that you can try out.

The Nike burgundy canvas sneakers, flat Adidas sneakers, and Jordan canvas sneakers are my top choices of sneakers for work and formal occasions as far as burgundy sneakers are concerned.

20. For hanging out with Friends

tennis canvas best sneakers for hanging out
Source: amazon

A pair of sneakers that is not heavy and complex in a pattern is perfect for hanging out with friends. This way you won’t be complaining about leg pains because of the heavy sneakers you wore over the weekend.

You need a pair of canvas sneakers, high-top sneakers, burgundy tennis shoes, or athletic pair of sneakers. These are comfortable for a night out with some friends.

Final Words about Burgundy Sneakers

Sneakers are the most comfortable and chic shoes that can be styled with a diverse number of outfits. They’re the number one choice for most young people.

The sneakers in burgundy color can be paired with black, brown, red, or burgundy outfits. This makes them great recyclable shoes.

However, sometimes you may want a specific type of sneakers, sneakers from a specific brand, or sneakers for a specific purpose. It’s for this reason that I decided to bring together various sneaker types, and brands as well as sneakers that can be used for a specific purpose.

Whether you were planning of buying a specific type of sneakers or you were just researching, I hope you’ve found what you were looking for.

All the best!

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